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轻 词汇
一、解释版: (一)必记:10 大词汇选项要求掌握的单词: (03 年 8 对 8 分,04 年 8 对 8 分,05 年 8 对两半 10 分) (斜体部分为近两年已考) 1\account for=explain 理解 minute=slight 细小 disorder=confusion 混乱 Accused of=charged with obvious=clear 显而易见 指控

词汇 ,稳 满

investigate=look into 调查 numerous=many 许多 Odd=strange 奇怪

participate in=take part in 参加 preserve=keep 保存 previously=before 以前

pull up=stop 停止 perceive=notice 注意到 possess=own 占有 substantial=significant 实质的


激励 coverage=reportage 报道 dimly=faintly 昏暗(048),模糊 mildly=gently 温和地 isolate=solitary 孤立的 call of=cancel 取消 make up one’s mind=decide 决定 grasp=take hold of 抓住 lately=recently 最近

inevitable=certain 不可避免

Now and then=occasionally=sometimes 有时 find fault with=criticize 批评 Consideration=account 考虑 tolerate=put up with 忍受

abandon=give up 放弃

3\Manual=physical 人工 harness=utilise(utilize) 利用 Remedy=cure

resident=occupant 居民 steadily=continuously 不断地 practically=almost 几乎 endeavor=try=test 尝试

治疗(055) draft==formulate 起草
Readily=willingly 乐 意 致命的 Lethal=Deadly=fatal

seldom=rarely 很 少 而 精 decent=honest 正派

shine=polish 擦 亮 Extract=take out 取 出 (045)

4\insist on=demand 坚 持 safe=secure 安全的

speed=velocity 快 过 Physician=doctor 医 生

particularly=especially 特 别 accelerate=step up 加快

branch=division 分支机构 Abnormal=unusual 不正常的

abundant=plentiful 丰富的 accumulate=collect 积累 Allocate=distribute=assign 分配 barren=bare 贫瘠

childish=immature 幼稚

5\appalling=dreadful 讨厌的 Anyhow=anyway 不管 力

achieve=attain 通过努力达到

capability=ability 能

in conjunction=together 共同 Credible=convincing 可信的 diligent=hardworking 勤奋 diverse=varied 多种多样 faulty=wrong 有 错 的 Gorgeous=lovely 极 美 的 persist=continue 持 续 touching=moving 感人的 regulate=control 控 制

scatter=separate 分开 Stand point=point of view 观点

6\vanish=disappear 消失

phase=stage 阶段 Deter=inhibit=prevent 阻止

porcelain=china 陶瓷 Consolidate=strengthen 巩固

prior to=before 在。 。以前 (057)

last=past 过去 conscientious=careful 小心的

contaminate=pollute 污染(047) distress=hazard=danger 危险 depict=describe 描写 Exhibit=show 显示(043)

endeavor=try 试图 eternal=everlasting 永恒的

7\annoy=irritate 讨厌 deliberately=intentionally 故意地 vague=imprecise 模糊的 Summit=top of mountain 山项 census=count 人口普查 duplicate=copy 复制 motive=reasons 理由(051) ban=forbid 禁止 Legal=lawful 合法的 mock=laugh at 取笑

notably=particularly 特别(044)omit=fail 失败 scare=frighten 受惊的



Outrageous=unacceptable 不能接受的

8\hail=acclaim 向欢呼 Principal organizers=planners 组织者 postulate=assume 假定 extinction=dying out 灭绝 Abrupt=sudden 忽然 mighty=very strong 很强 authentically=genuinely 真实 Eligible=entitled =qualified 有资格 assert=state firmly 断言 rely on=depend on 依赖 permit=allow 允许 Recommend=propose=suggest 建议 Regret=sorry 道歉

remove=take off 脱掉

9\improved=better 更好(04\05)Break=beat 打破 framework=skeleton 框架 Lure=attraction

provoke=elicit 引起

gangster=violent criminals 歹徒

吸引(053) densely=compactly 密集地 fascinate=intrigue 使。 着迷
tremble=shake(shook) 颤抖(0413) abide by=stick to 遵守 widen=broaden 变宽

Probe=explore=investigate 考察(058) widen=broaden 变宽(052)

settle=solve 解决

Astonish=shock=surprise 吃惊

10\shabby=unfair 不公平 uneasy=anxious 匆促不安的 Demolish=pull down 毁掉 adverse=unfavorable 不利的 concise=short and clear 简明扼要的 courteous=respectable 尊敬,礼貌 invaluable=extremely useful 无价的

Insane=crazy 荒唐 exhaustive=extremely thorough 彻底的 ingenious=clever 灵巧的 eligible=entitled=qualified 有资格的 wholesome=Vigorous=healthy 有活力的 abide by=adhere to=stick to 遵守 without bias=fairly 公正的 Terminate=put an end to 结束

(二)其它考试命题研究组要求掌握的单词: 1、 《高分全攻略》 : border on=close to 接 受 condense=compress 压 缩 quarter=fourth 四分之一 Attend to=wait on 伺候 Attribute=quality limited=small 小的 特性 likely=possible 可 能 的

Regardless of=whatever 不论

realized=fulfill 实现 Satisfactorily=acceptably 令人满意的 alleviate=lessen 减轻(059) Bearing=influence 影响 for love or money=at any price 无 论 任 何 代 价 immediately=right away 马 上 severe=hard convert=change 兑 换 (042)Foster=cultivate 培 养 accelerate=set up 加快

cater for=meet 满 足 arouse=excite 使 激 动

艰 苦 Confidential=secret 秘 密 gain=put on 增 加 call up=telephone 打 电 话 get up=arise

Collaborate=cooperate 合 作 (056) 起 床 collide with=run into 碰 撞

gather=assemble 聚 集 Compel=force

被迫 remainder=rest 剩余物 Final=last 最后 realize=know 知道 massive=extensive 大量的

damaging=harmful 有害的 Look for=try to find 寻找 comprehend=understand 理解 deduce=derive 推出(0510) at stake=in danger 危 险 中 outcome=result 结果 effect=result 影响 scene=location 地 点 pressing=urgent 紧 迫 的 contend=argue 争 论 complain=feel unhappy 感到不快

Poorly=inadequately 不足的(0511) while=although

尽管 2、 辅导训练。 《 全真模拟》 加粗为课本例题或多次出现的单词) ( : move=stir 移动 restrict=confine 限制 stand to

1\Consume=waste 浪费

turn out =produce 创作

reason=seem logical 显 然 Tough=strong 坚 硬 abrupt=unexpected 突然的 accumulate=collect

nearest=closest to 最 接 近

shrink=contract 收 缩 deadly=fatal

gain=profit 增进 Cut in=interrupt 插嘴


recommend=suggest irritate=annoy weary=tired 疲倦 contaminate=pollute exhaustive=very stroll=walk 散步

2\fluctuate=change 变动 thorough

fascinate=attractive 迷人

gauge=assess 估计 let=rent 出租 tremble=shake allocate=assign massive=extensive

deduce=derive tolerate=put up with 3、已考过单词: 05 考新词(查字典)

cater for=meet

complicate=complex(14)复杂(在同一页) perish=die(12)死亡(在词典中有解释) Appraisal=evaluation(15) 04 考词 Blend=mix modify=change exhibit=show 评价


ultimately=finally(13)最后(与 finally 的意思相同)


notably=remarkably gauge=measure

extract=take out prudent=sensible




Renowned=well-known 03 考词 Put across=explain intimately=closely token=sign



upgrade=improve weary=exhausted

tender=kind uphold=support



icapacity=volume terminate=end steadily=gradually


lay dowm=state




二、记忆版(共 225 组,约 00 个单词):要求一对对来记,一见就知是夫妻。 (用一张纸打印,随身带着瞧) account for=explain numerous=many previously=before spur=encourage call of=cancel minute=slight obvious=clear pull up=stop disorder=confusion Odd=strange perceive=notice Accused of=charged with investigate=look into

participate in=take part in possess=own


substantial=significant isolate=solitary find fault with=criticize lately=recently




make up one’s mind=decide Consideration=account harness=utilise(utilize) endeavor=try=test Lethal=Deadly=fatal safe=secure

Now and then=occasionally=sometimes tolerate=put up with resident=occupant

grasp=take hold of Manual=physical practically=almost decent=honest

abandon=give up

steadily=continuously draft==formulate

seldom=rarely insist on=demand branch=division

Readily=willingly shine=polish speed=velocity Physician=doctor accelerate=step up barren=bare

particularly=especially abundant=plentiful appalling=dreadful Credible=convincing Gorgeous=lovely touching=moving prior to=before depict=describe census=count omit=fail


accumulate=collect Anyhow=anyway

Allocate=distribute=assign achieve=attain


capability=ability faulty=wrong

in conjunction=together



persist=continue vanish=disappear last=past

regulate=control phase=stage


Stand point=point of view porcelain=china

Deter=inhibit=prevent endeavor=try


eternal=everlasting Summit=top of mountain

annoy=irritate duplicate=copy

deliberately=intentionally ban=forbid Legal=lawful

vague=imprecise mock=laugh at



scare=frighten hail=acclaim Abrupt=sudden firmly mighty=very strong permit=allow Break=beat

Principal organizers=planners postulate=assume authentically=genuinely

extinction=dying out



Recommend=propose=suggest Regret=sorry provoke=elicit settle=solve gangster=violent criminals Astonish=shock=surprise Demolish=pull down useful

rely on=depend on framework=skeleton

remove=take off



abide by=stick to adverse=unfavorable


shabby=unfair courteous=respectable ingenious=clever without bias=fairly


concise=short and clear





eligible=entitled=qualified wholesome=Vigorous=healthy Terminate=put an end to

abide by=adhere to=stick to

border on=close to Attend to=wait on Bearing=influence for=meet

condense=compress limited=small


likely=possible quarter=fourth realized=fulfill Satisfactorily=acceptably immediately=right away cater gain=put on

Regardless of=whatever

for love or money=at any price accelerate=set up severe=hard




gather=assemble remainder=rest

call up=telephone Final=last

get up=arise

collide with=run into



massive=extensive at stake=in danger

damaging=harmful scene=location pressing=urgent

Look for=try to find contend=argue



complain=feel unhappy



Consume=waste Tough=strong Cut in=interrupt fluctuate=change fascinate=attractive deduce=derive (黑体部分已考) dimly=faintly

turn out =produce nearest=closest to

move=stir shrink=contract


stand to reason=seem logical gain=profit recommend=suggest

abrupt=unexpected accumulate=collect

explore=investigate irritate=annoy gauge=assess


weary=tired let=rent

contaminate=pollute tremble=shake

exhaustive=very thorough

stroll=walk cater for=meet

tolerate=put up with




Extract=take out


contaminate=pollute improved=better alleviate=lessen

distress=hazard=danger Lure=attraction convert=change




Probe=explore=investigate Collaborate=cooperate

tremble=shake(shook) deduce=derive



decide – determine – make up one’ mind 决定,下决心 result – consequence – effect -- outcome 结果 s effect – realize 实现 realize -- know – be aware of – be conscious of 意识到 offer – give 给与 think – guess – believe 认为 remember – memorize 记住 reason – cause -- motive (B 级)原因 cause – bring about 造成 obtain – get – gain 得到 certain – some 某一个的 employ -- hire 雇佣 certain – sure – positive – doubtless 确定的 employ – use – utilize (A 级) -- harness (A 级)使用, 利用 scare – frighten 使害怕 quickly – fast 很快地 at stake -- in danger – in distress(B 级)处于

危险之中 dangerous – hazardous (A 级) 危险的 arrive at – reach – get to 到达 leave – depart ( B 级) 离开 immediately – right away – at once 立刻 look for – seek for 寻找 look after – take care of – care for 照顾 look forward to – expect 盼望, 期待 lose – miss 丢失 look up to – respect 尊敬 discuss – debate – talk over 讨论 discussion – debate 讨论 sympathize – feel sorry 感到同情 reject – refuse – decline – turn down 拒绝 proper – appropriate 适当的 suitable – fit 适合的 fit – healthy 健康的 finally – at last – in the end – eventually – ultimately (A 级) 最终的 put off – postpone – delay – defer (A 级) 推迟 end – finish – stop –cease -- come to an end—terminated (A 级)停止 participate in – take part in – join in – be involved in 参加 now and then -- occasionally 偶尔 constantly – continuously – endlessly 不断地 criticize -- blame 批评 grasp – catch hold of 抓住 follow – understand – comprehend (A 级) 理解 take …into consideration – take …into account 把…考 虑在内 recently – lately 最近 tolerate – bear – stand – put up with – endure 忍受 abandon – give up 放弃 rescue – save 拯救 convert – change 转变,兑换 change – alter – vary – modify(B 级) 改变, 变化 practically – almost 几乎 increase – add to – enhance 增加 remedy(B 级) – cure – treat 治疗 get ready for – get prepared for 为…做好准备 ready – willing 乐意的 usually – normally 通常地 rarely – hardly – seldom 很少, 几乎不 suddenly – abruptly(A 级) 突然地 normal – common – usual – average 通常的 protect – preserve 保护 slight – a little 轻微的 harmful – damaging -- bad 有害的 harm – damage 损害 urt – injure 伤害 important – essential – crucial 重要的 branch – division 部门 behavior – conduct 行为 company – firm – concern – corporation – enterprise 公司 steady – stable 稳定的 spare time – free time 空闲时间 accelerate (B 级)– speed up – step up – pick up 加速 decrease (B 级)– reduce – cut down on 减少 deficient (A 级) – short 缺乏的 delighted – joyful – happy—glad -- pleased 高兴的 accumulate – gather – collect 积聚, 积累 speed – rate 速度 allocate(A 级) – assign – distribute 分配 assignment – task 任务 order – direct 命令 childish (A 级)– immature 不成熟的 foolish – stupid -- dull 愚蠢的 shine – polish 擦亮 deadly –killing–fatal 致命的 ffect–influence–impact 影响