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高考英语一轮复习 完形和阅读综合练习(五)1

湖北通城县 2017 高考英语完形和阅读综合练习(五)
完形填空 【2014·济南巩固性训练】 Lilly was a French Canadian girl who grew up in the farming community.When she was 16,her father__1__her to drop out of school to contribute to the family income.With English as her second language and__2__education,the__3__didn’t look bright for Lilly. Lilly’s father was a stubborn man who__4__took “no” for an answer.He__5__Lilly to find a job.With small hope of gaining__6__,each day she would just ride to the city,walk__7__about and return home at dusk. On one of her__8__,Lilly saw a sign at a big company.__9__,she knocked on the very first door.In her__10__English,Lilly told the office manager she was interested in the secretarial position.The manager __11__to give the girl a chance.He directed her to type a letter,and then__12__.Lilly looked at the clock and saw it was 11∶40 am.She thought everyone would be leaving for__13__at noon,when she could__14__away in the crowd.But she knew she should__15__the letter. On her first try,Lilly__16__one line of five words and made four mistakes.On her second attempt, she completed a full paragraph,but still made many mistakes.She looked at the clock:11∶55—five minutes to__17__.Just then the manager walked in.He came directly to Lilly,read the letter and said,“Lilly,you’re doing__18__work!” With those simple words of encouragement,her desire to escape disappeared and her__19__began to grow.Lilly thought,“Well,if he thinks it’s good,then it must be good.I think I’ll stay!” Lilly did stay—all because someone had given a__20__and uncertain girl the gift of self?confidence when she knocked on the door. 1.A.reminded C.encouraged 2.A.poor C.good 3.A.advice C.future 4.A.always C.sometimes 5.A.warned C.allowed 6.A.employment C.judgment 7.A.carefully B.forced D.helped B.formal D.modern B.promise D.change B.usually D.rarely B.told D.begged B.experience D.independence B. happily

C.aimlessly 8.A.steps C.purposes 9.A.Bravely C.Calmly 10.A.broken C.written 11.A.refused C.pretended 12.A.stopped C.left 13.A.lunch C.fun 14.A.break C.pass 15.A.read C.attempt 16.A.went over C.gave away 17.A.freedom C.discussion 18.A.terrible C.honest 19.A.belief C.confidence 20.A.shy C.selfless

D.rapidly B.trips D.choices B.Proudly D.Cautiously B.perfect D.fluent B.decided D.failed B.continued D.sighed B.life D.luck B.slip D.drive B.write D.deliver B.picked up D.got through B.success D.reward B.excellent D.easy B.patience D.strength B.lonely D.modest

语篇解读 Lilly 到一家公司求职, 面试时她本来打算放弃, 后来因为经理给予的鼓励和自信而被成功录用 了。 1.解析: 当她 16 岁时,她的父亲强迫(forced)她辍学来为家里赚钱。 答案: B 2.解析: 由上文的“drop out of school”可知她没有受到良好的教育。poor 不佳的,差的,符合语境。 答案: A 3.解析: 既然英语是她的第二语言,且她所受的教育不好,根据常识可判断她的前途(future)不是很光


明。 答案: C 4.解析: Lilly 的父亲是一个固执的人,他几乎不允许孩子说半个“不”字。rarely 很少,难得,符合 语境。 答案: D 5.解析: 他吩咐(told) Lilly 去找一份工作。 答案: B 6.解析: 由上文 Lilly 找工作可知,应选 employment 雇用。 答案: A 7.解析: 每天她都骑车到市里,漫无目的地(aimlessly)四处走走,黄昏的时候回家。 答案: C 8.解析: 此处选 trips 指找工作的旅程。 答案: B 9.解析: 答案: D 10.解析: broken English 蹩脚的英语,是固定用法。第一段提到的“English as her second language 此处指她敲门时的忐忑心情。Cautiously 小心地,谨慎地,符合语境。

and__2__education”是线索提示。 答案: A 11.解析: 由下文的“He directed her to type a letter”可知,他决定(decided)给 Lilly 一个机会。 答案: B 12.解析: 他指示她打一封信,然后就离开(left)了。 答案: C 13.解析: 由上文的时间 11∶40 am 以及下文的 at noon 可知,她想人人都会在中午去吃午餐(lunch), 到时她就可以混在人群中溜掉。 答案: A 14.解析: 答案: B 15.解析: 但她知道她应该尝试(去打)那封信。attempt 尝试,符合语境。 答案: C 16.解析: get through 完成,符合语境。下文中的 completed(完成)是线索提示。 答案: D 17.解析: 还有五分钟就自由(freedom)了,此处表示她想逃离的心情。 答案: A 18.解析: 由下文的“simple words of encouragement”可知,此处为表扬的话语。故选 excellent。 答案: B 参见上题解析。slip away 溜出去,悄悄离开。


19.解析: 听到这些简单的鼓励的话语,她想逃离的愿望消失了,而且自信心(confidence)开始增强。 答案: C 20.解析: 由上文的“她小心翼翼地敲门”可知,她是一个害羞的(shy)女孩。 答案: A

阅读理解。阅读下列短文, 从给的四个选项 (A、B、C 和 D) 中, 选出最佳选项。 【2014·烟台 3 月诊断性考试】 Fahad Azad,an engineer in India,invented a robot named DuctBot.The toy?car sized DuctBot measured 23 centimeters in length,19 centimeters in width and 9 centimeters in height and weighs just two kilograms. The robot is designed to snake through dark,narrow air conditioning ducts (管道) and clean them.A pair of LEDs fitted on the robot light up the dirty scenery,so it can be captured (抓 拍) by a camera. In order to control it more easily,Mr Azad chooses to fix DuctBot on wheels.The robot can clean off lots of dirt,as well as dead pigeons and insects.Keeping indoor air in good quality and monitoring carbon?dioxide levels in buildings with central air conditioning is a challenge.It is important in some places where clean air can mean a difference between life and death,such as hospitals.Dirty air has a bad influence on people’s health. EPSCO,a Dubai?based company which specializes in improving indoor air quality,read about Mr Azad’s invention in a national newspaper after he had won an international robotics competition.EPSCO had cleaning equipment,but it needed someone to get into those ducts to do the dirty,dangerous work.Across India,for example,the task still falls to children.They are small enough to go through those ducts. In 2005,Mr Azad who was still at university decided to do something about it.Six years later his own company, Robosoft Systems, has Bluestar, EPSCO and the Indian Navy, some leading air condition makers,as partners. Mr Azad and his ten employees are currently exploring robot designs to examine oil tanks or sewage (污水) pipes.Their biggest challenge is to make the robots user?friendly enough.Mr Azad hopes that the robot could eventually be operated not by engineers but by workers.There will be lots of difficulties they need to overcome in the future. 1.What can we learn about Ductbot? A.It is a toy car and popular with children. B.It is designed to move like a snake in the ducts. C.many LEDs are fitted on it to tell its location.


D.It is actually a camera to capture dirty scenery. 2.The underlined word “it” in Paragraph 2 refers to “________”. A.the camera C.the LED light 3.What can the Ductbot do for us? A.Clean off the dirt in the ducts. B.Control the central conditioning. C.Reduce carbon?dioxide in buildings. D.Protect more animals in city. 4. According to the text,EPSCO________. A.has won an international robotics competition B.hired children to clean the dirty ducts in the past C.is the only partner of Robosoft Systems D.specializes in improving people’s health 5.What is the main idea of the last paragraph? A.Only engineers can operate the Ductbot now. B.New ways have been found to examine oil tanks. C.Azad’s difficulties are impossible to overcome. D.Azad’s team are working to improve their robot designs. 语篇解读 本文是一篇说明文。主要介绍了印度的一名工程师发明了一种可以进入空调管道来清理空 调灰尘的机器人。 1.解析: 细节理解题。根据文章第二段第一句“The robot is designed to snake through dark, narrow air conditioning ducts (管道) and clean them.”可知,它像蛇一样在管道中行走。 答案: B 2.解析: 指代判断题。根据文章第二段第二句“A pair of LEDs fitted on the robot light up the dirty scenery”并结合下文可推知,此处的 it 代指的是 the dirty scenery,故答案 D 符合文意。 答案: D 3.解析: 细节理解题。根据文章第二段第一句“The robot is designed to snake through dark, narrow air conditioning ducts (管道) and clean them.”和第三段的第二句“The robot can clean off lots of dirt...”可知,这种机器人可以清理管道里的垃圾。 答案: A 4.解析: 细节理解题。根据文章第四段的第二句和第三句“EPSCO had cleaning equipment,but it needed someone to get into those ducts to the dirty,dangerous work.Across India,for example, the task still falls to children”可知,EPSCO 公司在过去经常雇佣小孩来清理管道垃圾。 B.the conditioning duct D.the dirty scenery


答案: B 5.解析: 段落大意题。根据文章最后一段的前两句“Mr Azad and his ten employees are currently exploring robot designs to examine oil tanks or sewage (污水) pipes.Their biggest challenge is to make the robots user?friendly enough.”和整体理解可知,本段主要讲的是 Azad 团队正在致力于改 善自己的机器人设计,故答案 D 符合文意。 答案: D。

阅读下列文章,按要求完成读写任务 Healthy knees aren't the main consideration in choosing high heels,but new research says chunky heels are just as bad for the knees as spindly stilettos(细高跟鞋).“It takes a long time to feel the effects of knee osteoarthritis (骨关节炎)—and once you do it,it is too late,” said Dr.Casey Kerrigan,leading researcher of the study and associate professor at Harvard Medical School's department of physical medicine.“I compare it to smoking—one cigarette is not painful, but over a lifetime it is.Wide?heeled shoes feel comfortable,so women wear them all day long,” Kerrigan said.“They are better for your feet than stiletto heels,but just as bad for your knees.” In the study,researchers had twenty women wear two pairs of shoes with three?inch heels,one with a narrow heel and the other with a thick one.The scientists compared how much pressure was put on the women's knees by both types of shoes.The women also walked bare?foot to test normal pressure.The scientists found that both types of shoes applied equal amounts of pressure to the knees.Compared with walking barefoot,the heels increased pressure on the inside of the knee by 26 percent.Increased pressure on the knee eventually leads to arthritis,experts say. The idea that high heels are bad for your health isn't new?scientists have warned women for years that they contribute to problems ranging from corns to hammer toes,tendonitis,knee pain, sprained(扭伤)ankles and back problems.But in 1998,Kerrigan and a team of Harvard researchers were the first to link high heels and knee osteoarthritis,a painful joint disease that destroys cartilage(软骨)surrounding the knee.The first study looked only at stiletto heels,and Kerrigan said she wanted to study the chunky high?heeled shoes she noticed many women wearing.“This study confirms what we all intuitively(直觉地)know that high?heeled shoes of any kind are not good for our health,” said Dr.Glem Pfeffer,a San Francisco doctor and member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons who was not connected to the study. Ⅰ.根据短文,写一篇 30 词左右的摘要 _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________


_______________________________________________________ Ⅱ.根据所读短文,选择最佳选项 1.We learn from the passage that women choose chunky heels because ________. A.they want to walk comfortably B.chunky heeled shoes are cheaper than stiletto heeled pairs C.chunky heels do less harm to knees D.chunky heels are not painful at all 2.The study mentioned in the second paragraph found that ________. A.pressure on the foot is caused by high heels B.the pressure is abnormal while walking barefoot C.arthritis is always caused by pressure on the knees D.both types of shoes have the same harm to the knees 3.It can be inferred from the passage that ________. A.people got to know the high heels are bad for health recently B.people have known the high heels are bad for health for years C.people haven't known the high heels are bad for health yet D.people will be warned that the high heels are bad for health soon 4.Kerrigan's late study looked at the chunky high?heeled shoes because ________. A.they feel more comfortable B.they are related to knee osteoarthritis C.they are worn by many women D.they are different from stiletto heels 5.The best title for the passage may be ________. A.Talking Healthy Knees into Consideration B.High?heels Do Harm to Knees C.Chunky Heels and Stiletto Heels D.When Wearing High?heels

参考答案【三】 Ⅰ The passage discusses the idea that high heels have bad effects on the knees by surveying and showing some facts and the reasons for it,so when choosing high heels we should consider our healthy knees. Ⅱ 1.解析:细节理解题。根据第一段中的“Wide heeled shoes feel comfortable,so women wear them all


day long”可知妇女选择粗高跟鞋是因为粗高跟鞋穿着舒服,A 项与此意思相符。 答案:A 2.解析:推理判断题。从第二段中的“The scientists found that both types of shoes applied equal amounts of pressure to the knees.”可知,两种高跟鞋给膝关节带来的压力是等量的,所以它们对膝关 节的伤害是一样的。 答案:D 3.解析:细节理解题。根据第三段开头“The idea that high heels are bad for your health isn't new—scientists have warned women for years that...”可知 B 项与此一致。 答案:B 4.解析:细节理解题。根据第三段中的“The first study looked only at stiletto heels,and Kerrigan said she wanted to study the chunky high heeled shoes she noticed many women wearing.”可见, 起初的研究对象只是细高跟鞋,Kerrigan 后来对粗高跟鞋进行调查研究是因为她注意到许多妇女穿着粗高 跟鞋。 答案:C 5.解析:主旨大意题。本文主要论述了鞋跟粗厚的高跟鞋和鞋跟细高的高跟鞋一样,都对膝关节有损害。 所以 B 选项“高跟鞋伤害膝关节”是最佳选项。 答案:B


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