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fx复习文档 (4)

Unit 1
1.pronounce v. 发音 pronunciation n.发音;读音 2.express n. 快车;快递 expression n. 表情;表达方式 3.cover n.封面;盖子 v.覆盖 discover v. 发现 discovery n. 发现

4.look up 查询;抬头看 5.take/make notes 做笔记;记笔记 6.pen pal=pen friend 笔友 e-pal 网友 7.memorize v.记忆;记住 memory n. 记忆 8.listen to tapes 听录音 9. ask for 要求;请求;寻找 10.study for a test 准备考试 11.by doing sth.通过做某事;通过某种方式 12.spoken English=oral English 英语口语 13.It’s + adj. + to do sth. 14.practice doing sth.练习做某事 15.keep a diary 写日记;记日记 16.at first 首先;起初 17.the+ 比 较 级 , the+ 比 较 级 “ 越 ? ? , 就 越 ?

?” The harder you study, the more you will get. 比较级 and 比较级 “越来越??” The sooner, the better. 18.so?that 如此??以致于

19..be afraid to do sth.害怕做某事 20.fall in love with?爱上/喜欢上? 21.body language 身势语 22.as well 也;又 23.be born with 天生具有 24.pay attention to (doing sth.)注意;关注 25.connect?with?连接;与??联系 26.wise adj. 明智的 wisely adv. 明智地

27.make mistakes/make a mistake 犯错 28.over and over again 反复地;再三的 29.depend on 依赖;依靠;取决于 30.write down 写下;记下 31.even if/though 即使;虽然 32.take part in 参加;参与 33.形容词修饰名词; This is an interesting book. adj. n. 副词修饰动词。 They said differently. v. adv.

34.Why don’t you do sth.? Why not do sth.? What/How about doing st h.? 35.Getting on with Julia is easy for me. To get on with Julia is easy for me. 主语

=It’s easy for me to get on with Julia. It 是形式主语 不定式是真正 的主语 36.laugh at sb.取笑某人

37.in class 在课堂上 after class 课后 38.a piece of cake 小菜一碟;小事一桩 39.serve sb. Right 某人“活该” 40.one by one 一个接一个 little by little 一点一点 year by year 年复一年 step by step 一步一步

Unit 2
1.strange adj.奇怪的;陌生的 stranger n. 陌生人;外地人 2.put on 增加(体重) ;发胖 lose weight 减肥 3.lay out 摆开;布置 4.desert n. 沙漠 5.tradition n.传统 6.in two weeks 两周后 traditional adj. 传统的 in ten years 十年后

7.be similar to 与??相似;相像 8.throw?at? 投向;扔向,向??投去 9.one?, the other?(两者中)一个,??另一个 10.plan to do sth.计划做某事 plan on doing sth. make a plan to do sth. make plans to do sth. 11. as a result 结果 12.dress up 打扮;盛装 13.dead adj.死的 die v. 死 death n.死;死亡

14.on business 出差 15.punish v.处罚;惩罚 punishment n. 处罚;惩罚

16.end up 最终成为;最后处于 17.warm adj.温暖的 warmth n.温暖;暖和

18.rimind sb. of sth.提醒某人记起某事 19.be proud of=take pride in 为?自豪 20.would like to do sth.=want to do sth. 21.forget to do sth. 忘记去做某事 Please don’ forget to close the door when you leave. forget doing sth. 忘记做过某事 I forget meeting you in Beijing. 22.please + do sth. 23.the Lantern Festival 元宵节 24.the Water Festival 泼水节 25.the Dragon Boat Festival 端午节 26.play a trick on sb.捉弄某人;戏弄某人

Unit 3
1.normal adj.正常的 normally adv.通常 2.suggest v.建议;提议 suggestion n.建议;提议 3.pass by 经过;路过 4.Could you please + do sth.? 5.pardon me 抱歉,对不起;什么,请再说一遍

6.mail an e-mail 发电子邮件 7. tell sb. (not) to do sth. ask sb. (not) to do sth. 8.polite adj.有礼貌的;客气的 impolite adj.不礼貌的;粗鲁的 politely adv.礼貌地;客气地 9.direct adj.直接的;直率的 10. lead in 导入;引入 11.trun left/right 向左/右转 indirect adj. 间接的

Unit 4
1.silent adj.沉默的;无声的 silence n.沉默 2.from time to time 时常;不时 3.deal with(与 how 搭配)应付; 处理 do with(与 what 搭配)应付;处理 4.get good grades 取得好成绩 5.used to do sth.过去常常?? 6.shyness n.害羞;腼腆 shy adj. 害羞的;腼腆的

7.give a speech=give a talk 作演讲;作报告 8.at least 至少 9.in public 公开地;在别人面前 10.boarding school 寄宿学校 11.in person 亲身;亲自 12. pride n.自豪;骄傲 proud adj.自豪的;骄傲的 13.in general 通常;大体上

14.introduce v.介绍

introduction n. 介绍

15.pass the exam 通过考试 fail the exam 考试不及格 16.all the time 一直;总是 17.have a (great) influence on sb.对某人有(好的/大的)影响 18. a 15-year-old boy The boy is 15 years old.

19.happy adj.开心的;幸福的 unhappy adj.不开心的;不幸福的 happiness n.开心;幸福 unhappiness n.不开心;不幸 20.take care of=look after=care for 照顾;照料 21.make friends 交朋友 22.look for 寻找 23.make a decision(n.) 作决定 24. be absent from 缺席?? 25.be worried(adj.) about 担心;担忧 worry(v.) about 担心;担忧 26.make sb. + adj. 27.It is said that=It is believed that 据说;人们认为 28.be sorry to do sth. 29.in the 1920’s= in the 1920s 二十世纪二十年代 30.not only?but also?不但??而且 31.in trouble 有麻烦;有困难 32.keep sb. doing sth.让某人持续做某事 33.as soon as possible 尽快地 34.except 除??以外(不包括) besides 除??以外(包括) decide(v.) to do sth.决定做某事

35.fight on 奋力坚持

Unit 5
1.a pair of glasses 一副眼镜 2.steel n.钢;钢铁 同音词:steal v.偷;窃取

3.environment n.环境 environmental adj.自然环境的 4.leaf n.叶;叶子 复数形式:leaves

5.be made of 由??制成 The desk is made of wood. be made from 由??制成 The wine is made from grapes. be made in 产自?? This watch is made in Shanghai. 6.produce v.生产;制造;出产 production n. 生产 product n.产品;制品 7.be known for=be famous for 因??而著名 He is famous for his great inventions. be known as=be famous as 作为??而著名 He is famous as a great inventor. 8.avoid doing sth.避免做某事 9.as/so far as I know 据我所知 10.It seems that 似乎;好像 11.postman n.邮递员 复数:postmen 12.no matter what=whatever 无论什么 13.celebrate v.庆祝 celebration n. 庆典;庆祝活动

14.paper cutting 剪纸 15.historical adj.(有关)历史的 history n.历史 16.fly a kite 放风筝 17.in the future 在将来 in future 从今往后;今后 18.send out 发送;放出 19.turn into 转变;变成 turn?into?把??变成?? 20.be covered with 被??覆盖 21.according to 根据;按照 22.spend?(in) doing sth. spend?on? 23.used to do sth.过去常常做某事 be used to doing sth.习惯于做某事 24.be different from 与??不同 the same as 与??相同 25.not?any longer?=no longer not?any more?=no more 26.What do you think of sth.?=How do you like sth.? 27.allow sb. to do sth.允许某人做某事 allow doing sth. be allowed to do sth.

Unit 6
1.have a point 有道理 2.by accident 偶然;意外地 3.with pleasure 好的;没问题; 十分愿意 It’s a pleasure.别客气;不用谢

It’s a pleasure to do sth.很高兴做某事 be pleased with?对??满意 4.translate?into?把??译成?? 5.all of a sudden 突然;猛地 6.less than 少于 more than=over 多于 7.work on 从事;忙于 8.around the world=all over the world 全世界;世界各地 9.on the telephone 在电话上 on the radio 在广播中 on the TV 在电视上 10.my pleasure 我很荣幸;别客气 11.take place 发生;出现 12.without doubt 毫无疑问;的确 13.by mistake 错误地;无意中 14.fall into 落入;掉进 15.devide?into 把??分开 16.look up to 钦佩;仰慕 17.in the end 终于;最后 18.keep(stop) sb. from doing sth.阻止某人做某事 19.teach sb. to do sth.教某人做某事 20.at the same time 同时 21.encourage sb. to do sth.鼓励某人做某事 22.achieve one’s dream 实现某人的梦想 23.the number of“??的数量”

用作主语时,其谓语动词应用单数形式。 The number of students in the class is 50. a number of“许多;一些” 用作主语时,其谓语动词应用复数形式。用来修饰可数名词复数。 A number of people are unhappy with this decision. 24.What happened to sb.? 25.help sb. (to) do sth. help sb. with sth.=with one’s help 26.I spent 10 yuan on the book. I spent 10 yuan buying the book. I paid 10 yuan for the book. The book cost me 10 yuan. It took me 10 yuan to buy the book. 27.dream of 梦想;梦见

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