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高考英语语法冲刺练习 情态动词&虚拟语气 1. I felt surprised that anyone of his intelligence ________ such an easy test. A.might have failed C.should have failed 2.—Can you keep the secret? —You ________ worry — I'm not going to mention it to anyone. A.needn't B.couldn't C.mustn't D.won't 3—David, the windows of the room are very dirty. _____ I clean them before we move in? —Of course. A.Will B.Would C.Shall D.Do not miss it. 4. —Where is the post office? —It's just over there, at the end of the street. You ________ B.could have failed D.must have failed

A.can B.must C.may D.should 5. What a pity! Considering his ability and experience, he ________ better. A.need have done C.can have done B.must have done D.might have done

6. —Is it good to look up every new word when I come across it in reading? —No, you ________, because you are likely to guess the meaning from the context. A.don't have to B.shouldn't C.can't B.If you arrived D.Had you arrived D.mustn't 7. ________ a little earlier, you could have got a copy of his latest book. A.If you would arrive C.Should you arrive

8. What's your opinion of Mr Li's request that we ________ spend half an hour reading English aloud every morning? A.must B.would C.should D.could 9. —Where did you get this book? —I picked it up from a secondhand bookshop if you ________ know. A.must B.will C.can D.shall 10. The school recommends parents ________ their children to swim in rivers or lakes during summer holidays. A.not permit C.mustn't permit B.do not permit D.couldn't permit

11. —Mum, can I watch the TV program for another twenty minutes? —Sorry, dear, it's time you ________ to bed. A.went B.go C.will go D.must go 12. —She looks very happy. She ________ have passed the exam. —I guess so. It's not difficult after all. A.should B.must C.could D.might 13. —In case anyone ________ come in my absence, tell him I will be back soon. —Sure, I will. A.would B.should C.will D.shall 14. His pale face suggested he ________ angry and I suggested that he ________ at once.

A.should be; should leave C.was; leave A.wouldn't find C.would find 时态和语态

B.was; left D.be; left B.wouldn't have found D.would have found

15. But for the help of the kind policeman, we _____ our way to the hotel in this foreign city.

1. In the past several weeks, many cities in Northern China________ from heavy fogs, causing great inconvenience to people. A.suffered A.got up B.have been suffering B.had got up C.were suffered D.had been suffered D.have got up I didn't answer it. D.have been giving 2. The earthquake, which occurred at 8:58, didn't cause many deaths, for most people ________. C.were getting up 3. I ________ a lesson in the classroom when you called me, so A.gave B.was giving C.would give 4. —Have you ever been to Singapore? —Yes, I ________ there three times in 2009 alone. A.have been B.have gone C.went

D.had gone

5. Over the past month, Chinese cinema ________ the great success of the lowbudget film Lost in Thailand. A.witnessed B.has witnessed C.would witness D.had witnessed 6. —Ring me at six tomorrow morning, will you? —Why that early? I ________. A.will sleep B.have slept C.have been sleeping D.will be sleeping 7. When she returned home, Rose found her computer ________ A.was removing C.had removed

and she was very confused.

B.has been removed D.had been removed recently.

8. Come in and sit down and I ________ you what I've found

A.show B.will show C.showed D.was showing 9. A lot of attention ________ to greenhouse gas emission. Look at those posters for environmental protection. A.is paying B.is being paid C.has paid D.had been paid 10. Luckily, all of the passengers and flight crew ________ safely after their plane crashed near the airport. A.rescued C.had been rescued A.will have finished C.had finished B.were rescued D.would be rescued B.has finished D.must have finished

11. Hurry up! Otherwise by the time we get to the church, the wedding ceremony ________.

12. —Hi, Mr Smith. Which department do you work in? —I am in the Marketing Department now, but I ________ in the Sales Department before long. A.worked B.will work C.have worked

D.will have worked

13. —When will the expert come and give the lecture on intellectual property? —As soon as our program ________ by the authorities. A.approves C.is to approve 14. —Are these seats available? —Sorry, sir. The seats ________. A.have reserved B.are reserved C.reserved D.are reserving 15. Stop talking, boys and girls. The latest sports news ________.Let's listen to it. A.is broadcast C.is being broadcast A.so do I 非谓语动词 1. ____ all the homework assigned by the school, the students have to work at it till midnight. A.Completing C.Having completed A.Involving A.having made B.Involved B.make B.To complete D.To have completed C.To involve C.to make D.To be involved D.making B.so will I B.has been broadcast D.has been broadcasting C.nor do I D.nor will I B.will be approved D.has been approved

16. If you don't plan to stay there long in the coming holiday, ________.

2. ________ in the bank robbery, Tod was arrested by the local police early in the morning. 3. Some people try to knock me down, only _____ me more determined to do things better. 4. Ang Lee's new film Life of Pi is based on a fantasy adventure novel by Yann Martel _____ in 2001. A.was published C.published B.having published D.to be published

5. With Hurricane Sandy ________ the US east coast, Obama had to cancel Wednesday's campaign events in order to focus on the rescue and response efforts for Sandy. A.approach B.approaching C.approached D.being approached 6. —________ so many countries, you must be able to speak several different languages. —I wish I could, but English is the only one I can speak. A.Visiting A.attached B.To visit B.attach C.To have visited C.attaching D.Having visited D.to attach 7. My brother sent me an email with one of his photos on Mount Tai ________ to it. 8. —I regret ________ you that your application has not been successful. —Not successful? I performed pretty well in my interview! A.informing B.to inform C.having informed D.to have informed 9. Under the environment of fierce competition, the only way John could imagine ________ stress was to get tougher by making greater efforts. A.handling B.to handle C.handled D.having handled 10. Studies show that students often ________ to too much pressure tend to develop mental problems. A.exposing B.being exposed C.to expose


11. When I got back home I saw a note pinned to the door, ________ “Sorry to miss you; I will call you later.” A.read A.finding B.reads B.found C.to read D.reading D.to find 12. Helena was excited, just as I had imagined, ________ her lost pet. C.having found 13. Unfortunately, we rushed the fallen old man to hospital, ________ that we were responsible for him. A.only telling A.Not saved C.Not to save hot issue all over the world. A.coming A.printing B.having come B.to print C.to come C.being printed D.to be coming D.to be printed 16. The new books ________ in the factory these days are mainly intended for children. 17. By the age of two, Heidi could count to 40, draw pictures of people, and read books ________ for sevenyearolds. A.meaning B.meant C.being meant D.to mean B.only to tell C.only told D.only to be told 14. ________ enough money, Li Hua was unable to buy the new house. B.Not having saved D.Not saving

15. If water becomes increasingly scarce in decades ________, water shortage will become a

特殊句式 1.—Amazingly, Zhuo Jun got first place for the “China's Got Talent”(中国达人秀) last night. —So wonderfully ________ in the show that he deserved it. A.did he perform C.he performed A.who be aware of. A.has been pulled down C.is being pulled down B.had been pulled down D.have been pulled down B.whom B.had he performed D.he had performed C.which D.that

2.She realized that it was not the words but the way she spoke to Bruce ________ hurt him. 3.The number of historic buildings which ________ has reached a surprising figure that we must

4.—Jeremy rather than his friends ________ for the accident. —Absolutely. He shouldn't have driven after being drunk. A.are to be blamed C.is to blame economic development in China. A.have tried force on April 9,2013. A.when B.which C.that D.he 7.________ who had arrested him three times for carrying drugs.

B.are to blame D.is to be blamed

5.In view of the global financial crisis, every possible means ________ to stimulate the B.have been tried C.has tried D.has been tried

6.It was President Xi Jinping ________ visited the navy troops and urged to strengthen naval

A.Before George stood the policeman B.Before George the policeman stood C.Before the policeman stood George D.Before George did the policeman stand 8.Kate had a terrible time this summer. Not a day ________ w ithout having some . unpleasantness with her sister at home. A.she spent B.she had spent C.did she spend D.had she spent 9.The Chinese government promised that under no circumstances ________ the efforts to provide universal and lowcost health care. A.it would stop B.it might stop C.would it stop D.might it stop 10.So quickly ________ is a possibility today may be a reality tomorrow. A.are science and technology advancing that B.science and technology advancing are that C.science and technology are advancing what that D.are science and technology advancing that what 11.When the millionaire was young, he was very poor. Only by doing parttime jobs during the summer holiday ________ afford to pay his college fees. A.he could B.could he C.can he D.he can 12.—How unhappy your roommate looks! —Yes, but he's not willing to tell me what it is ________ is troubling him. A.what A.how A.do you B.which B.what B.don't you C.as C.that C.can it D.that D.which D.can't it 13.The smoggy weather has made us realize ________ terrible problems we are faced with. 14.Nothing that you say can change his mind, ________? 15.—Which one of these two dictionaries do you advise me to buy, Oxford or Longman? —Well, take Oxford. I think it is the ________ of the two. A.best B.better C.good D.well

三大从句 1.Sarah Brightman, ________ will fly to space in 2015, is the first woman to fly there in the field of music. A.who A.before work. A.that A.if B.which B.when C.what C.since D.whether D.unless 4.I think you should work harder ________ you are satisfied with the way things are. 5.________ is known to all is that effective measures should be taken to deal with the problem

B.that B.after

C.which C.until

D.whose D.when

2.Air pollution is getting more and more serious, so we must take action ________ it is too late. 3.Ram explained to his mother ________ he would get home late that night because of extra

of the overexploitation of our resources. A.What B.It C.As D.Which 6.—When did you get home last night? —It was almost midnight ________ we arrived home. A.that A.which A.when dreams. A.that A.what Air”. A.what B.which C.that D.where C.whoever D.anyone 12.The old woman is warmhearted. She is always ready to help ________ is in trouble. A.no matter who B.whomever 13.China is developing fast. That's ________ I think those of my colleagues who deal with China affairs should visit China. A.because shopping there. A.in case limited. A.who 情景交际 1.—Anything serious with my leg, doctor? —________. Nothing serious, as a matter of fact. A.Take your time C.Take it easy —________. I'd like her to join us. A.As you wish C.Hurry up B.You're welcome D.Not likely B.Forget it D.Good luck B.what C.which D.whether B.so that C.even if D.as if 15.We are thinking about ________ can be admitted into our club. The number of members is B.why C.when D.how 14.Take the note as a reminder ________ you forget to buy some sweets for the kids while B.when B.as C.which C.which D.where D.where 10.Her son was accused of cheating by the police, ______ made it difficult for her to go to sleep. 11.After a day's exhausting climb we arrived at ____ we had been told was “Garden in the B.before B.when B.which C.since C.where C.who D.when D.whom D.whose 7.He met Rachel at her college graduation ceremony in 2011, ________ he was later to marry. 8.I went to that fancy restaurant with my wife yesterday, ________ chefs are really brilliant. 9.The Olympics are like a huge stage _____everyone makes every effort to achieve their

2.—Shall we ask Diana if she'd like to join in the party tonight?

3.—Could you tell me how to get to the town hall? —________. Maybe you could ask the policeman over there. A.A piece of cake C.I don't care

B.That depends D.I don't know for sure

4.—Can I have an apple, Uncle Pal? —________. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. A.It doesn't matter C.You're welcome —________! A.Wish you success C.Sounds great 6.—Do you think Jim can manage it by himself? —________. He is expert at dealing with such a matter. A.Take care C.Don't worry 7.—Hey, taxi! —________, sir? —Can you take me downtown? A.What's it C.Can I help you 8.—May I see your driving license, please? —________? Did I do anything wrong? A.Why not C.Who cares B.What D.So what B.What's up D.Where to B.I'm not sure D.Don't mention it B.Good luck D.Congratulations B.It's a deal D.Help yourself

5.—I've got the job I've been looking forward to.

9.—Go out for what? Why not stay at home and watch the exciting basketball match broadcast? —________ You promised to take me out for dinner. A.Great! C.Come on! —________ I'm not in a hurry. A.Enjoy yourself. C.Why not? —________. Here it is. A.By all means C.It is a pleasure 12.—How much should I pay for the dinner? —________. A.You are welcome C.It's my treat —________ I didn't mean it. A.That's a setup. C.Forget it. 14.—Thanks for the lift. I do appreciate it.

B.Why me? D.Not at all!

10.—A second, please. I have another call coming through. B.Leave me alone. D.Take your time.

11.—May I use your phone? I left mine at home. B.Never mind D.Don't mention it

B.That's my pleasure D.It's my charge

13.—Did you get my iPhone 4S broken last night? B.Forgive me. D.So what?

—________. A.No problem C.Not necessarily —It's over there.________. A.My pleasure C.Feel free B.Got it D.No problem B.With pleasure D.A piece of cake

15.—May I use your dictionary? I need to look up a word.

答案 情态动词&虚拟语气 1-5 CACAD 时态和语态 1-5 CCBCB 6-10 DDBBB 11-16 ABDBCD 非谓语动词 1-5 BBCCB 6-10 DABBD 11-17 DDDBCCB 特殊句式 1-5 ADDCD 6-10 CACCD 11-15 BDBCB 三大从句 1-5 AAADA 6-10 DDDDC 11-15 ACBAA 情景交际 1-5 CADDD 6-10 CDBCD 11-15 ACBAC 6-10 ADCAA 11-15 ABBCB


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