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【英语】大纲第1册45分钟过关检测Unit 6 Good manners:Warming up, Listening & Speakingdoc

Unit 6 Good manners
训练一 Warming up, Listening & Speaking 基础巩固:站起来,拿得到! Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.Many years ago,tomatoes were i into China. 2.Yesterday,he fought with me.And then he made an a to me. 3.Social c are different in different countries. 4.If you don’t apologize to me for what you said to me yesterday,I’ll never f 原谅)you. 5.Though no f (过错)of her own,she lost her job. 6. B yourself.Don’t do like that. 7.It is good m to help those in trouble. 答案:1. introduced 2. apology 3. customs 4.forgive 5.fault 6.Behave 7.manners Ⅱ.单项选择 1.—Waiter! —_______ —I can’t eat this.It’s too salty. A.Yes,sir? B.What? C.All right? D.Pardon? 答案:A 此处为服务行业的礼貌用语,表示“是的,先生” 。 2.It is ______to shake hands with their friends when they meet in China. A.impolite B.good manner C.bad manners D.good manners 答案:D 根据句子意思判断,握手是有礼貌的表现,所以选择 D 项。 3.—I have come to_______you. —It doesn’t matter. A.thank B.say hello to C.express my thanks to D.apologize to 答案:D 由答语 It doesn’t matter.(没关系)可推知前一句应是“向某人道歉” 。 4.I must apologize for_______ahead of time. A.letting you not know B.not letting you know C.letting you know not D.letting not you know 答案:B 在动名词前加 not 表否定含义。 5.—Whose advice do you think I should take? —__________ . A.You speak B.It’s none of my business C.It’s up to you D.You got it 答案:C C 项的意思为“由你决定” ,符合题意。 6.When_________,the museum will be open to public next year. A.completed B.completing C.being complete D.to be completed 答案:A museum 与 complete 之间是被动关系。 7.—Would you introduce the book_________me? —___________.

A.for;I’m glad B.to;I’m glad to do it C.to;I’m glad to D.for;That’s all right 答案:C introduce sth.to sb.意为“向某人介绍某物” ,to 不可换用 for。答句是不定式符号 to 的省略用法。 8.It was in the village________is now a small town ________the earthquake took place. A.where;which B.which;where C.which;that D.that;where 答案:C 第一个空后的句子为定语从句,which 在句中作主语;第二个空是强调结构的引导 词,故选用 that。此处易误选用 where,若用 where,句意不对。 9.It’s no use going there now,,_________it’s too dark outside. A.however B.so C.besides D.then 答案:C 前半句意为“现在去那儿没有任何意义” ,后半句意为“外面太黑了” 。A、B、D 三个选项放在句中均语意不通,故选 C 项。 10.I know nothing about the young lady_________she is from Beijing. A.except B.except for C.except that D.besides 答案:C “she is from Beijing”是一个句子,因此使用 except that。 能力提升:踮起脚,抓得住! Ⅲ.单句改错 1.I still remember the things and people who we met at that. 答案:who→that 2.England is not cold throughout the year,but,it is very damp for too much fog. 答案:but→however 或去掉 but 后面的逗号 3.At the table,you should try to speak quietly and smile a lot,but do not laugh all the time. 答案:去掉第一个 the 4.Although he tried many times to use knives and forks,but he is still not familiar with them. 答案:去掉 but 5.Know table manners at a dinner party will help you make a good impression. 答案:Know→Knowing 6.Nodding one’s head means to agree in China. 答案:to agree→agreeing 或 agreement 7.There is a small shop besides our school,where we can buy many things. 答案:besides→beside 8.I want to buy a pencil,which I can write. 答案:which 前加 with 拓展应用:跳一跳,够得着! Ⅳ.听力训练 第一节 听下面 5 段对话,选出最佳选项,每段对话仅读一遍。 M:I hope I can see you at my birthday party. W:Oh,dear,I’ve almost forgot,when is it? M:Well ,the day after April Fool’s Day.Easy to remember,isn’t it? 1.When is the man’s birthday?

A.February 2nd. B.April 2nd. C.April 1st. 答案:B M:When does the next bus leave Shanghai? W:Buses leave for Shanghai every half-hour.You just missed the ten-thirty bus five minutes. 2.When will the next bus leave for Shanghai? A.In 25 minutes. B.In 30 minutes. C.In 15 minutes. 答案:A W:Who is your new secretary,Tom? M:Miss Evans.I’m very pleased with the work that she has done so far. 3.What do we know about the man’s secretary? A.The secretary is not very hard-working. B.The secretary is not very well. C.The secretary has not been working there very long. 答案:C M:Conductor,can I get to Wangfujing Street on this bus? W:Yes,change at Fuxingmen for the subway. 4.Where should the man get off the bus? A.Wangfujing Street. B.Fuxingmen. C.Near the subway station. 答案:B M:Grandmother.How did you meet Grandfather? W:Well,we met several times.You see we only lived about five miles from each other. M:When did he ask you to marry him? W:Well,it was rather strange.We were at a dinner party and I was sitting next to him.We were talking about people getting married and so on.We had a very good time.So I said to him, “and will you marry me?” 5.What do we know from this conversation? A.They had known for a long time before they got married. B.Grandfather asked Grandmother to marry him in a party. C.They used to live quite near to each other before they got married. 答案:C 第二节 听下面 6 段对话或独白。选出最佳选项,每段对话或独白读两遍。 听第 6 段材料,回答第 6—7 题。 W:Hello,Daddy.What’s that? M:Hello,Carol.It’s our family tree.See,here are your grannies and granddads.That’s Mummy’s parents—Collin and Bob.And my parents are here, Paul and Dianne. W:So That’s you and Mummy in the middle? M:That’s right.Here’s Mummy,and your Auntie Susan,and this is me and my brother Peter. W:And I’m at the bottom of the tree! M:Yes here you are.See,“Carol”.You’re next to your brother. W:Oh,I see. 6.What are they talking about? A.A tree of their family. B.Their family members. C.The girl’s grandparents.

答案:B 7.What is the name of the girl’s uncle? A.Bob. B.Paul. C.Peter. 答案:C 听第 7 段材料,回答第 8—10 题。 W:Yes,sir,may I help you? M:Please,I’d like a ticket to Chicago. W:For today? M:No,early Monday morning. W:We have a flight that will put you there at 9:00 a.m.,is that OK? M:Nothing earlier?I have a meeting at 8:30. W:I’m afraid not, unless you want a night flight. M:A night flight? W:Yes,with Northwest Airlines.It will get you there bright and early,at 6:45 a.m.Is that too early? M:I guess that will be OK.What’s the difference in price? W:Better price.Night flight is cheaper.One way or round trip? M:One way.Sound good.I’ll take it. 8.How is the man going to Chicago? A.By air. B.By water. C.By train. 答案:A 9.What time does the man have to get to Chicago? A.By 8:00 a.m.Monday. B.By 8:30 a.m.Monday. C.By 8:00 a.m.today. 答案:A 10.What time will the flight get him there? A.At 6:45 a.m. B.At 6:40 a.m. C.At 6:55 a.m. 答案:A 听第 8 段材料,回答第 11—13 题。 M:Hello,Kate.Where is Jane?I want her to type this letter for me. W:I’m afraid she can’t.She isn’t working today. M:Oh,why?Is she ill? W:No,she is studying for an exam. M:An exam?Is she going to school? W:Yes,she is.She is learning Japanese at a night school. M:I see.Are you going to night school,too? W:No,I’m not,not this year,but I’m thinking about taking a course next year. M:That’s a good idea.Is it expensive? W:No,not very.Anyway,It’s worth the money. 11.Where are the two speakers? A.In an office. B.In a restaurant. C.In a classroom. 答案:A 12.What is Jane doing now? A.She is taking a rest. B.She is taking an exam. C.She is preparing for an exam.

答案:C 13.What does Kate plan to do next year? A.Go to Japan. B.Change her job. C.Go to a night school. 答案:C 听第 9 段材料,回答第 14—16 题。 M:I noticed an article in the newspaper about the problem of rapid growth of cities in America.I was wondering whether you Americans carry out a birth control policy.Can Americans have as many children as they want? W:Yes,we can have as many as we want,but most people decide to have only one or two.And some people decided not to have any. M:Why do they decide not to have any?In the old days,we Chinese always wanted to have as many as possible.Some still do now. W:Some people prefer to devote all their energy to their work or to seek their own interests and travel.And others see so many problems is the world that they refuse to bring children into such a difficult environment. M:It’s understandable. 14.What are the two speakers’ nationalities? A.They are British and American. B.They are Chinese and French. C.They are Chinese and American. 答案:C 15.What problem was the newspaper article about? A.It was about the problem of rapid growth of cars in cities in America. B.It was about the problem of rapid growth of cities in America. C.It was about the problem of rapid growth of skyscrapers. 答案:B 16.What attitudes do most Americans take towards having children? A.Most Americans decide not have any children. B.Most Americans decide to have as many children as they can. C.Most Americans decide to have only one or two children. 答案:C 听第 10 段材料,回答第 17—20 题。 Since the dawn of history man has been trying to build the “tallest building” tallest tower” “ , or “tallest structure” the world.Many towers claim the title,and many cities quarrel about who is in the winner. During the first 90 years of this century,the USA controlled the race for the title of the tallest building in the world,and built some famous buildings that were widely recognized as being the “tallest building”in the world.But the titles could only last sometimes for a few months,and sometimes for many years.In 1974 Chicago’s Sears Tower was completed,and generally seen as the “tallest building”in the world.Sears held on to that title for over 20 years.In 1976 the CN Tower was built by Canadian National (CN)who wanted to show the strength of Canadian industry by building a tower taller than any other in the world.Its top is no less than 1816 feet,up in the skies!So the people from CN Tower themselves claim that their tower is “the world’s tallest building”.

But then why do so many people not recognize CN Tower as the “world’s tallest building” ? Because,they say,CN Tower is not a building.Constructors and architects argue that a building is a frame structure made of walls and floors,but most of the structure of CN Tower is no more than a concrete shaft housing elevators,and therefore it is not a building.This is the reason why many people do not recognize CN Tower as “the tallest building in the world”. 17.During the first 90 years of this century,what country controlled the race for the title of the tallest building in the world? A.The USA. B.Canada. C.Some Asian countries. 答案:A 18.In 1974,what building is recognized as the tallest building in the world? A.The CN Tower. B.Chicago’s Sears Tower. C.The Emperor Building. 答案:B 19.Why did the Canadian National build the CN Tower? A.To compete with the USA. B.To show the strength of Canadian industry. C.To win the title of the“tallest building in the world”. 答案:B 20.Why do many people not recognize CN Tower as the “world’s tallest building”? A.Because it’s not a building at all. B.Because it’s not taller than Chicago’s Sears Tower. C.Because it’s as tall as Chicago’s Sears Tower. 答案:A Ⅴ.口语训练 What are good manners when you are paying a visit to a friend’s house? 答案:略