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新东方 四级核心词汇

661. lest conj. 唯恐,免得

The parents were afraid lest he should fail in the final examination.


662. liable a. 可能的,大概的; (to) 易于...

A person is not liable for debt contract during his minority.


663. liberal a. 自由的

During that time, it rose in US News & World Report’s ranking of the best liberal arts colleges, from 25 to 17. (2009年12月大学英语四级考试试题)

664. liberty n. 自由

Who loses liberty loses all.


665. license/license n. 许可证,执照

He applied for a trading license.


666. moisture n. 潮湿

Rainfall affects the moisture content of the atmosphere.


667. motivate vt. 激励,激发

He was motivated by love,and expected nothing in return.


668. motive n. 动机,目的

People with poor motives will always exist.” He says. “Sometimes environments constrain those people and sometimes environments give those people opportunity.” (2006年12月24日大学英语四级(CET-4)真题试卷(A卷))

669. generate vt. 生成,产生(光、热、电等)

And this is not to minimize the tragedy and pain such a loss can generate. (2006年12月24日大学英语四级(CET-4)真题试卷(A卷))

670. genius n. 天才,天赋

Her latest book is a work of genius.


671. genuine a. 真的,真诚的

His suitcase was made of genuine leather.


672. gasoline n. 汽油

It feeds on gasoline and air.


673. germ n. 微生物,细菌

Some disease are caused by germ-carrying insects.


674. gesture n. 姿势,手势

Handshake is a gesture of friendship.


675. giant a. 巨大的 n. 巨人,巨物

There is a giant asleep within every man.


Giant machines reap the wheat grown in the field.


676. glimpse n. 一瞥,一看

Then we got a glimpse of ze, a village on top of a small mountain.


677. glory n. 光荣,荣誉

The path to glory is always rugged.


678. glorious n. 光荣的,极好的

He jawed at me about his glorious life all the afternoon.


679. golf n. 高尔夫球运动

The Golf Channel, for instance, is watched by people who play golf. (2008年6月大学英语四级考试真题)

680. hydrogen n. 氢

Most hydrogen and oxygen atoms in water are stable , but traces of both elements are also present as heavier isotopes (同位素) . (2009年6月英语四级考试真题)

681. oxygen n. 氧

Most hydrogen and oxygen atoms in water are stable , but traces of both elements are also present as heavier isotopes (同位素) . (2009年6月英语四级考试真题)

682. hostile a. 敌对的,敌意大

The two once hostile countries are now trying to cooperate with each other. 这两个曾经敌对的国家正试着寻求彼此间的合作。

683. household n. 家庭,户

Home and Garden Television is seen by those interested in household improvement projects. (2008年6月大学英语四级考试真题)

684. hook n. 钩

Hang your coat up on the hook.


685. holy a. 神圣地,圣洁的

After all , their dominions were holy.


686. hint n. 暗示,示意

He gave a hint to help the child guess the answer.


687. hesitate v. 犹豫

And ever since, I have never hesitated to head for even the most remote of places, without guides….(2008年6月大学英语四级考试真题)

688. highlight vt. 强调,突出

It is, more important, an educational campaign to highlight the contemporary reality of “racial deficits” of all kinds, the unequal conditions that impact blacks regardless of class. (2006年6月17日大学英语四级(CET-4)真题试卷(A卷))

689. hence ad. 因此,所以;今后,从此

Hence, water temperature exerts significant influence on the living processes of fish.


690. herd n. 兽群,牧群

Wild geese herd to the south in autumn every year.


691. deliberately adv. 故意的

Differences between races are deliberately obscured. (2006年6月17日大学英语四级(CET-4)真题试卷(A卷))

692. attraction n. 吸引,吸引力

For instance, if the International Space Station is used as a tourist attraction, guests won’t find the luxurious surroundings of a hotel room on Earth. (2006年12月24日大学英语四级(CET-4)真题试卷(A卷))

693. destructive adj. 破坏性的

Recent decisions by Hamilton and others may be “a sign that people are starting to realize that there’s this destructive competition going on,” says Baum, co-author of a recent College Report that raises concerns about the role of institutional aid not based on need. (2009年12月大学英语四级考试试题)

694. starvation n. 饥饿,饿死

They live in continual fear of starvation.


695. exhaustion n. 竭力,疲惫

Sometimes it occurred through a gross negligence born of fear, exhaustion, and misery.


696. strike n. 罢工 v.打击,罢工

“Men aren’t seeing doctors as often as they should, ” says Dr. Gullotta, “This is particularly so for the over-40s,when diseases tend to strike.” (2008年12月大学英语四级考试真题)

The workers are calling for strike action.


697. strength n. 力量,力气

As a result of its strength in science, the United States has consistently led the world in the commercialization of major new technologies, from the mainframe computer and the integrated circuit of the 1960s to the Internet infrastructure (基础设施) and applications software of the 1990s. (2007年12月大学英语四级考试真题)

698. await vt. 等候

A pleasant surprise awaits him in today’s mail.


699. deportation n. 放逐

People who work illegally are liable to Prosecution and deportation.


700. identification n.鉴别,证明

Risk identification is the basis of risk appraisal.


elaborate a. 精心设计的,复杂的

elastic n. 橡皮圈(带) a. 有弹性的

equivalent a. 相等的 a. 相等物

erect a. 竖直的 v. 建造,竖立

fax n. vt. 传真

fertile a. 肥沃的;多产的

fertilizer n. 肥料

grateful a. 感激的

gratitude n. 感激

generate vt. 生成,产生(光、热、电等)

genuine a. 真的,真诚的

gasoline n. 汽油

gesture n. 姿势,手势

giant a. 巨大的 n. 巨人,巨物

glimpse n. 一瞥,一看

glory n. 光荣,荣誉

glorious n. 光荣的,极好的

golf n. 高尔夫球运动

horror n. 恐怖

horrible a. 可怕的

Internet n. 国际互联网,因特网

Interpret v. 翻译,解释

interpretation n. 解释,说明

jungle n. 丛林,密林

knot n. 结 vt. 把...打成结

hostile a. 敌对的,敌意大

household n. 家庭,户

holy a. 神圣地,圣洁的

hint n. 暗示,示意

insignificant a. 无意义的,无足轻重的;无价值的

insurance n. 保险,保险费

insure vt. 给...保险,保证,确保

identification n.鉴别,证明

hesitate v. 犹豫

highlight vt. 强调,突出

hence ad. 因此,所以;今后,从此

herd n. 兽群,牧群

kneel vi. 跪

label n. 标签

likelihood n. 可能,可能性

merchant n. 商人

mere a. 仅仅的,只不过的;纯粹的

nuisance n. 令人讨厌的东西(或人)

numerous a. 众多的,许多的

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