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Unit 10 Ⅰ. 选择填空(15 分)
从每题 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出一个最佳答案。 ( ) 1. Could you help ________ the housework after lunch, Jenny? A. to ( B. with C. for D. on ) 2. —Jack does well in swimming ,doesn’t he? —He ________ does. A. can ( B. may C. sure D. will

) 3. Anna and Linda are good friends .They ________ like skiing. A.both B. all C. neither D. either


) 4. You must be careful when you ________ the busy street. A.cross B. across C. through D. walk


) 5. The price of the bag is ________ and I will buy it. A.low B. high C. cheap D. expensive


) 6. There are ________ there thousand seats in the new meeting room. A. at last B. at first C. at least D. at all


) 7. Li Ming, thanks a lot ________ me the good news. A. to talk B. to talking C. to tell D. for telling


) 8. Look! There are many people waiting in line ________ the baby panda. A. see B. saw C. for seeing D. to see ) 9. It’s already seven-fifty. We hope the bus ________ soon. A.come B. came C. coming D. comes D. haven’t you D. wasn’t he



) 10. You had a good time at the cinema, ________ ? A.didn’t you B. hadn’t you C. don’t you ) 11. He’s worked in that company for five years, ________? A.isn’t he B. doesn’t he C. hasn’t he ) 12. —Mary didn’t come to school yesterday, did she? —________ .She came in the afternoon. A. No, she didn’t B. Yes, she didn’t C. No, she did D. Yes, she did ) 13. —________ ? —It’s nice and beautiful. A. Do you like that city. C. When did you go to that city. B. What do you think of that city. D. Is that city beautiful.





) 14. —Do you think it will rain tomorrow? —________ .We’ll go on a picnic tomorrow. A. I hope not B. I’m afraid not C. I hope so D. I think so ) 15. —________ ? —Yes, though it’s a bit cold.


A. Bad weather ,isn't it.

B. What’s the weather like.

C. Cold weather, isn’t it. D. Nice day, isn’t it.

Ⅱ. 完形填空(10 分)
阅读下面短文,从每题 A、B、C、D 中选出一个能填入文中相应空白主的最佳答案. “But what if break my arm again?” my five-year-old daughter asked. I know how much she wanted to learn to ride. But since she had broken her arm, she was “Oh, honey, I don’t think you’ll break “But I could, couldn’t I?” she asked. I wish someone could help me find the right words and disappear (消失). “I don’t think I want to ride,” she said. “Don’t you want to ride “I was,” her 19 your friends?” I asked. “I though you were hoping to 20 riding your bike to school next year,” I added. 21 was trembling (颤抖). “You could break your arm learning dancing. Did you stop training?” My girl and 23 22 for a few minutes quietly. Then, with enough courage (勇气), she stood up to try again. “Let’s go!” she said. 24 a very little girl defeat the fear .On our 18 my little girl’s problem 17 arm,” I said 16 .

Then .I spent the rest of the afternoon in the park 25 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

home, she rode quite well. We were both happy. ) 16. A. afraid ) 17. A. each B. happy B. either C. angry C. every C. make C. with C. stop C. idea C. looked C. kept C. improving C. bike D. bored D. the other D. answer D. on D. start D. face D. rode D. agreed D. encouraging D. park

) 18. A. collect B. do ) 19. A. to ) 20. A. love ) 21. A. voice ) 22. A. cried ) 23. A. sent B. by B. finish B. word B. thought B. gave

) 24. A. helping B. following ) 25. A. day B. way

Ⅲ. 阅读理解(15 分)
阅读下列短文,并做每篇后面的题目,从各题 A、B、C、D 中选出能回答所提问题或 完成所给句子的最佳答案。 A Every morning, I walked past a security guard (保安). He greeted everyone that walked by him. I was surprised how he knew so many people by their first names. The first time I saw him, I didn’t say hello back to him when he greeted to me. I was thinking about my own things. One Monday he asked, “How was your weekend?”I told him about my visit to my sick mother. He told me how sorry he was for my mother’s sickness. When I walked away, I realized

(意识到) I did not even know his name. The following day, I asked, “What’s your name?” He answered, “Gary.” After that, we talked several times a week. We shared stories about our weekends, our dreams and families. However, Gary got a new job and moved away. It has been years since I last spoke to him, yet the memory (记忆) feels like yesterday. You see, when you say hello to others, you also give love to them. ( ) 26. Why didn’t the writer say hello back to Gary at the first time? A. Because she didn’t knew him. B. Because she was thinking about something. C. Because she didn’t want to talk to strangers (陌生人). D. Because she didn’t like him. ( ) 27. What did the writer and Gary often talk about? A. Their weekends, dreams and families. B. Their weekends, jobs and families. C. They only said hello to each other. D. They talked about everything. ( ) 28. Why did Gary move away? A. Because he didn’t like to work here. B. Because he didn’t like the people here. C. Because he got a new job in another place. D. Because his mother was very sick. ( ) 29. When did Gary move away? A. Several years ago. C. A year ago. ( B. Last week. D. The passage didn’t tell us.

) 30. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage? A. The writer doesn’t know the security guard’s names. B. The writer hasn’t seen Gaty for a few years. C. The security guard is very polite to others. D. It’s necessary and important to be polite to a stranger. B The strangest thing about Lhasa is weather, probably because the city lies so high in the

mountains. It can change suddenly in a very short time, and that has happened a few times in the past days. Yesterday is a good example. When we woke up at 8:00, it was cloudy but dry. Soon after it started to rain a bit at around 10:00 am. After 20 minutes it became snowy, and it was freezing cold outside. Then at around 12:00, when we just finished our visit to Potala, the snow stopped and the cloud became thin. An hour later, the temperature went up to 20 degrees and it became sunny! Later in the afternoon it became even warmer and we had drinks at an open air beahouse. At night after dinner when we wanted to take a taxi to the hotel, it suddenly was very

cold again and it started raining again at 6:30. the whole day there was hardly any wind. But while waiting for the taxi at 7:00 the wind suddenly picked up. Today it’s sunny again, but windy. And the temperature is about 13 degrees. But the weather report that we received this morning said it would snow again. ( ) 31. What is the strangest thing about Lhasa? A. Weather. ( B. People. C. City. D. Dinner.

) 32. Where does the city lie? A. At the foot of the mountains. C. High in the mountains. B. On the top of the mountains. D. Near the mountains.


) 33. Where did we go yesterday? A. To a mountain park. C. To a hotel. B. To Potala. D. To a shop.


) 34. What was the weather like at 18:30? A. It was snowy. B. It was rainy. C. It was windy. D. It was cloudy.


) 35. What it the temperature today? A. About 20 degrees. C. About 10 degrees. B. About 25 degrees. D. About 13 degrees. C A small boy and his father were having a walk in the country when it suddenly began to rain

very hard. They did not have their umbrellas with them, and there was nowhere to hide (躲藏) from the rain. Soon they were very wet, and the small boy did not feel very happy. For a long time while they were walking home through the rain, the boy was thinking. Then at last he turned to his father and asked, “Why does it rain, Father? It isn’t very nice, is it?” “No, it isn’t very nice, but it’s very usefull, Tom,” answered his father. “It rains to make fruits and vegetables grow for us, and to make the grass for cows and sheep.” Tom thought about this for a few seconds, and then he said, “Then, why doesn’t it rain on the road too, father?” ( ) 36. Where were the small boy and his father when it began to rain? A. They were walking in the country. C. They were talking. ( ) 37. They got wet because ________. A. they didn’t buy an umbrella C. it was raining ( ) 38. How is rain useful? A. It rains heavily. C. The road needs it and feels happy. ( B. It makes plants grow. D. The rain is very useful B. they were happy in the water D. they were going home B. They were running. D. They were unhappy.

) 39. Why didn’t the small boy feel happy? Because ________. A. they were walking through the rain and they were wet. B. it took them a long time to walk through the rain.

C. it rained sometimes and they had no time to play outside. D. they didn’t need rain any longer. ( ) 40.The boy was very clever, wasn’t he? A. Yes, he wasn’t. B. No, he was. C. No, he wasn’t. D. Yes, he was.

IV. 词汇(10 分)
(一) 根据句意及首字母提示,完成单词。 分) (5 41. Most students in our school go home for lunch at n__________. 42. You should be c__________.It’s dangerous to run in the street. 43. Many students can buy all kinds of books in this big b__________. 44. Little Rita always says g__________ to everyone when she leaves. 45. The price of the house is really l__________, isn’t it? (二) 用所给词的适当形式填空。 分) (5 46. Thanks very much for ___________ ( invite) me to your party. 47. Is Qingdao a wonderful place ___________ (go) sightseeing? 48. Allen often makes me ___________ (wait) for him at the school gate. 49. Last summer Mr Wilson ___________ (hold) an art exhibition in Paris. 50. Don’t ___________ (cross) the road when the light is red, it is dangerous.

V. 翻译(10 分)
根据汉语提示完成句子 51. 天空阴云密布,看来要下雨了。 It __________ __________ rain because it’s too __________. 52. 杰克和新同学相处得很好. Jack __________ __________ __________ with his new classmates. 53. 王先生昨天收到了一封感谢信. Mr Wang received __________ __________ __________ yesterday. 54. 李明刚刚浏览了这些新书. Li Ming just __________ __________ these __________ books. 55. 因为交通拥挤,我上学迟到了。 I was __________ __________ school because the traffic was very __________.

VI. 情景交际(10 分)
从方框中选择适当的句子将对话补充完整(其中有两项多余) A. Have a good day! B. Are you taking a bus ? C. What do you think of it? D. By the way ,which bus do you take? E. Are you going to Sunshine Beach? F. I often go swimming on weekends. G. The radio says it will be a little bit cooler in two or three days.

A: It’s sunny, isn’t it? B: Yes, it is. But it is a little hot for me. (56)___________________ A: Yes, a little hot. Do you think it’ll be cool? B: Yeah, (57)___________________ A: Oh, that sounds nice. (58)___________________ B: The No. 3 bus. I am going to the beach for a swim. A: (59)___________________ B: Yes, I am. Do you like swimming? A: Yes, I love swimming, too. B: Here comes the bus. (60)___________________ A: The same to you!Goodbye!

VII. 综合填空(10 分)
根据首字母提示完成短文。 Last Sunday, I wanted to go around the city to spend time. From the window I saw the s__________ (61) was very busy. There were so many cars and buses. I decided to w__________ (62) instead of (代替) driving my car. Also, walking could make me relaxed. When I was going to c__________ (63) the street, I found a new e supermarket in front of me. The big poster (海报) said there was a l__________ (64) and a restaurant in it. Then I entered the s__________ (65). First, I looked through some books .Around me some young children were r__________ (66) books carefully. At n__________ (67), I was hungry .I took the elevator to the second floor. The restaurant was so big, and so m__________ (68) people were there! Even some young parents took their children there to have l__________ (69). After I paid for my meal, I came to know w__________ (70) the restaurant was so crowded. The food there was so delicious, but the price was very low.

VIII. 阅读表达(10 分)
阅读短文,根据要求完成下面各小题。 What do people in America say when they meet for the first time? They talk about things like weather, family, work, school, or sports. They ask questions like “Do you have any brothers or sisters?” “Where do you work?” “What school do you go to?” and “Do you like sports?” They also ask questions like “Where do you come from?” and “Where do you live?” These are polite questions, not personal questions. But some things are personal, and questions about them are not polite. People don’t ask questions about a person’s salary (薪水). They don’t ask how much someone paid for something. It is OK to ask children how old they are, but it is not polite to ask older people about their ages. It is also not polite to ask people questions about politics or religion if you don’t know them very well. People don’t ask someone “Why are you single?” or “Why don’t you have any children?” 根据短文内容,完成下列问题.

71. What do people in America talk about when they meet for the first time? _______________________________________________________ 72. Do American people ask personal questions? _______________________________________________________ 73. Who can people ask abut ages?? _______________________________________________________ 74. If you don’t know people well, what can’t you ask? _______________________________________________________ 75. What does this article mainly talk about? _______________________________________________________

Ⅸ. 书面表达(10 分)
假如你是李敏,这学期在笔友 Jim 的帮助下,你的英语进步很快,尤其是读写能力有了 很大的提高,并得到了老师的肯定。你相信自己在期末考试中会取得好成绩。请给 Jim 写封 信表示感谢. 要求:包含所给信息,并适当发挥;不少于 60 词。 _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

Unit 10 笔试卷参考答案 Ⅰ. 1-5 BCAAA 6-10 CDDDA 11-15 CDBAD Ⅱ. 16-20 ADCCD 21-25 ABDAB 36-40 AABAD Ⅲ. 26-30 BACAA 31-35 ACBBD

Ⅳ. 41.noon 42.careful 43.bookstore 44.goodbye 45.low 46.inviting 47.to go 48.wait 49. held 50.cross Ⅴ. 51.looks like; cloudy 52.gets along/on well 53.a thank-you note 54. looked through; new 55.late for; busy/heavy Ⅵ. 56-60 CGDEA Ⅶ. 61. street 62. walk 63. cross 64. library 65. supermarket 66. reading 67. noon 68. many 69. lunch 70. why Ⅷ. 71.They talk about thinks like weather, family, work, school, or sports. 72. No. 73. Children. 74. Politics or religion. 75. What people in America say when they meet. Ⅸ. One possible version: Dear Jim,

How are you? Is everything going well? Thank you for helping me with my English this term. My English has improved a lot. My English teacher says I am much better at writing and reading than before. I am really happy. Friends like you make it a lot easier to study English well. And I believe I will be able to do well in the final exams. How are you getting on with your Chinese? Please write to me. Yours, Li Min

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