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第二部分 历届试题精选

Unit 1
1. jack, good boy! Please pass ________ the glasses. I want to read the newspaper. A. you B. me C. him D. her 2.This morning I had ________ egg and a bottle of milk for my breakfast. A. an B. a C. the D.不填 冠词 不定冠词 用法 用于可数名词单数形式前 不特指某人或某物 表示“一”的数量,但没有 one 强 烈 用于固定词组中 定冠词 用法 特指某人或者某物 双方都知道的事物或人 上文提过的人或物 独一无二 序数词和形容词最高级前 普通名词构成的专有名词前 习惯用语 例句 Show me the photo of the boy. Where are the new books, Jim? They are on the small table. Ji Wei lives on a farm. The farm is not big. The sun is bigger than the moon. The first month of the year is January. The Great Wall In the morning 例句 Susan is a scientist. Pass me an orange, please. A boy is looking for you. We work five days a week. We are going to have an English lesson tomorrow. I have a mouth, a nose, two eyes and two ears. A few, a little, a lot of, a moment ago

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On the left 零冠词 用法 专有名词和不可数名词前 名词已经有定语 this, that, my, your, some, any 等 复数名词表示一类人或物 星期、月份、季节、节日前 称呼前 三餐和球类运动前 例句 China That letter is in her bag. My father and mother are teachers. It is Sunday today. What colour are Mrs. Green’s shoes? He went to school before breakfast this morning.

3. —How many ________ can you see in the following pictures? —Three. A. boys B. animals C. films D. buildings

4. Timmy goes to school ________ every day. It's 5 minutes' walk from his home to school. A. in a bus B. by plane C. on foot D. by boat 5. Everything is ________ at night markets. You don't need a lot of money to have a good time. A. cheap B. bad C. tired D. dear 6. —Excuse me, ________ is the nearest bookshop? —Go down the street and turn left at the second corner. A. how B. what C. where D. who 7. The sign ? tells us ________. A. NO SMOKING B. NO PARKING C. NO PHOTOS D. NO FOOD 8. —Can you play football? —Yes, I can, ________ I can't play it very well. 转折关系 A. or B. and C. so D. but 9. Last month, students had to have their lessons by internet ________ because of SARS. A. on the playground B. at home C. in the street D. near the hospital 10. It is ________ today than yesterday. Shall we go swimming this afternoon? A .the hottest B. hot C. hottest D. hotter 最高级要加 the,由于 hot 为重读闭音节所以要双写 t 加 est。 11. Listen! Some of the girls ________ about Harry Potter. Let's join them! A. are talking B. talk C. will talk D. talked 出现 listen,look 等词,优先考虑使用进行时态。 12. ________ Chinese are looking for ways to learn English well before Beijing 2008 Olympics.

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A. Thousand B. Thousands C. Thousand of D. Thousands of 数字+thousand 原形正确 Thousands of 正确,其他形式不正确 13. Our teacher, Miss Chen, ________ English on the radio the day before yesterday. A. teaches B. taught C. will teach D. had taught 14. Do you know ________ during the coming summer holiday? A. what will Tom do B. what did Tom do C. what Tom will do D. what Tom did 考虑两点问题就能解题: 1.语序:陈述语序 2.时态:看时间状语 15. The English novel is quite easy for you. There are ________ new words in it. A. a little B. little C. a few D. few 判断标准: 1.Little few 的区别 2.肯定还是否定 16. I don't think I ________ you in that dress before. A. have seen B. was seeing C. saw D. see 17. Today some newly-produced mobile phones can take pictures ________ a camera. A. as B. for C. like D. of 18. —You want ________ sandwich? —Yes, I usually eat a lot when I'm hungry. A. other B. another C. others D. the other 19. —Don't you think you should paint the wall? —Who would ________? A. see B. look C. watch D. notice 20. —I forgot to bring my notebook. —________. You can borrow some paper from me. A. Help yourself B. I'm sorry C. No problem D. So careless 答案:Unit 1 BABCA CADBD ADBCD ACBDC

Unit 2
1. That girl is new in our class. Do you know ________ name? A. her B. she C. he D. his 2. Look! there ________ some apples in that tree. A. is B. was C. are D. were 判断条件: 1.倒装真正的主语的单数复数

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2.时态 3. —Can you play with a yo-yo, Jim? —Yes, I ________ . It's easy. A. must B. can C. need D. may Can 与 may 的区别:can 表示自身能力,may 表示许可 4. I'd like something to read. Would you please pass me the ________? A. pen B. box C. ruler D. book 5. The computer is very useful in our life, ________ it? A. isn't B. wasn't C. hasn't D. doesn't 反意疑问句中提问部分助动词和主句要一致 6. —________ is a ticket for the film hacker II? —About forty Yuan. A. How old B. How many C. How much D. How often 7. September 10th is ________. A. Women's Day B. Children's Day C. Mid-autumn Day D. Teachers' Day 8. Be careful, ________ you will fall off the tree. A. so B. or C. but D. and 9. —Li Lei did very well in the English exam. —Oh, yeah! He is ________ English. A. weak in B. angry with C. good at D. afraid of 10. She will have a holiday as soon as she ________ the work next week. A. finishes B. doesn't finish C. will finish D. won't finish 条件句中一般现在时表示将来时态为考试的考察重点内容 11. This second-hand camera is much ________ than that new one. A. cheap B. cheaper C. dear D. dearest 12. —Where is Mr. Green now? I haven't seen him for a few days. —He ________ Hong Kong. A. has been to B. had been to C. had gone to D. has gone to 注意:been to 在考试中从来没有作为正确选项 13. —Could you let me know ________ yesterday? —Because the traffic was heavy. A. why did you come late B. why you came late C. why do you come late D. why you come late 14. It's too dark here. Please ________ the light. A. turn back B. turn down C. turn on D. turn off 15. Which of the following means "No Photos"?

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Unit 3
1. Could you show me the way to the post office? A. make B. ask C. tell 2. Most of the American people are friendly. A. friend B. lucky C. well 选择替代词的时候一定要保证词性一致 3. She looked tired after a long walk. A. seemed B. saw C. watched 系动词有: Be 动词 keep, remain, stay, lie, stand seem, appear, look feel, smell, sound, taste become, grow, turn, get, trun out D. want D. kind

D. found

4. His new shirt is too expensive. A. dear B. large C. long D. cheap 5. I received a letter from one of my friends in Beijing yesterday. A. read a letter for B. heard from C. wrote a letter to D. heard 6. This ruler is mine. ________ is over there. A. She B. She's C. Her D. Hers 形容词性物主代词+名词=名词性物主代词 7. There ________ some children playing on the playground. A. is B. are C. has D. have 8. We are all here ________ Li Ming because he is ill. A. besides B. and C. except D. of Besides 是包含关系 Except 是不包含关系 9. Their daughter is ________ Lucy. A. old than B. very old than C. as older as D. as old as 10. ________ make him do that. He is too young. A. Don't B. Not to C. To not D. To don't 祈使句用 don’t 开头否定 11. I don't have ________ dresses, but I have ________ skirts. A. any, any B. some, some C. any, some D. some, any 12. —Is it ________ English dictionary?

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—Yes, and it is ________ useful one. A. a, a B. a, an C. an, a D, an, an 13. Eat less, ________ you'll get fat. A. or B. and C. but D. so 14. I don't know the word. Could you help me to ________ in the dictionary? A. look it B. look at it C. look after it D. look it up 15. ________ people are fighting against SARS. A. Million of B. A million of C. Millions of D. Several millions 16. ________ to ask me for help. A. Why don't come B. Why not come C. Why not to come D. Why to not come 17. Have you ever heard ________ interesting story? A. so B. such C. so an D. such an 18. You ________come if you ________ busy tomorrow. A. not need, are B. must, will be C. needn't, are D. needn't, be 19. —Is your father in? —No, he________ for three hours. A. was out B. has been out C. went out D. has gone out 20. I didn't know ________they could pass the exam or not. A. that B. what C. which D. whether 答案:Unit 3 CDAAB DBCDA CCADC BDCBD

Unit 4
1. —Do you enjoy your stay in Hangzhou? —Yes. I've had ________ wonderful time. A. a B. an C. the D. 不填 2. —This digital camera is really cheap! —The ________ the better. I'm short of money, you see. A. cheap B. cheaper C. expensive D. more expensive 3. —It's a nice car. ________have you been in it? —Just to Shanghai. A. How much B. How long C. How soon D. How far 4. —What is a writing brush, do you know? —It's used ________ writing and drawing. A. with B. to C. for D. by Be used to doing 习惯做某事 Used to do 过去常常做某事

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Be used to do 被动形式,表示什么东西被用来做什么 Be used for doing 被动形式,表示什么东西被用来做什么 5. —Where is jack, please? —He ________ be in the reading room. A. can B. need C. would D. must 情态动词表示推断为情态动词重点考试内容。 肯定句中 might<may<must 否定句中 can’t couldn’t 6. —Did you see Tom at the party? —No, he ________ by the time I got there. A. left B. was leaving C. had left D. has left 过去完成时态一定是过去的过去概念。 ----------+---------------+-------------+-----------? A B C 过去完成时 过去时 现在 7. —Alice, you ________ on the phone. —I'm coming. thanks. A. want B. are wanted C. are wanting D. have wanted 8. Tracy can't play the match now. Please ________ instead. A. have Lily do it B. have Lily to do it C. make Lily to do it D. let Lily to do it 9. My school is about twenty _________ walk from here? A. minute B. minutes' C. minute's D. minutes 10. It is said that SARS has killed more than ________ people worldwide. A. two hundreds B. two hundreds' C. two hundred's D. two hundred 11. George Mallory was an English school teacher ________ loved climbing. A. who B. whom C. he D. which 定语从句 We all like Old Fish that is handsome. 先行词 关系词 关系代词: which, who, whom, whose, that 关系副词:when, why, where 1.先行词指人,用 who/whom (1)who 可以做主语、宾语、或者表语,但 who 之前不能有介词 (2)whom 只能做宾语或者表语,但在 all of/many of 加先行词时后只能加 whom 注意:who.whom 做宾语可以省略 2.先行词为物,用 which (1)which 可以代单词 (2)which 可以代短语 (3)which 可以代句子

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3.that 与 which 区别 (1)只能用 that 情况 先行词有人有物 先行词为 all, little, few, much, none, the first, etc 先行词为不定代词 先行词前修饰词为 any, only, every, no, some, much, few, little, the first, the best, the only, the on, the very, the right, the last (2)只能用 which 情况 非限定性定语从句 关系词前有介词 4.whose 表示所属关系 (1)whose 后加名词 (2)可以代人可以代物 (3)先行词加 whose 加名词=先行词加名词 of which 结构 介词+关系代词=关系副词 关系代词后加不完整句 关系副词/介词+关系代词后加完整句 主系表: 主系表都有, 完整句 主系表缺一个,不完整句 主谓宾:谓语动词为及物动词:主谓宾都有,完整句 主谓宾缺一个,不完整句 谓语动词为不及物动词: 主+动词+介词+宾语,完整句 主+动词,完整句 主+动词+介词,不完整句 12. —I'm waiting for the mail. Do you know ________ it will arrive? —Usually it comes by 4:00 A. how B. where C. when D. what 13. —This dress was last year's style. —I think it still looks perfect ________ it has gone out this year. A. so that B. even though C. as if D. ever since 14. —I've got an offer in New York. —Oh, ________! But I'm going to miss you. A. that's too bad B. I'm sorry C. I beg your pardon D. that's great 15. My work is ________ done. I'll be right with you. A. hour after hour B. now and then C. more or less D. more and more 答案:Unit 4 ABDCD CBABD ACBDC

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Unit 5
1. Every day Mr. Hu checks ________ homework and corrects the mistakes we make. A. his B. her C. our D. its 2. —________ are you going to London? —By air. A. How B. When C. Where D. Why 3. ________ her way home, Liu Mei helped a lost child find his mother. A. By B. In C. At D. On 4. Let me have a ________. I'm so tired after the long walk. A. look B. talk C. rest D. swim 5. After years of hard work, his dream ________ in the end. A. came out B. came true C. came over D. came up 6. The dumplings taste ________. Please help yourself. A. bad B. so-so C. well D. delicious 7. The plan is all right. ________, it can be made better. A. Then B. However C. And D. Or 8. Jack jumped ________ than Jim in the long jump. A. higher B. faster C. farther D. longer Long jump 为跳远,比较时只能用 farther 9. A single good player can never win a team match, ________ he? A. can B. can't C. must D. needn't 10. ________, China will send up a spaceship with people into space. A. Before long B. So far C. From then on D. Long before Before long 用将来时,表示不久之后 Long before 用过去时,表示在很久以前 11. In our school several ________ students are able to search the internet for useful information now. A. hundred of B. hundreds for C. hundred D. hundreds 12. —What else do you want? —Oh, we don't need ________. A. nothing more B. something more C. more anything D. anything more 13. —Hello! Would you like to go to the concert with me tonight? —I'm sorry I can't. Mother won't ________ me to go out in the evening. A. let B. allow C. offer D. ask 14. —How do you like the DVD? —________. A. It's like a book B. It's made in Hong Kong C. It's about travel D. It's wonderful

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How do you like 问的是评价。 15. These pictures will show you ________. A. what does our hometown look like B. what our hometown looks like C. how does our hometown look like D. how our hometown looks like 答案:Unit 5 CADCB DBCAA CDBDB

Unit 6
1. Have you heard from your uncle? A. received a letter from B. got news from C. heard about D. heard the voice of 2. We enjoyed ourselves at the party yesterday. A. played ourselves B. drank ourselves C. had a good time D. looked after 3. Be careful! A car is coming near. A. Look up B. look out C. look for D. Look at 4. Her father joined the Party last year. A. entered B. came into C. became a member of D. took part in Join party 意思为入党,为抽象概念,不能使用 A.D 选项 5. They reached New York the day before yesterday. A. got B. get to C. arrived in D. passed 6. —Will you pass me today's newspaper? —________. A. Yes, please B. Here you are C. You are welcome D. Not at all 7. I have never read ________ interesting book before. A. so a B. such a C. so an D. such an 8. —Dinner isn't ready yet. —How ________ will it be ready? A. soon B. long C. much D. often 9. The Smiths __________ China for three years. A. have come B. have been to C. have been in D. have come to 加段时间状语不能使用非延续动词 10. —I've got a new dictionary. —How much did you ________ it? A. buy B. spend C. pay for D. cost Pay/spend 为人做主语

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Take/cost 为物做主语 Take 为花时间 Cost 为花钱 11. —May I speak to Mr. Brown? —________. A. No, you can't B. I'm sorry, he is out C. I'm Miss Gao D. Yes, I am 电话场景 12. I think maths is ________ difficult than English. A. very B. much C. as D. much more 13. Your mother is sleeping. You'd better ________. A. not wake up her B. not to wake up her C. not wake her up D. not to wake her up You’d better do You’d better not do 14. You will find ________ useful to learn even a little English. A. it B. it was C. that D. this 考试中 find 和 think 用法一样 只有两种形式正确: 1.Find/think it adj. 2. find/think that it is adj. 15. Shanghai is ________ the largest cities in the world. A. between B. among C. of D. in 16. —Will you show me the photo of your family? —OK. I'll ________ it here tomorrow. A. take B. bring C. carry D. catch 17. Yesterday I was just to go out ________ someone telephoned me. A. when B. while C. as D. that 18. All the boys were very tired, but ________ of them would take a rest. A. all B. neither C. any D.none 19. ________ fine weather it is! A. What B. How C. What a D. How a 感叹句两种形式: 1.What+n 2. How +adj. 20. He spoke very fast and very ________ people understood what he said. A. little B. a little C. few D. a few 21. The heavy snow stopped them ________ the village. A. from leave B. from left C. from leaving D. leave Stop from doing Prevent from doing 22. The songs ________ the Beetles sang were very popular. A. which B. who C. whom D. whose

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23. Do you still remember ________ at the meeting? A. that Jim said B. what Jim said C. did Jim said that D. what did Jim said 24. —Must I leave right now? —No, you ________. A. may not B. can't C. mustn't D. needn't 25. I liked to play football when I was young , ________. A. So he was B. So was he C. So did he D. So he did 答案:Unit 6 ACBCC BDACC BDCAB BADAC CABDC

Unit 7
1. A patient is waiting for the doctor. A. vet B. farmer C. sick person D. old person 2. In spring, many people from abroad are invited to Yangzhou. A. wanted B. begged C. asked D. made 3. Melissa know that all along. A. all together B. all over C. at all D. all the time 4. —Would you like to see a movie this weekend? —Terrific! I'd love to. A. Great B. Sure C. Terrible D. OK 5. If you think of the answer, please tell me. A. look for B. think about C. take care of D. come up with 6. —What's the ________ today? —It's June 22. A. time B. day C. date D. month 提问日期采用句型 what’s the date today? 7. ________ fine mornings, old people get together and do exercise by the lake. A. On B. At C. To D. In 具体某一天早晨,晚上用介词 on 8. After the P.E. class, the teacher offered us something ________. A. drink B. drinking C. drunk D. To drink 9. The police caught the man ________ stole my handbag. A. he B. that C. whom D. which 10. —I can't find my pen. Can you lend me ________? —Sorry, I'm using it myself. A. you B. your C. yourself D. yours 11. Pardon? I ________ hear you. A. don't B. didn't C. can't D. won't 12. —How can I improve my spoken English?

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—You have to practise ________ as much as you can. A. speak B. speaking C. spoken D. to speak Practice doing Give up doing Finish doing, etc 13. Most kids find ________ interesting to play football. A. it B. this C. that D. one 14. ________ cool it is to take a picture with Yao Ming! A. What B. What a C. How D. How a 15. —The TV programme is boring. Shall we play chess instead? —All right. That is ________ than watching a boring programme. A. very good B. much good C. very better D. much better Much 修饰比较级用来加强语气 16. —Is ________ here? —No, Bob is ill at home. A. anybody B. somebody C. everybody D. nobody 17. —What are you going to do in the future? —I'd like to be a doctor _______ you are. A. so B. as C. what D. when 表示象的概念可以用 as/like As 加句字, like 加名词 18. —You forgot to make the bed. —Oh, so I did. ________ and do it at once. A. I'll go B. I've gone C. I go D. I'm going 19. She bought a digital camera online ________ she saved a lot of time. A. so that B. as soon as C. no matter D. such that 20. —Do you mind if I ________ the TV a bit? —Yes, I do, because I'm busy with my homework now. A. turn on B. turn up C. turn down D. turn off 21. —Waiter, I'd like some Yangzhou Fried Rice. —Sorry, sir. Yangzhou Fried Rice ________ only for lunch and dinner. A. serves B. served C. is serving D. is served 22. —You bought a nice CD. —Thank you. It doesn't ________ me too much. A. spend B. pay C. cost D. use 23. —Where's Mr. Zhang? —He ________ London. A. has been to B. has been C. has gone D. has gone to 24. Every morning, we are asked ________ taken our temperatures. A. if we have B. if have we

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C. if we had D. if had we 25. —I'm going on a trip to Hainan after the exam. —Really?________! A. Have a nice time B. Congratulations C. OK D. It' s nice of you 答案:Unit 7 CCDAD CADBD BBACD CBAAB DCDAA

Unit 8
1. The story happened ________ the evening of august 2. A. on B. in C. to D. at 2. The woman ________ the child quickly and took him to hospital. A. put on B. dressed C. had no D. was wearing 3. Mother told her son ________ in the street. A. not play B. to not play C. doesn't play D. not to play Tell sb. to do sth. Tell sb. not to do sth. 4. His uncle ________ in three days. A. returns B. listening music C. returned D. will return 5. They're going to have ________ holiday next month. A. a two weeks B. two-week C. a two-week D. two weeks 6. Lucy is interested in ________. A. listen to music B. listening music C. flying kites D. read books 7. There is ________ in today's newspaper. A. nothing new B. anything new C. new anything D. new something 8. ________ travelers come to visit our city every year. A. Hundred of B. Hundreds of C. Five hundreds D. Hundred 9. John began to study French last Sunday. ________. A. His brother did so B. So did his brother C. So his brother did D. His brother so did 10. My parents ________ Shandong for ten years. A. have been in B. have been to C. have gone to D. have been 11. Grandpa was ill. We must ________ a doctor. A. send away B. be sent for C. send for D. sent for 12. The young man is ________ carry that heavy bag. A. strong enough to B. enough strong to

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C. not strong enough D. strong enough 13. This TV set is too loud. Will you please ________? A. turn down it B. turn it down C. to turn it down D. to turn down it 14. Wei Hua ran ________ than Hui Fang. A. much slower B. very more slowly C. much more slowly D. very slowly 15. Do you know any other foreign language ________ English? A. except B. but C. beside D. besides 16. —________ , please? —I think it's about 5:30. A. What day is it B. What's the date C. Where's your watch D. What's the time 17. —What does your mother do? —________. A. She's tall B. She's a doctor C. She's very well D. She's in an office 提问对象为职业 18. —Would you like one of the mooncakes? —________. A. Yes, please B. Yes, I would C. No, please D. No, I don't 19. —May I speak to Tom, please? — ________. A. Yes, I am B. I'm speaking C. Yes, you may D. This is Tom speaking 20. —My mother is in hospital. I have to look after her this afternoon. —________. A. That's all right B. That's true C. I'm sorry to hear that D. all right 21. —________? —I'm looking for a shirt for myself. A. Can you help me B. What can I do for you C. What did you say D. Do you want to buy it 22. —________? —Yes, go along this road and take the third turning on the left. A. How far is the station B. Which bus can I take C. Is there a station near here D. Where is the station 23. —Jim, please don't look out of the window. —________. A. It's right B. I know that C. Sorry, I won't do it again D. It doesn't matter 24. 当别人说: “你的衣服很漂亮”时,你应该说“________。 ” A. Don't say that B. Thank you

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C. No, you're wrong D. Not at all 25. 当有人向你借钢笔时,你应该说: “________。 ” A. Certainly! Here you are B. Never mind C. That's nothing D. No, thanks 答案:Unit 8 ABDDC CABBA CABCD DBADC BCCBA

Unit 9
1. Jack got a letter for his uncle yesterday. A. posted B. wrote C. received 2. The girl found it hard to make friends there. A. happy B. difficult C. easy 3. Tom agreed to go with us in the end. A. in a minute B. at last C. at the same time 4. He was glad to see his friends. A. sad B. bad C. happy 5. Mother asked Mary to answer the ________ for her. A. call B. letter C. question 6. That is your bag. ________ is over there. A. My B. Mine C. Me 7. There is ________ food here. We'll have to buy some. A. any B. some C. no 8. The new student is in ________. A. Class 2 B. Class Second C. 2 Class 9. The teacher wrote the words ________ the blackboard. A. with B. in C. on 10. Mr. Smith is an English teacher ________ will teach us English next term. A. or B. and C. but 11. My sister is ________ me. A. as tall as B. as taker than C. much taller as 12. Jane is ________ student in our class. A. much better B. the best C. good 13. Her ________ are white and beautiful. A. face B. back C. teeth 复数概念只有 teeth 正确 14. I think your mother ________ good at cooking. A. am B. is C. are 15. There ________ a football game in our school. A. has B. will have C. will be 16. Tom ________ to bed early but his brother doesn't. A. goes B. has gone C. went

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17. He turned off the light and then ________. A. leaves B. left C. will leave And 前后要保持时态一致,为平行结构 18. We ________ if it doesn't rain tomorrow. A. come B. came C. will come 条件句中从句用一般现在时表示将来时,主句用将来时 19. Listen! Mary ________ in the next room. A. sings B. is singing C. sang 20. Look, Jack. Your bag ________. A. will find B. has been found C. had found 21. What ________ in that shop? A. did happen B. is happening C. was happened 22. The old man told the children ________ noisy. A. not be B. not to be C. to not be 23. The teacher asked the new student ________ class he was in. A. which B. where C. how 24. He finished it ________. A. good B. great C. well 25. She's an Australian, ________? A. hasn't she B. isn't she C. doesn't she 答案:Unit 9 CBBCA BCACB ABCBC ABCBB BBACB

Unit 10
1. The farmers are very busy in autumn. A. rich B. not free C. strong 2. I'll ring you up when I have time. A. telephone you B. go to see you C. write a letter to you 3. I have a few friends in my school. A. many B. some C. no 4. We are happy to see you again. A. worried B. sad C. pleased 5. Tom and I ________ in the same class. A. is B. are C. am D. be 主谓一致的问题为考试考察重点: 就近原则 or, nor, either or, neither nor, not only…but also 就前原则 as much as, rather than, more than, no less than, as well as, in addition to, with, along with,

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together with, except 集体名词的主谓一致 people, cattle, youth, police+复数谓语 machinery, equipment, furniture+单数谓语 audience, committee, crew, family, government, army, enemy, group, staff, team, couple, band+可 单可复 时间、地点等数量概念的主谓一致 谓语用单数 Ten miles is a long way to go. a of b 结构中的主谓一致 按照 A 来确定谓语 a pair of trousers is enough. Two pair of trousers are enough. 以 S 结尾的主谓一直问题:地理名词、群岛山脉等风景、学科名词 国家加单数谓语: the United States 地理名词,群岛山脉等风景加复数谓语: the West Indies, Himalayas, Straits of England 学科名词加单数谓语: politics, economics 6. I often help my mother ________ the housework. A. to B. with C. at D. in 7.—________ cat is yours, Mrs. Brown? —The white one. A. What B. Whose C. Where D. Which 8. I think this girl is as ________ as that one. A. beautiful B. more beautiful C. most beautiful D. the most beautiful 9.—Must I do all the exercises today? —No, you ________. A. can't B. may not C. needn't D. mustn't 10. You are a middle school student, ________ you? A. are B. aren't C. don't D. do 11. He was ill yesterday, ________ he still went to work. A. so B. but C. or D. and 12.—What are the boys doing? —They ________ trees on the hill. A. plants B. plant C. will plant D. are planting 13.—________ did you pay for the shoes? —Fifty Yuan. A. How often B. How many C. How long D. How much 14. Miss Gao is a teacher. She ________ Chinese in Beijing for the years. A. is teaching B. teaches C. taught D. has taught 15. What a ________ day it is! Let's go out for a walk. A. windy B. lovely C. rainy D. cloudy

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16. Please ________ the lights when you leave the office. A. takeoff B. turn off C. turn on 17.—What about something to drink? —No, thanks. I'm not ________. A. hungry B. tired C. thirsty 答案:Unit 10 BABCB BDACB BDDDB BC D. put on

D. hot

Unit 11
1. I'm so glad to see you. A. sad B. angry C. pleased 2. An elephant is a large animal. A. big B. tall C. heavy 3. This shop sells a lot of things. A. little B. many C. some 4. Don't worry. I'll take care of him. A. look for B. look over C. look after 5. He will be here in a minute. A. very soon B. in time C. at last 6. Please ring me up when you come back. A. play with me B. write to me C. give me a call 7. Have you heard from him? A. heard of B. got a letter from C. sent for 8. There is ________ apple on the plate. A. a B. an C. the D. 不填 9. This house is ________. Let's go in and have a rest. A. we B. us C. ours D. our 10. Beijing is one of ________ cities in China. A. very beautiful B. much beautiful C. more beautiful D. the most beautiful 11. You are new here, ________ you? A. aren't B. are C. do D. don't 12. 1 didn't go to bed ________ eleven last night. A. for B. until C. in D. on 考试中句中出现了 not 如果选项中有 until/unless,90%为正确选项 13.—________ I finish my homework today? —No, you needn't. A. Can B. Must C. May D. Shall 14. Nobody could tell me the way because ________ people were there in the night. A. few B. a few C. little D. a little 15.—________ radio is this?

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—It's mine. A. What B. Where C. Who 16. Could you tell me ________? A. where does he live B. where lives he C. he lives where D. where he lives 17. I'll go to England if I ________ enough money next year. A. have B. will have C. am having 18. You'd better ________ at once. A. to start B. starting C. start 19. She asked him ________ her up at six o'clock in the morning. A. wake B. to wake C. waking 20. They all went to the cinema, ________ I didn't. A. and B. or C. but 21. He usually ________ up early every morning. A. get B. gets C. is getting 22. He ________ two thousand trees since 1985. A. plants B. planted C. will plant 23. ________ you free last night? A. Were B. Was C. Are 24. She can ________ several languages. A. say B. speak C. talk 25. ________ your coat, please. It's cold outside. A. Take off B. Put up C. Turn on 答案:Unit 11 CABCA CBBCD ABBAD DACBC BDABD D. Whose

D. had D. started D. woken D. so D. has got D. has planted D. Do D. tell D. Put on

Unit 12
1. Michael Jordan is a basketball star. I like ________ very much. A. he B. his C. him D. himself 2. There are ________ days in a week. A. the seven B. seventh C. the seventh D. seven 3. "What's the ________ today?" "It's June 26." A. day B. date C. time D. hour 4. "Does Wang Li ________ English well?" "Sure. She studied it for two years in America." A. speak B. talk C. say D. tell 5. Jenny and her parents ________ going to visit the palace Museum tomorrow. A. is B. am C. are D. be 6. Beijing has ________ many buses that there is often a traffic jam in rush hours. A. so B. very C. too D. much So that 为固定搭配 7. Look! The boys ________ happily in the river. A. swim B. swam C. will swim D. are swimming 8. Linda often helps her mother ________ the housework on weekends.

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A. with B. to C. of D. for 9. E-mailing is much ________ the long-distance calling. A. cheap B. cheaper C. cheapest D. the cheapest 10. I will let you know about it as soon as I ________ the news. A. will get B. gets C. got D. get 11. China ________ the WTO and became a new member of it last year. A. joined B. join C. will join D. has joined 12. ________ you pass me a pen? I'd like to write down the telephone number. A. Need B. Could C. Must D. Should 13. — Why didn't Nick come to school yesterday? — ________ he was ill. A. After B. Where C. When D. Because 14. ________ the evening of May 31, the 2002 FIFA World Cup started in South Korea. A. On B. At C. Of D. In 15. — Do you know ________? I'm going to see him. — Sorry, I don't know. A. where does Mr. Li live B. where did Mr. Li live C. where Mr. Li lives D. where Mr. Li lived 16. The text is very easy for you. There are ________ new words in it. A. a few B. a little C. few D. little 17. The earth is our home. We must ________ the land, air and water clean. A. change B. share C. notice D. keep Keep+adj,A/B/C 不能直接加形容词 18. — Can I get you a drink? — That's very nice of you. I've already got ________. A. it B. one C. that D. this 19. You look tried. ________ working indoors you should be out for a walk. A. Ahead of B. Instead of C. In front of D. In spite of 20. — Can I use this expression in the text? — No. It has ________ Nobody uses it today. A. give up B. broken down C. gone out D. got off 答案:Unit 12 CDBAC ADABD ABDAC CDBBC

Unit 13
1. The boy has breakfast ________ home. A. on B. from 2. Jack has ________. A. two pieces of breads C. two pieces bread C. in B. two pieces of bread D. two piece of bread D. at

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A of B 结构 A 是重点 3. The room is big enough. It ________ hold 100 people. A. can B. must be C. need D. have to 4. The weather in summer in Bejing is cooler than ________ in Shanghai. A. this B. it C. that D. one That/One 都可以指代重复出现的名词,但是 that 通常用来指代抽象概念,one 指代的是具体 物品 5. Could you tell me ________? A. the hospital is where B. where the hospital is C. which the hospital is D. where is the hospital 6. You'd better ________ football in the street. A. not play B. playing C. not to play D. play 7. I'll go out for a walk after supper if it ________ rain. A. didn't B. won't C. isn't D. doesn't 8. —________ will it take you to get to the post office? — About half an hour. A. How old B. how long C. how soon D. how often 9. The No. 72 bus will ________ you there. A. hold B. catch C. take D. bring Take bus, take taxi 10. She isn't at the cinema now because she ________ the library. A. has been to B. have been to C. have gone to D. has gone to 11. Please stop ________ a rest if you feel tired. A. to have B. Having C. have D. has 12. — We'll have an English exam tomorrow. —________. A. That's great B. Good luck to you C. Congratulations D. Glad to hear that 13. He began to teach ________ English last year. A. he B. his C. himself D. he's 14. Is there ________ with your bike? A. anything wrong B. wrong anything C. something wrong D. wrong something 15. This coat looks nice. Can I ________. A. try on it B. try it on C. to try on it D. to try it on 16. Please hurry up, ________ you'll be late for school. A. but B. and C. or D. so 17. Tom's ill in hospital and his mother is ________ him. A. looking for B. looking over C. looking at D. looking after 18. If you see a sign with "Business Hours: 9:00—17:00" near the door of a shop, you can buy

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nothing from the shop at ________. A. 2:00p.m B. 10:00a.m C. 7:00a.m D. 4:00p.m 19. I didn't go to bed until I finished ________ my homework. A. to do B. doing C. did D. do 20. — How do you like the film? —________. A. No, I don't like it B. The people and the music C. I like it very much D. Yes, I like it 21. He says he has received her letter. A. heard from her B. heard of her C. written to her D. known something about her 22. Take the second turning on the right. A. Go along the second turning B. Walk down on your second turning C. Turn right at the second turning D. turn left on the second turning 23. — Can I have a look at your new clothes? — Of course. here you are. A. Never mind B. That's right C. Yes D. Certainly 24. This dress is too dear. I don't want to take it. A. cheap B. beautiful C. expensive D. lovely 25. People usually have lunch in the middle of the day. A. in the afternoon B. at noon C. in the daytime D. at times 答案:Unit 13 DBACB ADBCD ABCAB CDCBC ACDCB

Unit 14
1. — Will you please bring me some orange, Lucy? — ________. A. That's good B. All right C. No matter D. It doesn't matter 2. — Excuse me. Have you got an eraser? — Sorry, I haven't. Why ________ you ask Mary? perhaps she's got one. A. do B. don't C. did D. didn't 3. He feels lonely. He has ________ friends here except me. A. many B. some C. few D. more 4. — I' m going to play basketball after school. What about you? — ________ A. Yes, basketball is very popular. B. Are you? It's so hot!

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C. I like basketball very much. D. So am I. 5. — May I ask you ________, mum? — Yes. What is it? — Our class are going to have a picnic tomorrow. Can I go? A. something B. anything C. some questions D. a problem 6. Mum, this T-shirt is much too small for me. Would you buy me a ________ one? A. nice B. large C. nicer D. larger 7. — How many teachers are there in your school? — _______, but I'm not sure. A. Hundreds B. Hundred C. Hundreds of D. One hundred 8. Mr. Smith comes from Australia, but he has worked in China for five years. So you can talk with him ________. A. either in English or in Chinese B. not in Chinese but in English C. just in English, not in Chinese D. neither in Chinese nor in English 9. — She tried hard to stop her husband from smoking, didn't she? — Yes. But she ________. A. failed B. fell C. made it D. got it 10. The smile on the teacher's face showed that she was ________ with us. A. strict B. pleased C. angry D. sorry 11. — What a day! It's raining again. I'm afraid we can't go boating tomorrow. — Don't worry. It won't ________ long. A. drop B. last C. rain D. go Long 为形容词所以一定要使用系动词 12. — Have all the students known that our class will visit the factory this afternoon? — Yes. Every student ________ about it. A. tells B. told C. was told D. has told 13. — Excuse me. What did you say you would like to do, Miss White? — I said I'd better go back to the office. I ________ someone this afternoon. A. would meet B. met C. am going to meet D. was meeting 14. — Do you think it will rain tomorrow? — ________ It hasn't rained for a whole month! It's too dry. A. I hope so B. I hope not C. I'm sure it will D. I'm afraid it will 15. — Where's Jack? — He's away to spend his holiday. He gone either to Hangzhou or to Wuhan, but I'm not sure ________. A. that B. which C. where D. there

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Unit 15
1. — Who's the man _______ black? — He's Mr. White. A. in B. with C. for D. of In black 意思为穿黑色衣服的人 2. Please _______ your exercise book here tomorrow morning. A. bring B. take C. carry D. move 3. They won't be back until the work ________. A. do B. does C. is done D. will do 4. June's brother didn't work so ________ as the others did in his class. A. harder B. hard C. hardest D. hardly 5. Their new trousers on the shelf are better than ________. A. our B. my C. her D. his 比较级前后比较对象要一致 6. "It's never too late ________" Mother said to me. A. learn B. to learn C. learning D. learnt 7. Did he tell you _______ at the school gate? A. who he waited for B. who he is waiting C. who did he wait for D. who he was waiting 8. Not ________ woman can do that kind of work. A. each B. every C. all D. both All/both 后加名词复数 Not every 正确,没有 not each 的形式 9. — Will you go fishing or skating if it is fine tomorrow? — ________. A. Yes, I will B. No, I won't C. I will go skating D. I think so 10. Excuse me, Mrs. Smith. Could you ________ my baby while I am away? A. look up B. look after C. look like D. look down 11. To make our hometown more beautiful, you ________ throw rubbish into the river. A. needn't B. mustn't C. must D. may 12. — Hello, Mr. Huang! — I'm sorry, ________ I don't think I know you. A. and B. or C. but D. because 13. — ________ you ________ the film yet? — Yes. I ________ it last Saturday. A. Will; see; saw B. DiD; see saw C. Have; seen; have seen D. Have; seen; saw 14. I hear Lily lives far from the school. She has lunch at school, ________? A. is she B. isn't she

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C. hasn't she D. doesn't she 15. — Hello, could I speak to Miss Fang , please? — ________ I'll get her for you. A. Hold on, please. B. I'm Miss Fang. C. Who are you? D. She is at work. 答案:Unit 15 AACBD BABCB BCDDA

Unit 16
1. Our first class begins at a quarter to eight. A. 8:15 B. 7:15 C. 8:45 D. 7:45 2. Maybe you can put your bike here. A. Must B. Should C. May be D. Perhaps Maybe 为副词,画线部分要和选项词性一致 3. We really don't need such a big and expensive car. A. good B. useful C. dear D. cheap 4. Jim is weak in Chinese because he didn't learn Chinese before he came to China. A. isn't interested in B. isn't good at C. does well in D. doesn't like 5. Man landed on the moon in 1969 for the first time. Have you ever heard ________ it? A. on B. to C. of D. from 6. The mother looked ________ because her son hadn't been back. A. worry B. worried C. to worry D. worrying Look 为系动词等于 be,要加形容词 7. There ________ a sports meeting in our school next week. A. will hold B. will have C. is going to be D. is going to hold 8. Don't open the door ________ the bus stops. A. as soon as B. until C. if D. because 9. This story is not ________ as that one. A. more interesting B. less interesting C. so interesting D. so interesting 10. Mary is so careful that she makes ________ mistakes in her work.. A. few B. many C. little D. a little 11. — Are the twins on the football team? — No, neither of them ________ on the team. A. is B. are C. were D. be 12. Uncle Wang is busy ________ in the workplace. A. work B. to work C. works D. working 13. Do you know ________ ? A. who she is waiting B. who is she waiting C. who she is waiting for D. who is she waiting for

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14. David has ________ China for 5 years. A. been to B. come to C. arrived in 15. You must be very tired. Why not ________ a rest? A. to stop to have B. to stop having C. stop to have D. stop having 答案:Unit 16 DDCBC BCBDA ADCDC D. been in

Unit 17
1. ________ Greens are on ________ visit to a beautiful city in China. A. /; a B. A; the C. The; a D. The; / 2. There was a strange sound outside. Mary went out and ________ around, but she ________ nothing. A. looked; saw B. saw; saw C. watched; looked D. looked; find 3. Could you tell me ________? I'm his old friend. A. where does Jim live B. when will Jim come back C. where Jim has gone D. how is Jim 4. In Changchun, the air in Jing Yue Forest Park(净月森林公园)is much ________ than that in the centre of the city. A. clear B. cleaner C. clean D. nice 5. The 2002 World Cup Soccer Match ________ for over 20 days since May 31st. A. has begun B. lasted C. began D. has lasted 6. The sign "No smoking" can be seen ________. A. in a hospital B. at home C. in a cinema D. both A and C 7. There is ________ interesting on Channel 10. Try others. A. nothing B. none C. anything D. no 8. December is the ________ month in a year. A. twenty B. twelve C. twentieth D. twelfth 9. Xiao Ming will come and play with me if he ________ busy. A. is B. won't be C. isn't D. will be 10. — Hi, Tom. Here's your cap. ________! — Thanks. A. Get B. Catch C. Take D. Bring 11. It's bad for your health to go to work ________ breakfast. A. without B. at C. for D. with 12. — ________is it from your school to the bus stop? — About 100 metres. A. How long B. How far C. How soon D. How much 13. — What's the police station's telephone number?

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— I can't remember. ________ in the telephone book, please. A. Look it for B. Look it over C. Look it up D. Look at it 14. —Cindy, is it OK to ________ you at home by yourself? —I think it's OK, Mum. I can look after myself ________. A. leave, good B. put, good C. leave, well D. put, well 15. So much work usually makes them ________ very tired. A. to feel B. feels C. feeling D. feel 答案:Unit 17 CACBD DADCB ABCCD

Unit 18
1. —Is there ________ wrong with me, doctor? —I'm afraid so. Your heart is beating a bit too slow. A. something B. anything C. everything D. nothing 2. —You look rather tired. ________ stop to take a rest? —All right. But I'll have to work for a few more minutes. A. Why not B. Do you C. What about D. How about 3. —Have you seen ________ pen? I left it here this morning. —Is it ________ black one? I think I saw it somewhere. A. a; the B. a; a C. the; a D. the; the 疑问句中不可能使用 the,因为 the 表示双方都清楚的事物 4. —When is the plane to Shanghai going to take off? — ________. Please get ready as soon as possible. A. For a moment B. Just a moment C. In a moment D. A moment ago 5. —How did you learn swimming when you were young? — ________. It was not very hard. A. By sea. B. By river C. By myself D. By the way 6. Both his parents look sad. Maybe they ________ what's happened to him. A. knew B. have known C. must know D. will know 7. —You are so lucky. —What do you mean ________ that? A. for B. in C. of D. by 8. I asked the twins to come to my birthday party, but ________ came at last A. both B. neither C. all D. none 9. —John, you've never been to the Great Wall since you came to China, I'm afraid. A. No, I've just been there with Mary. B. Yes, never. How about you? C. No, but how I wish to. D. Yes, but Td like to. 10. ________ the new computer, travelers at offices of CAAC can now buy their air tickets much

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faster. A. Because B. Thanks for C. Thanks to D. Since 11. ________ he left here? A. Do you think when B. When do you think C. Do you think how long D. How long do you think 12. Could you tell me which ________ best among the books on sale? A. is sold B. sells C. are written D. writes 13. —Have you finished your report yet? —No, I'll finish it in ________ ten minutes. A. another B. more C. other D. else 14. —You seem to like sweets. — ________. A. So do I B. So I do C. So am I D. So I am 15. Good food ________ us healthy. A. gives B. helps C. keeps D. does 16. —Nothing serious to us, I hope. —I hope ________. A. not to have B. to have not C. so D. not I hope so 为固定搭配 17. —Would you like this TV set or that one? —I'm not sure. This one has better sound, ________ the picture is better on the other one. A. and B. but C. although D. because 18. —Shall we start just now? —There's no need to hurry. Just ________ your time. A. keep B. take C. make D. spend Take your time 意思为不用着急 19. —Do you know? Henry didn't win the match. — ________? I thought he would. He worked so hard on it. —But they said john was too strong. A. Do I B. Don't I C. Did he D. Didn't he 20. —I hear you've got a set of Australian stamps. ________ I have a look? —Yes. Certainly. A. Do B. May C. Shall D. Should 答案:Unit 18 BABCC BDBCC BBABC DBBDB



1. Lucy was ________ duty yesterday, but she forgot to clean the classroom. A. in B. on C. at D. of On duty 固定搭配,值班

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2. In China, people put their ________ first. A. given names B. full names C. family names D. English names 3. I found he looked ________ than last time when I went to see him. A. better B. well C. good D. bad 4. —Could I have some milk? —Certainly. There's ________ in the bottle. A. little B. a little C. a few D. few 5. Don't ________ the machine when you visit the factory. A. touch B. grow C. make D. invent 6. — ________. —Never mind. What can I do for you? A. Don't rush. B. Sorry to trouble you. C. Can I help you? D. No hurry. 7. I think ________ lesson is the most difficult in this book. A. five B. fifth C. the fifth D. fifteen 8. —Thank you very much for helping me. — ________. A. You're right B. with pleasure C. Hold on, please D. I'm very well 9. He has a lot of work to do there, so he will not come back ________ tomorrow. A. as B. since C. until D. but 10. It's hard to say who will ________ the match in the end. They are neck and neck now. A. win B. kick C. play D. fight 11. The good news ________ them happy. A. have B. makes C. keep D. feels 12. —Could you tell me ________ to do next? —Nothing more. Let's have a rest. A. what B. when C. why D. how 13. We'll have a meeting tomorrow. Could you give ________ a talk then? A. our B. us C. we D. ours 14. Don't worry, sir. I'm sure I can run ________ to catch up with them. A. slowly enough B. enough slowly C. fast enough D. enough fast 15. I'll go to the English Corner this Sunday ________. A. if it will be sunny B. if I'm free C. when I have no time D. because I am busy 16. —Is there anything wrong with my son, doctor? — ________. A. Do it, please B. don't mind C. I don't feel very well D. Nothing serious 17. The twin brothers always put small presents in ________ stockings on Christmas Day. A. each other's B. each other C. each others D. each others'

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18. It's time ________ the weather report. Turn on the TV, please. A. to B. for C. at D. in It’s time to do sth. It’s time for sth. 19. Don't worry about making ________ when you speak English. A. clothes B. mistakes C. friends D. things 20. —The coat is too expensive. —Don't worry. Here's another one. It's nice and ________, I think. A. cheap B. dear C. easy D. difficult 21. I thought it was a good idea but he didn't ________ me. A. send for B. lend to C. point to D. agree with 22. —Could you go to he bookshop with me? — ________. I just want to buy some books. A. Sorry, I'm busy B. Of course not C. With pleasure D. I'm afraid not 23. Jim has been in the factory for two years ________ he left school. A. when B. since C. as soon as D. whether 24. She walked into the room ________ because her mother was sleeping. A. clearly B. quietly C. heavily D. hardly 25. —How are you today, Mary? — ________. A. You're right B. I'm ten C. Hold on, please D. I'm very well 26. —What about this bag? —Well, ________ I'll take it A. I don't know. B. so bad C. can't you make it better? D. just right 27. Could you tell me ________? A. when shall we start B. who are you waiting for C. where the bus station is D. why were you late 28. I've found ________ in the box. It's empty. A. something B. nothing C. anything D. everything 29. —Have a good journey home, David. — ________. A. Thank you. B. You'd better not talk. C. Well done. D. What a pity! 30. —Which would you like, rice or noodles? —________ is OK. I'm hungry. A. Either B. Neither C. Both D. All 答案:Unit 19 BCABA BCBCA BABCB DABBA DCBBD DCBAA

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Unit 20
1. The market isn't far from here. It's only ________ bicycle ride. A. half an hours' B. half an hour's C. half an hour D. an hour and a half 2. She has been in Tianjin for ten years. Tianjin has become her second ________. A.family B. house C. home D. room 3. ________ India and China are of ________ same continent. A. (不填) ;the B. The; the C. (不填)(不填) ; D.(不填) ;a 4. —Is it your ticket? —No, ________ is in my pocket, It's ________. A. mine; her B. my; his C. mine; hers D. my; hers 5. —She is too busy to help us finish the work. —Let's do it ________. A. herself B. myself C. ourselves D. itself 6. The old woman kept one black dog and two white ________. A. one B. ones C. those D. one's 7. We should keep ________ in the reading—room. A. quiet B. quietly C. quite D. quickly 8. Which is ________ to learn, fishing or swimming? A. easy B. easier C. the easier D. more easily 9. Jim has made many friends since he ________ to China. A. came B. comes C. has come D. will come 10. They ________ all their money, so they have to walk home. A. spend B. had spent C. have spent D. will spend 11. Henry ________ be at home because he phoned me from the farm just now. A. mustn't B. isn't able to C. may not D. can't 12. What would you like to ________ us about your hometown? A. speak B. talk C. say D. tell Speak/ talk/say 要加 to sb. 13. We could see nothing because the lights suddenly ________. A. went on B. went over C. went down D. went out 14. —When ________ this kind of computer ________ ? —Last year. A. did; use B. was; used C. is; used D. are; used 答案:Unit 20 BCACC BABAC DDDB

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