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Festivals around the world

1. 那照片让她想起淹死在海里的爱人,她哭了。 The photo ________ her _____her lover who had drowned at sea, and she wept. 2. 多年来,这位身居墨西哥的老人日夜梦想着回到自己的祖国。 For many years this old man who ______ _______about going back to his homeland. 3. 这位精力旺盛的诗人也没有能够找出这些词的起源。 The ________poet could not find the _______of the words. 4. 我们又见面了,他为自己没有信守诺言而向我道歉,并希望我能原谅他。 When we met again, he _________ to me for not having ______ ______ _____and asked me to ______ him. 5. 根据专家们的预测,他会荣获今年金鸡奖的最佳男演员奖。 According to experts’________, he will win the best _____ at the Golden Rooster Award this year. 6. 很明显,他在尽力屏住呼吸。 It was ________that he was trying to _______ _______ ______ _____Mexico has been dreaming _____ ______

7. 如果你没有获得夜间泊车许可,就不能在此停车。 If you haven’t got a night parking _________, you can’t _____ your car here. 8. 下周举行的大会是为了纪念他们的祖先 100 多年前来到这个村庄。 The meeting that will ______ ______ next week is in memory of their ancestors’arrival in the village one hundred years ago. Unit 2 Healthy eating 1. 这一饮食的缺点是包含了太多的脂肪和糖分,优点是有很多能提供能量的食品。 The _______of this diet is that it has too much fat and sugar; its ______is that it has plenty of energy-giving food. 2. 那个商店老板试图通过打折来赢回顾客。 The shopkeeper is trying to ____his customers _____with a discount. 3. 如果你不为自己的错误道歉的话,他们是不会放过你的。 If you don’t say sorry for your mistake, they won’t let you ______ ______ ______it. 4. 他已经负债很久了。对于他来说,如何谋生成了个大问题。 He has been ____ ______ for a long time. How to _____ ______ ______ is a big problem. 5. 就在我等朋友时,突然发现有个男人在离我不远处正瞪眼看着我。 When I was waiting for my friend, I suddenly spied a man not far away ______ _____me. 6. 我不想对你说谎,但是我不得不告诉你他的智力有限。

I don’t want to ____ _____ ______ you, but I have to say that his intelligence is ______. 7. 专家说吃胡萝卜对眼睛很有好处。Experts say eating carrots _________ your eyes. Unit 3 The Million Pound Bank Note 1. 事实上,当他进入办公室时是偶然被保安发现的。 As a matter of fact, he was spotted _______ _______ by the guard as he entered the office. 2. 至于我,则想碰碰运气,在家乡开个公司。 _____ _____me, I want to_____ _____ ______ and set up my own company in my hometown. 3. 他把大量的时间和金钱花在世界各地的旅游上,因为他酷爱冒险。 He has spent_____ _______ _______ ______time and money travelling around the world, as he enjoys adventures. 4. 小女孩盯着桌上的菠萝甜点。The little girl ______ _______ the pineapple dessert on the table . Unit 4 Astronomy: the science of the stars 1. 既然我们已经完成了设计,就该由公司来精心建设了。 Now that we have finished the design, the company, ______ _____ _____, will do the construction. 2. 火灾没有造成太大损失,因为消防人员及时赶到了。 The fire did not cause too much damage, because the firefighters arrived_____ 3. 沙尘暴导致了连锁反应,最后造成火车撞毁。 The sandstorm led to ______ _______ _______which ended in a serious train crash. 4. 老师幽默的谈话让我们很振奋,班里的气氛也放松下来了。 The atmosphere in the classroom relaxed after the teacher ’s humorous talk _______ us ____. 5. 别打扰她。她昨晚刚生了一个男孩,现在还在睡觉。 Don’t disturb her. She ______ _______ ______ a boy last night and now she is asleep. Unit 5 Canada---“The True North” 1. 按照传统,鹰常常被人们当作勇气的标志。 According to ________, the eagle is usually regarded as a symbol of courage. 2. 站在塔顶上,我发现自己被云雾包围着。然而我仍能看到远处的山。那迷人的景色给我留下了深 刻的印象。 Standing at the top of the tower, I found myself ________by some clouds. However, I could still see the mountain______ _______ ______. The beautiful scenery ________me a lot. 3. 他善于交流,所以在工作中他和各种人打交道都应付自如。 He ______ ______ _____ _____communication, so he _____ _____ mix with all kinds of people in his job. 4. 据我所知,距离汽车站不到一百米就有一个银行。 _____ ______ ______ I know, there is a bank ________ a hundred meters of the bus stop. ______.



1.努力提高工厂工人的工作条件是值得做的事情. It ____ ______ _______ ____improve working condition for factory workers. 2.她的行为鼓舞了替他人继续为野生动物保护而奋斗. Her behavior _________ others to carry on the fight for wildlife protection. 3.作为一名学生你应该谦虚, 不应该瞧不起那些知道得比你少的同学. As a student, you should be ______ and not ______ ______ ______ the classmates who don’t know as much as you. 4.如果人类继续这样干, 我们很快就会陷入能源危机. If human beings ______ _______behaving like this, we will be short of energy soon.

5.年轻的一代中, 许多人都喜欢外国音乐和电影. Many of the young __________ enjoy foreign music and films. 6.如果想知道如何翻译这个句子, 你最好查字典. If you want to know how to translate this sentence, you’d better _____ ____ a dictionary. 7.当游行的队伍离开广场后, 人群拥了进来. When the parade ______ ______ from the square, the people ______ Unit 2 1.今天的课主要讲如何写新闻总结. Today’s lesson _______ ______ how to write a _________of a news article. ______.

2.我们必须快速浏览这个报告, 找到它的主要内容. We must________ the report to find the main idea. 3.老师让我们将难懂的单词划线并查字典(找出其意思). The teacher told us to __________the difficult words and look them up in the dictionary. 4.他说像统计数据这样的细节就不必包括在内了. He said that details like _________ should not be included. 5.我想我将用到一篇关于你们农民们让自己的土地远离化肥的报告. I think I’m going to use a report about how farmers are _______their fields _____ ___chemical fertilizers. 6.这个农民花了 20 年时间来创建自己的企业. It took the farmer twenty years to ________ _______ his business. 7.使用过多的化肥导致了严重的问题. ________(use)too much chemical fertilizer ________ ________serious problems. Unit 3 1.直到现在, 医生还对这种致命的疾病束手无策.

_____ ______ ____, doctors have been able to do very little to treat this deadly disease. 2.父亲死后的一段时间里, 查理非常穷困. Charlie was quite ______ _______ for a while after his father died. 3.地震过后, 政府为无家可归者提供了食物和毯子. After the earthquake, the government provided food and blankets foe the _______. 4.爱玛(可)不是一个一般的作家. Emma is no __________ writer. 5.戴茜羞怯地走进来, 穿着一件破旧地大衣. Daisy came in shyly wearing a __________ coat. 6.比赛过后, 戴维挥舞着双臂, 十分兴奋. After the race, David ________(wave) his arms in a gesture of excitement. 7.弗雷迪专门为这个场合买了一套西装. Freddy bought a new suit just for the _________. 8.爱德华脚下一滑, 在冰上失去了平衡. Edward _______ on the ice and lost his balance. Unit 4 1.为了捍卫国家的尊严, 他牺牲了自己的生命. He died __________ the honor of his nation. 2.伊丽莎白不信任他, 所以给他留了假姓名和假地址. Elizabeth did not trust him, so she gave him a _______name and address. 3.如果早上不喝上一杯咖啡, 詹妮就无法正常工作. Jenny can’t _________without a cup of coffee in the morning. 4.在第二次世界大战期间, 他由一名上尉逐步晋升为将军. During the World War II, he rose gradually from the_______of major to general. 5.别忘了明天把你的卡式录音机带来. Don’t forget ___________(bring)your cassette recorder tomorrow. 6.这里一定有什么误会, 我不知道妮在说些什么. There must be some _____________. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Unit5 1.许多运动衣, 运动鞋的品牌都采用先进技术寻求最好的设计. Many _______of athletic clothing and sneakers use ________technology to find the best design. 2.到游乐园有很多方法: 可以坐高速大巴, 宾馆的往返汽车, 或者承地铁. There are ______ways to reach the _________park: by freeway, by hotel shuttle, or by sub-way. 3.美国早期的移民不得不自己动手制作从布匹到奶油之类的一切东西. Early _______ in the US usually had to make everything from _____ to cream by themselves 4.我发现我能从接近真实生活的情景中学到很多. I find that I can’t learn a lot from _______ ________ ________real life situation.