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初二英语期末考试模拟试卷及答案详解(八) 英语试题 二、单项选择(20 分) 21.Who gets up in your family,you father or your mother? A.early B.earlier C.earliest D.the earlier 22.—What places have you been during the five-day camp? —Nowhere except Guangzhou. A.else,else B.other,other C.other,else D.else,other 23.Tina all the players and the first prize. A.beat,won B.beaten,beat C.won,won D.won,beat 24.—Your day off a busy day. —No,It really terrible! A.sounds like,sounds B.sounds,sounds like C.is sounded like,is sounded D.is sounded,is sounded like 25.Use your head then you'll a good idea. A.come up with B.catch up with C.keep up with D.go think about 26. ?It looks very terrible. A.How is the weather like B.What is the weather. C.What do you like the weather D.What do you think of the weather 27.—Tom fell off his bike and hurt his left leg yesterday. — .How is he now? A.I'm sorry to hear that B.How did it happen C.Nothing serious D.He had a bad luck 28.—I'd like to you. —Greet,many people will the charity activity. A.join,join B.join, take part C.join,take part in D.take parting, take part in 29.I was born a cold night of 1978. A.on B.in C. at D.by 30.— did he start golfing? —Ten years ago. A.How long B.How often C.When D.How soon 31.—Must I finish my homework first? —No,you .You can eat dinner first. A.mustn't B.can't C.may not D.needn't 32.— is it from school? —It's 10 minutes by bus. A.How long B.How far C.How soon D.How 33.—It looks like rain,doesn't it?—Yes ,it does.And I my umbrella.I it in the office. A.forgot,forgot B.forgot,left C.left,left D.1eft,forgot 34.The price in this store is than in that one. A.cheaper B.more expensive C.more higher D.lower

35.—Would you like some more? — .I'm full A.Yes,please B.I'd love to C.No,1 wouldn't D.No,thanks 36.—Can you come to my party tomorrow evening? — .I have to help Jack with his math. A.I hope so B.I'd love to C.I'm afraid not D.Excuse me 37. success! A.What an amazing B.What amazing C.How an amazing D.How amazed 38.You are never young start doing things. A.so ,to B.such,to C.too,to D.too,can't 39.Arthur is a loving grandfather.He all his free time with his grandson. A.takes B.costs C.spends D.pays 40.We the chemistry class when the teacher came in. A.discussed B.discussing C.are discussing D.were discussing 三、完型填空(15 分) My first football match was in P.E.class when l was10at primary Schoo1. Our P.E.teacher divided the class into two group boys and girls.You may think it's unfair (不公平)because 41 might lose the match.But we were still children.we didn't realize the 42 between boys and girls. Girls always did 43 than boys in primary school.We girls thought winning the match would be very 44 . However, things didn't go as we expected. boys were so 45 and strong. soon as they The As got the football, they kicked it directly into the goal. a short time, In boys had three 46 while we were still at zero. Their laughing 47 us very angry.How could we be beaten by them? We got together for a 48 and came up with an idea that we'd hold a re-match. . 49 boy got the football,three or four girls rushed to him.Two grasped(抓住)the boy's clothes and the others snatched (抢夺) ball. the When other girls got the football, they 50 gave it to me, because I ran the fastest. would hold the ball and keep 51 . when a boy wanted I But to get the football,he became surprisingly strong. One time when a boy 52 the ball,I bit(咬)him,The poor boy suddenly began to 53 ,I didn't think I had done anything wrong.So I went on.Of course I made a goal. The whole match was like a war (战争) between boys and girls. was made to say 54 to 1 the boy I bit,but it didn't 55 .We won,and they regarded me as the team's heroine(英雄) . Is it funny? However,the pleasure that the football has given to me is far more than that. 41.A.teachers B.students C.girls D.boys 42.A.difference B.friendship C.teamwork D.challenge 43.A.better B.worse C.less D.more 44.A.interesting B.easy C.hard D.good 45.A.cool B.unusual C.serious D.fast 46.A.matches B.balls C.tickets D.goals 47.A.took B.takes C.made D.makes

48.A.training B.plan C.rest D.talk 49.A.When B.While C.Since D.Although 50.A.silently B.quickly C.safely D.probably 51.A.running B.walking C.to run D.to walk 52.A.found B.collected C.lost D.caught 53.A.cry B.smile C.run D.jump 54.A.hello B.sorry C.goodbye D.thanks 55.A.deserve B.mind C.happen D.matter 四、阅读理解(15 分) (A) An important question about eating out is who pays for the meal. a friend of yours asks you If to have lunch with him,you may say something like this;“I’m afraid it’ll have to be some place cheap.as I have very little money.”The other person may say:“OK, meet you at McDonald's” This means that the two agree to go Dutch,that is,each person pays for himself.He may also say:“Oh,no. I want to take you to lunch at Johnson's.” Or “I want you to try the steak(牛排) there, great. it's ”This means the person wants to pay for both of you. you fell friendly towards If this person,you can go with him and you needn't pay for the meal.You may just say:“Thank you.That would be very nice.” American customs (风俗) about who pays for dates (约会) much the same as in other parts are of the world. the old days, In American women wanted men to pay for all the meals. But, today, a university(大学)girl or a woman in the business world will usually pay her way during the date. If a man asks her to dinner, outside the working hours, means “come as my guest 客人) So it ( ”. as you can see,it is a polite thing to make the question clear at the very beginning(开始) . 56.In the old days often paid for all the meals. A.women B.men C.university students D.businessmen 57.“To go Dutch ”means to . A.go to play outside B.eat out C.pay for oneself D.go to a cheaper eating-place 58.“McDonald’s” here means . A.a tea house B.a gate C.an office D. eating-place an 59.If you feel friendly to the person, 。 A.you should pay for him B.you needn't pay for him C.you can accept(接受)his invitation D.you can't accept his invitation(邀请) 60.We'd better know who will pay for the meal . A.at the beginning B.at the end C.in the middle of the meal D.after drinking (B)
Acrobatics The Chinese national acrbatic circus(中国国家杂技团) Date: October 1st-October 12th Time: 19:15-2:30, every night Price: ¥20 Concert Prince(王子) of the piano, Richard Clay derman, the French pianist, will arrive in Beijing on October 4, and give his performance the following evening. Time: 7:30 p.m., October 5th

Tel: 65023984


Place: Worker’s Stadium Price: ¥100 Tel: 13910186524, 13621293454

Museum Chinese History-Beijing Museum, There are 20,000 prices of Chinese historic materials on show here, You will be able to learn much about China’s past. Date: 1-7 October Time: 8:30 a.m—5:30 p.m Price: ¥50(¥30 for students) Tel: 68823445

61.If you want to watch an acrobatic show,you can call . A.65023984 B.13621296454 C.13910186524 D.68823445 62.You can enjoy at the Capital Theater from October l to 12 every night. A.French music B.acrobatic C.American music D.20,000 pieces on show 63.You can see 20,000 pieces of Chinese historic materials in Beijing Museum A.at 8 am.On October 6 B.at 6 pm.On October 2 C.at 11am.Every day in October D.at 9:30 am.On October 4. 64.If you have¥25 on October the 5th,you call go to the . A.Workers' Stadium B.the Capital Theatre C.Beijing Museum D.Concert 65.If ten students first go to Beijing Museum,and then to the Capital Theatre,how much will they pay in total? A.¥300 B.¥400 C. ¥500 D.¥700 (C)任务型阅读 Years ago,many zoos kept all kinds of animals in small cages(笼子) .Small cages made it easy for people to see the animals,but a small cage is not a good place for an animal to live in. Today zoos keep animals in different kinds of cages.The cages are very big and open.They usually have plants and a little lake.The cages look like the animals habitats(栖息地) . Zoos help to protect(保护)all kinds of animals.They protect animals in the zoo and they protect animals in the wild.How do they do this? Zoos teach people how animals live in the wild.Zoos want people to help protect the animals' wild habitats. Many plants and animals are going extinct(灭绝的) ,Mammoths,which are related(有关 联的) with Asia elephants, now extinct. are There are no mammoths in the world today. Scientists say that seventy—four different kind of living go extinct every day! Zoos are wording together to stop animals from going extinct. 根据短文完成下列句子. 66.The old woman a cat and likes it very much. 67.A small cage is not a good place for an animal to . 68.A mammoth is a kind of that has gone extinct. A. plant B.Bird C. animal D.tree 69.What are your Favorite animals? 70.How many kinds of living things go extinct every day? 五、补全对话根据上下文,将答案写在题后相应题号的横线上。 (10 分) Tom:Hello Tony Where are you going for vacation? Tony: 71 .

Tom:That sounds interesting.I like Tibet very much. 72 ? Tony:For a week 73 ? Tom:I'm visiting my friend in Hong Kong. Tony:Well, 74 ! Send me a post card from Hong Kong. Tom:OK.Show me your photos when we get back to school 75 . Tony:See you. 六、词汇(15 分) A.根据句子意思及首字母完成句子(5 分) 1.A you know,he is a popular snipe. 2.The hens can l big eggs. 3.The books are very cheap.Their prices are really l . 4.Many foreign t come to visit the Great Wall every year. 5.What does he want to be when he g up? B.根据所给的汉语意思完成英语句子. 1.The students are (穿过)the street. 2.There is (还)a little water in the glass? 3.How many (大学)do you know? 4.Doing more exercise can help us to keep (健康). 5.My grandfather was having his (九十)birthday. C 用所给的词的适当形式填空. 1.The store offers the (friendly)service of all the stores. 2.Thank you so much for (invite)me. 3.I'm really happy (have)the tickets. 4.Li Yundi is one of the famous (piano)in china. 5.Mary is a funny girl,she always make me (1augh) . 七、根据汉语意思完成英语句子(10 分) 1.这个婴儿只有 9 个月大 The baby is only nine . 2.你想成为一名运动员吗? Do you want to be .? 3.他们计划去西藏观光旅游。 They planned on to Tibet. 4.父母应该与孩子更好的沟通。 Parents should better their kids. 5.不要玩火,很危险。 Don't fire.It's very dangerous. 6.当我忘记打扫房间的时候,妈妈变的很生气。 My mom really when I forget to clean my room. 7.他是从事电脑工作的。 He is computer programs. 8.这家衣服的质量比那一家的好。 The clothing store has than that one. 9.这个教室足够容纳 100 人。

The classroom is to hold l00 persons. 10.他仍然在独立等公共汽车。 He is waiting for the bus 八、写作(15 分) 暑假即将到来,你希望如何度过这一假期?凡事都要计划好。就你的计划写一篇短文。 提示:1.青岛旅游 2.宣传环保 3.学习 要求:1.必须使用以上内容。 2.字数不少于 80。

2007-2008 学年度烟台市莱州第二学期初二期末考试 英语试题参考答案 二、单项选择(20 分) 21—25 BCAAA 26—30 DACAC 31—35 DBBBD 36—40 CACCD 三、完型填空(15 分) 41—45 CAABD 46—50 DCDAB 51—55 ADABD 四、阅读理解(15 分) (A)56—60 BCDCA (B)61—65 ABDBC (C)任务型阅读 66—70 66 keeps 67 live in 68 C 69 elephants 70 seventy-four 五、补全对话(10 分)答案不唯一。 71.I’m going to Tibet/I will go to Tibet. 72.How long are you staying here? 73.What about you?/How about you? 74.Have a good time 75.Seeyou(1ater) 六、词汇(15 分) A.根据句子意思及首字母完成句子(5 分) 1.As 2.1ay 3.low 4.Tourists 5.grows B.根据所给的汉语意思完成英语句子. 1. cros sing (穿过) 2. still (还) 3. university (大学) 4. healthy/fit (健康) 。 5. ninetieth (九十) C.用所给的词的适当形式填空 1.friendliest 2.inviting 3.to have 4.pianists 5.laugh 七、根据汉语意思完成英语句子(10 分) 1.months old 2. an athlete 3.going sightseeing 4.communicate with 5.play with 6 . get s angry 7 . working

on. 8.better quality 9.big enough l0.still alone 八、Summer holiday is coming.I'd like to go to Qingdao for my vacation.I'm going to have a great time there.We can go swimming,go fishing,climb the hills and enjoy many kinds of seafood. We can also visit different parts of the beautiful city. The aquarium is the best place fir me to go to.There we can see thousands of fish. I'm sure you will like it. Then We should put up notices to tell people how to protect the environment.We keep on telling the visitors the importance of protecting the environment. Next, should finish our homework on time. Hua We Li is good at math and she will help me with it. I'm sure we will have a good time.

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