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高考英语一轮复习 完形填空练习(一)11

安徽固镇县 2017 高考英语完形填空一轮练习(一)
完形填空 【2013·黄冈 3 月检测】 One day I was doing a big clean?up when I__1__a knotted handkerchief with an old dark brown coin inside.I took one look and immediately__2__an unforgettable time. In 1991,I spent five months in Niger,with sandstorms and great heat.Its__3__and beggars were my biggest and most constant complaint.Street beggars would continually reach out their hands,shouting “Gift!Gift!” One day,I__4__for neighboring Burkina to work in a health clinic. Arriving by taxi at our destination in Burkina,we began to__5__.In darkness,a motorbike with two men approached slowly.Without any__6__,one of them grabbed my pack as the motorbike swept close by.Within seconds,the two were out of sight, __7__up by the night. The bag had my passport,money,traveler’s cheques,a camera,an airline ticket and other things__8__to me.I was in deep trouble. In the weeks that followed,I__9__guarded the rest of my valuables and regarded all__10__with suspicion.All I wanted was to leave this place. Then,walking through Burkina’s streets,I met with an old woman.“Gift!Gift!” she cried.I’d had enough.I was__11__of the country:its poverty,its thieves, the heat,and the dust.I told her angrily,“A thief stole all my money and now I can’t__12__out of your country.I cannot gave you anything.” The woman beggar listened attentively and__13__my words.Then she reached__14__the folds of her dress. “Then I will give you a gift,” she announced.Kindly,she placed an old,dark brown coin in my hand.I looked at it in__15__.It was a very small amount of money,but for this woman,the coin__16__a meal.At that moment,I felt a shame.In spite of her__17__,she was able to give me something priceless. I saw then the__18__beauty of the people of Burkina,and appreciated deeply the quiet__19__of the poor.With the old woman’s gift,I hope never to part with the coin she gave me.With one small coin,she__20__my concept completely. 1.A.cared about C.looked for 2.A.presented C.recalled B.came across D.focused upon B.gave D.reminded

3.A.traffic C.noise 4.A.headed C.stood 5.A.move C.hide 6.A.warning C.thinking 7.A.hung C.swallowed 8.A.obvious C.familiar 9.A.elegantly C.dependently 10.A.locals C.beggars 11.A.proud C.sick 12.A.get C.come 13.A.attended to C.thought about 14.A.for C.out 15.A.order C.serve 16.A.meant C.deserved 17.A.dirtiness C.kindness 18.A.updated C.broken 19.A.moment C.dignity

B.dust D.climate B.struggled D.came B.unload D.pass B.planning D.arranging B.put D.cleared B.expensive D.precious B.cautiously D.frequently B.thieves D.men B.conscious D.aware B.run D.rush B.looked up D.wrote down B.into D.at B.vain D.shock B.made D.suggested B.poverty D.safety B.unfolded D.unexpected B.action D.life

20.A.changed C.found

B.damaged D.accepted

语篇解读 作者来到一个贫困的国家, 这里的炎热、 沙尘暴以及满街的乞丐都让作者受不了。 他遭遇的抢劫更使他厌恶这个地方。 但一个老乞丐听说了他的遭遇后送给他一枚旧硬币, 从 此作者改变了对这个地方的看法,因为他看到了穷人的尊严。 1.解析: “我”在大扫除的时候偶然发现一个打着结的手帕。come across 表示“偶然 发现”,符合语境。 答案: B 2.解析: “我”看了一眼这个手帕里包着的硬币,立刻回想起(recalled)了一段难忘的 时光。 答案: C 3.解析: 前面提到 Niger 这个地方的沙尘暴和炎热,因此选 climate“气候”。 答案: D 4.解析: “我”去邻近的 Burkina 那里的一家诊所工作。这里用 head for 表示“朝?? 方向去”。 答案: A 5. 解析: 我们坐出租车到了那里, 就开始从车上往下搬东西。 这里用 unload 表示“卸货”。 答案: B 6.解析: without any warning 表示“没有任何警告”,是固定搭配,符合语境。 答案: A 7.解析: 转眼间这两个抢“我”的包的人就消失在夜幕中。swallow up 表示“吞没,淹 没”,符合语境。 答案: C 8. 解析: 护照、 钱、 旅游支票、 相机、 飞机票以及其他对“我”来说都很珍贵的(precious) 东西都在那个包里。 答案: D 9.解析: 在接下来的几个星期里,“我”小心地(cautiously)保护着剩下的贵重物品。 答案: B 10.解析: “我”对所有的当地人(locals)都怀有戒备之心。 答案: A 11.解析: 这里的沙尘暴、炎热的天气、满街的乞丐,再加上“我”刚遭遇抢劫,这一切 都让“我”厌恶这个地方。be sick of sth.“对某物感到厌烦”,是固定用法。 答案: C

12.解析: 我的钱都被偷了,现在我连你们这个国家都出不去了。我给不了你任何东西。 答案: A 13.解析: 这个女乞丐仔细听“我”说,然后想着“我”说的话。think about 表示“思 考”,符合语境。 答案: C 14.解析: 这里用 reach into 表示“把手伸进”。 答案: B 15.解析: 这个乞丐居然给“我”钱,这让“我”感到震惊(shock)。 答案: D 16.解析: 但是对她来说,这一枚硬币就意味着(meant)一顿饭。 答案: A 17.解析: 尽管她贫穷,但她却给了“我”无价之宝。poverty“贫穷”,符合语境。 答案: B 18.解析: 她的这番举动是“我”意料之外的,因此选 unexpected 意外的,想不到的。 答案: D 19. 解析: 这个老太太听说“我”的东西被抢了, 于是给“我”一枚硬币, 在她身上“我” 看到了穷人的尊严(dignity)。 答案: C 20.解析: 这一枚小小的硬币,彻底改变(changed)了“我”对这个国家的观念。 答案: A。

2016 高考完形填空训练 完形填空。阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A, B, C 和 D)中,选出可以填 入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 I’ve been taking a bus to school for years.I find that most passengers keep to themselves and no one ever has a 21 with anyone else. About a year ago.an elderly man entered and said 22 morning!” Most people looked up,confused and to the driver, ”Good

23 ,and the bus driver took it 25 and

for granted and _24_responded with a grunt(嘟哝声).The next day the man

again he said in a loud voice”Good morning!”to the driver.Another grunt.By the fifth day,the driver finally agreed to accept the elderly man and 26 him with


a little cheerful”Good morning!”Then the man 27 told the man he was Ralph. That was the first 28 to talk to each other and say

, ”My name is Benny.” The driver

any of us heard the driver’s name and soon people began 29 to Ralph and Benny.Soon Benny 10 his cheerful”

Good morning!”to the whole bus.Within a few days, his”Good morning!”was 3 l by a whole bunch of ” Good mornings” and the entire bus seemed to be more 32 . People got to know each other. “If a 33 is someone who makes something happen,Benny was the one who took the lead in showing friendship A month ago, something 34 us,”I thought.

35 happened and Benny didn’ t 36 in the bus. Everyone

began to 37 about Benny and lots of people said he may have passed away.No one knew what to do and the bus got awful 38 again. So Last week,I started to act

like Benny and say ”Good morning!”to everyone and the whole bus cheered up again.I guessed I was the leader now. 39 really 40 a lot. ,Benny could come back to see what he had started

21.A.competition D.conversation 22.A.loudly 23.A.encouraged 24.A.s1owly 25.A.sat down around 26.A.greeted 27.A.shouted 28.A.method 29.A.sorry 30.A.wished 31.A.returned 32.A.energetic



B.directly B.puzzled B.simply B.got on

C.Secretly C.worried C.politely C.stood up

D.suddenly D.frightened D.clearly D.1ooked

B.shared B.explained B.time B.yes B.introduced B.covered B.friendly

C.provided C.announced C.idea C.hello C.challenged C.hidden C.serious

D.celebrated D.wondered D.experience D.bye D.spread D.driven D.crowded

33.A.foreigner 34.A.between 35.A.unexpected 36.A.get up 37.A.complain 38.A.broken 39.A.Obviously 40.A.needed 完形填空

B.passenger B.among B.uncontrolled B.1ook up B.ask B.open B.Hopefully B.wasted

C.driver C.behind

D.1eader D.including D.unchanged D.cheer up D. Doubt D.slow D. Fortunately D.mattered

C.unaccepted C.turn up C.argue C.quiet C.Importantly C.covered

21—25 DABBB 26—30 ACBCD

31—35 ABDBA

36—40 CBCBD

2016 高考完形填空选练 完型填空。阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空 白处的最佳选项。 Generally speaking, a British is widely regarded as a quiet, shy and conservative (保 守) person who is 21 only among those with whom he is familiar. When a stranger 22 embarrassed. You have to take a commuter 23 the truth of this. Serious-looking 24 off in a corner; hardly

is present, he often seems nervous,

train (通勤车) any morning or evening to

businessmen and women sit reading their newspapers or

anybody talks, since to do so would be considered quite offensive (冒犯的). 25 26 , there is an unwritten but clearly understood code of behavior, which, once , makes the offender immediately the object of 27 .

One of the few things we can say about the British with certainty is that a British takes a(n) 28 to the discussion of their weather and that, if given a chance, 29 . Some people argue that it is because the British weather

he will talk about it 30

follows forecast and thus becomes a source of interest to everyone. This may 31 in the weathermen, whose

be so. Certainly a British cannot have much predictions, in many cases, 32

to be wrong! The man in the street seems to be 33 .

as accurate – or as inaccurate – as the weathermen in his

Foreigners may be surprised at the number of references


weather that the

British make to each other in the course of a single day. Very often conversational greetings are 35 by comments on the weather. “Nice day, isn’t it?” 36

“Beautiful day!” may well be heard instead of “Good morning, how are you?”

the foreigner may consider this exaggerated (夸大) and comic, it is worthwhile pointing out that it could be used to his a British but is 38 37 . If he wants to start a conversation with

to know where to begin, he could do well to mention the state 39 subject to which a response may well be 40 of

of the weather. It is a(n)

even the most reserved of the British. 21. A. relaxed 22. A. yet 23. A. experience 24. A. whispering 25. A. Hopefully 26. A. developed 27. A. doubt 28. A. emotion 29. A. at length 30. A. always 31. A. faith 32. A. put out 33. A. consideration 34. A. about 35. A. started 36. A. Since 37. A. benefit 38. A. at a loss 39. A. avoidable 40. A. expected 参考答案 21-25 ACBCD B. frustrated B. otherwise C. amused C. even D. exhausted D. so D. undertake

B. witness C. watch B. murmuring

C. nodding D. laughing

B. Exactly C. Frequently D. Obviously B. observed B. argument B. fancy B. at last B. often B. relief B. make out B. prediction B. on C. followed D. broken C. criticism C. likeliness C. at most D. praise

D. judgment D. at least D. seldom

C. constantly C. honor

D. credit

C. turn out D. find out C. approval D. to D. proposed D. appreciation

C. in

B. conducted B. Although B. advantage B. in detail B. steady B. asked 26-30 DCBAD

C. replaced

C. However D. Only if C. disadvantageD. favor C. in groups D. on occasion

C. optional D. safe C. wished D. reminded 36-40 BBADA

31-35 ACBDC

【2014 高考英语湖北省襄阳市统考试题】 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 l 分,满分 20 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 31-50 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选 出最佳选项,并在答题纸上将该选项标号涂黑。 It's not the goodbye that hurts, but the flashbacks that follow. My mother suffered with Alzheimer's disease (老年痴呆症) during her last fifteen years. Until then she had been a bright, 31 woman deeply interested and involved in the world around

her. I would go home to visit her in Virginia and she would look at me in a(an) 32 way and ask, "Who are you?" I would answer, "I'm your son." "Where do you live?

" She would ask. "In California," I would tell her. "Isn't that interesting," she would say, "i have a son in California." My name had She seemed 34 33 my mother completely.

forgetful and confused at the beginning of the disease, but 35 periods of sharp anxiety. She would 36 through the

later on she would

house she had lived in most of her life, crying uneasily that she wanted to go home, or she would leave home and wander away if she was not 37 Hoping to please her and put her mind sites where she had lived as a I sat in the car and 40 38 for a short time.

, I would take her for a drive, visiting

39 . In the yard of the hillside house in Shipman

the view of the old oaks and long green lawn. I could 41

my mother there as a little girl Playing with the pet lamb she had been so fond of. I looked to her for some home." Over the years I have decided that what my mother was calling home was not a but a time. I suspect it was a time when she was much 43 , 42 , but she just shook her head and said, "I want to go

44 , when her children were

still underfoot, when her husband was still energetic and considerate. Watching my mother's suffering set me to I couldn't find 46 and wanted to go there. In this family we tend to be long lived 45 what I would have in mind if someday

and we grow fuzzy(模糊的)minded as the years go by. At eighty I have already noticed some 47 symptoms.My doctor says the forgetfulness is only 48 and that it comes

with age. Still the

49 of Alzheimer is haunting(萦绕) in my mind. Someday if

and when I become even cloudier minded than I am now, unable to drive and tell you

where "home" is, my'dear son, I expect I will ask you to take me home. I know you will do your best to find the place I need to be. I leave these notes for your 31. A. caring 32. A. excited 33. A. forgotten 34. A. greatly 35. A. go through 36. A. hunt 37. A. settled 38. A. in place 39. A. lady 40. A. inspected 41. A. tell 42. A. response 43. A. name 44. A. prettier 45. A. feeling 46. A. memory 47. A. deadly 48. A. natural 49. A. intention 50. A. appreciation 【参考答案】完型统考: 31-35:BCCDA 36—40:BBDCB 41-45:BADBB 46-50:CBABC B. cheerful B. frightened B. reminded B. hardly B. break trough B. pace B. attended B. under control B. student B. admired B. picture B. smile B. dream B. younger B. wondering B. passion B. alarming B. special B. fear C. hopeful C. puzzled C. escaped C. totally C. look through C. search C. concerned. C. in order C. child C. appreciated C. suspect C. reasons C. symbol C. happier C. doubting C. home C. poisonous C. rare C. expectation C. guidance 50 .

D. considerate D. amazed D. slid D. simply D. put through D. look D. inspired D. at ease

D. mother D. respected

D. doubt D. answers D. place D. healthier D. believing D. way D. allergic D. unique D. hate D. assistance

B. admiration


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