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名词性从句 学生

A. whatever A. how far A. It A. what A. It food for more people. A. in which A. Anyone home. century. A. where A. that B. The one B. that B. that C. when D. how B. whether C. Whoever C. which B. wherever B. how soon B. What B. why C. whom D. which B. This C. how often C. As

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D. however

1The lawyer rarely wears anything other than jeans and a T-shirt ______ the season. C. whenever D. how long D. Which 2 Students are always interested in finding out _______ they can go with a new teacher. 3. _____ is known to us all is that the 2008 Olympic Games will take place in Beijing. 4. When asked _____ they needed most, the kids said they wanted to feel important and loved. 5. ______ was most important to her, she told me, was her family. C. What B. for which D. Who D. one they hope will be the best means of transport in the 21st C. what D. why D. who D. As D. in that 6. Animals suffered at the hands of Man ___ they were destroyed by people to make way for agricultural had to provide C. so that 7. ______wants to stay in a hotel has to pay their own way. 8 . Some children want to challenge themselves by learning a language different from ______ their parents speak at A. what A. which B. how B. which C. what 9. The companies are working together to create

10. The last time we had great fun was _____ we were visiting the Water Park. 11. People in Chongqing are proud of __ they have achieved, in the past ten years. 12. All people, __ they are old or young, rich or poor, rich or poor, have been trying their best to help those in need since the disaster. A. what A. if 15. A. It has A. whichever A. what 18. Could I speak to A. who A. who A. what A. what A. which A. as B. which B. what A. even if B. which B. because B. They have C. no matter C. whom C. when C. It remains B. however C. that D. however D. that D. that D. There remains it takes to save her life. C. whatever D. though C. whoever D. whatever D. whoever 13. As his best friend , I can make accurate guesses about ___he will do or think. 14. It has been proved ___ eating vegetables in childhood helps to protect you against serious illnesses in later life. a certain doubt among the people as to the practical value of the project.

16.She is very dear to us. We have been prepared to do

17. The fact has worried many scientists ______ the earth is becoming warmer and warmer these years. is in charge of International Sales please? wants to do the job. of public health

19. The how to book can be of help to

B. whomever C. no matter who D. whoever B. this B. which B. what B. which C. that C. that D. which he can react more appropriately on such occasions. D. how C. that D. where D. that

20. One of the most important questions they had to consider was 21. As a new diplomat, he often thinks of

22. News came from the school office ________Wang Lin had been admitted to Beijing University. 23. It is obvious to the students ______ they should get well prepared for their future. C. whether 24.-Is there any possibility ______ you could pick me up at the airport? -No problem. A. When B. that B. when C. whether C. which D. what D. where could be life’s most important decision—marriage— 25 We should consider the students’ request ___ the school library provide more books on popular science. A. that 26.Many young people in the West are expected to leave __ almost entirely up to luck. A. as A. where B. that B. what C. which C. how D. what D. who 27 The little girl who got lost decided to remain _________she was and wait for her mother. 28. ______ he referred to in his article was unknown to the general reader.

A. That A. when A.anyone A. What future. A. if A .how

B. What B. why

C. Whether C. whether D. that

D. Where

29. The traditional view is ______ we sleep because our brain is “programmed” to make us do so. 30. Could I speak to--------- is in charge of International Sales ,please? B.someone B. Why A. that; what B. when B. what C. which B. that C. how C. What C.which D. As D.whether D. where D. why C. Where B. what; / C.whoever D.no matter who 31.____ matters most in learning English is enough practice. D. Which C. which; that C. because D .when C. when D. whether D. where D. /; that 32. You can only be sure of_________ you have at present; you cannot be sure of something _____ you might get in the 33. —Where’s that report? —I brought it to you ____you were in Mr.Black’s office yesterday. D. be for 34. It is none of your business______other people think about you. Believe yourself. 35. Having checked the doors were closed, and _________ all the lights were off, the boy opened the door to his bedroom. A. why A. what B. why 36. Choosing the right dictionary depends on ______ you want to use it for. 37. ______parents say and do has a life-long effect on their children. A .That B .Which A.that A. what A. where 任务阅读 There are two basic ways to see growth: one as a product, the other as a process. People have generally viewed personal growth as an external (外在的) result or a product that can easily be identified and measured.The worker who gets a rise, the student whose grades improve, the foreigner who learns a new language—all these examples of people who have measurable results to show for their efforts. By contrast (对照) , the process of personal growth is much more difficult to determine, since it is a journey and not the specific signposts or landmarks along the way.The process is not the road itself, but the attitudes, feelings people have , and their caution or courage, as they meet with new experiences and unexpected difficulties.In this process, the journey never really ends;there are always new ways to experience the world, new ideas to try, new challenges to accept. In order to grow, to travel new roads, people need to have a willingness to take risks, to face the unknown, and to accept the possibility that they may “fail” at first.How we see ourselves as we try a new way of being is necessary for our ability to grow.Do we see ourselves as quick and curious? If so, we tend to take more chances and be more open to unfamiliar experiences.Do we think we’re shy and indecisive? Then our sense of fear can cause us to hesitate, to move slowly, and we think we are slow to adapt (适应) change or that we’re not smart enough to deal with a new challenge. Then we are likely to take a more passive role or not try at all. These feelings of insecurity (不安全) and self-doubt are both unavoidable and necessary if we are to change and grow.If we protect ourselves too much, then we stop growing.We become trapped inside a shell of our own making. Title 1.________—Product or Process Product: easily identified and 2.______ ●The workers4 .________ ●The students improve 5._________ ●The foreigners learns new languages ●the attitudes, feelings people have ●6.____________ ●experience the world7._____________ Process: ●3.___________ to determine ●never really ends ●try new ideas ●accept 8.__________ ●a willingness to 9.________ ●face the unknown ●accept the possibility that they may “fail” ●tend to take more chances and be more open to 10.___________ B.what B. which B. what 38. By improving reading skills, you can read faster and understand more of_____ you read. 39. The seaside here draws a lot of tourists every summer. Warm sunshine and soft sands make ________ it is . C. how C. when 40. Why not try your lick downtown, Bob? That’s ______ the best jobs are.

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