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2011 年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试(全国Ⅰ卷) 英语试题 一、单项填空 ( 本大题 共 15 题, 共计 15 分) 1、(1 分)—We could invite John and Barbara to the Friday night party. —Yes,______?I'll give them a call right now. A.why not B.what for C.why D.what 2、(1 分)Try ______ she might,Sue couldn't get the door open. A.if B.when C.since D.as 3、(1 分)Planning so far ahead ______ no sense—so many things will have changed by next year. A.made B.is making C.makes D.has made 4、(1 分)I wasn't sure if he was really interested or if he ______ polite. A.was just being B.will just be C.had just been D.would just be 5、(1 分)—Someone wants you on the phone. —______ nobody knows I am here. A.Although B.And C.But D.So 6、(1 分)I can ______ the house being untidy,but I hate it if it's not clean. A.come up with B.put up with C.turn to D.stick to 7、(1 分)The next thing he saw was smoke ______ from behind the house. A.rose B.rising C.to rise D.risen 8、(1 分)Only when he reached the teahouse ______ it was the same place he'd been in last year. A.he realized B.he did realize C.realized he D.did he realize 9、(1 分)When Alice came to,she did not know how long she ______ there. A.had been lying B.has been lying C.was lying D.has lain 10、(1 分)The form cannot be signed by anyone ______ yourself. A.rather than B.other than C.more than D.better than 11、(1 分)The prize will go to the writer ______ story shows the most imagination. A.that B.which C.whose D.what 12、(1 分)They ______ have arrived at lunchtime but their flight was delayed. A.will B.can C.must D.should 13、(1 分)It is generally accepted that ______ boy must learn to stand up and fight like ______ man. A.a;a B.a;the C.the;the D.a;不填 14、 (1 分)William found it increasingly difficult to read, for his eyesight was beginning to ______. A.disappear B.fall C.fail D.damage 15、(1 分) —Artistic people can be very difficult sometimes. —Well,you married one.______.

A.You name it B.I've got it C.I can't agree more D.You should know 二、完形填空 ( 本大题 共 1 题, 共计 30 分) In our discussion with people on how education can help them succeed in life,a woman remembered the first meeting of an introductory __(1)__course about 20 years ago. The professor __ (2) __the lecture hall, placed upon his desk a large jar filled with dried beans (豆) , and invited the students to __ (3) _ how many beans the jar contained.After __ (4) _ shouts of wildly wrong guesses the professor smiled a thin, dry smile, announced the __ (5) __ answer, and went on saying,“You have just __(6)__ an important lesson about science.That is:Never __(7)__ your own senses.” Twenty years later,the _(8)_ could guess what the professor had in mind.He _(9)__ himself, perhaps,as inviting his students to start an exciting __(10)_ into an unknown world invisible (无形的) to the __(11)__,which can be discovered only through scientific __(12)__.But the seventeenyearold girl could not accept or even __(13)__ the invitation.She was just __(14) __ to understand the world.And she __(15)__ that her firsthand experience could be the __(16) __.The professor, however, said that it was __ (17) _.He was taking away her only _ (18) __ for knowing and was providing her with no substitute (替代) . “I remember feeling small and __ (19) __, ”the woman says, “and I did the only thing I could do.I __ (20) __ the course that afternoon, and I haven't gone near science since.” (1)A.art B.history C.science D.math (2)A.searched for B.looked at C.got through D.marched into (3)A.count B.guess C.report D.watch (4)A.warning B.giving C.turning away D.listening to (5)A.ready B.possible C.correct D.difficult (6)A.learned B.prepared C.taught D.taken (7)A.lose B.trust C.sharpen D.show (8)A.lecturer B.scientist C.speaker D.woman (9)A.described B.respected C.saw D.served (10)A.voyage B.movement C.change D.rush (11)A.professor B.eye C.knowledge D.light (12)A.model B.senses C.spirit D.methods (13)A.hear B.make C.present D.refuse (14)A.suggesting B.beginning C.pretending D.waiting (15)A.believed B.doubted C.proved D.explained (16)A.growth B.strength C.faith D.truth (17)A.firm B.interesting C.wrong D.acceptable (18)A.task B.tool C.success D.connection (19)A.cruel B.proud C.frightened D.brave (20)A.dropped B.started C.passed D.missed 三、阅读理解 ( 本大题 共 5 题, 共计 40 分) 1、(8 分) When milk arrived on the doorstep When I was a boy growing up in New Jersey in the 1960s,we had a milkman delivering milk to our doorstep.His name was Mr.Basille.He wore a white cap and drove a white truck.As a 5--

year-old boy,I couldn't take my eyes off the coin changer fixed to his belt.He noticed this one day during a delivery and gave me a quarter out of his coin changer. Of course, he delivered more than milk.There was cheese,eggs and so on.If we needed to change our order , my mother would pen a note—“Please add a bottle of buttermilk next delivery”—and place it in the box along with the empty bottles.And then,the buttermilk would magically(魔术般) appear. All of this was about more than convenience.There existed a close relationship between families and their milkmen.Mr.Basille even had a key to our house,for those times when it was so cold outside that we put the box indoors,so that the milk wouldn't freeze.And I remember Mr.Basille from time to time taking a break at our kitchen table,having a cup of tea and telling stories about his delivery. There is sadly no home milk delivery today.Big companies allowed the production of cheaper milk , thus making it difficult for milkmen to compete (竞争) .Besides , milk is for sale everywhere,and it may just not have been practical to have a delivery service. Recently,an old milk box in the countryside I saw brought back my childhood memories.I took it home and planted it on the back porch(门廊) .Every so often my son's friends will ask what it is.So I start telling stories of my boyhood,and of the milkman who brought us friendship along with his milk. (1)Mr.Basille gave the boy a quarter out of his coin changer ______. A.to show his magical power B.to pay for the delivery C.to satisfy his curiosity D.to please his mother (2)What can be inferred from the fact that the milkman had the key to the boy's house? A.He wanted to have tea there. B.He was a respectable person. C.He was treated as a family member. D.He was fully trusted by the family. (3)Why does home milk delivery no longer exist? A.Nobody wants to be a milkman now. B.It has been driven out of the market. C.Its service is getting poor. D.It is forbidden by law. (4)Why did the author bring back home an old milk box? A.He missed the good old days. B.He wanted to tell interesting stories. C.He needed it for his milk bottles. D.He planted flowers in it. 2、(8 分) The word advertising refers to any kind of public announcement that brings products and services to the attention of people.Throughout history,advertising has been an effective way to promote(促进)the trading and selling of goods.In the Middle Ages,merchants employed “town criers” to read public messages aloud to promote their goods.When printing was invented in the fifteenth century,pages of advertisements(ads)could be printed easily and were either hung in

public places or put in books. By the end of the seventeenth century,when newspapers were beginning to be read by more people,printed materials became an important way to promote products and services.The London Gazette was the first newspaper to set aside a place just for advertising.This was so successful that by the end of the century several companies started businesses for the purpose of making newspaper ads for merchants. Advertising spread quickly throughout the eighteenth century.Ad writers were starting to pay more attention to the design of the ad text.Everything,from clothes to drinks,was promoted with clever methods such as repetition of the firm's name or product,words organized in eyecatching patterns,the use of pretty pictures and expressions easy to remember. Near the end of the nineteenth century,companies that were devoted to the production of ads came to be known as“advertising agencies(广告商) .”The agencies developed new ways to get people to think of themselves as members of a group.Throughout the twentieth century , advertising agencies promoted consumerism (消费主义) as a way of life, spreading the belief that people could be happy only if they bought the “right”products. (1)What was advertising like in the Middle Ages? A.Merchants were employed to promote products. B.Ad messages were shouted out in public places. C.Product information was included in books. D.Ad signs were put up in towns. (2)What does the word “This” in Paragraph 2 refer to? A.Advertising in newspapers. B.Including pictures in ads. C.Selling goods in markets. D.Working with ad agencies. (3)The 18th century advertising was special in its______. A.growing spending B.printing materials C.advertising companies D.attractive designs (4)Which of the following might be the best title for the text? A.The Story of Advertising B.The Value of Advertising Designs C.The Role of Newspaper Advertising D.The Development of Printing for Advertising 3、(8 分) While small may be beautiful,tall is just plain uncomfortable it seems,particularly when it comes to staying in hotels and eating in restaurants. The Tall Persons Club Great Britain (TPCGB) , which was formed six months ago to campaign (发起运动)for the needs of the tall,has turned its attention to hotels and restaurants.Beds that are too small,shower heads that are too low,and restaurant tables with hardly any legroom all make life difficult for those of above average height,it says. But it is not just the extratall whose needs are not being met.The average height of the population has been increasing yet the standard size of beds,doorways,and chairs has remained

unchanged. “The bedding industry says a bed should be six inches larger than the person using it, so even a kingsize bed at 6′6″(6 feet and 6 inches)is falling short for 25% of men,while the standard 6′3″ bed caters for(满足需要)less than half of the male(男性)population,“said TPCGB president Phil Heinricy,“Sevenfoot beds would work fine.” Similarly,restaurant tables can cause no end of problems.Small tables,which mean the longlegged have to sit a foot or so away from them,are enough to make tall customers go elsewhere. Some have already taken note , however.At Queens Moat Houses' Caledonian Hotel in Edinburgh,6′6″beds are now put in as standard after requests for longer beds from taller visitors, particularly Americans. (1)What is the purpose of the TPCGB campaign? A.To provide better services. B.To rebuild hotels and restaurants. C.To draw public attention to the needs of the tall. D.To attract more people to become its members. (2)Which of the following might be a bed of proper length according to Phil Heinricy? A.7′2″. B.7′. C.6′6″. D.6′3″. (3)What may happen to restaurants with small tables? A.They may lose some customers. B.They may start businesses elsewhere. C.They have to find easy chairs to match the tables. D.They have to provide enough space for the longlegged. (4)What change has already been made in a hotel in Edinburgh? A.Tall people pay more for larger beds. B.6′6″beds have taken the place of 6′3″beds. C.Special rooms are kept for Americans. D.Guest rooms are standardized. 4、(8 分) Cassandra Feeley finds it hard to manage on her husband's income.So this year she did something more than a hobby(业余爱好) :She planted vegetables in her yard.For her first garden,Ms.Feeley has put in 15 tomato plants,and five rows of a variety of vegetables.The family's old farm house has become a chicken house,its residents arriving next month.Last year, Ms.Rita Gartin kept a small garden.This year she has made it much larger because, she said, “The cost of everything is going up and I was looking to lose a few pounds,too;so it's a winwin situation all around.” They are among the growing number of Americans who,driven by higher living costs and a falling economy(经济) ,have taken up vegetable gardening for the first time.Others have increased the size of their existing gardens.Seed companies and garden shops say that not since the 1970s has there been such an increase in interest in growing food at home.Now many gardens across the country have been sold out for several months.In Austin, Tex., some of the gardens have a threeyear waiting list. George C. Ball Jr., owner of a company, said sales of vegetable seeds and plants are up by 40% over last year,double the average growth of the last five years.Mr.Ball argues that some of the reasons have been building for the last few years.The big one is the striking rise in the cost of food

like bread and milk,together with the increases in the price of fruits and vegetables.Food prices have increased because of higher oil prices.People are now driving less,taking fewer vacations, so there is more time to garden. (1)What does the word “residents” in Paragraph 1 probably refer to? A.chickens B.tomatoes C.gardens D.people (2)By saying “a winwin situation all around”,Ms.Gartin means that______. A.she is happier and her garden bigger B.she may spend less and lose weight C.she is selling more and buying less D.she has grown more varieties of vegetables (3)Why is vegetable gardening becoming increasingly popular? A.More Americans are doing it for fun. B.The price of oil is lower than before. C.There's a growing need for fruits. D.The cost of living is on the rise. (4)Which of the following might be the best title for the text? A.Family Food Planning B.Banking on Gardening C.A Belttightening Move D.Gardening as a Hobby 5、(8 分) Wanted,Someone for a Kiss We're looking for producers to join us on the sound of London Kiss 100 FM.You'll work on the station's music programmes.Music production experience in radio is necessary,along with rich knowledge of modern dance music.Please apply(申请)in writing to Producer Vacancies,Kiss 100. Father Christmas We're looking for a very special person,preferably over 40,to fill our Father Christmas suit. Working days:Every Saturday from November 24 to December 15 and every day from December 17 to December 24 except Sundays,10:3016:00. Excellent pay. Please contact(联系)the Enterprise Shopping Centre,Station Parade,Eastbourne. Accountants Assistant When you join the team in our Revenue Administration Unit,you will be providing assistance within all parts of the Revenue Division,dealing with post and other general duties.If you are educated to GCSE grade C level we would like to talk to you.This position is equally suitable for a school leaver or for somebody who has office experience. Wealden District Council Software Trainer If you are aged 2445 and have experience in teaching and training, you could be the person we are looking for.You should be good at the computer and have some experience in programme writing.You will be allowed to make your own decisions,and to design courses as well as present them.Pay upwards of £15,000 for the right person.Please apply by sending your CV(简历)to Mrs R.Oglivie,Palmlace Limited. (1)Who should you get in touch with if you hope to work in a radio station? A.Producer Vacancies,Kiss 100.

B.Mrs Oglivie,Palmlace Limited. C.The Enterprise Shopping Centre. D.Wealden District Council. (2)We learn from the ads that the Enterprise Shopping Centre needs a person who______. A.is aged between 24 and 40 B.may do some training work C.should deal with general duties D.can work for about a month (3)Which position is open to recent school graduates? A.Producer,London Kiss. B.Father Christmas. C.Accountants Assistant. D.Software Trainer. (4)What kind of person would probably apply to Palmlace Limited? A.One with GCSE grade C level. B.One with some office experience. C.One having good computer knowledge. D.One trained in producing music programmes. 四、短文改错 ( 本大题 共 1 题, 共计 10 分) 此题要求改正所给短文中的错误。对标有题号的每一行作出判断:如无错误,在该行右边横 线上画一个勾(√) ;如有错误(每行只有一个错误) ,则按下列情况改正: 此行多一个词:把多余的词用斜线(\划掉,在该行右边横线上写出该词,并也用斜线划掉。 此行缺一个词:在缺词处加一个漏字符号(∧) ,在该行右边横线上写出该加的词。 此行错一个词:在错的词下划一横线,在该行右边横线上写出改正后的词。 注意:原行没有错的不要改。 One of my unforgettable memory of my school in (1)______ Xinjiang is that of lunches we brought from our homes. (2)______ I hold my lunchbox in my hand when I was going to (3)_____ school.The smell from it was very good.Since the lunch (4)______ bell finally rang,my friends and I met under a tall tree (5)______ and had our lunches.My best friend Aigulie was used (6)______ to share her Nang with me.Nang is a specially kind of (7)______ cake in Xinjiang.I like them very much.Now Aigulie and (8)______ I study at different colleges or we can only see each other (9)______ during the summer vacation.I think over her a lot and I miss (10)______ the food and the good time we had together. 五、书面表达 ( 本大题 共 1 题, 共计 25 分) 假定你是李华,正在一所英国学校学习暑期课程,遇到一些困难,希望得到学校辅导中心 (Learning Center)的帮助。根据学校规定,你需书面预约,请按下列要点写一封信: 1.本人简介; 2.求助内容; 3.约定时间; 4.你的联系方式(Email:lihua@1236.com;Phone:12345678) 。 注意:1.词数 100 左右;

2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯; 3.结束语已为你写好。 Dear Sir/Madam, ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Look forward to your reply. Yours, Li Hua

一、单项填空 ( 本大题 共 15 题, 共计 15 分) 1、(1 分) A 考查交际用语。 why not 用来表示向对方提出建议或对对方的提议给予肯定, 符合该句语境。 what for 和 why 意为“为什么”;what 意为“什么”。 2、(1 分) D 考查倒装语序。四个选项中只有 as 引导让步状语从句时使用倒装结构,所以答案为 D 项。 句意:尽管苏尽力了,但她还是无法把门打开。 3、(1 分) C 考查时态。句意:提前这么长时间筹划没有意义,很多事情到明年都会有变化。根据语境判 断应用一般现在时,表示现在做计划尚早。 4、(1 分) A 考查时态。根据句意判断应用过去进行时,表示“刚才”。句意:我不确定他是真的感兴趣, 还是只是出于礼貌。 5、(1 分) C 考查连词。根据语境判断第二个人不相信第一个人的话,所以选转折连词,表示“但是没人 知道我在这里”。 6、(1 分) B 考查动词短语。come up with 意为“提出”;put up with 意为“忍受,容忍”;turn to 意为“转向, 求助于”;stick to 意为“坚持”。根据句意判断应选 B 项。句意:房子里不整洁我能忍受,但 是如果不干净我就很讨厌了。 7、(1 分) B 考查非谓语动词。smoke 后面为定语,由于 smoke 和 rise 为主谓关系,所以应用现在分词形 式作定语。不定式也可作定语,但是一般表示将来意义。 8、(1 分) D 考查倒装语序。only 位于句首,修饰状语(从句)时,主句应用部分倒装语序,所以答案为 D 项。 9、(1 分) A 考查时态。根据全句的过去时态判断,did not know 后面的宾语从句也应用过去时态,可排 除 B、D 两项;how long 表示一段时间,应与完成时连用,所以应选 A 项的过去完成进行 时。 10、(1 分) B 考查副词短语。rather than 意为“而不是”;other than 意为“除了”;more than 意为“超过,不 仅仅”;better than 意为“好于”。句意:这张表格除了你本人外,不能由任何人代签。 11、(1 分) C 考查定语从句。该题 writer 后面为定语从句,从句中需要定语,所以答案为 C 项。句意:奖 项将颁给最有想象力的作家。 12、(1 分) D 考查情态动词。should have done 意为“本该做某事(但实际上未做)”,符合句意。句意: 他们本该在午饭的时候到达,但是他们的航班延误了。A 项为将来完成时;B 项的 can 表推 测,不能用于肯定句中;C 项构成 must have done 结构,表示“一定做过某事”。 13、(1 分) A 考查冠词。根据句意判断,该题的两个空都是泛指,表类别。a boy 指“男孩子”,a man 指“男

人”。 14、(1 分) C 考查动词词义辨析。disappear 意为“消失,不见了”;fall 意为“下落, (位置)下降, (力量) 减退”;fail 意为“失败, (健康)衰退,变弱”;damage 意为“损害,毁坏”。根据语境判断应 选 C 项。 15、(1 分) D 考查交际用语。A 项意为“随你讲什么都行”;B 项意为“我懂了,有啦”;C 项意为“我完全赞 同”;D 项意为“你应该知道,你很清楚”。由答语判断应选 D 项。 二、完形填空 ( 本大题 共 1 题, 共计 30 分) (1)C 根据第二段第 41 空格后面的“an important lesson about science”可知应选 science, 表示“理科, 自然科学”。 (2)D search for 意为“寻找”;look at 意为“看”;get through 意为“通过,穿过,接通”;march into 意为“走进”。根据上下文判断应选 D 项,表示“教授走进报告厅”。 (3)B 根据下文“wildly wrong guesses”判断此处教授是让学生们“猜猜”坛子里有多少豆子。 (4)D warn 意为“提醒, 警告”; give 意为“给予”; turn away 意为“转过去, 驱逐”; listen to 意为“听”。 根据当时的情景判断,教授“听”了学生的胡乱猜测。 (5)C 教授宣布的当然是“正确”答案,所以选 correct。 (6)A learn a lesson 意为“获得教训”,符合教授要表达的意思。teach sb.a lesson 意为“教训某人”。 (7)B lose senses 意为“失去感觉”;trust senses 意为“相信感觉”;sharpen senses 意为“强化意识”; show senses 意为“表现感觉”。根据语境判断应选 B 项。句意:永远不要相信你自己的感觉。 (8)D 根据上下文可知,20 年后这位“妇女”猜出了教授的想法。 (9)C describe...as...意为“把……描述成……”;respect...as...意为“把……尊为……”;see...as...意为 “把……看做……”;serve...as...意为“把……用于……”。根据句意判断 C 项最佳,表示“把自 己看成是……的人”。 (10)A voyage 意为“航程,旅行”;movement 意为“运动”;change 意为“变化”;rush 意为“匆忙,繁 忙”。根据句意判断应选 A 项,表示“开始进入未知世界的一次激动人心的旅程”。 (11)B 根据上下文判断应选 B 项,表示“对眼睛来说是无形的”,也就是说用肉眼看不到的。 (12)D model 意为“模型,型号,模范”;senses 意为“感觉,意识”;spirit 意为“精神”;methods 意 为“方法,方式”。根据句意判断应选 D 项,表示“只能通过科学的方法去发现”。 (13)A 根据表示递进意义的副词 even,并结合全文最后这位妇女说的话不难看出选 hear,表示“没 有听进教授所说的话”。

(14)B suggest 意为“建议,表明”;begin to do sth.意为“开始做某事”;pretend to do sth.意为“假装做 某事”;wait to do sth.意为“等着做某事”。根据上一句可知,当时这位姑娘只有 17 岁,说明 她刚刚“开始”理解这个世界,所以选择 B 项。 (15)A believe 意为“相信”;doubt 意为“怀疑”;prove 意为“证明”;explain 意为“解释”。根据后面的 句子判断,应选 A 项,表示“她相信最初的体验可能是真实的”。 (16)D growth 意为“成长”;strength 意为“力量”;faith 意为“信念”;truth 意为“事实”。根据语境可 知选 D 项。 (17)C 根据表示转折意义的 however 判断应选 C 项,表示“教授说(最初的体验)是错误的”。 (18)B 根据句意判断应选 B 项,表示“认识(未知世界)的唯一工具”。 (19)C cruel 意为“残忍的”;proud 意为“自豪的”;frightened 意为“害怕的”;brave 意为“勇敢的”。 与“感觉渺小”意义一致的应该是“害怕的”,故选 C 项。 (20)A drop 意为“放弃”;start 意为“开始”;pass 意为“通过”;miss 意为“错过”。根据上文的描述看 出,被教授伤害后,我“放弃”了这门课程。 三、阅读理解 ( 本大题 共 5 题, 共计 40 分) 1、(8 分) (1)C 推理判断题。根据第一段最后两句可以看出,当时作者只是一个 5 岁的孩子,对送奶人腰带 上的投币器很好奇,善良的送奶人把一枚硬币送给作者,是为了满足其好奇心,所以应选 C 项。 (2)D 推理判断题。根据第三段第二句可知,家人与送奶人之间关系很密切,送奶人甚至有家里的 钥匙,由此推断送奶人得到了充分的信任,故选 D 项。 (3)B 细节理解题。根据第四段可知,激烈的竞争和购买的便利使得送奶上门退出了市场,无法存 在下去,故选 B 项。 (4)A 推理判断题。由最后一段可以看出,作者有一种怀旧的心理,想念儿时的时光,感觉送奶人 送来牛奶的同时,也带来了友谊,故选 A 项。 2、(8 分) (1)B 细节理解题。 根据第一段第三句可知, 中世纪的商人雇用街头公告员朗读公告信息来促销商 品,所以答案为 B 项。 (2)A 推理判断题。 根据前一句的内容“The London Gazette was the first newspaper to set aside a place just for advertising.”判断,This 指代的是“在报纸上登广告”。 (3)D 细节理解题。根据第三段第二句“pay more attention to the design of the ad text”以及下文可知,

18 世纪广告的特别之处在于“引人注目的设计”。 (4)A 主旨大意题。全文讲述了从中世纪开始到 20 世纪广告的发展历程,所以答案为 A 项。 3、(8 分) (1)C 细节理解题。 根据第二段第一句可知, 这次活动的目的是引起公众对高个子的人的的需求关 注。 (2)B 细节理解题。根据第四段最后一句“Sevenfoot beds would work fine.”可知,床铺的合适长度 是 7 英尺。 (3)A 推理判断题。根据第五段可知,餐桌太小会使高个子的人们到别的地方去(吃饭) ,也就是 说,餐桌太小的饭店会失去一些客人。 (4)B 细节理解题。 根据最后一段可知, 爱丁堡的一家宾馆已经使用 6 英尺 6 英寸的床铺作为标准 床铺,故选 B 项。 4、(8 分) (1)A 词义猜测题。 根据前半句可知, 这家的农舍变成了鸡舍, 所以下个月要住进来的应该是“鸡”。 (2)B 推理判断题。根据第一段最后一句“The cost of everything is going up and I was looking to lose a few pounds,too”可知,种植蔬菜不仅可以节省开支,而且还可以减几磅体重,因此答案为 B 项。 (3)D 推理判断题。根据第一段最后一句“The cost of everything is going up”和第二段第一句“higher living costs and a falling economy”以及最后一段第三句“the striking rise in the cost on food like bread and milk,together with the increases in the price of fruits and vegetables”可以看出,种植 蔬菜流行的原因是生活费用的提高。 (4)B 主旨大意题。纵观全文可知,很多人种植蔬菜不仅是出于爱好,更重要的是为了节省生活费 用,所以应选 B 项,bank 作为动词是“存款”的意思。 5、(8 分) (1)A 细节理解题。第一则广告招聘的是电台音乐制作人,如果你希望在电台工作,当然应与 Producer Vacancies,Kiss 100 联系。 (2)D 细节理解题。根据第二则广告可知,the Enterprise Shopping Centre 招聘的是圣诞老人,工作 的时间是从 11 月 24 日开始,持续到 12 月 24 日,在这大约一个月的时间内,他都要在周六 或者除了周日以外的其他时间工作。 (3)C 细节理解题。根据第三则广告最后“This position is equally suitable for a school leaver”可知答 案为 C 项。 (4)C 细节理解题。根据最后一则广告第二句中的“You should be good at the computer”可知答案为

C 项。 四、短文改错 ( 本大题 共 1 题, 共计 10 分) 1、(10 分) (1)memory→memories (2)lunches 前加 the (3)hold→held (4)Since→After (5)√ (6)去掉 was (7)specially→special (8)them→it (9)or→and (10)over→of 五、书面表达 ( 本大题 共 1 题, 共计 25 分) 1、(25 分) Dear_Sir/Madam, I'm Li Hua,a Chinese student taking summer courses in your university.I'm writing to ask for help.I came here last month and found my courses interesting.But I have some difficulties with notetaking and I have no idea of how to use the library.I was told the Learning Center provides help for students and I'm anxious to get help from you.I have no class on Tuesday mornings and Friday afternoons.Please let me know which day is OK with you.You may email or phone me.Here are my email address and phone number:lihua@1236.com;12345678. Look_forward_to_your_reply. Yours, Li_Hua

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