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A half smile - based one meter sunshine

fell in love with him in the love life of youth, can give up everything for love mentality. He has a prominent family background's fiancee, because of his love, she is out of their own happiness, as he raised far away, her heart.

, of course, is married, is the parents show "honest man", she could not bear to see her parents in the others "kind" greetings can answer. Marriage and marriage, she dutifully, husband's clothes are picked her husband said, her eyes so considerate husband, the smoke is also buy her, her husband said she sina5288.com bought the smoke seemed more fragrant. She just laugh, knowing, but life, dreams of him was so clear, miss has not the slightest weakening, but like the cellar of wine, the longer the time more long. To love and to marry a person is different, her silk thread of clear.

over the past eight years, she was a noble sentiment, and hid him in his own blood, he ran in the depths of his soul, that greatly prevented her love of the pulse, and no man can enter her heart, including the night with pillow husband. In her mind, the world of men have only two: he, not his.

is just the life always has a dramatic plot. She travels south, with a hotel head-on with him again. Two once love half alive people burn in the anything that vanishes in a flash, great happiness that she almost unbearable. Business is finished, they decided to stay a day.

in the city's most upscale shopping malls the men's clothing department, she picked a T-shirt for him, when she talk wizard buys the style, he is very strange ask: why should the chest with a pocket?

convenient loading. The answer to these words, they are shocked. He is not the man who smoke, the smoke, her husband.

him, not his. In fact, the kind of pain but is not an over hanging, tangled in her senses, essence is early to pull away. Carefully recall, even if there is a missing block to his heart as the real, is fuzzy and madding no details. Do not know the summer he is like a T-shirt or shirt, in the house will be stripped to the waist, sloppy and casual, wear sandals or shoes for four seasons, wearing socks, socks, silk or to88i.com cotton, liquid soap take a shower every day with what brand. Yes, she did not know, there is no way to know, all thoughts are the lack of details of a thought, a halo, a negligible. Details have been time replacement, in the imperceptibly with another long infiltration.

originally, all cannot resist the life, the years already happy every little bit into her hand, but she did not know it. Real and warm life already in her life together, his appearance is just a hint.

the end of the day this is and a connecting him next time meet, flash into parting. True separation. Sad and lost a little, just a little. She said to him, thank you.

return the car, think her husband see she saw the present smile, years of marriage, the first time she realized what is called: >

爱上他是在视爱情如生命的青春岁月,可以为爱付出一切的心态。他有家世显赫的未婚妻, 因为爱他,她最终让出的是自己的幸福,看着他上调远走,她心如死灰。 当然,还是嫁了人,是父母嘉许的"老实人",她不忍再看到父母亲在别人"好心"的问候里难 以回答。为婚姻而婚姻,她尽职尽责,丈夫的衣服都是她挑,丈夫夸她的眼光好细致周到, 丈夫的烟也是她买,丈夫说她买的烟抽起来似乎更香。她只是淡笑,心里知道,不过是生活 而已,梦里遇见他还是那样的清晰,思念不但没有丝毫减弱,反而象窖藏的醇酒,时间愈久 愈加绵长。爱一个人和嫁一个人是两回事,她丝缕分明。 八年过去,她怀着一种高尚的情愫,把他藏在自己的血液,他在自己的灵魂深处奔走,那种 高山仰止阻止了她爱的脉息, 再没有一个男人能入她的心, 包括夜夜同枕的丈夫。 在她心里, 世上的男人只有两个:他,非他。 只是生活总有戏剧化的情节。她出差南方,同一个宾馆里迎面与他相逢。两个曾爱得死去活 来的人在电光石火中瞬间燃烧,巨大的幸福感几乎令她难以承受。公事完毕,他们决定再逗 留一天。 在那个城市最高档的商场男装部,她为他挑选T恤,当她脱口向导购员提出款式要求时,他 很奇怪的问:为什么要胸前带兜? 方便装烟。 回答了这句话, 他们都愣住了。 他是不抽烟的男人, 抽烟的那个人, 是她的丈夫。 他,非他。其实那种痛不过是一种不曾完结的悬挂,纠结在她的感官里,本质却早以抽离。 仔细忆起,即使有思念堵至心口那般的真实,也是模糊而狂乱的毫无细节。不知道炎炎夏日 里他是喜欢T恤还是衬衣,在屋里会不会光着上身,散漫而随意,穿凉鞋还是四季鞋,穿不 穿袜子,袜子是真丝还是纯棉,每天洗澡用什么牌子的沐浴液。是的,她都不知道,没有办 法知道,所有思念都是缺少具体细节的一缕思绪,一团光晕,一种忽略不计。细节早已被时 间置换,在不知不觉间溢满了另一个人的长久浸润。

原来,一切的一切都抵不住生活,岁月早已将幸福一点一滴融进了她的掌心,而她不自知。 实在而温馨的生活早已在她的生命间融会贯通,他的出现不过是一个提示。 最后这一天本是和他下次相约的一个连接,转瞬化作别离。真正的别离。伤感和失落都有一 点,只是一点。她对他说,谢谢。 回程车上,想到丈夫看到她看到礼物时的笑容,数年婚姻,她头一次体会到了什么叫:迫不 及待。

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