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Ⅰ.多项选择 1.Though it was dark, my father ________ working in the field by the light of moon. A.remained B.stayed C.lasted D.kept 2.The top leaders of the two countries are holding talks in a friendly________. A.atmosphere B.state C.situation D.phenomenon 3.The computer revolution may well change society as ________as did the Industrial Revolution. A.certainly B.insignificantly C.fundamentally D.comparatively 4.There was a ________ quarrel between the husband and the wife;after that the wife left home and never came back. A.sensitive B.serious C.violent D.strict 5.Though most people know that smoking ________ the risk of cancer,it is still hard for them to give it up. A.multiplies B.adds C.combines D.gains 6.Before the economic crisis came,John had sensed that the firm was to be ruined and he________ just in time. A.pulled up B.pulled out C.pulled off D.pulled down 7.What you should do, instead, is ________and look for a solution to the problem. A.cheer up B.come up C.break up D.cut up 8.I'm planning to hold a party in the open air,but I can make no guarantee because it ________ the weather. A.links with B.depends on C.connects to D.decides on 9.Alice read the letter with a ________ expression on her face,not knowing who sent it to her. A.crowded B.puzzled C.satisfactory D.pleasant 10.The special building in the middle of the square is the oldest wooden building ________. A.in existence B.in silence C.in safety D.in need Ⅱ.完形填空 Jerry is the kind of man you love to hate.He is always in a(n)__11__mood and always has

something__12__to say.In his opinion, the bottom line is your choice__13__you live a life. One morning, he did something you are never__14__to do in the restaurant business: he left the back door open and was__15__up at gunpoint by three armed robbers.While trying to open the__16__, with his hand shaking from__17__, he input the wrong code.The robbers beat him and even__18__him.Luckily, Jerry was found__19__quickly after the robbers had fled and he was rushed to the local first aid center.After 18 hours of operation and weeks of good care, he was out of hospital with fragments (碎片) of the bullets still in his body. Jerry told me what happened after he was sent to hospital.He said the doctors were__20__.They kept telling him he was going to be fine and__21__him into the emergency room.But when he saw the__22__on the faces of the doctors and nurses, he got really__23__.In their eyes, he__24__, “He's dying.” He knew he needed to take__25__.There was a big,burly nurse shouting questions at him.She asked if he was allergic (过敏的) to anything, and the doctors and nurses stopped working as they waited for his reply.Jerry__26__for a while and then he decided to live.He took a deep breath and said, “Yes.__27__! Over their laughter, Jerry told ” them to operate on him__28__he wouldn't die. Jerry lived, thanks to the skill of his doctors, but also because of his amazing__29__.I learnt from him that every day we have the choice to live fully. Attitude, __30__, is everything. 11.A.exciting B.good C.usual D.balanced 12.A.positive B.funny C.new D.different 13.A.how B.where C.whether D.why 14.A.advised B.imagined C.asked D.supposed 15.A.pulled B.put C.held D.done 16.A.box B.safe C.counter D.door 17.A.nervousness B.worry C.unwillingness D.pressure 18.A.knocked B.killed C.knifed D.shot 19.A.probably B.relatively C.merely D.reasonably 20.A.excited B.organized C.hard?working D.great 21.A.rolled B.carried C.wheeled D.forced 22.A.surprise B.expressions C.feeling D.puzzles 23.A.scared B.embarrassed C.disappointed D.annoyed 24.A.knew B.found C.meant D.read 25.A.notice B.order C.breath D.action 26.A.thought B.wondered C.judged D.stopped 27.A.Medicine B.Operation C.Bullets D.Fragments 28.A.unless B.even if C.as if D.before

29.A.reply B.attitude C.opinion D.determination 30.A.to be honest B.in that case C.after all D.strictly speaking Ⅲ.阅读理解 Surface Exploration. Robots make great explorers on planets,moons,and other landing areas.Aside from Earth,just about every surface in the solar system is unsafe for humans to explore.The air on most other planets is insufficient for humans to breathe,making it necessary to wear a space suit and oxygen equipment.The temperatures on these surfaces are much too hot or much too cold for any humans to withstand.Plus there would be complications with radiation, weather,and a lack of gravity.Robots have much less limitation in these areas and can survive much longer under these conditions. Data Collection. Robots are designed for collecting scientific data.Robots are also able to perform many tasks at one time and can process information much quicker and more efficiently.Important scientific projects from detecting minerals,analyzing ground samples,and finding water are all performed much quicker and more accurately(精确地)by robots. Cost Effective. The use of robots has made the cost of space exploration much less expensive than it would cost for humans to do the work.In order to successfully send humans into space we would need to build a vehicle that can not only carry humans,but also have enough food and water to keep them alive for the duration of the trip.Moreover,robots have no problems working for hours on end.Robots never complain,they don't require food or water,and they never need a bathroom break. Space Travel. Over the past 30 years or so there have been many different types of robots used successfully in the exploration of space.Perhaps the most famous and successful robots are the Spirit and Opportunity who have both been exploring the surface of Mars.They have both been very successful with experiments on soil and rocks and have even found evidence of water in Mars' history. 31.According to the passage,which of the following is NOT true? A.The use of robots in space exploration costs more than the use of humans. B.It may be dangerous for human to explore the solar system except the earth. C.Both the Spirit and Opportunity have found the evidence of water in the Mars. D.Many different types of robots have explored the space successfully. 32.Which column of the passage could come from? A.Education. B.Finance. C.Travel. D.Science. 33.The underlined phrase “withstand” most probably means “________” . A.arise B.bear C.defeat D.diverse 34.What is the writer's attitude in writing this passage? A.Negative. B.Persuasive. C.Subjective. D.Objective. Ⅳ.完成句子 阅读下列各小题,根据每句后的汉语提示,用句末括号内的英语单词完成句子。 35.____________________ will mainly depend on her development abroad. (what) 她最终将做什么主要取决于她在国外的发展。

36. will say for certain that nothing can prevent their plans ____________________. (carry) I 我可以确定地说,没有任何东西能阻止他们计划的实施。 37.With the sun ____________________the mountain, evening fell. (set) 太阳落到山的后面,夜幕降临了。 38.Now you've got a chance, ____________________ make full use of it. (well) 现在得到了一个机会,你不妨好好地利用它。 39.____________________, her parents took her to travel around the world. (cheer) 为了让她高兴起来,她的父母带着她去周游世界了。 40.Only with the help of the government ________________taking care of babies after a month's training gradually. (hang) 只有在政府的帮助下, 经过一个月的培训之后, 妇女才逐渐掌握了如何照顾婴儿的技巧。 41 . We have many cases where hard work as well as good communication skills ____________________ of success in the past years. (multiply) 在过去的几年里,我们有很多勤奋的工作和良好的交流技巧增加成功机会的案例。 42.____________________was being looked into by some experts. (crash) 一些专家正在调查这两列火车是怎么碰撞的。 43.The article points out that India is on the track to be one of the world's greatest economic powers and ____________________China by 2018. (overtake) 这篇文章指出印度正在成为世界经济强国之一,并且到 2018 年它很有可能超过中国。 44.____________________ that bad weather could cause more natural disasters. (remain) 糟糕的天气仍有可能会引起更多的自然灾害。 答案 课时作业(十四) Ⅰ.1.A 考查动词词义辨析。 句意: 尽管天黑了, 我的父亲仍然借着月光在田野里干活。 2.A 考查名词词义辨析。句意:两国高层领导人之间的会谈在友好的气氛中进行着。 atmosphere 气氛;state 状态;situation 处境;phenomenon 现象。由句意可知 A 项正确。 3.C 考查副词词义辨析。句意:计算机革命或许像工业革命一样能根本地改变社会。 fundamentally 基础地,根本地,重要地,符合题意。insignificantly 不重要的,不显著的; comparatively 相对地,对比地。 4.C 考查形容词词义辨析。句意:丈夫和妻子之间发生了一次激烈的争吵;之后, 妻子离家出走,再也没回来。violent 激烈的,暴力的;sensitive 敏感的;serious 严重的,严 肃的;strict 严格的。 5.A 考查动词词义辨析。句意:尽管大多数人知道吸烟增加得癌症的机率,但是让 他们戒掉依然很难。 multiply 增加; 增加(如果 add 后加 to 则可选); add combine 结合, 联合; gain 获得,得到。 6.B 考查动词短语辨析。句意:在经济危机来临之前,John 就觉察到这家公司即将 倒闭,于是就及时退了出来。A 使车停下;B 离开,(火车)驶出车站;C 脱去,胜利完成; D 拆毁(建筑物),拖垮。根据句意判断选 B,表示“离开,辞职” 。 7.A 考查动词短语辨析。句意:相反地,你应做的是要振作起来寻找问题的解决之 道。cheer up 意为“振作起来” 。 8.B 考查动词短语辨析。句意:我计划举行一次露天聚会,但是我不敢保证,因为 这要取决于天气。link with 联系着;depend on 取决于,依赖;connect to 连接;decide on 决 定。由句意不难推出答案为 B。 9.B 考查形容词词义辨析。句意:爱丽丝面带迷惑的表情看了那封信,不知道是谁

寄给她的。这里是迷惑的表情,表现出她的内心感受,故用修饰人的词来修饰 expression。 因此答案选 B。 10.A 考查介词短语辨析。句意:广场中央的那座特殊的建筑物是现存最古老的木造 建筑。in existence 现存,存在;in silence 保持安静;in safety 处于安全中;in need 需要。根 据句意答案选 A。 Ⅱ.态度决定一切。假如一个人的心态良好,始终保持乐观的状态,死神也会望而却步, 为他打开生命的绿灯。 11.B 根据第三段中的内容可知他总是心态“良好” 项表示“平衡的” 。D ,不符合语 境。 12.A 第三段的后半部分提到在医生和护士对他不抱有希望时他决定自己活下来,由 此可知他的话总是非常“乐观的” 。 13.A 根据他起死回生的经历可知,他认为,底线是你选择“如何”生活。后三项内 容都与他的特殊经历在语意逻辑上不符。 14.D 经营饭店时开着后门显然是不应该发生的事。be supposed to do sth 表示“应该 做某事” 。 15. 此处表示在三个全副武装的强盗的枪口的威胁下被抢劫, C 此处 hold up 表示 “拦 劫,抢劫” ,尤指持枪抢劫。pull up 表示“拔起,停车,斥责” ;put up 表示“举起,建造, 张贴” ;do up 表示“打扮,修理” ,都不符合所给语境。 16.B 强盗的目的是钱,所以他们强迫他打开“保险箱” 。safe 在这里用作名词,意为 “保险箱,保险柜” 。 17.A 根据当时的情形可推断他因为“紧张”输错了密码。 18.D 本段的最后部分提到他的身体中仍然残留着子弹碎片,由此可知他们开枪打了 他。 19.B 在强盗逃跑后,他被发现得很及时并被匆忙送往急救中心。此处 relatively 表示 “相当地,相当程度上” 。A 项表示“很可能” 项表示“仅仅” ;C ;D 项表示“适度地,合 理地” ,明显不符合语境。 20.D 上一段最后一句提到经过长达 18 个小时的手术和几个星期的悉心护理,他已 经出院。再结合下一句中医生对他的安慰可知他认为那里的医生很“好” 。 21.C 他当时命危在旦夕,由此可推断是被“推”进急救室的。前两项不符合语境; 文章中没有提到他不愿接受紧急治疗,所以 D 项错误。 22.B 他从医生和护士脸上的“表情”中察觉到了他存活希望的渺茫。A、D 两项不 符合后文语境。C 项与 on the faces 搭配不当。 23.A 根据下一句可知他当时非常“恐惧” 。后三项分别表示“尴尬的”“失望的” 、 、 “烦闷的” ,都与下文语境不符。 24. 他从医生和护士脸上的表情读懂了他们所要表达的信息, D 此处 read 表示 “了解, 领悟” 。 25.D 既然医生和护士都对他不抱有希望,根据下文他的幽默可知,他需要采取“行 动” 。 26.A 上一句提到护士长问他对什么药物过敏,然后医生和护士停止工作等待他的答 复,由此可知他“思考”了一会儿后决定活下来。 27.C 下一句的前半部分提到他们都大声笑了起来,由此可推断他的回答非常幽默, 四个选项中 C 项最具有幽默效果,即他说他对子弹过敏,暗示他同意手术。 28.C 本段前半部分提到他判断自己可能没有存活的希望,再结合他的反应可知他建 议他们把他当成活人来治疗,as if 表示“似乎,好像” 。

29.B 他能活下来是因为他具有让人惊叹的“态度” 。本段最后也是线索提示。 30.C 作者感悟到的哲理是态度决定一切,所以用“毕竟” 。A 项表示“说实话” ;B 项表示“如果那样” 项表示“严格说来” ;D ,都不符合语境。 Ⅲ.主要介绍了机器人是如何在一些星体进行太空探索及与人相比所占的优势及所起的 作用等等。 31.A 细节理解题。由第三段第一句“The use of robots has made the cost of space exploration much less expensive than it would cost for humans to do the work.”可知使用机器人 进行太空探索比人类做这项工作花费更少,因此 A 项说花费更多是有误的。 32. 推理判断题。 D 本文主要关于机器人在太空探索中的运用, 这应该属于科学栏目, 故选 D 项。 33. 词义猜测题。 B 前面提到这些表面太热或太冷应该是会让人难以忍受, 故选 B 项, bear 意为“忍受” 。 34. 推理判断题。 D 综观全文可知作者只是客观地介绍了机器人在太空探索中的使用, 并未带有其他的否定的、说服性的或者是主观的看法,故选 D 项。 Ⅳ.35.What she is to be 36.(from) being carried out 37.setting behind 38.you might as well 39.To cheer her up 40.did women get the hang of 41.have multiplied one's chances 42.How the two trains had crashed 43.that India might overtake 44.It remains possible