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AGREEMENT Dated 合同日期 Between xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx h

ereinafter called “Seller” and LIANYUNGANG HANXIANG TRADING CO. LTD. Room 1916,19th Floor, DongSheng Plaza ZhongShan Road, LianYun Distric LianYunGang City, 222042 China hereinafter called “Buyer” 买方 卖方


DURATION AND QUANTITY 货物数量 The contract commences on xxxx(date) and shall remain in force until completion of the parties? obligations herein. The Seller will sell approximately xxx mt of Lead concentrate (hereinafter “Concentrate”) to the Buyer in Seller?s option and the Buyer agrees to buy approximately xxxx mt of Lead concentrate from the Seller in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract. The quantity shall always be +/-10% at Seller?s option. 合同开始做于 XXX 年 XX 月 XX 日,直到双方执行完所有条款仍然有效。 卖方出售大约 XXX 吨的铅精矿(以下简称精矿),根据合同条款买方同意从卖方购入大约 XXX 吨的铅精矿,数量可以有 10%的浮动


QUALITY 货物的品质 The Concentrates to be delivered under this Agreement shall be of xxx (原产地)original with the following typical analysis: 达成合同协议后,铅精矿应从原产地 XXX 装船运出来,以下是品质分析: Pb 铅 Ag 银 Cl 氯 Moisture 水份

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The concentrates shall otherwise be free from deleterious impurities harmful to normal lead smelting. Should circumstances prove otherwise both parties are to meet and discuss. The concentrate shall furthermore conform to IMO Code of Safe Practice for Solid Bulk Cargoes. Buyer has the right to reject the cargo or renegotiate with seller if Lead content is below x x%, and the silver is below xx%. If so, the Seller shall immediately provide another cargo with the same specification which is stipulated in the contract and all fees includes expenditure, losses, Interest, etc which are accurred by the business shall be for Seller?s account. 在铅冶炼过程中,不能产生有害有毒的物质,买卖双方应证明对环境是没有影响的。此外, 该精矿应符合国际海事组织相关的散货安全条例。 如果铅品位低于 XXX, 银品位低于 XXX, 买方有权拒收货物或者与卖方重新协商,如果是这 样的话,卖方应立即提供合同上规定的相同品质的货物给买方,并且所有的费用包括开销, 亏损,利息等等由卖方承担。 3. SHIPMENT 装船 The concentrates shall be shipped in bags in containers within 30 days after the date of L/C. 卖方应该在信用证日期后的 30 天之内安排装船 4. DELIVERY 运输 The Concentrates shall be delivered CIF (Incoterms 2000) Liner Terms Lianyungang, China in bags in standard or heavy duty containers at Seller?s option, duty unpaid, and customs uncleared. 铅精矿是按照 CIF 条款使用标准的集装箱运到中国连云港港的,关税未付,并且未清关。 At the discharge port, Buyer shall be responsible for all costs beyond CIF Liner Terms, THC and container cleaning etc., at discharge port is for the account of the Buyer. 在卸货港,买方应负责所有除了 CIF 条款以外的费用,包括码头机械操作费洗箱费,所有目 的港的费用都由买方承担。 Seller has option to load upto XXX wmt in one FCL. 卖方可以在一个小柜里装 XX 吨货物。 5. PRICE 价格 The price, per dry metric ton of concentrate, shall be the value of the Metal Payments less the Deductions, specified below: 关于价格,精矿应该按照干吨计价 Metal Payments Buyer shall pay xxx(系数) of the finally agreed analytical lead content at the daily London Metal Exchange US$ Lead Cash Settlement quotation, as published in the London “Metal Bulletin”, and averaged over the Quotational Period in accordance with Article 6 铅: 买方应按照每天的伦敦金属交易市场上的美金交易的铅价格, 按照 55%的系数作价, 作价期按照条款第 6 条来执行。 Silver: Buyer shall pay xxx(系数) of the finally agreed analytical silver content at the daily London Bullion Broker?s Spot price for silver as published in the Lead:

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London ?Metal Bulletin”, and averaged over the Quotational Period in accordance with Article 6. 银: 买方应按照每天的伦敦金属交易市场上的美金交易的银价格,按照 55%的系数 作价,作价期按照条款第 6 条来执行。


QUOTATIONAL PERIOD 作价期 The Quotational Period ("Quotational Period") for the calculation of the payable metals according to Clause 5 shall be the third calendar month following the month of shipment (M+3) as determined by the shipped on board date on the bill of lading. 关于计价金属的作价期的计算根据第五条, 应该是装船当月后的第 N 个月份 (即 M+N) , 装船月是由提单上面的装船日期来决定。 From the date of Seller?s confirmed receipt of Buyer?s fully workable Letter of Credit for each shipment up to, and including, the second market day prior to the onset of the contractual Quotational Period (M+3), Buyer has the right to fix any unknown price during M+1 and M+2, the buyer shall be advise the price to Seller in advance by email or telephone.Such price shall be mutually agreed between Buyer and Seller If the Buyer has not been priced during M+1 and M+2, We shall be do the average price on M+3. Any priced payable metal content of the Concentrate for each shipment shall be taken as finally priced. 卖方在收到可行信用证的那天开始到进入作价期前的第二天为止,买方有权点 M+1 M+2 中 的任意一天的未知价格,但是要提前用邮件和电话的形式通知卖方,双方同意后,方能点价, 如果 M+1 M+2 未能点价,那么将用第三个月的均价作来计价。任何关于精矿的计价金属的 点价都作为最终的点价。


PAYMENT 付款 Currency: All invoices or credit notes shall be in U.S. Dollars and Cents, and all payments shall be made by the relevant party in U.S. Dollars and Cents. 货币:所有发票或信用证都用美元和美分计价,所有的付款双方都要用美元和美分 Provisional Payment: 临时付款 Buyer shall open a freely negotiable, irrevocable, at sight Letter of Credit, through a first class bank acceptable to Seller. Buyer shall open such letter of credit prior to any container booking. The Letter of Credit shall be for 100% of the provisional CIF LT value allowing for +/-10% variation on quantity and +10% and no restriction on under value. The Letter of Credit shall be adjusted upward immediately by Buyer if the cargo value, subject to LME price has moved, exceeds +/-10% variation of the initial letter of credit amount. The Letter of Credit shall allow third party documents and shall be free for negotiation at any bank. The Letter of Credit shall allow partial shipment and partial drawing. The Letter of Credit shall allow for a first provisional payment of 95% of the estimated CIF LT value against presentation of the following documents: 买方应通过卖方可接受的一级银行来开立可自由议付的不可撤销即期信用证。买方在订舱前 开立信用证 开证金额应为 100 %的 CIF 金额, 金额上允许有 10%上下浮动, 或者多于 10%, 下限没有限制,根据 LME 的价格的浮动,如果超出首次信用证金额的 10%,那么买方应立 即上调信用证。该信用证应允许第三方文件,在任何银行议付。该信用证应允许分批装运。 在卖方递交以下单据之后,该信用证应允许为先支付 95%的临时货款,:

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a) Signed Provisional Commercial Invoice in 3 original and 3 copies based on certificate of Weight and Certificate of Quality issued by SGS,indicating L/C No.,Contract No. B/L No. 按照 SGS 签发的重量证和品质证上的数据缮制的三正三副的临时发票一套, 标 明信用证号,合同号和提单号。


Full set of 3 originals and 3 copies of shipped on board Bills of Lading,COSCO must be as carrier, marked freight prepaid,made out to order of CHINA CONSTRUCTION BANK CORPORATION LIANYUNGANG BRANCH, notifying Applicant, and just only showing the commodity of the cargo..
由中远公司作为承运人签发的三正三副清洁装船提单一套,注明运费预付, 由“中国建设银行连云港支行”通知申请人,提单上只显示货名。



1 original and 2 copies of weight certificate issued by SGS at loading port showing moisture in percentage, wet metric ton, dry metric ton and whole inspection process. Certificate is responsibility for the whole shipped cargo. 由起运港的 SGS 公司签发的一正二副的重量证,显示水份,干湿吨, 和整个检验过程,证书为整批货物负责。 1 original and 2 copies of assay certificate issued by SGS at loading port, showing container No.,seal No., content of Pb ,moisture, size and whole inspection process. Showing that the containers were sealed under the surveyor?s supervision.Cretificate is responsibility for the whole shipped cargo.

由起运港的 SGS 公司签发的一正二副的品质证, 显示集装箱箱封号,铅品位, 水份,形态以及整个检验过程,注明在检验员的监管之下锁上铅封并为整批 装船货物负责。 e) Declaration from Seller that confirming shipment contains no solid wood material 由卖方签发的无木质包装声明 f) Insurance Certificate in duplicate for 110% of the provisional CIF cargo value with claim if any payable at destination in the currency of the credit covering all risk, war risks and SRCC,indicating payable in China, and blank endorsed. 按照临时 CIF 货值的 110%(包括在目的港可能发生的费用)来进行投保的 保险单一正一副,注明在中国索赔,包含一切险,战争险,且是空白背书。 g) Certificate of Origin in duplicate issued by beneficiary indicating the name of commodity, loaded quantity, name of carrying vessel. 由受益人签发的产地证一正一副,标明货名,装载数量和船名。 Document for provisional drawing to be presented within 28 days after the B/L date is acceptable. 提单日期后 28 天之内临时交单是可以接受的。 The Letter of Credit to be opened latest by xxxxxxx

最迟于 XX 年 XX 月 XX 日开立信用证
Final Payment 最终付款

Any balance between Seller's provisional invoice value and final value of the cargo shall be payable under the Letter of Credit at sight or by T/T against presentation of following documents: 按照卖方的临时发票金额和最终货值的相差的余款,在递交以下单据之后,由 信用证即期付款或者 T/T

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1) Final commercial invoice issued by Seller, 1 orginal and 2 copies. 卖方出具一正二副的最终商业发票 2) Inspection certificate of quality issued by CCIC. CCIC 出具的品质证 3) Inspection certificate of weight and moisture issued by CCIC. CCIC 出具的重量水份报告 The report of CCIC in China shall be the final for settlement. 中国 CCIC 出具的报告作为最终的结算依据 If the final amount according to the the report of CCIC is less than the amount of first payment, Seller should remit the difference amount to Buyer within 3 working days after CCIC results is presented. 如果根据 CCIC 最终结算的金额少于第一次付款的金额, 卖方应该在 CCIC 报告 出来之后 3 个工作日内将金额差额汇款给买方 All bank charges in china are for Buyer?s account. 所有在中国的银行费用都由买方承担。 All bank charges outside of China are for Seller?s account. 所有中国以外的银行费用由卖方承担。
8. TOTAL AND PARTIAL LOSS 全部货损和部分货损 All concentrates lost or damaged after risk has passed to the Buyer in accordance with Article 10, will be treated as if they had been safely delivered to the Buyer for the purposes of determining whether the obligation of the Seller to deliver and sell, and the obligation of the Buyer to buy concentrates in accordance with Article 1 has been fulfilled. 根据第十条款规定,所有关于精矿的丢失或损坏根据第 10 条规定的在风险转移给买方后, 如果货物安全按照规定交给买方,将被视为如果他们被安全运送到买方为确定是否在卖方交 货义务和销售的目的,和义务买方购买的精矿在已经实现按照第一条。 Total Loss: 全部货损 In case of total loss of, or damage to concentrates after risk has been transferred to the Buyer in accordance with Article 10, payment shall be made as if the shipment had been safely delivered. 根据第十条,当风险转移到买方时,如果精矿发生全货损,应在抵港之后进行索赔 The amount payable will be calculated based on the Bill of Lading wet weight, the provisional moisture and provisional assays of the loaded Lead concentrates and otherwise in accordance with the terms of this contract. 索赔金额按照提单上的湿重,装载的铅精矿的临时的水份,临时的品质,根据合同条款来计 算索赔金额 Partial Loss: 部分货损 In case of partial loss of, or damage to concentrate after risk has been transferred to the Buyer in accordance with Article 10, payment shall be made as if the shipment had been safely delivered. 根据第十条,当风险转移到买方时,如果精矿发生部分货损,应在安全运输完成之后进行索 赔 The amount payable will be calculated based on the Bill of Lading wet weight, and the final moisture and final assays on that part of the cargo which has been safely delivered and otherwise in accordance with the terms of this contract.

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索赔金额按照提单上的湿重,出现坏损的已经安全抵港的部分铅精矿的最终的水份和品质, 根据合同条款来计算索赔金额




For each shipment, Seller shall arrange marine insurance in favour of Buyer, covering the Concentrate from the port of loading until discharged at the discharge port, for 110% of the value finally established in accordance with this Agreement, on the following conditions: 关于装运,卖方应该安排海运险,受益人是买方,投保的铅精矿包括从起运港直到在目的港 卸货整个过程按照协议规定的金额进行 110%投保。 Institute Cargo Clauses (A); 货物一切险 Institute Strikes Clauses (Cargo); 罢工险 Institute War Clauses (Cargo).. 战争险


TITLE AND RISK 货权和风险 Title to the concentrate for each shipment or any part thereof, shall pass from Seller to Buyer on receipt by Seller of the first provisional payment in accordance with Article 8 of this Agreement. 根据合同第八条,在卖方收到临时付款后,精矿的货权由卖方转到买方。 Risk to the Concentrate shall pass from Seller to Buyer at the time the Concentrate passes over the ship?s rail into the carrying vessel at the port of loading. For the avoidance of doubt, the risk in respect of those material that have passed the ship?s rail will pass to the Buyer notwithstanding that the entire shipment of concentrate has not passed the ship?s rail. 在起运港,精矿的风险一旦在精矿越过船舷后,由卖方转移到买方。为了避免疑问,只要有 那些货物已经越过船舷,那么风险将转移给买方,尽管整批精矿的装运还没有越过船舷


WEIGHING SAMPLING AND MOISTURE DETERMINATION AT LOADING PORT. 在起运港的称重取样和水份测定 The cargo should be inspected by SGS at loading port when cargo is being loaded. The Buyer shall authorize SGS to inspect the cargo on behalf of the buyer and this operation shall be carried out for Seller?s account. Seller should notify the Buyer beforehand by fax or email of the date of inspection, the name and contact information of the surveyor acting on behalf of the independent inspector specified in the contract. 在货物准备装船之前,由起运港的 SGS 公司对货物进行检验。买方授权 SGS 代表买方对货 物进行检验,这项操作的费用由卖方承担,卖方应传真或者邮件通知买方关于检验取样日期 以及实际操作的检验员的名字和联系方式 Cargo shall be loaded from xxxx(地点) into containers in big bag condition under SGS?s representative?s supervision. After all the cargo were loaded into containers and sampled over, all containers shall be sealed under the inspector?s supervision, and record the containers number and seals number. Prior to loading, each container shall be inspected by SGS and should be clean, dry and suitable to load the cargo. And the weather conditions should be clear and sunny during loading. 在 SGS 检验员的监管下, 吨袋包装的货物从 XX 仓库装运到集装箱内, 在所有货物装箱并取 样完毕, 所有集装箱要在检验员的监管之下封上铅封, 并且记录下箱号和铅封号,在装箱之前, SGS 要检查每个箱子是否干净并适合装货,装货时的天气情况应良好。 Quantity is determined by weighing each truck full and empty after the loading of the commodity into containers. Net weight of the commodity mentioned above is calculated by subtracting the tare weight of the containers, written on each container from each total container weight.

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在货物装箱之后,按照空载和重载过磅的方式称重,所得到的货物的净重再减去箱皮重,然 后得出一个柜子的货重,每个箱子的货重的总和就是整批货物的重量。 The provisional weighing, sampling and moisture determination shall be carried out from each big bag in order to form approximately 250 WMT lots when loading the cargo into containers by using a suitable sampling spear. 将货物作 250 吨一个批次,按批次进行称重取样以及水份测定,然后在装箱的时候,再将每 个袋子打开使用样钳进行取样, Within 3 working days after sampling and sealing, Seller shall notify Buyer immediately by fax or email the name of the surveyor, the date and place of the sampling, the sealing numbers, and the whole process of the sampling and assaying. In the certificates issued by the independent inspector (here is SGS), the words such as “The result is just for the sent samples” or “We are not responsibility for the whole shipped cargo” or with similar meaning must not appear. 在取样并封箱后三个工作日内, 卖方应立即传真或邮件通知买方检验员的名字, 实际的取样 日期和地点,铅封号 以及 取样和化验过程,由 SGS 独立的检验员签发证书,不允许出现 “该结果只为样品负责”或者“我们不为整批货物负责”这类似的字样 The above operation shall be carried out for Seller?s account at loading port. 起运港的检验费用由卖方承担


WEIGHING SAMPLING AND MOISTURE DETERMINATION AT DISCHARGE PORT. 目的港的称重取样和水份测试 Final weighing, sampling and determination of moisture of the Concentrate shall be carried out at the discharge port at Buyer?s expense by CIQ/CCIC. Seller shall have the right to be represented at its own expense by an internationally recognised surveyor when the final weighing, sampling and moisture determination is being carried out. The weight determined by light & heavy container shall govern for final settlement. The sampling shall be done during the Concentrate discharge into truck. The results of the entire weighing, sampling and moisture determination operation shall be mutually agreed between CIQ/CCIC and this internationally recognised surveyor. 在目的港的最终精矿的称重取样和水份测试由 CCIC 或者 CIQ 执行, 费用买方承担。 当操作 称重取样和水份测试的时候,卖方有权派代表一起监管,费用自付。称重是按照空重箱的过 磅得出的数据作为最终的结算依据,取样应该在货物装上卡车的同时进行,整个称重取样和 水份测试的操作应达到 CCIC 和有国际认证资质的检验员的一致认可。 The final weighing, sampling and moisture determination shall be carried out in lots of about 250 WMT, and repeated for each lot. Each lot shall comprise a separate and complete delivery for the purpose of this Agreement. 最终的称重,取样和水份测试应分成 250 吨一个批次,每个批次都要取样,每个分开的批次 所取的样再混合一起,按照合同要求来交付整个样品。 The composite sample for each lot shall be divided into 8 equal portions: 2 for Seller, 2 for Buyer, 2 for Miner and 2 to be properly packed, sealed, labelled and retained by the CIQ/CCIC as reserve samples for analysis by umpires if required under Article 13. All samples shall be sealed and signed jointly by both Buyer?s and Seller?s representative. 从每个批次混合来的样品应平均分开八份,2 份给卖方,2 份给买方, 2 份给货主,还有 2 份包装密封好做上标记交给 CCIC 或 CIQ,如果有需要,如第 13 条,将交由仲裁进行化验。 所有的样品都要密封并有双方代表的签字 13. ASSAYING Assaying for Lead and Silver shall be made independently by both Seller and Buyer on samples drawn, as defined in Article 12, in accordance with standard practices generally recognized by the mining and smelting industry throughout the world. Assay results for Lead shall be reported as a percentage of the net dry weight to two decimal places and as grams in each DMT, 2 decimal places required, in the case of Silver.

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Assay certificate for exchange shall be issued by an independent international surveyor or CIQ/CCIC. The results of such assays shall be exchanged by registered mail or courier as mutually agreed, on a date to be agreed upon in advance, but in any event within 90 days after last receipt of the samples at the receiving smelter. The assays of Lead and Silver shall be exchanged on lot by lot basis. Seller and Buyer undertake to agree on a date for the exchange of assays as soon as possible. Should the difference between the results of both parties be not more than the following splitting limits: Lead :0.5% Silver: 30grms 分析 在条款 12 当中,卖方与买方在样品分析时,铅和银都分别作了分析,根据全球矿物验 炼厂一致认同的标准条款。铅的分析结果以干净吨的百分比保留两位小数 和每干吨以克计 算,银的分析结果也要保留两位小数。品质证应该由有独立的有国际认证资质的检验员或者 CCIC/CIQ 来签发,分析结果交换时 是在提前协议的日期通过双方协议的邮件或邮递员交 换, 但是在冶炼厂收到样品的 90 天期间。铅和银的分析结果一组一组的交换,买方与卖方 都要尽快在协议日期内交换分析报告。如果双方之间的结果差异不低于下列分裂限制更多: 铅 0.50% 银 30grms then the exact mean of the two results shall be taken as the agreed assay for the purpose of final accounting. In the event of greater difference, umpire assaying shall be performed on the sample(s) reserved for this purpose by a laboratory(s) to be mutually agreed upon by Buyer and Seller, which shall be from the following list of laboratories: 那么,确切的意思是,这两个结果被用来作为最终目的的计算。在出现较大的差异时,仲 裁检验员应在实验室化验样本时,需要得到买卖双方的同意,以下是检验公司的列表:

Alfred H. Knight International Ltd. Eccleston Grange, Prescot Road St. Helens, Merseyside WA10 3BQ England 阿尔弗雷德 H · 奈特国际有限公司 埃克尔斯顿格兰奇,普雷斯科特路 圣海伦斯,默西塞德郡 WA10 3BQ 英国 or Alex Stewart Assayers, Ltd. Caddick Road, Knowsley Industrial Estate Knowsley, Merseyside L34 9ER England 亚历斯图尔特鉴定机构有限公司 卡迪克路,诺斯利工业村 诺斯利,默西塞德郡 L34 9ER 英国 or Societe Generale de Surveillance 1 Place des Alpes P.O. Box 2152,1211 Geneva 1, Swizterland Corporate.

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瑞士通用公证行 瑞士日内瓦 1, 邮政编码 2152 1211,阿尔卑斯 1 区 Laboratory Services International BV Geyssendorfferweg 54, 3088 GK Rotterdam. Netherlands 实验室服务国际公司 Geyssendorfferweg 54,3088 竞 鹿特丹。荷兰 If any of the above companies act as either Buyer?s or Seller?s representative during the weighing, sampling and moisture determination operations at the smelter, then they shall automatically be disqualified from acting as an umpire 如果上述公司的任何一家作为买方或卖方代表,在冶炼厂进行称重,取样以及水分测定的操 作,那么他们将被自动取消仲裁员的资格。 Should the umpire's determination fall between the results of the assays conducted by Buyer and Seller, or coincide with either Buyer's or Seller's assay, then the arithmetical mean of the umpire's assay and the assay of the party nearest to the umpire's assay shall be taken as the agreed assay in respect of the lot in question. Should the umpire's assay fall elsewhere, then the arithmetical mean of the umpire's assay and the assay of the party nearest to the umpire's assay shall be taken as the agreed assay in respect of the lot in question. 如果仲裁结果在买方和卖方的结果的中间,或是与其中一方分析结果一致,那么采用与仲裁 结果最为接近的数据为最终结果,如果仲裁结果不在买卖双方出具结果的中间范围,则其中 一方接近仲裁的结果作为最终结果。 In all cases, the cost of the umpire?s assay shall be paid by the party whose result varied the most from the umpire?s assay, unless the umpire?s assays is the exact mean of the Buyer?s and Seller?s assay, in which event the cost of the umpire?s assay shall be borne equally between Buyer and Seller. 在所有情况下,仲裁的检测费用应由检验结果差距最大的一方出,如果仲裁的结果与双方都 不相同,则费用由双方平分。


TAXES, TARIFFS AND DUTIES 关税 Any taxes, tariffs and duties, whether present or imposed on the concentrate or contained metal or on commercial documents relating hereto arising in China shall be borne by Buyer. Any taxes, tariffs and duties, whether present or imposed on the concentrate or contained metal or on commercial documents relating hereto arising outside China shall be borne by Seller. 任何在中国产生的精矿税收,关税都由买方承担,相反在中国以外产生的关税由卖方承担


LICENSES 执照 Seller guarantees the timely issuance of any export license(s), if required. Buyer guarantees the timely issuance of any import license(s), if required. 如有需要,卖方要提供出口资质 如有需要,买方要提供进口资质




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In the event of any war, revolution, act of God, flood, storm, earthquake, fire, explosion, strike, lockout, stoppage of work, combination of workmen, interference of Trade Unions, act of Government or Government appointed agents, Government changes in export regulations, obstruction or blockage of port or wharf, lack of railway or seaborne freight facilities or delays en route whether due to mechanical fault or to action of the elements, or, in the event of any other disabling causes whatsoever beyond the reasonable control of the parties concerned (any such cause being hereinafter called "Force Majeure") preventing or hindering Seller or Buyer from performing its obligations in the Agreement (namely if a Force Majeure event prevents performance by the producing mine, or receipt or treatment by the consuming smelter) provided that neither party can rely on any change in economic circumstances as Force Majeure, the party affected by Force Majeure may at its option, either suspend or reduce delivery or acceptance of tonnage hereunder by giving prompt written notice to the other party of the details of such cause. In such event, the duration of this Agreement shall be extended by a period equal to that during which such circumstances will remain in force to the extent that such period is not varied or amended by the remaining provisions of this Article below.

如果执行任一义务(比其他义务支付资料)本合同任何一方因阻碍或预防任何下列事项, 一方不能控制的。 天灾、罢工、洪水、战争、暴力、干扰工会的怪物或政府或任何其他原因超出了合理的 买方或卖方控制;这将被简称为不可抗力。 这样的通知应当在合理的详细阐述的性质和最 佳估计数不可抗力事件所声称的不可抗力事件的时间。所以影响不负赔偿因其他除外。 任何不可抗力事件如此预防或延缓履行义务(除了等义务支付资料)应赋予影响的一方中 止履行的时间,在很大程度上与不可抗力影响的一方,应立即以书面方式通知其他或传真 或传真。

Where the containers have been booked by Seller and Seller has entered into an ocean freight commitment, Buyer shall remain obliged to accept delivery of the same notwithstanding that Buyer has declared Force Majeure. 当卖方已经订舱,并且卖方已经付过海运费,尽管买方已经宣布不可抗力,买方仍然有义务 接受交付。 Neither Buyer nor Seller may declare Force Majeure in respect of Concentrate for which the Quotational Period has already commenced. 不管是买方还是卖方,都有可能宣布关于精矿的不可抗力,尽管作价期已经开始。 Should the duration of Force Majeure exceed three (3) months, the party who did not declare Force Majeure shall be entitled, by notice in writing to the other party, to cancel the tonnage which would have been delivered during the affected period. 如果不可抗力时间超过 3 个月,没有宣布不可抗力的一方应得到另一方的书面通知,以便在 有效期内取消已经交付的货物。 Should the duration of Force Majeure exceed nine (9) months, either party shall have the right to terminate this Agreement by notice in writing to the other party. 如果不可抗力时间连续超过 9 个月,任何一方都有权书面通知对方取消合同协议 The party declaring Force Majeure shall give prompt written notice to the other party once the cause of such Force Majeure has been resolved. 一旦不可抗力问题解决,宣布不可抗力的一方应该书面通知对方 17. SUSPENSION OF QUOTATIONS 价格浮动 The metal price quotations specified under this contract are the quotations currently in general use for the pricing of the Lead metal content of Lead concentrates. 该合同上金属报价是根据铅精矿铅品位按照当前常用的计价方法来计价的。 In the event that any of these price quotations ceases to exist, ceases to be published or should no longer be internationally recognized as the basis for the settlement of Lead

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concentrate contracts, then upon the request of either party Buyer and Seller will promptly consult together with a view to agree on a new pricing basis and on the date for bringing such basis into effect. The basic objective will be to secure the continuity of fair pricing. 任意报价存在停止, 公布或不在被国际作为铅精矿合同的最终结算的情况下, 关于买方或卖 方任意一方的要求将立即一起协商,统一一个新的价格和实施日期,能保证实盘继续进行! 18. CONSTRUCTION 说明 This Agreement shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of England. The parties irrevocably agree that the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Agreement. Each party agrees to waive any objection to the English courts, whether on the grounds of venue, or on the grounds that the forum is not appropriate. 该协议应该根据根据英国法律来执行,双方必须同意再英国法庭上解决一切纠纷,双方 同意在英国法庭上弃权的话,其他审判地或者广场都是不合适的。 19. SUCCESSORS AND ASSIGNMENT 接替者以及任命 This Agreement and all its provisions shall be binding upon and endure to the benefit of the successors and assigns of the respective parties hereto. Other than as provided in this Article, neither party shall assign this agreement without the written consent of the other party. 这份协议及它所有的条款对接替者和委派的代表都有约束力。需要委任继承者的一方需书面 通知另一方


NOTICES 公司信息 It is agreed that any and all notices required or permitted to be given to either party under the terms of this Agreement shall be notified by facsimile, followed by special courier, addressed to the party to be notified at the following respective addresses, or any other addresses regarding which the respective parties have been informed prior to the sending of such notices, namely: 达成协议上所有的条款以后,买卖双方将公司信息传真与对方,包括双方地址联系方式 SELLER: 卖方 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ADDRS:XXXX

TEL:XXX X FAX:XXXX BUYER: 买方 LIANYUNGANG HANXIANG TADING CO. LTD. ??? LIABILITY 义务 Seller shall not be liable to Buyer and Buyer shall indemnify and save forever harmless Seller from any claims, suits, charges and losses for personal injury, death or property


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damage arising out of, or resulting from the handling, possession, resale, use or disposal of the concentrates supplied hereunder which meets the specifications under Article 3, whether alone or in combination with other substances, by Buyer or the agents, employees or customer of Buyer, such indemnification and save harmless agreement to survive the term of this agreement for a period of five (5) years. 卖方不能对买方有任何欺瞒,买方应鉴定卖方的信誉度以免将来出现损失。


TERMINATION 结尾 The Seller or Buyer may elect to terminate this Agreement in the event that the debtor party fails to pay the creditor party any amount payable hereunder as and when due and such default has continued unremedied for a period of 30 business days after written notice thereof is given by the creditor. This Agreement shall terminate at the option of either party if the other party materially defaults in the performance or observance of any obligations hereunder and fails to remedy the default within 30 days after receiving written demand therefore. This Agreement shall terminate at the option of either party if the other party becomes insolvent or bankrupt or makes an assignment for the benefit of creditors, or if a receiver or trustee in bankruptcy is appointed for the other party, or if any proceeding in bankruptcy, receivership, or liquidation is instituted against the other party and is not dismissed within 30 days following commencement thereof. 如果负债方没有付款给债权人,而且没有继续去解决这个问题,买卖双方可能会取消合同, 但是债权人需要在 30 个工作日内书面通知对方。如果犯错方在收到书面通知 30 天之内,依 然没有去没有履行合同上的义务,那么另一方应该停止履行合同条约。 All amounts and obligations arising hereunder that are still outstanding at the time of termination of this Agreement shall survive such termination. 在终止合同还未完成之前所有费用和义务应免于这样的终止行动上。


ENTIRE AGREEMENT Except with Buyer?s/Seller?s written agreement, neither this contract nor any provision thereof can be waived, changed, discharged or terminated. All previous negotiations and correspondence are considered void after this contract has been signed. 除了买卖双方的书面协议,否则没有任何理由可以终止变更放弃该合同的履行。 DEFINITIONS ? the term “metric ton”, “metric tonne” or “mt” means 1000 kilograms or 2204.62 pounds, wet or dry basis ? 1 公吨是指 1000 公斤或者 2204.62 磅 ? the term “pound” (lb) means pound avoirdupois, equal to 453.593 grams ? 1 磅等于 453.593 克 ? the term “ounce” (oz) means ounce troy, equal to 31.1035 grams ? 1 盎司等于 31.1035 克 ? the term “g/t” means grams per dry metric ton ? g/t 是指每干吨里含多少克 ? the term “wet metric ton” (wmt) means metric ton, wet basis ? 湿公吨是指公吨,含水份 ? the term “dry metric ton” (dmt) means metric ton, dry basis ? 干公吨指公吨,不含水份 ? the term “unit” means 1% of a net metric ton, dry weight ? “unit”是指一个干净吨 ? amounts of money stated in USD, US$ and ? (U.S. Dollars and cents) are references to the lawful currency of the United States of America ? USD 是指美元


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? date of shipment in respect of any shipment shall mean the date of the signed Bill of Lading ? 装船日期是指提单上签发的日期 ? month of shipment in respect of any shipment shall mean the calendar month during which shipment has taken place and evidenced by the bill of lading date ? 装船月是指提单上日期的月份 ? The abbreviations for the alternatives of the delivery shall be interpreted as per INCO Terms 2000 – Publication N°560 ? ? “IMO Bulk Cargo Code” means the International Maritime Organisation?s Code of Safe Practice for Bulk Cargoes as amended from time to time ? .IMO 是指国际海运散装货物安全条例的海事组织 ? LBMA : London Bullion Market Association ? 伦敦贵金属市场协会 LME: London Metal Exchange IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have executed this Agreement as of the day and year first above written. Signed by: __________________ ________________

For and on behalf of Buyer: Name in Print: Title: Date:




Signed by:



For and on behalf of Seller Name in Print: Title: Date:

OCEAN PARTNERS UK LTD. Sam Wooldridge _________________

Ad van Halder Director Treasurer __________________

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