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Unit 10 I ’ve had this bike for three years.知识点
一、词性转化 memory (n.) → memorize(v.) 记忆 true (adj.)正确的 →truth(n.)真实 → truthful(adj.)真是的 appear(v.)出现 → appearance(n.)出现 →disappear(v.)消失 二、重点短语 1. these days 目前;现在 = nowadays = at present

2. regard with great interest 以极大的兴趣关注着 3. in order to 为了 so far 迄今;到目前为止 4. in need 需要 not.. any more = no more 不再 5. welcome to sp_ 欢迎来到 check out 察看;观察 6. board games 棋类游戏 one last thing 最后一样东西 clear out 清理

7. junior high school 初 级 中 学

8. no longer 不再;不复 = not …any longer 9. toy monkey 玩具猴 part with 与……分开 10. to be honest 说实在的 . ride a bike 骑自行车 11. have a yard sale 进行庭院拍卖会 give away 捐赠 12. one’s old things 某人的旧东西 close to 几乎,接近 13. bring back sweet memories 勾起甜美的回忆 14. play for a while 玩一会儿 do with... 处置;处理 15. search for work 找工作 = look for work

16. for the last 13 years 在过去的 13 年里 17. the mid-20th century 20 世纪中期 18. stay the same 保持原状 according to 依据;按照 19. in one’s opinion 依…看 in my time 在我那个年代 20. for a while = some time 一段时间 21. across from = opposite 在…对面 22.bring back 带回,使回忆起 grow up 长大 23. seem to do sth 似乎做某事 regard…as 把…看成是 24.It’s shame to do sth/that + 从句 做……遗憾

25. there is no need for sth/to do sth 没有必要做某事 26. be in need of 需要…. lose one’s memory 失去记忆 三、重点句型 1. How long have you had that bike over there? 那儿那辆自行车你买了 多久了? 2. How long has his son owned the train and railway set? He’s owned it since his fourth birthday.他的儿子拥有轨道火车玩具多久了?他从四 岁生日时就拥有它了。 3. We have decided to each sell five things that we no longer use. 我们 已经决定每人出售五件不再使用的物品。 4. But, to be honest, I have not played for a while now.但是,说实在的, 现在我已经有一段时间没玩了。 5. My daughter was more understanding, although she also felt sad to part

with certain toys.我的女儿更善解人意, 尽管她放弃某些玩具也感到悲 伤。 6. Nowadays, millions of Chinese leave the countryside to search for work in the cities.如今,数百万的中国人离开农村去城市找工作。 7. Many people like Zhong Wei regard with great interest how their hometowns have changed. 许多像钟伟一样的人以浓厚的兴趣看待他 们家乡的变化。 8. Our hometown has left many soft and sweet memories in our hearts. 家乡在我们的心里留下了许多温柔而甜美的回忆。 9. Most of the children in my time liked to play together under that big tree, especially during the summer holidays.在我那个年代,大多数孩子 喜欢在那棵大树底下一起玩,特别是在暑假期间。 四、语法重点 1.常见的以 How 开头的特殊疑问词组 How long 用来提问多长时间,回答用 for 或 since 引导的时间状语 How often 提问的是频率,意为“多久一次” How soon 表示“多久以后,多久才”用“in + 一段时间”来回答。 How old 用于提问年龄 How much 可用于提问商品的价格、付款的多少 How much/How many 表示“ (数量)多少(how much 与不可数名词 连用,how many 与可数名词连用) How far 表示“ (路程或距离)多远”用表示距离的词和短语回答

2. 现在完成时 现在完成时态在我们的语言运用过程中, 常会发现句中带有以下四类 标志性的副词或副词短语,我们把它称为现在完成时态的标志。 ①.never,ever,just,yet,before,already ,ever since then; ②.some/many times,once,twice,基数词+Times; ③.so far,recently,lately,these days/weeks/months/years, (in) the last /past few days/months/years; ④.for+时间段,since+时间点,how long ,since +从句(过去时) ; 3. 当句中有 for+时间段, since+时间点, how long 时, 要求: have/has + 过去分词(动词必须是延续性动词) ,瞬间动词不能直接和 for 或 since 连用,但我们可以找一个相应的延续性动词或动词短语来替换 这些瞬间动词。非延续性动词和延续性动词的转换如下:
瞬间动词 延续性动词 瞬间动词 延续性动词

buy leave borrow

have be away keep


be back

come/arrive be in get up marry catch a cold become be up be married have a cold be be there be back

begin/start be on die finish open sth fall ill be dead be over

keep sth open go there be ill come back


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