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名词 (2010 湖南省娄底市 6. 1)-It's said that you have moved into a new house.? -Yeah, and we need to buy some in the mall nearby.? A. food B.furniture C. hamburger? 【答案】B (2010.四川省内江市 26. 1)-Well,you look so happy! --Because I got a good ________. A.work B.news C.job

【答案】C (2010·浙江省湖州市,17,1)-Would you like some _______? --No,thank you.I'm not hungry at all. A.water B.books C.clothes D.bread 【答案】D (2010· 山西省, 1)I Iike______ a Iot, and my mother 17, usuaIIy cooks it in different ways. A.fish B.potatoes C.noodIes

【答案】C 【答案】A (2010 江苏省宿迁市 15. 1)Sandy didn't tell her parents that she was going home because she wanted to give them a _______. A. gift B. call C. surprise D. note 【答案】C (2010 年上海市 33. 1)You can get much_____about the World Expo on the Internet. A.map B.picture C.ticket D.information 【答案】D (2010 年上海市 51. 1)The customers are pleased with the________of the restaurant. A.balance B.experience C.surface D.service 【答案】D (2010 · 福 建 省 晋 江 市 , 32 , 1)-Lily has a silk __________.Listen,she is singing in the next room! -- How nice!. A. look B. noise C. voice 【答案】C (2010·江苏省扬州市,12,1)-Wow,so many beautiful cars!I don't know which one to buy. --Anyway ,you have to make a________. A.conclusion B.connection C.decision D.presentation 【答案】C (2010· 吉林省通化市, 38, 1)We need to come up with a/an________and make a decision at once. A.information B.advice C.idea D.news (2010·山东省聊城市,33,1)-Why not go to Qingdao on May Day,Jim? --I'm afraid it's not a good ________.I have been there several times. A.way B.place C.advice D.idea (2010· 湖北省黄冈市, 1)-Good news.We will have 42, a _______holiday. --I've heard of it.But it's coming in_______. A.three days;three days' time B.three days';three days' C.three-day;three days D.three days;three-day time 【答案】C (2010· 河南省, 1)( )It was very hard for me to make 27, a-but J decided to leave my job A suggestion B decision C plan D speech 【答案】B (2010·湖北省荆州市,25,1) -When will the 2010 World Expo(世博会) come to a close? -It'll close at the end of ________. A.September B.October C.November D.December 【答案】B (2010· 湖北省武汉市, 1)-Why are you still waiting 35, in line? --I've missed my _______ . A. place B. order C. turn D. time 【答案】C

【答案】D (2010·新疆省阜康市,24,1)( )Mr Black gave us ______on how to learn English well. A.an advice B.many advices C.some advice D.some advices 【答案】C (2010·湖北省黄石市,29,1)- With whom did you watch 2010 World Cup Opening Ceremony ? - _________. A. A friend of mine B. A friend of me C. A friend of my sister D. A friend of you 【答案】A

(2010·广西省定西市,16,1)( )--What would you like,sir? -- . A. Two pop B. Two bottles pop C. Two bottles of pop D. Two bottle of pop 【答案】C (2010·山东省莱芜市,17,1)I have a.______ for breakfast everyday. A.hot dog B.cookie C.dumpling D.hamburger 【答案】D (2010·山东省菏泽市, 1)Please pick up the _______. Don't 21, keep it on the floor. A. water B. paper C. books D. bottles

(2010· 湖北省荆门市, 1)Oh, my god! The kids are 22, making too much____▲ ___ here. I can't do anything. A. sound B. voice C. noise D. footstep 【答案】C (2010·湖北省黄石市,32,1) - You seem to like watching TV very much . Which _______ do you like best ? - Lucky 52. I like Li Yong very much. A. programme B. screen C. progress D. Deseription 【答案】A

【答案】B (2010·黑龙江省哈尔滨市,22,1)( ) A low-carbon(低碳) lifestyle has ___________ effect on our daily life. People are paying more and more attention to saving ____________ these days. A. the, energies B. a, energy C. an, energy 【答案】C (2010 福建三明 22. 1)-What a fine day! Shall we go hiking ,Bob? --I'd love to.But is's not the right ________.I am busy now.

(2010· 湖北省襄樊市, 1)- What's your job , Henry? 26,
A.place B.moment C.weather

- I'm a ________ ,I work late . I'm very busy when people go out to dimters . A. waiter B. reporter C. teacher D. nurse 【答案】A
(2010·黑龙江省鸡西市,21,1)( ) -How many ______can you see in the picture? -Only one. A. dog B. sheep C. child 【答案】B (2010·广西省定西市,2,1)( )--What's your ? --I like swimming. A. job B. age C.hobby D. number 【答案】C

【答案】B (2010·天津市,31,1)If you work hard,you'll get good ________. A.grades B.notes C.lessons D.answers 【答案】A (2010·山东省泰安市,27,1)-Lucy,do you like ________? -Yes.Most of my clothes are __________. A.an orange an orange B.orange ,orange C.oranges ,oranges D.orange,an orange 【答案】B (2010·青海省,宁夏,29,1)( ) Mr. Li regards Ningxia as his second_______ because he has been here for over twenty years.

A. family B. house C. room D. home 【答案】D (2010·辽宁省沈阳市, 1)I'm not sure about the meaning of 10, the word. You'd better look it up in a ____ . A.letter B.dictionary C.postcard D.notice 【答案】B (2010·湖北省咸宁市, 1)- I hear you have to run for half an 31, hour every day. - Right. It is one of the in my school. A. choices B. plans C. hobbies D. rules buy. 【答案】D

-Yes ,it hasn't rained for a long time there. A. milk B.tea C coffee .D water 【答案】D (2010·台湾省,3,1)The pants I bought last year are too small now. I think I need a new . (A) belt (B) pair (C) shirt (D) space 【答案】B (2010·台湾省, 1)Mike: I always forget what I want to buy 17, when I go to the market. Oscar: Well, you can make a of things you want to

(A) habit (B) list (C) pack (D) wish (2010·江苏省连云港市,13,1)---What's the news about ? 【答案】B ---________ entertainment stars gathered to attact donations for Yushu. A.A member of B.A kind of C.A packet of D.A number of - It is "Better City, Better Life". 【答案】D A.song B.theme C.custom (2010·四川省巴中市, 32, 1)My cousin gave up the chance of working abroad and returned to his hometown. A.opportunity B.challenge C.experience 【答案】A -Yes, ____ , please. (2010·四川省巴中市, 1)What a pity! Liu Xiang didn't win 37, the_____hurdles(跨栏). A.110-meter B.110-meters C.110 meter 【答案】A (2010·四川省卷, 1) ( )22. When I was a student, I liked to 22, sit in the front of the classroom so that I could see the words more clearly on the _______. A. blackboard B. desk C. dictionary D. postcard 【答案】A (2010·浙江省东阳市, 1) ( ) 17. I saw many ____________ 17, eating grass on the hill. A. horse B. cow C. rabbit D. sheep 【答案】D (2010·浙江省卷, 17, 1)-The land in the southwest of China is in great need of . 代词 (2010·福建省晋江市,35,1) --Which do you prefer, tea or coffee? A. some oranges B. two boxes of chocolate C. some cakes D. two boxes of cola 【答案】D (2010·山东省滨州市,29,1)-Can I help you? -I'd like ____________ for my twin daughters. A. two pair of shoes B. two pairs of shoe C. two pair of shoe D. two pairs of shoes 【答案】D 【答案】B (2010·四川省眉山市,29,1)-Would you like some drinks, boys? (2010·四川省巴中市,38,1)- What is the____of the 2010 World Expo(世博会)?


-- __________is OK.I don't care. A. Either B. Neither C. Both

(2010 四川省成都市 36. 1)_________of the hats suited him,so Jack had to try on the third one. A.Neither B.Either C.Both

【答案】A 【答案】A (2010·吉林省通化市,37,1)-Look ,that's Mike,your classmate. --Yes,Let's go and say hello to_________. A.him B.he C.her D.hers 【答案】A (2010·湖北省黄冈市, 1)-Look! Do you know ______man 31, under the tree? --Sorry .It's too far to see ______clearly. A.this;him B.that;his C.this;her D.that;him 【答案】D 【答案】C (2010.湖南长沙 22. 1)-Which of the caps will you take? --I'll take _______,one for my father ,the other for my brother. A.neither B.both C.all 【答案】B (2010.湖南长沙 23. 1)-Who helped you clean the classroom yesterday? --_______.I cleaned it all by myself. A.Somebody B.Nobody C.Everybody 【答案】B (2010·江苏省扬州市,5,1)-Can I have some more ice cream,Mum? --Sorry. There is _______left in the fridge. A.none B.nothing C.no one D.anything A both B all C none D neither 【答案】B 【答案】B (2010 四川省成都市 32. 1)-Excuse me .I want to buy some stamps.Where can I find a post office? --I know _______not far from here.You can easily find ________. A.that;it B.it;one C.one;it 【答案】C (2010·湖北省黄冈市,38,1)-How many students like this song? --___________of us likes it.It sounds terrible. A.None B.Nobody C.Every one D.All 【答案】A (2010·山西省,16,1)Don't wear jeans,or______won't be Aiiowed to go to the concert. A. I B.you C.they 【答案】B (2010·湖北省武汉市,36,1)-How many students are there in the classroom? --__________. They are all in the lab. A. Some B. None C. All D. Neither 【答案】B (2010·河南省,22,1)( )To help Tommy learn better, his parents have done _______they could:cards, tapes,special learning centers,in short, everything they can think of. (2010·湖北省荆州市,16,1)-Is the woman a teacher? -Yes. She teaches ________ English. A.you B.us C.our D.your 【答案】B (2010 四川省成都市 43. 1)-Have you got ________ready for the sports meeting? --Not yet.We still have________to do. A.anything;nothing B.something;everything C.everything;something

(2010·湖北省黄冈市, 1)-I don't know _______to do next? 40, --It's easy .Press the red button in 2 minutes. A.what B.how C.where D.when 【答案】A (2010 江苏省宿迁市 4. 1) -Excuse me, is this _______ new camera? -Yes, it's _______.

--I don't know. I read it just now. A.new something B.anything new C.something new 【答案】B (2010.四川省内江市 25. 1)-Who is Mr Xu? --He is_____teacher and he teaches _______P.E. A.our;us B.our;our C.ours;our 【答案】A

A. your; my B. your; mine C. yours; my D. yours; mine 【答案】B (2010 .河北省卷,32. 1) Emma, can you introduce_______to Alice? I want to meet her. A. him B. his C. me D. my 【答案】C (2010 .河北省卷,40. 1) She is new here, so we know_______about her. A. nothing B. something C. anything D. everything 【答案】A (2010 湖南省娄底市 2. 1)-How heavily it rained this early morning.? -Yes. But of the students in our class was late for school. ? A.some B.none C. all? 【答案】B A.it B.one C.this D.that (2010 湖南省娄底市 8. 1) -Lucy's skirt is black. What about_______?? -Mine is white.? A.you B.your C. yours ? 【答案】C (2010.江苏省盐城市 2.-How was your visit to the World Park in Beijing? --Wonderful!We enjoyed ______very much. --Yes,it's mine.It's made by_________. A.itself B.myself C.yourselves D.ourselves A.myself B.yourself C.himself D.herself 【答案】D 【答案】A (2010.四川省内江市 24. 1)-Oh,you're reading a newspaper .Is there _______in it? 【答案】B (2010 山东省潍坊市 27. 1)-Would you like tea or coffee? --_________is OK.I really don't mind. A.None B.Either C.Neither D.Both 【答案】B (2010 江苏省南京市 4. 1)-Is this model plane yours,Susan? (2010.四川省自贡市 28. 1)-Would you like to go to the concert with me tonight? --I'd love to ,but ________of us couple has tickets.Do you have some? A.both B.neither C.none 【答案】B (2010.四川省自贡市 30. 1)-Could you please tell me_________in today's newspaper? --Sorry,________. A.something special;special nothing B.special something ;special nothing C.something special;nothing special 【答案】C (2010 山东省潍坊市 18. 1)I'm expecting a pet dog for long,but mom has no time to buy_______for me.

(2010.浙江省衢州市 17. 1) His name is Thomas ,but usually calls ______ Tom. A. him B. himself C. her D. Herself 【答案】A (2010.江苏省无锡市.4. 1)Maybe bamboo has more uses than ______in the world. A.any plant B.all the plants C.other plant D.any other plant 【答案】D (2010 年上海市 32. 1)The volunteers love________students in that small village in the west of China. A.they B.them C.their D.themselves 【答案】C (2010 年上海市 34. 1)New Zealand has two islands.One is North Island and ______is South Island. A.another B.the other C.other D.the others

--There must be_______in the tea.I like this kind of tea with sugar. A.nothing sweet B.something sweet C.sweet something D.sweet nothing 【答案】B (2010·山东省聊城市,29,1)--Hi!A purse is on the ground.Whose is it? --There's a girl over there.Maybe it's _________. A.her B.hers C.she D.herself 【答案】B (2010·新疆省阜康市,28,1)( )Earthquakes happen when two plates(板块)move against________other. A.both B.all C.each D.every 【答案】C (2010·山东省莱芜市, 1)--Whose shirt is this? Is it Tom's? 18,

【答案】B ---No, it isn't, ______ is white. (2010·湖北省十堰市,33,1)-The exam was very easy,wasn't it? --Yes,but I don't think ________would pass it. A.somebody B.anybody C.everybody D.nobody 【答案】C --Don't worry,Mom,I will. (2010·陕西省, 21, 1)This is __________classroom,but where is ours? A.they B.them C.their D.theirs 【答案】C (2010·广西省梧州市,32,1)I'm from England ,and ______name is Jacky. A.her B.his C.your D.my 【答案】D (2010·新疆省阜康市,34,1)( )There are only_________new words in the passage,but I know ______of them. A.some;all B.a few;none C.lots of;a few D.few;none 【答案】A 【答案】D (2010·贵州省铜仁市, 1)- Excuse me, is this Lucy's book ? 22, (2010·新疆省阜康市,35,1)( )-Your tea,please. - No, this is ____. ____ is over there . A.herself B.myself D.yourself 【答案】C (2010·山东省莱芜市,34,1)Whatever you do, ________ is difficult if you put your heart into it. A.nothing B.anything C.something D.everything 【答案】A (2010·黑龙江省哈尔滨市,23,1)( )Two places of interest in Beijing are well-known to people from home and abroad. One is the Great Wall, ___________ is the Summer Palace. A. the other B. another C. other A.Mine B.Hers C.His D.Yours 【答案】C (2010·福建省福州市,32,1)-Kate ,I'm going on business.Please look after ________well.

A. mine; Hers B. my; Her C. my; Hers D. mine; Her 【答案】A (2010·湖北省荆门市,24,1)-Which of the two T-shirts do you prefer? - ▲ is OK. I don't like their styles. A. Either B. Neither C. Both D. All 【答案】B

【答案】A (2010·北京市,24,1)-______ schoolbag is this? -I guess it's Lily's. A. What B. Who C. Whose D. Which 【答案】C (2010·北京市,26,1)There is ______ wrong with this computer. It doesn't work well. A. something B. anything C. everything D. nothing

(2010·广西省桂林市,31,1)How is your father? Please say hello to ______ for me. A. she B. him C. it D. her 【答案】B

【答案】A (2010 福建三明 31. 1)-Who took you to the new school your dad or mum? --________.I went there alone.

(2010·广西省定西市,3,1)( )--Tina, is this schoolbag? A.Either B.Both C.Neither --Yes,it's mine. 【答案】C A. his B. her C. Yours D.your (2010 四川达州 23. 1) -Would you like to drink? 【答案】D -Yes, I' d like a cup of coffee. (2010·湖北省襄樊市,29,1) - How will she deal with the work? - She doesn't want to do it by herself . She wants to ask someone else to do it , _________. A. yet B. instead C. too D. either 【答案】B A. what B. how C. who D. which (2010·黑龙江省鸡西市,22,1)( )-Wow, what a nice MP4! Whose is it? -My aunt bought it for my brother and me. It's ______. A. mine B. his C. ours --No.that is ________.I don't know where his is. 【答案】C A.his,mine B.he,mine C.him,mine D.his,my (2010·湖北省襄樊市,33,1)- Where is my notebook ? 【答案】A - I don't know . It isn't here . Maybe _______ took it away by mistake . A. everybody B. nobody C. anybody D. somebody A. neither B. both C. either D. each 【答案】D 【答案】B (2010·北京市,21,1)Tom and Mike are good friends. _____ often help each others. Jim. A. They B. Them C. Their D. Theirs (2010·青海省, 宁夏, 1)( ) ---Help _______ to some cakes, 21, (2010·青海省,宁夏,30,1)( ) It's difficult for me to decide which one to choose, because ______ of them are good. 【答案】B (2010·山东省泰安市,28,1)-Jim,Tom is looking for his English book.Is this _________? A. something else B. else something C. anything else D. else anything 【答案】A (2010 四川达州 28. 1)My father has a computer, but he doesn't know to use it.

---Thank you. A. you B. your C. yourself D. yourselves 【答案】C (2010·辽宁省沈阳市,4,1)I forget to bring a pen.Would you lend me ____? A.one B.that C.it D.this 【答案】A

- . I prefer to enjoy the 2010 FIFA World Cup at home. A. Both B. Either C. Neither D. None 【答案】C (2010·湖北省宜昌市, 1) ---How can I get well along with 31, others, father? ---Try to smile to others, boy. That will make __________ much __________. A. them, easier B. them, more easy C. it, easy D. it, easier

(2010·江苏省连云港市,12,1)---Would you like to have ___________ cake ? ----No, thanks. I've had two. That's enough. A.other B.others C.another D.the other

【答案】D (2010·江苏省连云港市,8,1)Maybe the disaster can destroy our homes, but_______can destroy the love in our people. A.something B.everything C.anything D.nothing

【答案】C 【答案】D (2010·江苏省连云港市,2,1)---I like red best. What about___________? ---My favourite colour is orange. It represents joy. A. something interesting B. nothing interesting A. you B.her C.him D.it C. interesting something D. interesting nothing 【答案】A 【答案】B (2010·江苏省镇江市,4,1)( ) You are in a bad mood all the afternoon. Maybe you need _________ like me to cheer you up. A. no one B. none C. someone D. everyone 【答案】C (2010·湖北省咸宁市, 1) - What a nice MP5! Whose is it? 23, - It's . My father bought me last week. A. me B. him C. his D. mine 【答案】D (2010·湖北省宜昌市,29,1) ---Hurry, Mike! The bus is coming. ---Wait a moment, please! Let me see if there's _________ _ left. A. little B. any C. some D. other A. anything else B. something important 【答案】C C. nothing else D. any other things 【答案】A (2010·湖北省咸宁市,29,1) - Which would you like to visit, Shanghai Expo Garden or Beijing Bird Nest? (2010·甘肃省兰州市, 1)-When shall we go to the museum, 23, this afternoon or tomorrow morning? -_____ is OK. I'm free these days. --I'll borrow________of them.Because they are very interesting. A.either B.all C.neither D.both 【答案】D (2010·天津市,34,1)I could look after _____when I was six. A.herself B.myself C.yourself D.himself 【答案】B (2010·浙江省杭州市,23,1)I am thirsty. Could you let me have ______ coke? (2010·山东省泰安市,32,1)-Which of these two English books will you borrow? (2010·青海省,宁夏,34,1)( ) I don't want to read this book. There is _______ in it.

A. Both B. All C. Either D. Neither 【答案】C (2010·四川省眉山市,27,1)--Which of these two sweaters will you take? --I'll take . They look nearly the same, and I just need one.

【答案】C (2010·浙江省东阳市,21,1)( ) 21. -Is this your sweater, Joy? -No, It's not________ sweater. ________is yellow. A. my, My B. my, Mine C. mine, Mine D. mine, My 【答案】B

A. both B. either C. none D. all 【答案】B (2010·山东省滨州市,25,1)-Sally, could you go and help your father wash the car? -Why ____________? I'm busy now. Amy is lying on the grass doing nothing. A. me B. I C. him D. her Gary: Yes, Thank you. (A) mine (B) ours (C) theirs (D) yours 【答案】A 【答案】D (2010·四川省巴中市,39,1)The boy found______hard to get along with the other classmates. A.this B.that C.it -Don't worry. All the things we need are here, in this big bag. 【答案】C A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything (2010·四川省卷,29,1)( )29. Several years ago, ______ people knew Sean. But now he is famous in Jinan. A. few B. any C. many D. most 【答案】A A.yourself;meat B.yourselves;chicken C.yourselves;beefs (2010·四川省卷,21,1)( )21.--- Do you know everyone from Class One? --- Er…, I know some of ______. A. they B. their C. theirs D. them (2010.四川省自贡市 26. 1)-Good morning ,madam.Can I help 【答案】D you? (2010·江苏省苏州市, 1)-Wow! You'we got so many skirts. 1, -But________ of them are in fashion now. A.all B.both C.neither D.none 【答案】D (2010·江苏省苏州市, 1)-Why don't we take a little break? 13, -Didn't we just have_________? 【答案】C A.it B.that C.one D.this oil A.two cups of tea B.three pieces of bread C.five kilos of --Sure,I'd like ________for cooking vegetables. 【答案】B 【答案】C (2010·四川省巴中市, 36, 1)Come on,children! Help _____to some_____. (2010·广东省,16,1)-Have you brought________with you? We won't have time to come back. (2010·台湾省, 1)I cannot understand why Steven bought so 9, many watches but never wears ________of them. (A) any (B) both (C) every (D) others 【答案】A (2010·台湾省,12,1)Gary: I can't find my pen. Nina: Is the one on Jack's desk ________?


(2010.江苏省无锡市.1.1)Nearly _______of the earth______ _covered by sea.

(2010·贵州省铜仁市,30,1)The number of the students i n our school is about nine ____. ____ of them are boys.

A.three fourth;is B.three fourths;is

A. hundred; Two thirds B. hundred; Two third

C.three fourth;are D.three fourths;are

C.hundreds; Two thirds D. hundreds; Two third



(2010·湖北省黄冈市,34,1)-We'll be back for our school 's ____anniversary ceremony.

(2010·广西省定西市,12,1)( ) girls took part in the Hap py Girl Competition but only few of them succeeded.

--I see.That means you'll have a get-together with your cl assmates in_______years.

A. Million of B. Many million of C. One million of D. Millions of

A.fifteen;seven B.fifteenth;seven C.fifteen;seventh D.fifteent h;seventh


(2010 四川达州 27. 1) trees have been planted near here, 【答案】B so the air is very fresh.

(2010·山东省聊城市,35,1)-Which class won the match in the end?

A. Two hundreds B. Hundred of C. Hundreds of D. Hun dreds

--I'm not quite sure.Perhaps _________did.


A.Class Third B.Third Class C.Class Three D.Three Class

(2010·天津市,37,1)Because of Project Hope,_______chil dren have better lives.

【答案】C A.thousand B.thousands C.thousand of D.thousands of (2010·山东省莱芜市,25,1)There are ________ people i n the supermarket. It's so crowded. 【答案】D

A.hundred B.hundreds C.hundred of D.hundreds of


(2010·湖北省咸宁市,22,1)The World Table Tennis Cha mpionship began the morning of May 25, 2010 Moscow, Rus sia.

(2010·江苏省苏州市,9,1)________of the land in that di strict________ covered with trees and grass.

A.Two fifths;is B.Two fifth;are C.Two fifth;is D.Two fift A. Fifty; in; in B. Fiftieth; on; in C. Fiftieth; in; on D. Fifty; on; in 【答案】A 【答案】B hs;are


(2010·甘肃省兰州市,37,1)I think ______ of the materia ls I listened to at the beginning of the exam ______ easy.

(2010·福建省晋江市,39,1)--The cake is too expensive. Woul d you like to show me a _______one?

A. three fourths, is B. third four, are C. three fourths, ar e D. three fourth, are

--Sure. Here you are.

A. cheap B. cheaper C. cheapest 【答案】C (2010·江苏省扬州市,8,1)-Yummy!The coffee is good. (2010·四川省眉山市,22,1)--- Do you know the boy___ --That's right .It will taste________with some milk. _____ is sitting next to Peter? A.good B.better C.best D.the best --- Yes. He is Peter's friend. They are celebrating his __ ______ birthday. 【答案】B

A. who; ninth B. that; nineth C. /; nineth D. which; nint h

(2010·湖北省黄冈市,37,1)-What's the low-carbon life st yle like?



(2010·四川省卷,27,1)( )27. I got a good present on my ______ birthday.

A.more;more B.less;more C.less;less D.more;less

【答案】D A. nine B. ninth C. the nine D. the ninth (2010 四川省成都市 34. 1)What a nice picture of a house. 【答案】B It would be_______with some green trees around it.

A.good B..better C.worse

(2010·湖北省武汉市,32,1)-Are you scared of the flight?


--No, just a little ________.

(2010 四川省成都市 38. 1)I had a hard time with math an d I wasn't ______to get the bad report from my math teache

A. angry B. serious C. anxious D. calm

【答案】C r. (2010·湖北省武汉市,37,1)-Waiter, $ 20 for dinner, righ A.sure B.surprised C.excited t? 【答案】B --I'm afraid $25, sir, for drinks are ________. (2010·浙江省湖州市,20,1)Tom is not good at math.He A. extra B. free C. high D. spare always feels ______before her takes a math test. 【答案】A A.interested B.comfortable C.nervous D.proud (2010·河南省,23,1)( )-Excuse me,sir. The shoes are a 【答案】C bit small for me (2010·山西省,18,1)-I'm going to a job interview. I feeI -Don't worry.I'll change them for a--size a IittIe_______. A smaller B smallest C larger D largest -Take it easy. Listening to music can heIp you reIax. 【答案】C A. comfortable B. nervous C. excited (2010·吉林省通化市,40,1)Taking buses in Beijing is___ 【答案】B ___than taking a taxi. (2010·山西省,22,1)It is--- to teach a kid the way to so A.more cheap B.much cheaper C.a little cheap D.less che lve a problem than tell him the solution directly aper A.helpful B.more helpful C. the most heipfui 【答案】B 【答案】B

(2010·湖北省荆州市,18,1) -Which province is the ____ ____ one in winter?


(2010 江苏省南京市 8. 1)-Peter has good grades in all his subj -It should be Hainan Province, I think. ects,but he never shows off.

A.coldest B.hotter C.warmest D.cooler

--I agree.He is very _________.


A.easy-going B.imaginative C.modest D.generous

(2010 .河北省卷,28. 1)I don't think looking after children is just work.


(2010 江苏省宿迁市 10. 1)You can't sneeze and keep your A. woman B. woman's C. women D. women's eyes _______ at the same time.


A. open B. opens C. opened D. opening

(2010 .河北省卷,34. 1) Sometimes walking is even _____ ___than driving during the busy traffic time.


(2010 年上海市 35. 1)Listening is just as________as speak A. fast B. faster C. slow D. slower ing in language learning.


A.important B.more important C.most important D.the mo st important

(2010.四川省内江市 32. 1)________mothers can't go to th e meeting ,because they have gone to New York on business. 【答案】A

A.Alice and Lily's B.Alice's and Lily's C.Alice's and Lily

(2010 年上海市 49. 1)My dog is gentle and never bites.So you needn't be_______.

【答案】B A.excited B.frightened C.satisfied D.interested (2010.四川省自贡市 36. 1)Taking buses in Beijing is ___ _____than taking taxies. 【答案】B

A.more cheaper B.much cheaper C.less cheaper

(2010·湖北省十堰市,32,1)-Our teacher wants us to be_ ______when we talk with the foreigners.

--Yes,we should believe in ourselves.

---OK. Here's some cola.

A.comfortable B.confident C.unusual D.energetic

A.full B.heavy C.hungry D.thirsty



(2010·湖北省十堰市,35,1)-Did you have a wonderful ti me at the party?

(2010·山东省菏泽市,23,1)Which is the _______ way t o Qingdao, by plane, bus or train?

--Yes,it's ________ one I've ever been to before.

A. good B. well C. better D. best

A.a more excited B.a more exciting C.the most excited D. the most exciting


(2010·贵州省铜仁市,29,1)Study hard! ____ you study, 【答案】D ____ results you'll get.

(2010·广西省梧州市, 37, 1)-Which do you like ________, tea,coffee or juice?

A. Harder; better B. The harder; better. C. The harder; th e better D.Harder;the better.



A.good B.better C.best D.well

(2010·福建省福州市,39,1)-Let's buy some cards for our teachers on Teachers' Day.

【答案】C --Why not make some by hand?It's much_________. (2010·陕西省,29,1)The ______friends you have ,the __ ____you will be. A.interesting B.more interesting C.the most interesting

A.more;happy B.many;happy C.more;happier D.many;happi er


(2010·福建省福州市,43,1)-Lin Tao ,why are you so___ 【答案】C _____?

(2010·山东省莱芜市,19,1)---I'm ______, mum. Can I h ave something to drink?

--Because Wang Meng got three gold medals at the Wint er Olympics.

A.excited B.angry C.disappointed

(2010·湖北省荆门市, 25, 1)He was so ____▲ _when he heard the ____▲ ___ news that he got the first prize in the

【答案】A contest. (2010·湖北省黄石市,37,1) Lucy didn't make my mistak A. exciting, exciting B. exciting, excited C. excited, excit es in the math exam. She is _______ than any other student. ed D. excited, exciting A. the most careful B. more careless C. more careful D. 【答案】D much careful (2010·黑龙江省鸡西市,27,1)( )-Claudia, your handwriting is 【答案】C much ______ than before. (2010·湖北省襄樊市,30,1) - What do you think of the -Thank you. sweater ? A. beautiful B. more beautiful C. most beautiful - It's too _________ , and I don't have enough money to buy it . 【答案】B

A. nice B. lovely C. popular D. expensive

(2010·北京市,25,1) -Which color do you like ______, blue or green? -Blue.

【答案】D A. good B. better C. best D. the best (2010·湖北省襄樊市,31,1)- Why are you unhappy , Be n ? 【答案】B

- I was late for class again , I'm afraid Miss Li will be _______ me .

(2010·广西省定西市,21,1)( )--Jack?Jack?Can you come?

--I my homework. A. friendly to B. angry with C. busy with D. proud of A. do B. will do C. am doing D. was doing 【答案】B 【答案】C

(2010·广西省桂林市,35,1) --- What is your favourite s port? --- Swimming, I think. It's _____ of all.

A. earsier B. more difficult C. the most interesting D. th e most boring

---Sorry, sir. But I really had a __________ time finding the meeting hall.


A. enjoyable B. funny C. difficult D. pleasant

(2010·湖北省荆门市,32,1)All of us want to do more w ork with ___▲ ______ time and __▲ ______ workers.


(2010·湖北省咸宁市,26,1) - Health is money. A. fewer, less B. less, fewer C. more, much D. less, mor - But I think it is money. e A. as important as B. more important than C. so importa 【答案】B nt than D. the same as (2010 福建三明 23. 1)-What do you think of the entertain 【答案】B ment show you saw last night? (2010·江苏省镇江市,12,1)( )Mr Brown always makes h --It's so _______that I want to see it again. is class _________ and keeps his students _________ in clas A.exciting B.boring C.tiring s.


A. alive; interesting B. lively; interesting

(2010·辽宁省沈阳市,1,1)-Who has ____ marks in Engl ish,Wang Lin,Zhang Fang or Li Hong?

C. alive; interested D. lively; interested

【答案】D 一 Li Hong. (2010·江苏省镇江市,5,1)( ) That film was so _______ A.good B.better C.best D.the best __ that most of the audience kept screaming in fear while wa tching it last night. 【答案】D A. exciting B. frightening C. boring D. amazing (2010·湖北省宜昌市,34,1)---Andy, you were the only p erson that was late for the meeting, why? 【答案】B

(2010·湖北省咸宁市,34,1) - Congratulations! Your Engl ish teacher told me you got an A this time.

(2010·甘肃省兰州市,21,1) Dear students, please read e very sentence carefully. ___ you are, ____ mistakes you'll ma ke.

- Thank you. She is very . A. The more carefully, the fewer B. The more careful, th A. impressed B. embarrassed C. terrified D. frustrated e less 【答案】A C. The more carefully, the less D. The more careful, the (2010·湖北省宜昌市,31,1) ---How can I get well along with others, father? 【答案】D ---Try to smile to others, boy. That will make _________ (2010·甘肃省兰州市,33,1)Many Chinese students think _ much __________. science subjects are ______ foreign languages. A. them, easier B. them, more easy C. it, easy D. it, eas A. more difficult as B. less difficult than C. much diffic ier ult than D. so difficult as 【答案】D 【答案】B (2010·江苏省连云港市,10,1)---Mum, I'm really _______ (2010·四川省眉山市, 24, 1)--- What do you think of the _ about the result of the exam. lecture of Li Yang's Crazy English? ---Cheer up. I believe you can be successful. --- I think it's _______ , but someone thinks it's much to A.patient B.satisfied C.unhappy D.pleased o ________. fewer


A. wonderful enough; bored B. enough wonderful; boring

(2010·天津市,38,1)We will have a field trip this aftern oon.The news makes everyone______.

C. wonderful enough; boring D. enough wonderful; bored

【答案】C A.excited B.frightened C.happily D.luckily (2010·山东省滨州市,26, 1)26. The shop ________ at 8:00 【答案】A a.m. and it ________ for ten hours every day.

A. opens; is open B. is opened; opens

(2010·台湾省,5,1)Marsha thought her friends would do something _______ to celebrate her birthday, but they just

C. is open; has opened D. opened; opens gave her a birthday card. (A) correct (B) honest (C) quic 【答案】A k (D) special (2010·山东省滨州市,34,1)34. Beijing, the capital of Ch 【答案】D ina, is one of __________ cities in the world. (2010·台湾省,10,1)In this five-person game, the one wh A. the biggest B. bigger C. much bigger D. big o finds_______ hidden balls will win the last free ticket for t 【答案】A he movie A Born Player. (A) many (B) some (C) the more (D) the most (2010·四川省巴中市,33,1)He finds watching English mo vies frustrating because the people speak too quickly. 【答案】D

A.boring B.difficult C.disappointing ng? 【答案】C

(2010·广东省,20,1)-Why don't you like winter in Beiji

-Because it is winter in Guangzhou. (2010·江苏省苏州市,15,1)Julia is very clever.In fact,I doubt whether anyone in the class has_______ IQ. A. as cold as B. much colder than C. not so cold as D. not colder than A.a high B.a higher C.the higher D.the highest 【答案】B 【答案】B

(2010·台湾省,4,1)How can you study in the living roo (2010 四川省成都市 31. 1)The food I cook isn't delicious ,but m when other people are watching TV? _____I can look after myself. I think you need a place. A.at first B.at last C.at least (A) cleaner (B) quieter (C) safer (D) smaller 【答案】C 【答案】B

(2010·浙江省湖州市,18,1)-I'm not sure what to get mo rn for her birthday.

(2010·福建省晋江市,38,1)--Who teaches __________En glish?

--Oh,I've idea.______.

--No one.I teach __________.

A.too B.neither C.either D.also

A. you;myself B. your;myself C. you;me



(2010·河南省,28,1)( ) I often laugh when I see my gr andma learning pop songs But she says,"One is never old to learn''

(2010 .河北省卷,29.1) The Internet is very useful for us. We can find information.

A. easy B. easily C. hard D. hardly A too B so C very D quite 【答案】B 【答案】A (2010.江苏省盐城市 4.1)-Peter looks sporty. (2010·湖北省荆州市,17,1) -Do you think yesterday's m --Yes.He is the______runner in my class. ath problem was difficult? A.slower B.slowest C.faster D.fastest -Yes. I could ________ work it out. 【答案】D A.hardly B.easily C.finally D.nearly (2010.江苏省盐城市 6. 1)They clapped and shouted_____ 【答案】A when they saw Yao Ming appear on the playground. (2010·福建省晋江市,37,1) --Don't worry.My mother wi A.hardly B.quietly C.excitedly D.angrily ll look after your baby __________. 【答案】C --Thanks a lot. (2010.四川省内江市 28. 1)Mr White said that he had ___ A. careful enough B. enough careful C. carefully enough ___visited the Great Wall before.It's his first time to come to 【答案】C China.

A.ever B.never C.once

A.heavy B.heavily C.strong D.strongly



(2010 山东省潍坊市 25. 1)China is developing_______of a ll the countries in the world.

(2010·湖北省十堰市,31,1)-Mr Smith ,would you please spea k a little more ________?

A.fast B.faster C.fastest D.the most fast

--Sorry ! I thought you would follow me.


A.slowly B.politely C.seriously D.clearly

(2010 江苏省南京市 5. 1)-Did you love your day trip?


--Yes,we enjoyed the roller coaster ________of all.

(2010·山东省聊城市,30,1)I think the blue shirt books _ _______better on you than the red one.

A.most B.little C.more D.less A.quite B.more C.much D.very 【答案】A 【答案】C (2010.浙江省衢州市 19. 1) As we all know, smoking is b ad for us ,______ for children. (2010·山东省聊城市,37,1)We all worked hard and ___ ______we found out what had really happened. A. especially B. recently C. probably D. Nearly A.at first B.by the way C.at last D.in fact 【答案】A 【答案】C (2010.江苏省无锡市.11. 1)I can't find my watch,but it m ust be_______in this room. (2010·山东省菏泽市,24,1) I ________ ride a bike to s chool. But this morning I took a taxi because I got up late. A.everywhere B.nowhere C.anywhere D.somewhere A. never B. sometimes C. seldom D. usually 【答案】D 【答案】D (2010·陕西省,23,1)Sometimes it rains ________in Xi'an in summer.

(2010·黑龙江省哈尔滨市,25,1)( )The FIFA World Cup is ____________ fantastic that a lot of people in the world ar e crazy (疯狂的) about it. port

(2010·广西省定西市,5,1)( ) -- are you going to the air

A. What B. How C. When D. Why A. such B. so C. very 【答案】B 【答案】B (2010·广西省定西市,10,1)( ) He doesn't play the violin (2010·湖北省黄石市,36,1)Look , your clothes are wet t hrough. It must be raining ___________. A. good B. better C. well D. best A. loudly B. heavity C. clearly D. normally 【答案】C 【答案】B (2010 福建三明 24, 1)--Would you please drive_______,Ni (2010·湖北省襄樊市,35,1)- _______ do you study stud y for a test ? --I'd like to,but safety must come first. - I study by working with a group . A.more slowly B.more quickly C.more carefully A.Where B. How C. When D. Why 【答案】B 【答案】B (2010·山东省泰安市,29,1)-Why do you always watch (2010·湖北省荆门市,31,1)- Does Antonia always finish his homework on time? --The programs on Channel 10 are _______better. - Yes, of course. He omorrow. 【答案】B A. also B. hardly C. only D. usually (2010·辽宁省沈阳市,5,1)-Have you ____ joined in a dr 【答案】B agon boat race? ▲ leaves today's work for t A.more much B.much more C.more D.much Channel 10 instead of Channel 5 ,Grandpa? ck?It's a little late. so as his fater.

-Yes,I have.

A. nowhere interesting B. interesting anywhere

A.never B.still C.seldom D.ever

C. somewhere interesting D. interesting somewhere



(2010·青海省,宁夏,23,1)( ) ---Can I help you?

(2010·四川省眉山市, 24, 1)--- What do you think of the lecture of Li Yang's Crazy English?

---Well, I'm afraid the box is _______ heavy for you, bu t thank you all the same. --- I think it's _______ , but someone thinks it's much to o ________. A. so B. much C. very D. too A. wonderful enough; bored B. enough wonderful; boring 【答案】D C. wonderful enough; boring D. enough wonderful; bored (2010·青海省,宁夏,24,1)( ) She is very good at paint ing. She can paint _______ her teacher. 【答案】C

A. as better as B. as well as C. as good as D. so well as

(2010·四川省巴中市,34,1)Don't blame your friends.Actu ally they don't know the truth,either.


A.In all B.In fact C.In general

(2010·天津市,36,1)I was so tired that I could ______w alk any farther.


(2010·四川省卷,24,1)( )24. --- Would you like some c A.nearly B.hardly C.really D.studeenly offee?


--- No, thanks. I _____ drink coffee. Coffee is bad for my stomach.

(2010·甘肃省兰州市,29,1)-Where would you like to go on your summer holiday, Mike? A. almost B. already C. hardly D. still

-I'd like to go ______.


(2010·江苏省苏州市,3,1)I can________ be a nurse.I'm not a very patient person.


2010 .河北省卷,27. 1)Sally is very happy. There is a big smil A.seldom B.ever C.never D.always e her face.


A. on B. to C. in D. a

(2010·江苏省苏州市,6,1)-I wonder_______ you'll water this kind of tree.


2011 中考备考:中考英语真题分类汇编全集 -Once a week. (2010 湖南省娄底市 9. 1) -It's very important us to make A.how often B.how long C.how soon D.how much a plan before a new term.?


-Yes. You must try to make it carefully.?

(2010·台湾省,14,1)Sandy: How was your vacation in A merica? Linda: It couldn't be worse!

A. of B. for C. to?

【答案】B I don't (C) never (D) then you for your help 【答案】A A.of B.for C.to D.on (2010·台湾省,18,1)Billy: I've been fixing the computer 【答案】A for over three hours, but it still doesn't work. (2010.四川省内江市 22. 1)All of us went to the park____ Nana: Why don't you take a rest and try you'll do better then. A.besides B.with C.except (A) early (B) finally (C) later (D) once 【答案】C 【答案】C ? Maybe __Bob.He had to look after his sister. want to talk about it! (A) even (B) least (2010.江苏省盐城市 1.1)It's very kind _______you.Thank

(2010.四川省自贡市 37. 1)-We'll have a hiking trip,but w hen shall we meet?

--Sorry,I don't know.

A. between B. among C. for --Let's make it _________half past eight _______the mor 【答案】B ning of June 21. (2010 四川省成都市 37. 1)-Frank,when will the short meet A.at;in B./;on C./;in ing begin? 【答案】B --You should come _______2:30 .If you come 10 minute (2010 山东省潍坊市 28. 1)The little elephant is afraid to g o alone.He always walks _______his mother. A.at;before B.at;after C.after;before A.beside B.behind C.below D.under 【答案】B 【答案】A (2010·湖北省黄冈市,35,1)-I joined the League _______ (2010 江苏省南京市 2. 1)Marie Curie,the first woman to win the Nobel Prize,was born _______November,1867,in the c --I've been a League member _______three years. ity of Warsaw in Poland. A.in;for B.on;in C.on;for D.in;since A.at B.on C.in D.to 【答案】A 【答案】C 2010·吉林省通化市,39,1)Mr Black is strongly _______keepi (2010 年上海市 31. 1)The famous actor often plays _____ ng animals in the zoo,because he thinks amimals should also ___his children in the park. have the right to enjoy freedom. A.about B.in C.at D.with A.up B.for C.against D.down 【答案】D 【答案】C (2010·福建省晋江市,33,1)- Peter,can you tell me the di (2010·山西省,19,1)My uncle has gone to Singapore. He fferences__________the four words? will be______in a week. A. out B. off c. back May,2008 .What about you? s ________that time ,the meeting will be over.



(2010·山西省,21,1)This kind of dress is______this year, and I reaiiy want to get one

(2010·广西省梧州市,33,1)The weather here is very hot _______summer.

A. in danger B. in trouble C. in style

A.at B.on C.in D.of



(2010·河南省,31,1)( )If you try to sit on two chairs,y ou will fall them .For life,you must choose one chair.

(2010·新疆省阜康市,30,1)( )He ran very fast _______h e could catch up with others.

A between B under C among D into

A.in order that B.in order to C.so as to D.in order



(2010·陕西省,25,1)Don't forget _________an umbrella _______you.It's going to rain.

(2010·山东省莱芜市,20,1)-When did the Shanghai Expo open?

A.to take;to B.taking;to C.to take;with D.taking;with

-_______May 1st, 2010.


A.In B.On C.At D.By

(2010·山东省聊城市,27,1)While I was standing ______t he window,I saw several boys running _______the street.


(2010·贵州省铜仁市,28,1)The car accident happened __ A.at;along B.on;at C.in;on D.to;in __ a cold winter morning. Luckily, no one was hurt.


A. in B. on C. at D. of

(2010·新疆省阜康市,23,1)( )The Olympic Games was b eld __________August 8,2008 in Beijing.


(2010·福建省福州市,31,1).-When was Michael Phelps b A.on B.in C.at D.to orn?

--He as born _______June,1985.

--Yes,it's _________my cousin.I received it this morning.

A.in B.on C.at

A.from B.to C.for



(2010·广西省桂林市,32,1) Li Yan is my best friend. She c omes ______ a small village.

(2010·天津市,33,1)Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo won th e gold medal for China so we're proud _____them.

A. on B. with C. of D. from

A.in B.on C.of D.for



(2010·湖北省襄樊市,28,1)- We're all here ________ Li ly . Where's she ?

(2010·青海省,宁夏,25,1)( ) ---Would you like some c offee?

- She's gone to the library .

---Yes, and please get me some milk. I prefer coffee ___ ____ milk.

A. beside B. besides C. except D. of A. with B. to C. of D. on 【答案】C 【答案】A (2010·北京市,22,1)Some volunteers from Beijing arrive d in Shanghai _____ April 29 to work for the World Expo. (2010·辽宁省沈阳市,6,1) My brother is two metres in height.It's very difficult to find clothes big enough ____ him. A. on B. at C. of D. to A.about B.at C.with D.for 【答案】A 【答案】D (2010·广西省定西市,4,1)( )China lies the east of Asia. (2010·江苏省连云港市,5,1)Liu Xiang came third _____ A. in B. on C. To D. of _ the 110-meter-hurdle race last month in Shanghai. 【答案】A A.in B.from C.across D.through (2010 福建三明 21.1)-How beautiful the Christmas card is!


(2010·浙江省杭州市,24,1)Remember to spend some tim e ______ your loved ones, because they're not going to be ar

(2010·江苏省镇江市, 11, )The Gulf of Mexico(墨西哥 1)( ound forever. 湾) is being polluted seriously. That has affected _________ s everal hundred kinds of sea animals there. A. from B. with C. in D. on

A. at least B. at once C. at birth D. at times



(2010·山东省滨州市,23,1)23. You'd better not always l ook up the new words ____________ the dictionary while rea

(2010·江苏省镇江市,2,1)( ) The plane will take off __ ding. Sometimes we need to guess. _______ three hours. I must get to the airport right now. A. in B. on C. at D. from A. in B. for C. on D. at 【答案】A 【答案】A (2010·四川省巴中市,41,1)_____the afternoon of April 3 (2010·湖北省咸宁市,22,1)The World Table Tennis Champio 0th,many foreign visitors arrived___Shanghai. nship began the morning of May 25, 2010 Moscow, Russia. A.In;at B.On;in C.On;to A. Fifty; in; in B. Fiftieth; on; in C. Fiftieth; in; on D. Fifty; on; in 【答案】B


(2010·四川省卷,31,1)( )31. Mr. Yang's daughter is pret ty good ______ drawing pictures and won many prizes.

(2010·湖北省宜昌市,26,1) __________ a terrible rainy night, many farmers' houses were destroyed. A. with B. for C. in D. at

A. In B. For C. On D. At



(2010·江苏省苏州市,2,1)The earthquake which happene d in Yushu________ 14th April 2010 was a big disaster.

A.at B.on C.in D.to


2011 中考备考:中考英语真题分类汇编全集

(2010·浙江省东阳市,22,1)( ) 22. People _______the so uthwest of China were in great need of water a couple of mo

(2010 湖南省娄底市 1.1) -Why do you like Mary??

-Because she is honest girl. ? nths ago. A.a B.an C. the A. in B. at C. to D. on 【答案】B 【答案】A (2010.四川省内江市 21. 1)Jenny is ______American.She w (2010·浙江省卷,18,1)The famous writer Willian Shakep orks in _____company in China now. eare was born 1564. A.an;a B.an;the C.a;an A. in B. on C at .D of 【答案】A 【答案】A (2010.四川省自贡市 23. 1)-What would you like for ____ (2010·广东省,17,1) If you get on well your classmates, _____breakfast,Mr.Green? you'll enjoy your school life more. --Two pieces of bread and_______cup of tea,please A. to B. at C. with D. in A.a;the B./;a C./;the 【答案】C 【答案】B

(2010 山东省潍坊市 16.1)Avatar(阿凡达)is such________w 冠词 onderful science fiction movie that I want to see it _____seco (2010 .河北省卷,26.1) Cindy is amazing singer. She has lots of fans. A.a,a B.a,the C./,the D./,a A. a B. an C. the D. 不填 【答案】A 【答案】B nd time.

(2010 江苏省南京市.1.1)There is _________local shop for people to buy daily things in the small village.

(2010·江苏省扬州市,1,1)-Look !What's that moving hig h up in ______sky?

A.a B.an C.the D.不填

--It must be_______plane.


A.a;the B.the;/ C.the;a D./;a

(2010.浙江省衢州市 16.1) Many people think that 2012 is one of _______ most successful films.


(2010·吉林省通化市,36,1)-How was _______dinner at A. a B. an C. the D. 不填 Mike's house?


--It was great.Mike's mum is ________wonderful cook.

(2010.江苏省无锡市.2.1)If you go by train,you can have quite______comfortable joueney,but make sure you take_____f

A.a,the B.the,a C.the,the D.a,an

【答案】B ast one. (2010 四川省成都市 30.1)-What shall we have for supper? A.a;a B.the;a C.the;the D.不填;a --I bought ________big fish at_______only market near 【答案】A my office. (2010 江苏省宿迁市 1.1) It's reported that a terrible rainst A.a;a B.a;the C.the ;不填 orm hit _______ south of our country. 【答案】B A. a B. the C. / D. an (2010 四川省成都市 39. 1)Medicine is dangerous for childr 【答案】B en,so it should be kept away _______them. (2010.湖南长沙 21.1)My sister can play______violin very A.by B.to C.from well. 【答案】C A.the B.a C./


(2010·浙江省湖州市,16,1)-May I have a look at the MP4 s ir?

(2010·新疆省阜康市,29,1)( )We often take part in after class activities(活动),I like to play________basketball,but my brother likes to play_______guitar.

--Which one?_______black one? A.a;the B.the;the C.不填,不填 D.不填,the A.A B.An C.The D.不填 【答案】D 【答案】C (2010·广西省梧州市,31,1)-What do you want to be wh (2010·河南省,21,1)( )一 Shall we pay visit to Expo 20 en you grow up? 10,Shanghai? --_________actor like Jet Li. 一 No,I'd rather stay at home and play football A.An B.A C.The D./ A a; the B the;a C 不填,the D a,不填 【答案】A 【答案】D (2010·山东省莱芜市,16,1)-Bob, you look so happy tod (2010·福建省晋江市,31,1). There are sixty minutes in ay! __________hour. -Well,I got ______ A on my English test. A. a B. an C. the A.the B.a C.an D./ 【答案】B 【答案】C (2010·山东省聊城市,26,1)-Lingling !Do you know ____ _______woman in white? (2010·山东省菏泽市,22,1)-May I have a look at _____ __ book tonight? --Yes.She is _________nurse in Liaocheng People's Hospi tal. -Of course, you can. I have ________ old one at home.

A.a;a B.the;the C.a;the D.the ;a

A. the; a B. a; the C. the; an D. the; the



(2010·黑龙江省哈尔滨市,21,1)( )Every one of you is l ooking forward _________ getting a good result. Better think

A. a B. ? C. the D. an

【答案】A carefully before writing down your answers. Wish you succes s! (2010 广西南宁 27. 1)Lily's mother is______teacher in a s chool. A. on B. in C. to A.a B.an C.the D./ 【答案】C 【答案】A (2010·贵州省铜仁市,21,1)- Have you found ____ addr ess that you wanted? (2010·天津市,32,1)_______Browns were having dinner when the telephone rang. - Yes. It's Mr Wang268@163.com. A.A B.An C.The D./ A. a B. an. C. the D 不填 【答案】C 【答案】C (2010·山东省泰安市,26,1)-What's _________most useful (2010·湖北省黄石市,27,1) I found ________ dead dog in t invention in the 20th century? he river yesterday . But at first I thought it was my pe --________computer,I think. A. a B. an C. the D. one A.the ,A B.a,A C.the,The D./,The 【答案】A 【答案】C (2010·黑龙江省鸡西市,23,1)( )If you work hard, you'll get ______ "A" in the exam. (2010·辽宁省沈阳市,2,1)Jenny goes to school on foot.I t takes her about half ____ hour to get there. A. a B. an C. the A.an B.a C.the D.(不填) 【答案】B 【答案】A (2010·广西省定西市, 1)( ) They often take walk after 1, dinner.

(2010·江苏省连云港市,1,1)My best friend Neil is ____ ____ honest boy. You can believe him.

-- Let's go to airport to meet her.

A. a; a B. /; a C. the; the D. /; the A. a B. an C.the D./ 【答案】D 【答案】B (2010·山东省滨州市,21,1)21. - You've dropped ______ (2010·江苏省镇江市,1,1)( )We'd better get ready for th e dinner now because _________ Greens are coming to visit - Oh, ________ letter "s" is doubled. us tonight. A. a; a B. a; the C. an; the D. the; the A. a B. an C. the D. / 【答案】C 【答案】C (2010·江苏省苏州市,5,1)We can have_______ bluer sk (2010·湖北省咸宁市,21,1) - How about talent show? y if we create________ less polluted world. - I should say it was great success. A.a;a B.a;the C.the;a D.the;the A. / ; the B. a ; the C. the; a D. the; / 【答案】A 【答案】C (2010·浙江省东阳市,16,1)( ) 16. -By the way, have yo (2010·湖北省宜昌市,27,1) ---Where may you advise me to start my business? -Oh, yes, it is swimonland @ hotmail.com. ---In my opinion, Yichang is __________one of _______ A. a B. an C. the D. / ___ best places for you. 【答案】B A. the, the B. /, the C. the, / D. /, / (2010·浙江省卷,16,1)- Mike,could you come and give 【答案】B me hand? (2010·四川省眉山市,30,1)-- Lily is coming by plane to - OK,Mum. I'm coming now. morrow. u got ______ e-mail address? __ "s" in the word "necessary".

A. a B. an C the .D 不填

A. Though B. Since C. However D. When



(2010 .河北省卷,30. 1) Jenny, put on your coat you will catc h a cold.

(2010 年上海市 38. 1)Money is important ,________it can' t buy everything.

A.for B.but C.or D.so A. but B. and C. or D. so 【答案】B 【答案】C (2010 四川省成都市 35. 1)I won't be able to understand w (2010.四川省内江市 30. 1)-What do you think of this skir t? A.if B.though C.because --It's beautiful and it fits we well,_______I like it very 【答案】C much. (2010·湖北省黄冈市,36,1)-Wang Jinquan,a teacher from A.since B.so C.but Qichun,has supported many poor students to college. 【答案】B --______he himself lives a plain(相素的)life. A.taught B.has taught C.is taught D.has been taught A.So B.But C.Because D.Though (2010 江苏省南京市 11. 1)-I don't think your uncle really 【答案】B like drama series. (2010·浙江省湖州市,22,1)-Is everyone here today? --No,________he still watches the programe --No.Tom is at home_____he has got a bad cold. A.and B..so C.or D.but A.because B.if C.until D.unless 【答案】D 【答案】A (2010 江苏省宿迁市 17. 1)_______ they are twin brothers, they don't look like each other. hat you say,_______you speak too quickly.

(2010·吉林省通化市,43,1)-What is our head teacher lik e,do you know?

A.and B.or C.but D.so

【答案】B --Oh,he is very kind _______he looks very serious. (2010·山东省聊城市,32,1)I bought my son a birthday p A.because B.though C.if D.when resent ,__________he liked it very much.


A.or B.but C.and D.so

(2010·山西省,27,1)In summer , food goes bad easily _ _______ it is put in the refrigerator.


(2010·广西省梧州市,35,1)-Why do you like pandas? A. until B. if C. unless --_______they are very cute. 【答案】C A.If B.Because C.So D.Although (2010·河南省,25,1)( ) it's difficult to make her dream 【答案】B come true,she never gives up (2010·山东省莱芜市,27,1)--I hear Jack Chan will come A Though B Unless C Because D If to Laiwu next week. 【答案】A --Really? _______ he comes, my younger sister will be v (2010·湖北省荆州市,24,1) -Why didn't Betty come to s chool yesterday? A.If B.Until C.Unless D.Before -_________ she was ill. 【答案】A A.But B.Though C.If D.Because (2010·贵州省铜仁市,35,1)- May I go to the concert wi 【答案】D th you? ery happy,

(2010·陕西省,27,1)Be careful,________you'll miss the right answer.

- I'm afraid not ____ you have a ticket, because I have only one.

A. since B. if C. unless D. though

(2010·黑龙江省鸡西市,29,1)( )Usually, we don't know how important something is ______ we lose it.

【答案】C A. or B. until C. as soon as (2010·山东省菏泽市,27,1)Mary spends a lot of money on clothes _______ her family is not rich. 【答案】B

A. because B. though C. if D. so

(2010·北京市,28,1)-Would you like to go to the concert wi th me? -I'd love to, ______ I'm afraid I have no time.

【答案】B A. so B. or C. and D. but (2010·山东省菏泽市,30,1) There goes the bell. Hurry u p, _______you'll be late for class. 【答案】D

A. and B. or C. so D. but

(2010·广西省定西市,15,1)( )She had a stomachache she ate something bad.

【答案】B A. so B. because C. or D. although (2010·黑龙江省哈尔滨市,27,1)( ) To make our dreams come true, we are supposed to set goals ___________ then tr y our best to achieve them. (2010 广西南宁 28. 1)He has a lot of money ,________he A. or B. and C. but isn't happy. 【答案】B


A.and B.but C.so D.or

(2010·湖北省襄樊市,36,1)- Emma failed her exams . I think she should work harder .


(2010·天津市,41,1)We won't start the meeting ______o - I agree . ________ she does , she 'll get good grades . ur teacher arrives.

A. If B. Because C. Before D. Though

A.though B.until C.while D.or



(2010·青海省,宁夏,28,1)( ) Bob is young, _______ h e knows a lot.


(2010·浙江省杭州市,24,1)Remember to spend some tim A. because B. so C. but D. unless e ______ your loved ones, because they're not going to be ar ound forever. 【答案】C A. from B. with C. in D. on (2010·辽宁省沈阳市,14,1)-Do you like playing tennis? 【答案】D -No, ____ I like sports.I play football every Sunday (2010·山东省滨州市, 24, 1)24. _________ many children A.and B. but C.so D. or like KFC, I think they'd better try not to eat it too often. 【答案】B A. Because B. When C. Although D. If (2010·辽宁省沈阳市,8,1) ____ it snowed heavily yester 【答案】C day, nobody in our class missed the lesson. (2010·四川省巴中市,45,1)Several days has passed_____ A.Though B.Because C.Unless D.Since __the air crash(空难) happened. 【答案】A A.since B.after C.as (2010·江苏省镇江市,8,1)( ) A tourist will easily lose h 【答案】A is way in Beijing _________ he has a map or a guide. (2010·四川省卷,25,1)( )25. I don't have to introduce hi A. if B. because C. unless D. when m to you ______ you know the boy. 【答案】C A. until B. unless C. since D. but (2010·湖北省宜昌市,30,1) ---So you were in the super 【答案】C market __________ you heard a strange sound, right? (2010·江苏省苏州市,11,1)We'll visit Expo 2010 Shangh ---That's true. I ran out as quickly as possible. ai this Sunday_______ it rains or it's very hot. A. when B. while C. then D. which A.since B.if C.unless D.until


A.offer B.give C.show D.provide

(2010·浙江省东阳市,27,1)( ) 27. Stop smoking, ______ _ you will get better soon.


(2010·湖北省黄冈市,39,1)-Do you know Tsering Danzh A. and B. or C. but D. after ou,a Tibetan ten-year-old boy in Yushu?


--Yes.He ______the people his great help as a translator after the earthquake.

(2010·台湾省,11,1)Elsa hates going shopping, he went last night when her grandpa asked her to buy some medicine for him.

s A.provided B.supported C.offered D.afforded

【答案】C (A) because (B) but (C) if (D) so (2010·吉林省通化市,44,1)Bill doesn't like the sunglasse 【答案】B s in the ad because they can't _______the sun well.


A.take out B.keep out C.clean out D.look out

(2010·江苏省扬州市,9,1)-A new book on how to lose we ight is _______soon.


(2010·江苏省扬州市, 13, 1)-Angela,you are going to buy --Really?I can't wait to read it. a flat here,are you?

A.giving out B.coming out C.working out D.selling out

--Yes,but I can't ________an expensive one.


A.spend B.cost C.pay D.afford

2011 中考备考:中考英语真题分类汇编全集


(2010·湖北省荆州市,19,1) -Are you going to Tibet for vacation?

(2010·浙江省湖州市,21,1)If you see any litter on the s chool playground ,you'd better______.

-Yes. I want you to ________ me with some information about it.

A.give it away B.pick it up

C.turn it off D.put it on

(2010·山西省,28,1)-The box is too heavy to carry. Wh at's in it?

【答案】B -Oh, it______ books. (2010·山西省, 20, 1)David----his friend's invitation to the picnic in order to stay at home and have a good rest A. is filled with B. is used for C. is aimed at

A. expeted B. refused C. received



(2010·湖北省武汉市,33,1)-Why don't you choose the r ed tie?

(2010·湖北省武汉市,39,1)-How about the exhibition tha t day? --For me, it doesn't _________ my shirt very well.

--It was very noisy, but that didn't ________ me.

A. fix B. accept C. compare D. match

A. hurt B. impress C. change D. bother



(2010·湖北省武汉市,34,1)You've given me so much he lp. I really _______ it.

(2010·湖北省武汉市,40,1)It was a difficult time, but w e never ________ hope. A. appreciate B. receive C. suppose D. regard

A. put up B. gave up C. picked up D. used up



(2010·河南省, 29, ) Rebuilding in Yushu began soon 1)( alter the earthquake,and it will long into the future

(2010·山西省, 23, 1)The famous writer introduced us his new book that will_____next moth A . reach B keep C stop D last

A. give out B.comeout C. put out



(2010·河南省,30,1)( ) Karin found some waste paper o n the floor.She it and threw into the future.

A put; up B picked up C turned; up D looked up

(2010.江苏省盐城市 14. 1)We are all looking forward to_ _____more than HK $6,500 for the Oxfarm.

【答案】B A.raise B.raising C.be raised D.being raised (2010·湖北省荆州市,21,1)-Peter, what if your parents g o out? 【答案】B

-They ask me to _______ myself.

(2010.四川省内江市 29. 1)-Can you tell me the English meani ng of the word?

A.look after B.look up C.look for D.look through --Why don't you _______in the dictionary? 【答案】A A.look it up B.ring it up C.pick it up (2010 .河北省卷,35. 1) Mike his computer and checked h is e-mail. 【答案】A

A. turned on B. turned off C. turned up D. turned down

(2010.四川省内江市 35. 1)She saw some boys ______socc er on the playground when she was on the way to the classr

【答案】A oom. (2010 湖南省娄底市 4. 1) -My spoken English is poor, w A.played B.to play C.playing hat shall I do?? 【答案】C -Join an English language club to practice, you'll it? ? (2010 江苏省南京市 7. 1)World Expo 2010 Shanghai Chin A.be good at B. drop in C. deal with? a________people from all over the world to the theme "Better 【答案】A City,Better Life."

(2010.江苏省盐城市 10. 1)It is a good habit to_____all y our things in correct places.

A.attends B.attracts C.allows D.advises

【答案】B A.put away B.put up C.put out D.put off (2010 江苏省南京市 13. 1)-Many students don't know how 【答案】A to______stress and become worried.

--I think they'd better ask their teachers for help.

(2010·陕西省,28,1)It's too bright and sunny.Why not _ ____your sun glasses?

A.argue with B.deal with C.quarrel with D.come up with A.break B.clean C.make D.wear 【答案】B 【答案】D (2010 江苏省宿迁市 11. 1) They would rather _______ co lours like orange or yellow than blue or white. (2010·陕西省,22,1)Hi,Jack.Would you please_________t he picture on the wall? A. use B. to use C. using D. uses A.pick up B.look up C.get up D.put up 【答案】A 【答案】D (2010 年上海市 43. 1)Richard turned off the computer afte r he had finished _______the email. (2010·湖北省十堰市,30,1)-Why not go on a vacation with us? A.write B.to write C.writing D.wrote --I can't _______to take the trip because I put all my m 【答案】C oney into my company. (2010 年上海市 44. 1)Before going to the History Museum, A.prefer B.impress C.achieve D.afford our teacher told us_______the public rules. 【答案】D A.obey B.to boey C.obeying D.obeyed (2010·山东省聊城市,38,1)-A single room,please. 【答案】B --OK.Will you please _________me your ID card? (2010 年上海市 52. 1)The bus is coming.Be careful when you _____the bus. --Here you are.

A.get on B.get off C.get up D.get to

A.tell B.serve C.send D.show



(2010·新疆省阜康市,33,1)( )Don't ________the light,I__ _____a report.

(2010·黑龙江省哈尔滨市,28,1)( ) Enough sleep is good for health. If you ____________ for your favorite TV progra ms. You will feel sleepy.

A.turned off;have read B.turn off;am reading A. stay up B. set up C. pick up C.turned on;have read D.turned on;am reading 【答案】A 【答案】B (2010·山东省莱芜市,23,1)-My father has decided to ____ (2010·湖北省十堰市,36,1)-I find it too difficult to lear __ smoking. n English well.I want to drop it. --That's good news for us. --English is very important in our daily life.I want to dro p it. A.give up B.give out C.give in D.give to

A.give up it B.give it up C.give away it D.give it away



(2010·山东省菏泽市,25,1) I'm sorry, I didn't _______ you clearly. Would you say it again?

(2010·湖北省十堰市,38,1)The Red Cross _______the h omeless in Yushu _______food and tents (帐篷) A. hear B. notice C. see D. watch

A.regarded ;as B.offered;for C.divided;into D.provided;with



(2010·山东省菏泽市,33,1)He never ________ no matter how many difficulties he has.

(2010·广西省梧州市,41,1)Kelly's grandpa is ill,she mus t ______him at home. A. gives up B. gives in C. works out D. goes away

A.look after B.look up C.look out D.look for



(2010·福建省福州市,42,1)-Fangfang failed in the singin g competition.She must be very sad.

--Let's go and_______.

A.wake her up B.cheer her up C.pick her up

-It's my pleasure.


A. look after B. look for C. look at

(2010·湖北省荆门市,34,1)Another new fiction by HanH an is being printed and it will soon ▲ .


(2010·湖北省黄石市,35,1) The plan isn't perfeet , so w A. come out B. set out C. sell out D. work out e should _________ and make a new one.

【答案】A ut (2010·湖北省荆门市,23,1)It is said that the football ma tch may be _____▲ ____ because of the bad weather.

A. give up it . B. bive it up C. give out it D. give it o


A. put up B. put down C. put off D. put away

(2010·湖北省襄樊市,27,1)- William , please remember to _________ the photo taken in Canada here when you com

【答案】C e to school tomorrow . I'd like to have a look . (2010·湖北省黄石市,30,1)Whether I'll go to Shanghai _ - OK. I'll introduce something about it to you myself. _______ the result of the examination. A. take B. pass C. bring D. carry A. belongs to B. cares about C. depends on D. Aims at 【答案】C 【答案】C (2010·湖北省襄樊市,32,1)- Do you know how to pron (2010·湖北省黄石市,34,1)I want to have a compater , ounce this word ? but I can't _______ to buy one . - Yes , I _______ in the dictionary yesterday . A. offer B. provide C. consider D. Afford A. looked it up B. worked it out C. gave it away D. pic 【答案】D ked it up (2010·黑龙江省鸡西市,24,1)( )-Could you please _____ 【答案】A _ my goldfish while I' m away?

(2010·黑龙江省鸡西市,30,1)( )-What did your dad tell you, my baby?

(2010 福建三明 25. 1)-Tony,I'm too nervous to give a spe ech in the graduation ceremony.

-He said the sun ______ in the east.

--______!I believe you can do it!

A. went up B. will go up C. goes up

A.Be careful B.Never mind C.Take it easy



(2010·广西省定西市,25,1)( )--What vounteer work woul d you like to do?

(2010 广西南宁 31. 1)-What can I do for you?

--I'm looking at that dress.It looks nice,May l_________? --I'd like to sick people in the hospital. A.hold it on B.try it on C.take if off D.get it off A. turn up B. stay up C. look up D. cheer up 【答案】B 【答案】D (2010 四川达州 26. 1)-Your watch is so beautiful. It must (2010 福建三明 27. 1)-Excuse me,when will the train K307 arr ive? -Not at all. I only ¥20 on it. --Wait a minute ,pleae.I'll ________it for you. A. cost B. spent C. paid D. took A.keep B.check C.read 【答案】B 【答案】B (2010·天津市,35,1)The plane will ________from Beijin (2010 福建三明 32. 1)-It is very kind of you to ________ my grandpa when I went to Fuzhou on business. A.take up B.take out C.take away D.take off --It's a pleasure. 【答案】D A.look after B.play tricks on C.depend on (2010·山东省泰安市,35,1)-Tom,your books should be i 【答案】A n right order. g Capital Airport and land in London be expensive.

--OK.I'll ________night now.

---Of course I will.

A.put them down B.put them away C.put them up D.put them on

A. look around B. look through C. look up D. look into

【答案】B 【答案】B (2010·湖北省宜昌市,37,1) ---I am still worried about t (2010·青海省,宁夏,35,1)( ) It's very hot here. Why n ot _______ your coat? --- Be confident and __________. A. have on B. take off C. put off D. put on A. stay away B. cheer it up C. hold on D. take it easy 【答案】B 【答案】D (2010·青海省,宁夏,31,1)( ) He is a very honest man. (2010·湖北省宜昌市,33,1) ---The girl __________ all h He never _______ lies. er savings to the people in the Southwest for the serious drou A. says B. speaks C. tells D. talks ght(旱灾). he job interview.


---What a donation and what a nice girl!

(2010·湖北省宜昌市,35,1) ---The house price has been rising in the past two years.

A. handed out B. put out C. sold out D. gave out

【答案】D ---Yes, I cannot __________ to buy a small apartment ev (2010·江苏省镇江市,7,1)( ) It's said that smoking won't be en with my parents' help. _________ in indoor public places or workplaces in China so A. want B. afford C. solve D. deal on.


A. attacked B. admired C. attracted D. allowed

(2010·湖北省宜昌市,36,1) ---Would you please ______ ____ the paper for me and see if there are any obvious(明显


(2010·湖北省咸宁市,28,1) - I am glad to be invited to 的) mistakes? Susan's birthday party on Friday evening, Mum.

- yourself, dear! But remember to be back before 10 o'cl ock.


(2010·浙江省杭州市,28,1)Many teenagers have hobbies. A. Help B. Believe C. Make D. Enjoy But sometimes these hobbies can get ______ of schoolwork.


A. on the way B. by the way C. in the way D. out of t he way

(2010·湖北省咸宁市,32,1)- What will they do to deal with the accident? 【答案】C

- Ten doctors and five nurses have a medical team and will start out right now.

(2010·浙江省杭州市,27,1)-I'm leaving now.

- ______ you turn off the lights. A. worked out B. made up C. helped out D. belonged to A. To make sure B. Make sure C. Made sure D. Making 【答案】B sure

(2010·江苏省连云港市,7,1)To _________ nature is to h elp ourselves , or we will be punished.


(2010·浙江省杭州市,25,1)Eton College in England was A.protect B.prevent C.provide D.pollute ______ in 1440 by King Henry VI to give free education to poor students. 【答案】A A. cleaned up B. set up C. fixed up D. cheered up (2010·江苏省连云港市,9,1)The fire was completely ___ _____ shortly afterwards with the help of the firemen. 【答案】B

A.cut down B.put out C.give out D.floated away

(2010·浙江省杭州市,17,1)- Is tea ready?


- No, mother is ______ it ready now.

(2010·辽宁省沈阳市,13,1)____ early,and you won't b e late for school.

A. doing B. cooking C. burning D. getting

【答案】D A.Turn down B.Turn up C.Get up D.Get down

(2010·甘肃省兰州市,24,1)Danny did all kinds of things to make the baby ______.

enever I want to , my teacher always encourages me to work harder.

A. to stop crying B. stop crying C. to stop to cry D. sto p to cry

A. go on B. run away C. give up D. look out

【答案】C 【答案】B (2010·山东省滨州市,26,1)26. The shop ________ at 8: (2010·甘肃省兰州市,26,1)You shouldn't ______ your h ope. Everything will be better. A. opens; is open B. is opened; opens A. give up B. fix up C. cheer up D. put up C. is open; has opened D. opened; opens 【答案】A 【答案】A (2010·甘肃省兰州市,27,1)How much does the ticket __ (2010·山东省滨州市,31,1)31. - How long have you __ ____ from Shanghai to Beijing? ______? A. cost B. took C. spend D. pay - For three days. 【答案】A A. got a headache B. fallen ill (2010·甘肃省兰州市,28,1)They were all so tired that t C. caught a cold D. had a cough hey could ______. 【答案】D A. do nothing but sleep B. do anything but sleep (2010·浙江省卷,23,1)Zhou Yang is skating. She won a gol C. do nothing but to sleep D. do anything but to sleep d medal at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. 【答案】A A good at B weak in C tired of D angry with (2010·四川省眉山市,31,1)I feel it hard to keep up wit 【答案】A h my classmates in study and sometimes I lose heart. But wh 00 a.m. and it ________ for ten hours every day.

(2010·浙江省卷,19,1)It is a good habit for us that we should never today's work till tomorrow.


(2010·四川省巴中市,35,1)The child nearly used up all A put on B. put off C put up .D put down his pocket money.


A.ran out of B.kept out of C.got out of

(2010·山东省滨州市,32,1)32. I felt it hard to keep up with my classmates. But whenever I want to ____________,


(2010·四川省巴中市,31,1)Marica called him three times my teacher always encourages me to work harder. yesterday,but nobody answered. A. go on B. give up C. run away D. give back A.visited B.told C.phoned 【答案】B 【答案】C (2010·四川省巴中市,49,1)We had to _____our discussi (2010·浙江省东阳市,23,1)( ) 23. On April 14, 2010, a on because one of us suddenly got ill. serious earthquake happened in Yushu. More than 2,000 peopl A.take off B.turn off C.break off e ______ in it.


A. dead B. death C. died D. die

(2010·四川省卷,34,1)( )34. Though Jack was poor and sick, he never ______ any chance to write. That is why he fi


(2010·浙江省东阳市,25,1)( ) 25. -Attention, please. Th nally became a successful writer. e flight has to be_______ because of the heavy rain. A. agreed to B. gave up C. looked for D. thought of A. put on B. put off C. put away D. put up 【答案】B 【答案】B (2010·四川省巴中市,43,1)They preferred_____ rather th (2010·浙江省东阳市,26,1)( ) 26. -How long have you an_____a bike. _______________ the motorbike? A.to walk; to ride B.walking;riding C.to walk;ride -For about two weeks.

A. bought B. had C. borrowed D. lent

(2010·广东省,19,1)You should really smoking. It's a te rrible habit.

【答案】B A. grow up B. pick up C. give up D. set up (2010·台湾省,6,1)When I heard my baby girl say her f irst word, my heart was with joy. 【答案】C

(A) filled (B) marked (C) prepared (D) shown

(2010 山东省潍坊市 19. 1)At least 300 million people are usin

【答案】A g QQ________by Ma Huateng to chat on line. (2010·台湾省,7,1)It's me a lot of time to find A.create B.creates C.creating D.created out what I really want to do in the future. 【答案】D (A) paying (B) spending (C) taking (D) using 2011 中考备考:中考英语真题分类汇编全集 中考备考: 【答案】C (2010 四川省成都市 42. 1)-Where's your brother now,Bob? (2010·台湾省, 1)Lucy: Does Aunt Tara enjoy 13, ? --I saw him _______in the street a moment ago and I to Mark: Yes. She has three dogs, two rabbits, four birds, a ld him_________. nd some fish in her house. A.playing;don't do so B.playing;not to so C.play;to do so (A) collecting dolls (B) keeping pets (C) visiting the zoo (D) working on the farm 【答案】B


(2010·吉林省通化市,46,1)The woman made his son___ __finally after she told him some jokes.

(2010·广东省,21,1)The teacher told the students any fo od into the computer room. A.laughed B.to laugh C.laugh D.laughing

A. not to bring B. not bring C. don't bring D. bring not



(2010·河南省,24,1)( ) Father often tells me--too much time on computer games.

A don't spend B not spend C not to spend D not spendi ng

(2010·山东省莱芜市,24,1)Most of the young people enj oy ______ Jay Chou's songs.


A.sing B.sang C.singing D.to sing

(2010·湖北省黄冈市, 43, 1)-How would your family like to travel?


(2010·黑龙江省哈尔滨市,30,1)( ) As teenagers, we're o --It's a problem in my family.Mother prefers to take a bu s to travel,while father always sticks ______to travel. ld enough _____________ with housework. We can help set t he table, wash the dishes and clean our own rooms.

A.to drive B.to driving C.driving D.drive

A. to help B. helping C. helped



(2010·山东省聊城市,34,1)The teachers often tell their p ubils ________aeross the road when the traffic light is red.

(2010·福建省福州市,41,1)-Hi,Steve!Our teachers told us ________an electric bike.It's too dangerous.

A.not go B.not to go C.don't go D.didn't go

--I'm sorry.I won't do it again.


A.to ride B.not ride C.not to ride

(2010·陕西省,25,1)Don't forget _________an umbrella _______you.It's going to rain.


(2010·湖北省荆门市,35,1)After several campus(校园) at A.to take;to B.taking;to C.to take;with D.taking;with tacks , many schools across the country have already taken ac tion ▲ their campuses ▲ . 【答案】C A. making, safe B. made, safe C. to make, safer D. mak (2010·广西省梧州市,40,1)English is very important,so I e, safe practice________it very hard. 【答案】C A.speaks B.to speak C.speaking D.speak


(2010·湖北省黄石市,26,1)- What would you like for br eakfast ?

A. to have B. has C. having D. have

【答案】C - I like hamburgers . But now I' d like ________ some (2010·青海省,宁夏,27,1)( ) When we came to the ga cakes. te, he stopped _______ me go in first. A. eating B. to eat C. to drink D. drinking A. to let B. to tell C. to allow D. to ask 【答案】B 【答案】A (2010·黑龙江省鸡西市,26,1)( )-How long does it take (2010·甘肃省兰州市,32,1)We have two rooms ______, your father ______ to work every day? but I can't decide ______. -About half an hour. A. to live, to choose which one B. lived, choose which A. drives B. driving C. to drive one


C. to live in, which one to choose D. live, which one

(2010·黑龙江省鸡西市,28,1)( ) Last weekend, the Greens h ad great fun ______ at Water World.


(2010·四川省眉山市, 33, 1)Just before the Chinese class, A. swimming B. cooking C. hiking I suddenly realized that I forgot _______ my Chinese text bo ok. 【答案】A A. bring B. bringing C. and bring D. to bring (2010·北京市,31,1)Granny often tells us _____ water i n our daily life. 【答案】D

A. save B. saving C. to save D. saves

(2010·四川省眉山市,34,1)There are so many kinds of Mp3 in the shop. We can't decide .

【答案】C A. what to buy B. to buy what C. which to buy D. to b (2010·广西省定西市,四,1)( )3.The boy is looking forwa uy which rd to a good time after the exam.



(2010·四川省卷,28,1)( )28. While I was walking along the lake, I saw some fish _____ out of the water.

(2010.四川省自贡市 35. 1)-Have you seen the TV play M y Ugly Mother?

A. jumped B. to jump C. jumping D. are jumping

--Yes,it's well worth _________.It's ________moving that I've seen it twice.

【答案】C A.seeing;too B.to see;enough C.seeing;so

固定搭配主谓一致 固定搭配主谓一致
(2010 .河北省卷,33. 1) I'd like you for a picnic with us.


A. go B. to go C. going D. went

(2010.江苏省无锡市.14. 1)The boy spends at least as mu ch time reading as he________.

【答案】B A.writes B.is writing C.does to write D.does writing (2010 .河北省卷,36. 1) Everyone I come from Sichuan. Actually, I come from Shandong. 【答案】D

A. find B. think C. finds D. thinks

(2010 江苏省宿迁市 13. 1) It's nice _______ Andy _____ __ me with my English study.

【答案】D A. at; to help B. of; to help C. with; help D. of; help (2010.江苏省盐城市 11. 1)The talk show on TV is very popular. It often makes people____. 【答案】B

A.laugh B.laughing C.to laugh D.laughed

(2010 江苏省宿迁市 14. 1)This is _______ difficult proble m that few students can work it out.

【答案】A A. so B. so a C. such D. such a (2010.四川省自贡市 25. 1)They spent all night________th e work. 【答案】D

A.doing B.did C.to do

(2010·湖北省黄冈市,32,1)-David has been away for mo re than 25 days.

--I miss him very much.You know ,25 days _______shor t.

A. am B. is C. are D. be

【答案】B A.is B.isn't C.are D.aren't (2010·北京市,27,1)-________ you turn down your radi 【答案】A o, please? -Yes, I can.

(2010·湖北省十堰市,39,1)Climbing hills _________of g reat help to our health.

A. May B. Need C. Must D. Can

【答案】D A.was B.were C.is D.are (2010·广西省定西市,四,1)( )2.There some milk in the 【答案】C glass.

(2010·山东省莱芜市, 22, 1)Yao Ming works hard on his English and ________

A. is B. are C. be D. has

【答案】A A.so Liu Xiang does B.so is Liu Xiang (2010 四川达州 24. 1)Why not an English club to practice Eng C.so does Liu Xiang D.so Liu Xiang is lish?


A. to join; to speak B. join; speaking

(2010·福建省福州市,35,1)-Leo,________no milk or egg s in the fridge.

C. join; to speak D. to join; speaking

【答案】B --Oh,I'll go and buy some right away. (2010·青海省,宁夏,40,1)( ) --- Have you got some w A.it is B.there is C.there are ater to drink?


--- Here you are. There _______ still some in the bottle.

(2010·北京市,23, 1)The reading room _____ very quiet. I enjoy reading books there.

A. are B. has C. is D. have


(2010·湖北省宜昌市, 32, ---Why would some workers 1) in Foxcon die __________ continue working in the factory?


(2010·四川省眉山市, 21, 1)-My brother and I will go to ---Psychologists say they are under too much pressure. the library tomorrow.

A. better than B. by accident C. instead of D. rather tha n

-______. Shall we go together?

A. So am I B. So do I C. So I am D. So will I 【答案】D 【答案】D (2010·江苏省连云港市,6,1)---Let's go hiking _________ (2010·山东省滨州市,33,1)33. How time flies! Three ye __ staying at home , shall we? ars ____________ really a short time. ----A good idea. A. is B. are C. was D. were A. as well as B.in order to C.instead of D.in addition to 【答案】A (2010·山东省泰安市,36,1)-How about going shopping t (2010·四川省巴中市,44,1)In our school libray,there____ his weekend,Peter? a number of books on science and the number of them_____g --Sorry.I prefer ________rather than _________. rowing larger and larger.

A.to stay at home,go out B.to go out,stay at home

A.is;are B.are;is C.have;is

C.staying at home,go out D.going out ,stay at home



(2010 .河北省卷,31. 1) -Do we have to finish our homewor

(2010·甘肃省兰州市,40,1)-I hear Huang Gang made an k this afternoon? English speech at the graduation ceremony yesterday. -_____ _ , and ______. -Yes, you ________.

A. So he did, so did I B. So did he, so I did

A. must B. can C. may D. need

C. So he was, so was I D. So was he, so I was


(2010 湖南省娄底市 5. 1) -Must I be in hospital for a we ek, Doctor? ? ow?

(2010.四川省自贡市 31. 1)-May we leave the classroom n

-No, you . You can go back home tomorrow.?

--No,you _________.You_________to leave until the bell rings.

A.mustn't B.needn't C. must? A.must;are allowed B.can't ,aren't supposed 【答案】B C.needn't ;aren't allowed (2010 湖南省娄底市 7. 1) -What do you think of the cak e?? 【答案】C

-I like it very much. It tastes .?

(2010 山东省潍坊市 20. 1)The cookies_______good .Could I have some more?

A.good B.terrible C. well A.taste B.smell C.feel D.sound 【答案】A 【答案】A (2010.江苏省盐城市 3.1)The desk is not dirty.You_______ clean it. (2010 山东省潍坊市 23. 1)-Is Jessica giving us a speech t his evening? A.mustn't B.shouldn't C.needn't C.can't --No,it________be her.She________to Japan. 【答案】C A.mustn't ;has gone B.mustn't ;has been (2010.四川省内江市 23. 1)-What is your mother going to do this Saturday? C.can't ;has gone D.can't ;has been

--I'm not sure.She_____go to see my grandmother.


A.can B.must C.may

(2010 江苏省南京市 6. 1)It's the library!So you________kn ow shouting is not allowed here.

【答案】C A.can B.must C.need D.may


(2010 江苏省宿迁市 9. 1)This piece of music _______ bea utiful.

(2010.浙江省衢州市 18. 1) - Shall we go for a picnic in the park this Saturday? A. looks B. sounds C. tastes D. smells

- Oh, that _______ good.


A. feels B. looks C. tastes D. Sounds

(2010 年上海市 36. 1)Is this a photo of your danguter?She loo ks _____in the pink dress!

【答案】D A.lovely B.quietly C.politely D.happily (2010.浙江省衢州市 24. 1) Boys and girls . don't forget y our report . It ______ today . 【答案】A

A. can't finish B. can't be finished

(2010 年上海市 45. 1)Everyone________go through the sec urity check(安检)whe nentering the World Expo Park.

C. should finish D. should be finished A.can B.may C.must D.ought 【答案】D 【答案】C (2010.江苏省无锡市.8. 1)-Mr Smith must have been to y our home this morning. (2010·湖北省黄冈市,33,1)-Which T-shirt do you prefer?

--No,he______,because he didn't know my address.

--The red one .It______more comfortable.

A.couldn't B.can't C.mustn't D.may not

A.tastes B.smells C.feels D.sounds



(2010.江苏省无锡市.9. 1)Though his grandmother lives __ ____,she never feels________. ool?

(2010.湖南长沙 25. 1)-Must I finish my homework at sch

A.alone;alone B.lonely;lonely C.alone;lonely D.lonely;alone k. 【答案】C

--______.You can do it at home and hand it in next wee

A.Yes,you must B.No,you needn't C.Yes,I can

A. Can B.Should C. Must



(2010·江苏省扬州市,11,1)-Must I mop up the follr no w? n?

(2010·湖北省武汉市,31,1)-Look at that girl! Is it Susa


--No, it _______ be her. She has gone back to her home town.

A.needn't B.can't C.shouldn't D.mustn't A. mustn't B. can't C. needn't D. wouldn't 【答案】A 【答案】B (2010 四川省成都市 33. 1)-The lake is said to be dry.Is t hat ture? (2010·河南省, 34, )-It's such a long way! What shall 1)( I do? --It _______.Look ,some kids are swimming in it. 一 You--take my car if you want A.must be true B.can't be true C.may not be true A will B must C may D shall 【答案】B 【答案】C (2010·浙江省湖州市,19,1)-Is the man over there Mr. B rown? ool? --It_____be him.He's much shorter. --No,you_________.You can do it at home. A.must B.can't C.needn't D.may A.can't B.mustn't C.needn't D.won't 【答案】B 【答案】C (2010·山西省,26,1)______your American friend eat wit h chopsticks? (2010·广西省梧州市,43,1)This is a secret between you and me.You_______tell it to others. -Yes, but he can't use them well. (2010·陕西省,26,1)-Must I finish my homework at sch

A.should B.mustn't C.can D.may



(2010·山东省莱芜市,30,1)--Listen! Is it Linda singing i n the next room?

(2010·山东省聊城市, 28, 1)-Dean,I hear you've got a set of Canadian stamps.________I have a look? --No, it __________ be her. She is still in Shanghai.

--Of course .I'll fetch them for you.

A.can't B.couldn't C.may not D.might not

A.May B.Must C.Should D.Need



(2010·贵州省铜仁市,24,1)__This pair of shoes ____ be long to Jack. He likes this kind very much.

(2010·湖北省十堰市,29,1)-Where's Jeff? - It ____ be his. It's too large for him. --I'm not sure. He ______be playing football on the play ground. can't A.need B.might C.must D.can 【答案】A 【答案】B (2010·福建省福州市,34,1)-Dad,must I do my homewor (2010·广西省梧州市,39,1)Song Zuying's voice is very s k now? weet and her songs_____very beautiful. --No.You________play games with your friends for a littl A.taste B.sound C.smell D.feel e while. 【答案】B A.would B.needn't D.may (2010·新疆省阜康市, 25, )-The winner of the race is 1)( 【答案】C a tall and thin boy with glasses. (2010·湖北省黄石市,31,1) Teachers think students need --Then it_____be my friend,Mike,who looks like very fat. n't do so much homework , but they _______ mal students d A.might B.can't C.don't D.should o a lot in the past. A. can; can't B. may; needn't C. must; mustn't D. must;

A. have to B. must C. had to D. Should



(2010·广西省定西市,22,1)( )--Who's that man? Is he Mr. B rown?

(2010·湖北省荆门市, 29, You __▲ ____ smoke. You 1) are only 14 and it isn't allowed. --That be Mr. Brown. He never walks this way.

A. mustn't B. don't have to C. needn't D. won't

A. can't B. mustn't C. must D.can



(2010·湖北省荆门市,30,1)The skirt is made of silk. It __▲ ____so soft, I like it.

(2010·广西省定西市,四,1)( )1.--Must I leave the room now?

A. washes B. is washed C. is felt D. feels

--No,you .


A. needn't B. can't C. mustn't D. couldn't

(2010·湖北省襄樊市,34,1)- Can I go to the movie , M um ?


(2010·广西省桂林市,34,1)--- _____ I use your ruler, Li - Certaninly , But you ________ be back by ten o'clock . A. May B. Would C. Need D. Must A. can B. may C. might D. must 【答案】A 【答案】D (2010 福建三明 26. 1)-Whose jacket is it? (2010·黑龙江省鸡西市,34,1)( )―Can I take the magazi --It_______be Wu Lei's .I saw him wear it just now. nes out? A.can't B.must C.may -No, sir. They ______ out of the reading-room. It's a rul e. 【答案】A ngling? --- Sure. Here you are.

A. needn't be taken B. can't take C. mustn't be taken

(2010 广西南宁 33. 1)-Something ________terrible.What go es bad in the kitchen?

---No, you _______. You may do it tomorrow.

A. can't B. mustn't C. shouldn't D. needn't --The meat. 【答案】D A.looks B.tastes C.smells D.feels (2010·辽宁省沈阳市,9,1)Trees ____ fight air pollution. 【答案】C They are natural air conditioners.

(2010 四川达州 21.1) -Must I finish my homework right n ow?

A.should B.must C.need D.can

【答案】D -No, you . (2010·江苏省镇江市,3,1)( )They _________ play footba A. needn't B. may not C. mustn't D. can't ll last Friday because Simon forgot to bring his football here.


A. could B. couldn't C. can't D. can

(2010 四川达州 25. 1)This kind of paper soft.


A. feels B. tastes C. smells D. sounds

(2010·湖北省咸宁市,24,1) - Wow! You look different! You wear glasses.

【答案】A - Yes, I did. But now I am wearing contact lenses(隐形 (2010·天津市,44,1)-Can I wear any cothes I like to sc 眼镜). hool? A. could B. must C. used to D. would --No,you can't .You________wear a uniform. 【答案】C A.might B.must C.will D.would (2010·江苏省连云港市,3,1)---__________ I have a tick 【答案】B et , please? (2010·青海省,宁夏,22,1)( ) ---Must I do the work to ---Sorry,sir. All the tickets were sold out ten minutes ag day? o.

A. May B.Need C.Must D.Should

A.must B.need C.can't



(2010·浙江省杭州市,22,1)I'm feeling much better now so you ______ call the doctor.

(2010·江苏省苏州市,12,1)-I don't care what my teacher s think.

A. couldn't B. wouldn't C. can't D. needn't



A.could B.would C.should D.might

(2010·甘肃省兰州市, 38, 1)-May we leave the classroom now?


(2010·浙江省东阳市,18,1)( ) 18. -Whose shirt is this? -No, you ______. You ______ to leave until the bell rin --It _______ be Li Lei's. It is too big for him. gs. A. could B. must C. can't D. might A. mustn't, are allowed B. don't have to, are supposed 【答案】C C. needn't, aren't allowed D. can't, aren't supposed (2010·台湾省,2,1)I put the fish in the ice box to keep 【答案】D it (2010·四川省眉山市,32,1)-- Can I tell Peter about the (A) fresh (B) full (C) new (D) young news? 【答案】A -- No, I don't want anyone else to know it. You keep it to yourself. (2010·广东省,22,1)It doesn't look like rain, so you bri ng your umbrella with you. A. must B. need C. can D. may A. shouldn't B. mustn't C. can't D. needn't 【答案】A 【答案】D (2010·四川省巴中市,42,1)You______be tired after playi ng sports for a long time without a rest. .

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