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Our logistics industry development potential and measures of research Acknowledgements
The fastest time always go, too late exclamation, college life has a close, three years of hard work and effort, with the completion of this paper, will draw perfect end. From the choice of topic to specific writing process, is condensing teacher effort and sweat. Yang teacher should guide many students papers, follows it, he also for taking the large amount of time to guide us. His persuasive voice of teachings and of not stick to my endless thinking enlightenment, and his profound specialized knowledge, strict working style, YanYiLvJi, live and let live lofty style, will always be my work, study of the model. In my graduation thesis writing period, Yang teacher gave me a variety of professional knowledge guidance and some creative Suggestions, no such help and care, I won't be so done smoothly graduation thesis. In this to my teacher says and deep thank great respect. At the same time, the paper successfully completed, cannot leave the other fellow teachers, students and the friend's care and help. In the whole paper writing, dear teachers and classmates and friends to help me find the positive data and provide to the suggestion and opinion to the writing, with their help, the thesis to have been the perfect, and ultimately help I complete finished writing the paper. Finally, and most important, I want to thank my parents, because without them, there is no stand here now of I, is they give me life, and give me the opportunity to university, is they and the I today. For you, I am full of gratitude.

中文摘要: 在我国,物流产业正处于高速增长和激烈竞争阶段。在这一过程中,国

内物流产业的弊端逐渐显现。物流产业市场机制不健全,缺乏高效的现代物 流体系;增长方式仍然处于粗放式经营的层面;物流产业空间布局上呈现区 域梯级发展模式,明显存在城乡物流“二元鸿沟”现象等。与此同时,由于 国际物流与国内物流正在发生实质性的融合,国内物流产业越来越朝着集约 化与协同化、信息化、服务优质化、绿色化和国际化的趋势发展。 随着经济全球化的发展和网络经济的兴起,全球物流服务业加速发展, 延伸到全球的每一个角落。我国自加入 WTO 以来,国内物流产业先后经历了 从保护到全面开放的过渡阶段,国际物流与国内物流正在发生实质性的融 合,推动国内物流产业朝着协同化、信息化、服务优质化、绿色化和国际化 的趋势发展。

现代物流产业涉及内贸、外贸、铁道、交通、民航、邮政、海关、质检 等多个部门,横跨运输、仓储、装卸等不同的行业和地区。这就必然要求通 过建立政府部门间的综合协调机制,构建统一、高效的现代物流体系。 加入 WTO 后,我国与全球市场的联系日益紧密,国内物流企业与国外物 流企业的竞争更为激烈。但是国内物流企业经营管理方式落后,缺乏核心竞 争力。比如,粗放式经营造成社会财富的巨大浪费,过度的环境污染遭遇发 达国家的绿色壁垒,这些都将使得物流产业遭受沉重的打击。因此,转变物 流企业经营方式,改善物流管理水平,提升物流产业的核心竞争力,将是领 先国际物流市场的重要战略。首先,实现粗放式经营模式向节约型、精益经 营模式的转变。注重精细管理,避免粗放经营,运用现代物流技术和管理方 式, 利用较少的物流资源完成尽可能多的物流量。 其次, 大力发展循环物流, 实现可持续发展。政府积极制定绿色物流规划,倡导绿色包装,鼓励发展逆 向物流,支持企业建立工业生态园区和实施绿色供应链管理。
关键词:物流产业 发展潜力 发展措施

In China, the logistics industry is experiencing a high growth and fierce competition in the stage. In this process, the disadvantages of domestic logistics industry gradually revealed. Logistics industry market mechanism is not sound, the lack of efficient modern logistics system; Growth mode is still in the vulgar management level; Logistics industry space layout of the cascade development model presents on the area, urban and rural logistics are obviously "dual divide" phenomenon, etc. At the same time, the international logistics and domestic logistics is occurring substantial fusion, the domestic logistics industry more and more intensive cooperation and change, towards information, service superior electron particle materialization, greening and the trend of internationalization development With the development of economic globalization and the rising of network economy, global logistics services and accelerated development of global reach every corner. Since China joined the WTO since, domestic logistics industry has undergone the protection to the full open from the transitional stage, international logistics and domestic logistics is occurring substantial fusion, promote domestic logistics industry in the collaborative, informatization, service, combination ecological and the trend of internationalization development. Modern logistics industry involving domestic trade, foreign trade, railway transportation, communication, civil aviation, postal service, customs, and quality control, many departments, transportation, storage, loading and unloading across a range of industries and regions. This will necessarily requirements through the establishment of the comprehensive coordination between government mechanism, construction of unity, efficient modern logistics system. After China entered the WTO, and global market increasingly interlinked, domestic

logistics enterprise and foreign logistics enterprises more competitive. But domestic logistics enterprise management way backward, the lack of the core competitive power. For example, operations have social wealth great waste, excessive environmental pollution in the developed countries of the green barriers, all these will make logistics industry suffered heavy blow. Therefore, the transformation logistics enterprise management way, improve logistics management level, enhance the core competitiveness of the logistics industry, will lead the international logistics market is the important strategy. First of all, realize the vulgar management mode to the economical, lean business model of transformation. Pay attention to fine management, avoid extensive management, use the modern logistic technology and management mode and the less logistics resources finish as many of the material flow rate. Second, developing circulation logistics and realize the sustainable development. The government actively make green logistics planning, advocating green packaging, to encourage the development of reverse logistics, and support the enterprises to establish industrial ecology park and the green supply chain management. Key Words: Logistics industry Development potential Development measures

In our logistics is formed a industry? How to define the boundary of the industry? How to promote the healthy development of the logistics industry, the logistics industry in China is undoubtedly carefully think about the issues of. Modern logistics present such rapid development momentum, their inner reasons, one is the first enterprise demonstration effect, flow industry is the material resources, human resources available after excavation of the "third profit source" theory is the most powerful interpretation. 2 it is a large amount of foreign capital enterprise in China's urgent needs. Foreign capital to enter Chinese investment run the enterprise, most would not get logistics, want to find in the local service excellent logistics enterprise. Such as MOTOROLA set up factories in tianjin, logistics enterprise must ensure that requirements in 24 hours will be delivered the goods to any place. There was no modern logistics system, so demand is impossible. Three is to respond to the needs of the world trade organization. Accession to the world trade organization, viewed formally, we let go of distribution areas for foreign is a commission agent, wholesale, retail, franchise and so on four aspects, in essence we let go of the entire circulation field. Faced with huge, full range of international market competition, the competition will be up to the individual enterprise way of single enterprise's competition, become industry chain and industry chain, supply chain and supply chain, demand chain and the competition between the demand chain. To form strong chain, its core is the whole chain to market fast response ability, and the rapid response ability of the core is to speed up the circulation of the speed, especially the speed of logistics. Four is electronic commerce development challenges. 1999 began to rise e-commerce hot, less than two years is dramatically cooling, people thought that the main obstacle is "information bottleneck", but in practice, not only may short time over the only

"logistics bottleneck", no quick modern logistics, e-commerce will have no meaning. Some say, the next time the upsurge of electronic commerce, will only after the solution in logistics problems, and can't be solved it before, this view is reasonable. China's accession to the WTO, the multinational company global supply chain integration extends to domestic, the management of the enterprise perspective is no longer limited to one area, but to global markets, international logistics as unstoppable trend. How to deal with logistics international and domestic logistics enterprises will be one of the greatest challenges facing the challenge. The logistics industry is the product of social division of labor, the social productive forces is the inevitable result of the development, the meaning of his are of different levels, along with the continuous development of the social productive forces, and can differentiate to be subdivided into so far, and connotation enrich and exterior constantly, visible industry development is dynamic, logistics industry and so of course. 1. The current situation of the development of China's logistics industry 1.1 industry in high speed growth and fierce competition in the stage 1.1.1 industry is in unprecedented growth stage 1.1.2 logistics industry present diversified structure, more competitive 1.1.3 the third party logistics is in the ascendant 2. Logistics industry development of the existence of the problem 2.1 logistics industry market mechanism is not sound, the lack of efficient modern logistics system 2.2 logistics industry growth way still belongs to the vulgar management mode 2.3 logistics industry space layout of the cascade development model presents on the area 3. The potential of the logistics industry trend 3.1 industry of coordination 3.2 information 3.3 greening 3.4 service superior electron particle materialization 3.5 industry globalization and internationalization 4. Countries of modern logistics industry and the corresponding measures 4.1 the government play in logistics industry the guidance function, and actively developing modern logistics industry 4.2 logistics enterprise management way, to improve the logistics industry core competitiveness

4.3 international logistics, to participate in the global supply chain integration

With the development of technology, the technical barriers will expand to international trade in various fields. Technical barriers will become the principal means of trade protection, will produce on international trade is more and more big influence. The paper expounds the technical barriers to protect our country becomes the main reason for the victim, and analyzes on the technical trade barriers on China's influence, and finally points out that in order to deal with the technical barriers to trade some countermeasures that should be adopted, including in productivity at the same time, pay attention to improve the environmental protection consciousness and level, the establishment of green marketing and establish the technical trade barriers warning monitoring mechanism etc. Believe, our country through technical barriers to trade in the policy adjustment and in export trade of the system continuously in the evening, China's export trade will get better and better.

LiWenJing. Foreign green logistics development and practice [J]. J logistics technology, 2005, (9) LuoZiJun. Our logistics industry some Suggestions of the [J]. J group economic research, 2006.

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