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Enjoy the colorful campus life! Basic Listening Practice 1-5 CDBDA Listening In Task 1 (1) the first day (2) changing (3) really good (4) hard workers (5) went over her head (6) explained (7) notes (8) Wednesday (9) participation (10) education Task 2 (1)extra training (2)chemistry (3)accounting (4)many fields of study (5)better potential (6)business degree (7)challenging (8)how to learn (9)better understanding (10)narrow-minded Task3 1.B 2.C 3. D 4.A 5.D Let’s Talk Task 1 (1)quality (2)young (3)25 (4)difficult (5)government (6)quality (7)cut (8)extra-cautious (9)afford (10)experience (11)more (12)blame (13)budget

(14)puzzled (15)service Further Listening and Speaking Listening Task: Task1: Problems with our educational system (1)standardized tests (2)abilities and interest (3)interest (4)pressure (5)well-rounded (6)get into good colleges (7)the rest of the school (8)from bad to worse Task 2: The final exam (1)course (2)quizzes (3)semester (4)confident (5)party (6)make (7)missed (8)they had a flat tire on the way back and didn't have a spare (9)placed them in separate rooms, handed each of them a paper (10)On the second page was a question 95 worth Task3: Harvard University 1-5 BACDD Viewing and speaking: Task 1:University budget cuts (1)increasing (2)12 / twelve (3)more (4)facilities (5)lecturers (6)poorer (7)grant (8)one (9)budget (10)less (11)young (12)classic (13)part-time (14)growing (15)two-year Unit test

Part I 1.A 2.B 3.D 4.B 5.D Part II (1)for (2)with (3)opportunity (4)tuition (5)explore (6)encounter (7)adventure (8)As with any country, it is not advisable to carry large amounts of cash around with you (9)Traveler's checks are one of the safest and easiest ways to transport money, because you may have them replaced if they get lost or stolen (10)It is wise to bring about $100 with you in U.S. cash, so you will be able to manage upon your arrival in the States Part III 1.C 2.A 3.B 4.D 5.A Part IV 1.C 2.A 3.A 4.D 5.C 6.B 7.A 8.C 9.B 10.C

Our globe is in danger! I.Lead in Task 1: sandstorm ; air pollution ; deforestation water pollution ; melting polar ice cap ; light pollution drought ; desertification ; littering Basic Listening Practice 1.B 2.D 3. A 4.A 5.C Listening In Task 1:We should have proper respect for nature! (1)nature (2)environmental problem (3)pollution (4)promote

(5)aware of (6)from occurring (7)law (8)throw away (9)fined (10)trash Task 2:River pollution 1.D 2.A 3.B 4.C 5.D Task3: Curbing carbon emissions 1.D 2.D 3.A 4.B 5.C Let’s Talk Task 1:Disappointment over climate negotiations 1) doesn't really actually commit anyone to doing anything, 2) the atmosphere simple can't take the kind of emissions we've been seeing in the business-as-usual scenario and there's no real commitment to change that. 3) There's no real commitment to put serious money on the table 4) It's not backed by action, 5) It does not constitute a... a deal. 6) It's a hollow shell 7) it lacks anything on emissions cuts 8) There's no guarantee that there will be new money, that the money will be real, that there's actually a commitment to get there, or that it will be channeled in new ways, Further Listening and Speaking Listening Task: Task1: The environment and the development (1)water pollution (2)overconsumption (3)economic growth (4)resources (5)social advancement (6)restricted (7)government planning (8)economic policy (9)remarkable steps (10)balance Task 2: Thick cloud of pollution covering southern Asia 1.D 2.B 3.A 4.C 5.C Task3: Mountain regions face a number of dangers (1)negative (2)report (3)warming (4)pressures (5)mountainous

(6)barely (7)make way for (8)expect 98 percent of the mountain areas to experience severe climate change by 2055 (9)The UN is anxious to raise awareness of the problems facing mountain areas (10)Thousands of villages in Europe are deserted most of the year Viewing and speaking: Task 1:Santa's home town in danger (1)signs (2)warmer temperatures (3)warmest (4)snow (5)attracts (6)trouble (7)normal (8)season (9)one-time (10)white Unit test Part I 1.C 2.C 3.B 4.C 5.D Part II (1)chemicals (2)atmosphere (3)particles (4)trapped (5)lasts (6)human-based (7)progressed (8)Even in Ancient Rome people complained about smoke put into the atmosphere (9)Air pollution can have serious consequences for the health of human beings (10)Cities with large numbers of automobiles or those that use great quantities of coal often suffer most severely from air pollution problems Part III 1.A 2.C 3.D 4.C 5.B Part IV 1.B 2.C 3.D 4.C 5.C 6.A 7.D 8.D 9.B 10.C

Unit 3
Culture makes me what I am Task 1:On the first day Collectivism Individualism Individualism Collectivism

Basic Listening Practice 1.B 2.A 3. D 4.B 5.A Listening In Task 1:Competition in America 1.C 2.A 3. C 4.B 5.D Task 2:How to select elective courses? (1)roots (2)what (3)moral (4)diligence (5)sin (6)teachings (7)centuries (8)If it's worth doing at all, it's worth doing well (9)In English a new word has been created to describe people who work compulsively (10)Others hold that workaholics are valuable members of society because they are extremely productive Task3: Cross-cultural tips on doing business 1.D 2.A 3. D 4.A 5.C Let’s Talk Task 1:International Slavery Museum 1.(1)transatlantic slave trade (2)unknown lands (3)dignity or payment 2. (1)rich (2)cotton and sugar 3.(1)all over the world (2)family history (3)changed 4.200th anniversary 5.(1)banned (2)taking part in (3)slavery (4)freed Further Listening and Speaking Listening Task: Task1: Problems with our educational system 1.C 2.B 3.A 4.C 5.D Task 2: Our personal space 1.A 2.B 3.A 4.B 5.B Task3:We don't know what to do with them. 1.The Russian hurled the half-full bottle of vodka out of the open window. 2.He answered, "Vodka is plentiful in my country. In fact, we have thousands and

thousands of liters of it—far more than we need." 3.The businessman said, "I thought the Cuban economy was not good this year. Yet you threw that perfectly good cigar away. I find your actions quite puzzling." 4.He replied, "Cigars are a dime a dozen in Cuba. We have more of them than we know what to do with." 5.The American businessman sat in silence for a moment. Then he got up, grabbed the lawyer, and threw him out of the window. He did that probably because he thought there were too many lawyers in the United States. Viewing and speaking: Task 1:Reviving the image of tea (1)disappearing (2)kicking (3)tea shop (4)image crisis (5)update (6)compete (7)fast (8)product designers (9)contacts (10)similar (11)want (12)challenge (13)consumer (14)traditional Unit test Part I Keys: 1.B 2.C 3.B 4.B 5.D Part II (1) values (2) purpose (3) true (4) Nowhere (5) equality (6) races (7) laboratory (8) Although Edwards specifically mentions young men, young women also compete in organized sports without regard to their race or economic background (9) Many Americans believe that learning how to win in sports helps develop the habits necessary to compete successfully in later life (10) the competitive ethic taught in sports must be learned and cultivated in youth for the future success of American business and military efforts Part III 1.C 2.A 3.B 4.D 5.D Part IV

1.D 2.B 3.A 4.D 5.D 6.C 7.A 8.B 9.B 10.A

Lead in > Task 1 Extended family DINK family Nuclear family Single parent family Basic listening 1-5 CABCD Listening in > Task 1 (1) typical (2) known (3) Generally (4) find (5) apartment (6) sole (7) principal (8) Dual-earner families are the predominant type for families with children in the United States (9) adequate day care of children is necessary for dual-earner families (10) companies are getting involved in the arrangement of day care Listening in > Task 2 1-5BAABA Listening in > Task 3 1-5AAADC Let's talk > Task 1 (1) cry (2) relief (3) strong (4) understanding (5) angry (6) left (7) wondering (8) five (9) sad (10) stress (11) friends (12) helps (13) Christmas (14) cousins (15) presents Further listening and speaking Task 1 (1) divorce her husband (2) irresponsible (3) changing jobs (4) stability (5) bills (6) poverty line (7) apartment (8) yells at (9) calls him names (10) half

Task 2 1-5BCADC Task 3 (1) the last word (2) remarriage failures (3) picture (4) eight times (5) wife (6) dating (7) loneliness and anxiety (8) second (9) response to her (10) lukewarm (11) warmed up (12) accepted (13) ripe (14) blended into (15) right Further listening and speaking > Viewing and speaking > Task 1 (1) Lovely (2) similar (3) room (4) apologize (5) children (7) listen (8) angry (9) medicine (10) fantastic

(6) patience

Unit test
Part 1 1-5DADCC Part Ⅱ (1) at (2) wheel (3) tone (4) expression (5) Honey (6) divorce (7) speed (8) I don't want you to try to talk me out of it because I don't love you any more (9) I want the bank accounts, and all the credit cards, too (10) No, I've got everything I need Part Ⅲ 1-5CABDA Part Ⅳ 1-5ADBCA 6-10CABCD

Unit 5
Lead in > Task 1 Dragon Boat Festival Christmas Lantern Festival

Spring Festival Thanksgiving Valentine's Day Halloween Mid-Autumn Festival Basic listening 1-5 CABCC Listening in > Task 1 1-5DCDAB Listening in > Task 2 1-5ABABA Listening in > Task 3 (1) buy (2) office wear (3) likes (4) cats (5) pet (6) time (7) special dish (8) little party (9) little trip (10) countryside Let's talk > Task 1 (5) where's the best place to celebrate that is here in Times Square (2) we stay here and say hello and enjoy the party (7) I always wanted to do new years in New York City (4) we're here to watch the ball drop (8) I just want to be around the people and the lights and everything (1) we're standing here until the ball drops (6) We need love, a lot of love (3) I just want to wish everybody a happy new year Further listening and speaking > Further listening > Task 1 1-5ADCBC Task 2 (1) celebration (2) popular (3) American (4) died (5) remarrying (6) daughter (7) 1900s (8) the tradition was born, on the third Sunday every June, close to the anniversary of Sonora's father's death (9) The card probably has a nice message on it saying what a great dad their father is (10) British people might give their dad a bit of a rest—make him a cup of tea, or even wash his car and mow the lawn Task 3 1.He thought that if men were not married, they would not mind joining the army. So he passed a law to forbid any more marriages. 2.He kept on performing marriage ceremonies, secretly. 3.They came to the jail to visit him. They threw flowers and notes up to his window. 4.She was one of those young people and the daughter of the prison guard 5.Before he was killed, Valentine left the girl a little note thanking her for her friendship and loyalty. He signed, "Love from your Valentine." That note started the custom. Further listening and speaking > Viewing and speaking > Task 1

(1) fun (2) headache (3) 150 (4) two million / 2 million (5) feeling (6) atmosphere (7) traditional-looking (8) lights (9) regulations (10) family (11) translates (12) children (13) most famous (14) different (15) spreads

Unit test
1-5 CACDD (1) hang (2) remains (3) symbol (4) performed (5) what (6) that (7) represent (8) By the year 1600, some Germans began bringing evergreen trees into their homes. They put fruit, nuts and sweets on the trees (9) They say he did this to show how wonderful the stars had appeared to him as he traveled one night (10) The Christmas tree tradition spread to many parts of the world. Today, some form of Christmas tree is part of most Christmas celebrations 1-5 DABCD 1-10 CABCCABDAC

Unit 6
Basic listening CDACB Listening in > Task 1 1-7ABAABAA Listening in > Task 2 1-5BCCAD Listening in > Task 3 1-5CAACB Let's talk > Task 1

(1) 900 (2) customer calls (3) 70 (4) human resources (5) supported (6) customer-facing (7) place (8) two (9) right people (10) realistic Let's talk > Task 2 (3) Candidates have a telephone interview that would last somewhere in the region of 15 minutes. (2) Candidates come to have a tour of the centre. They get to see the role, see how it feels, and feel the culture of the company. (1) Candidates complete an application form. (4) Candidates have a two-hour assessment consisting of a role-play which looks at their customer service ability and a competency interview. Further listening and speaking > Further listening > Task 1 (1) coast (2) impressed (3) shipping company (4) cargo (5) communication skills (6) essential (7)asset (8) team spirit (9) her age (10) her parents Task 2 1-5BAABA Task 3 1-5CCBAD Further listening and speaking > Viewing and speaking > Task 1 (1) selection (2) pressure (3) marketing (4) interview (5) business (6) nervous (7) laugh (8) redundant (9) difficult (10) sacking

Unit Test
Part I 1-5 CBCDC Part III (1) ice (2) Examples (3) parking (4) response (5) provide (6) impression (7) ages (8) If this is the place where you would be working, they would automatically be worried that you will be late for work everyday (9) They might be historical questions regarding your previous employment or education (10) Make a statement, then support it by giving an example of a situation and how you handled it Part III 1-5 CBACD Part IV 1-10 DABCB CAADC

Unit 7

Why don’t we start a business of our own? Lead in > Task 1 L略 Basic listening practice 1-5 BCABC Listening in > Task 1 (1) reception (2) new connections (3) distributed (4) green hand (5) business cards (6) talk business (7) card (8) follow up (9) more ground (10) piece of cake Listening in > Task 2 1-5CBBAD Listening in > Task 3 (1) technology-oriented (2) higher (3) returns (4) options (5) Venture capital (6) cash (7) founders (8) business ideas (9) potential (10) intellectual property protection (11) 100 percent / 100% (12) creators (13) stock (14) $16.5 million (15) failure rate Let's talk > Task 1 (1) rapid growth (2) shock (3) large (4) shot up (5) hard (6) opportunities (7) different (8) stable (9) money (10) own Further listening and speaking > Further listening > Task 1 1-5 DCCAC Task 2 1-5 BABBA Task 3 1-5 CBDCA Further listening and speaking > Viewing and speaking > Task 1 略 Further listening and speaking > Viewing and speaking > Task 2 1Kraft is trying to acquire or take over Cadbury. 2Cadbury is a wonderful iconic business with remarkable market positions and great positions in growth markets which is delivering for its shareholders today. It has no strategic issues, no

financial issues and no managerial issues. 3It depends. If the acquiring company is an economically strong one and makes us a good offer, I would be only too glad to see the proposed takeover. On the other hand, if the acquiring company does not think our small company is worth a lot and the shareholders' interests are affected, then I would certainly be against the takeover.

Unit test
Part I 1-5 ADDCD Part II (1) resulting (2) demand (3) on (4) trends (5) elderly (6) trend (7) pet-related (8) Look at existing businesses and the products and services they offer, and then determine if there's a need for more of those products or services (9) Keep an open mind and continue to assess everything you read and hear from a business point of view (10)Dream, think, plan, and you'll be ready to transform that business idea into the business you've always wanted Part III 1-5CBDAC Part IV 1-10 BDBCA BDCDD

Unit 8
Here is a darker side of society. Basic listening practice Task 1 1-5 BACCD Task 2 1-5 CDCBA Listening in > Task 3 (1) 49 (2) first birthday (3) health care systems (4) reduce (5) expenses (6) increasing (7) lower (8) faster (9) education (10) reduce poverty (11) more opportunities (12) live better (13) social ladder Let's talk > Task 1 (1) easier (2) loneliness (3) passed away (4) brain (5) health problems (6) younger (7) doctor (8) assumption (9) history (10) attitudes

Further listening and speaking > Further listening >Task 1 BACBC Further listening > Task 2 1 She thinks many of the big spenders on lottery tickets are poor; they spend money they can't afford to spend. 2 He just buys lottery tickets for fun. He thinks if he won a huge amount, it would be exciting. 3They buy lottery tickets out of desperation. Also the thrill of a win, of something for nothing, is addictive. 4 Casinos are opening everywhere, many people go on gambling on holidays, and one can even take a gambling cruise. 5 It will be helpful for habitual gamblers only when they want to be cured themselves. Further listening > Task 3 CDABA Viewing and speaking > Task 1 (1) condition (2) dignity (3) fire (4) further (5) distinction (6) status (7) prosperity (8) fate (9) Answering (10) mission Unit Test 1-5 CBADD (1) habit (2) crucial (3) among (4) decade (5) did (6) issues (7) adult (8) teens get turned off if you ask them a lot of direct questions (9) The first phone call generally takes about 45 minutes, with discussion about why the teen began smoking and the extent of the habit (10)Now 260 teens who have participated in the program are being followed 1-5 ABCBD 1-10 CBACB ABCDC

Unit 9
What mode of travel do you prefer? Lead in > Task 1

略 Basic listening practice 1-5 CBCDA Listening in > Task 1 (1) security checks (2) searched (3) fear (4) carry-ons (5) checking (6) greater (7) seized (8) digital camera (9) take pictures (10) bags (11) on his way (12) strange Listening in > Task 2 1-5 ACCDD Listening in > Task 3 ABDDA Let's talk > Task 1 1. close 12.9 miles dreamed 2. exhausted cup of tea 3. abandon set down low 4. Pole fly over 5. on fast asleep Further listening and speaking > Further listening > Task 1 (1) a couple of hours (2) less than an hour (3) fare (4) regular passengers (5) convenient (6) the same day (7) conditions of aircraft (8) accidents (9) large quantities of cargo (10) far away Further listening and speaking > Further listening > Task 2 1-5 DCDAB Further listening and speaking > Further listening > Task 3 1.best none of them 2. land wings 3. small children before 4.smoothly 5. distributed evenly clean it Further listening and speaking > Viewing and speaking > Task 1 (1) landing (2) followed (3) headed (4) present (5) succeeded (6) arrested (7) publish (8) attention (9) happened (10) cheering (11) charge (12) dropped (13) humorous (14) missed (15) get back

Unit Test
1-5 CDCBC (1) tiny

(2) identity (3) maintain (4) fuel (5) networks (6) insurance (7) external (8) Ticket prices include a number of fees, taxes (9) If airlines carry passengers without proper documents on an international flight, they are responsible for carrying them back to the originating country (10) While airlines as a whole earned 6% return on capital employed, airports earned 10% 1-5 CABDC 1-10 ABDCB DBADB

Unit 10
With a failing memory, you meet a lot of new people. Lead in > Task 1 1-5AAABA 6-10ABAAA Basic listening practice CDABC Listening in > Task 1 1-5 BCDCA Listening in > Task 2 1-5 ABBAB Listening in > Task 3 (1) brain (2) nerve connections (3) musical instrument (4) your brain (5) blood circulation (6) vegetables (7) Protect and support (8) healthy (9) sugar (10) memory loss (11) nerve functions (12) tobacco (13) Improve (14) remembering (15) temporary Let's talk > Task 1 (1) memory power (2) test (3) new (4) saw (5)verdict (6)seconds (7) memories (8) endure (9) volunteers (10)staring (11)10,000 / 10000

(12) slide show (13) 70 percent / 70% (14) lose (15) where Further listening and speaking > Further listening > Task 1 1-5 ABDDC Further listening and speaking > Further listening > Task 2 (1) excellent marks (2) principles (3) picture (4) Association (5) familiar with (6) Consolidation (7) already learned (8) 16 / sixteen (9) Distributed Practice (10) shorter (11) muscle (12) exercise Further listening and speaking > Further listening > Task 3 1 Maybe we can't remember the name. 2 We can repeat the name back to the person to help us store the name in our "memory bank 3 We can repeat the name. In addition, we can visualize something different, unusual, or ridiculous about the person's appearance, position, or actions that ties in with his or her name. 4 The descriptive information on one side of the card and the name on the other side. 5 We can look at it repeatedly, seeing the "picture" in our mind's eye as we look at the name; or when we see the name, visualize the "picture" we have assigned to the name. Further listening and speaking > Viewing and speaking > Task 1 (1) intelligent (2) paintings (3) shown (4) cover (5) including (6) local (7) atmosphere (8) unique (9) painter (10) mouth

Unit Test
Part I 1-5 BCBCD Part II (1) damage (2) symptoms (3) sharp (4) involved (5) fitness (6) mind (7) over (8)They also may remember things better by mentally connecting them to other meaningful things (9)Stress, anxiety, or depression can make a person more forgetful (10) much pain and suffering can be avoided if older people, their family, and their doctors recognize dementia as a disease Part III 1-5 BCBAD Part IV 1-10 BCACD CBABD

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