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1.Passive (被动的) smoking means taking in someone else’s cigarette and it is also harmful to health. 2. With the growing development of IT technology, network (网 络) is no longer strange to us.

3.Information must be stored so that it is secure (安全的) from accidental deletion. 4. Yesterday I mislaid my biology (生物学) book, and it took me about half an hour to find it. 5.In urban (城市的) and rural China, the first nine years of schooling are supposed to be free. 6.Joe gathered the boys and girls of the neighbourhood (邻近 的地方) for a picnic. 7.It is constant (连续不断的) dropping that wears the stone.

function 8.When nutrients are in short supply, the body cannot ________
(正常运转) properly.

Packing (收拾) up his collected books, he found a suit of 9.________
precious stamps unexpectedly. 10.Palm trees far away look as if they were floating (漂浮) in the sky. 11.He was shocked when he heard that his friend had been

a ccused of murder. ________

12.If you often hang your clothes out in the bright sun, they will

f ade _____. e scaped 13.The director of the zoo told us that two monkeys had ________
from the zoo.

w orn out. I will have them mended this afternoon. 14. My shoes are _____

1. Being confident is the first step toward becoming successful. (confidence) 2.Mail order is a convenience for buyers who are too busy to shop. (convenient) 3. One disadvantage of living here is the lack of safe places for the children to play. (advantage) 4.His friendliness and kindness gave us a strong impression . In other words, we were all impressed by his friendliness and kindness.(impress)

5. If it is difficult for you to digest the graphs I presented during the presentation , ask our market leader for more information. (present) 6. He was disabled in a car accident and his disability prevented him from holding any job. (disable) injured his leg when he was playing basketball yesterday. 7.Jack _______ The doctor said that his injury was very serious.(injure)

8.To my amazement , the amazing news amazed the whole class and their teachers were also amazed . (amaze) 9.To my disappointment, I saw a disappointed expression on his face due to his disappointing test score. (disappoint) 10. The printer bought some 3D printers _______ and printing _______ materials,

printed for hoping to get some gadgets (设计精巧的小机械) _______
his son. (print)

②network ③paperwork

艺术品 网络
文书工作 木制品

2.后缀ology 高频词一览
②ecology ③geology

生物学 生态学
地理/质学 心理学

⑤sociology ⑥zoology ⑦physiology ⑧archeology

社会学 动物学 生理学 考古学

②childhood ③boyhood

邻近的地方 童年
少年时代 成年

⑤manhood ⑥brotherhood ⑦parenthood

男子气概 手足之情

②constant ③running

连续的 连续不断的
连续的,流动的 连续的,接替的



②dishonest ③disagree

不喜欢 不诚实
不同意 失望

⑤disadvantage ⑥disappear ⑦discourage ⑧disabled

不利条件 从视线中消失
使失去勇气,劝阻 残疾的,丧失能力的

①electricity n.
②electric adj. ③electrical adj.
④electronic adj.

电,电流 电的,电动的
有关电的 电子的

⑤electrics n. ⑥electrician n. ⑦power n. ⑧wireless n.

电学 电工,电学家
电力,电源 无线电

1.add to 2.connect with/to 3.give out/off 4.put forward 5. in the convenience of 6.carry out 7. in the long term/run 增加,使增强,使扩大 与??连接 放出(声、光、气等);公布 提出,提议 在??方面是方便的 执行;实行;贯彻 从长远来看

8.compared with 9.as to 10.set up 11.be concerned about 12.last but not least 13.speak of 14.be filled with 15.blow up 16.hold on to sth. 17. in terror

与??比较起来 至于,关于 设立,建立 关心,挂念 最后但同样重要的 说起,谈到 充满 爆炸;使爆炸 紧紧抓住 惊恐地

1.Many words have been added to this edition of the dictionary. 2.The program first put forward by him, I think, is practical. 3.The investigation was carried out under the direction of a senior police officer. 4.One should treat the relationship between wealth and health

in the long term/run instead of in the short term. ___________________

5. Compared with adults learning foreign languages children do not have good conditions, but they can master mother tongue completely. 6.That old man was suspected to be connected with 7.In the picture presented, an oil lamp gives out the dark. 8.When Edison was only ten, he set up a small chemistry lab of his own. the crime. bright light in

be concerned about 9.It was advised that all the students should __________________
each other in our class.

Last but not least our school has many good English teachers, 10.________________,
who are willing to help us whenever we meet with difficulties.

is filled with 11.I promise you I’m always there, when your heart ___________
sorrow and despair.

blew up in the air and luckily no one was injured. 12.The bomb ________
13.While it was thundering, the little boy held his mother’s arm tightly in terror .

Speaking of universities, did you know that I was accepted 14.___________
into Beijing University?

1.put 短语全扫描
①put off
②put down


记下,写下;镇压 提出 伸出,熄灭 完成 容忍

③put forward ④put out

⑤put through ⑥put up with

2.term 短语集锦
①in the long term
②in terms of


从??方面来说 与??妥协

③come to terms with

④be on good terms with 与??关系好

⑤be on bad terms with


3.compare 短语个个清
①compared with/to
②compare ...with/to



③compare ... to ...


①link to
②relate to


涉及,有关 与??连接 与??联合 联合,结合 联合 与??结合

③connect with/to ... ④combine with

⑤unite with ⑥associate with ⑦join with

5.set 短语小结
①set up
②set about


开始着手 留出;使与众不同 留出 记下,写下 开始,到来,流行 出发,动身 动身,启程

③set apart ④set aside

⑤set down ⑥set in ⑦set off ⑧set out

1. Not only will he or she feel every step of climbing Mount Qomolangma, but the user will also experience the cold, smells, sights and sounds of the surrounding environment ...
[ 译文 ] 使用者不仅能感受到攀登珠穆朗玛峰的每一步的艰


连接了两个并列分句。当not only位于句首时,not only所 在的分句通常用部分倒装。


他们不但做了音乐表演, 而且简短地介绍了西方铜管乐

器的历史。 Not only did they present a musical performance, but they

also gave/made a brief introduction to the history of Western _______________
brass instruments.

2. This kind of urban planning is in the long term cheaper and more practical, compared with the way most urban planning is done today.
[译文] 这种城市规划从长远来看与今天所做的多数城市规划



[仿写] 和汽车相比,自行车对我们的健康更有益。

Compared with cars bikes are of greater benefit to our health. __________________,

3. In my opinion, it is about time we had new computers.
[译文] 在我看来,我们应该有新的电脑了。

It’ s (about/high) time (that) sb. did/should do sth.“是某人该做 某事的时候了”。


是我们应该把厨房重新粉刷的时候了。 got/should get the kitchen repainted It’ s about time that we _________________________________.

第一板块 单词集释

1.amaze vt.使惊奇,使惊诧
[教材原句] The RealCine experience will amaze you, and you

will agree that this is an extraordinary technology that deserves to be developed further. RealCine 的经历会使你惊讶不已,你会认同这项不同凡响的技 术是值得进一步开发的。

[感悟· 考什么]

①I was amazed (amaze) that he’d come up with this sweet idea. (2014· 福建高考阅读 A) 我很惊讶他想到了这个好主意。 ② It is amazing that sales on Alibaba, China’s largest ecommerce group, reached over Rmb50bn on Singles’ Day. 中国最大电子商务集团阿里巴巴光棍节一天的销售额达到 500 多亿 元人民币,真是令人惊叹。

[点拨· 学什么]
(1)amazing adj.


It’s amazing that ...


(2)amazed adj.

be amazed at/by ...
(3)amazement n.


to one’s amazement in amazement

令某人大为惊奇的是 惊愕地


可用于“to one’s+n.”结构的抽象名词还有:

delight, surprise, satisfaction, astonishment, disappointment 等。

2.confident adj.自信的;肯定的,确信的,有把握的
[ 教材原句 ] This encouraged him to become more confident

around others. 这鼓励了他在其他人面前更加自信。

[感悟· 考什么]
介词填空/用 confident 的适当形式填空 ①There was a very naughty boy in the nursery and a teacher
who was generally very confident with the children was asked to take charge of him.(2014· 湖北高考阅读 A) 幼儿园里有一个非常淘气的男孩,一般说来,就需要有一位对孩 子很有自信的老师来管他。

②From her smile, I knew that she was confident of victory. 从她的微笑我看出她对胜利有信心。 ③Out of this early struggle to overcome his feelings of inferiority, Dale came to understand that the ability to express an idea to an audience builds a person’s confidence .(2014· 江苏高考完形) 从早期的努力克服自卑心理,戴尔开始理解向听众表达思想的能 力能建立个人自信。

[点拨· 学什么]

(1)be confident with
be confident in be confident of (2)confidence n. have confidence in

对??有信心 自信,信任 确信?? 信心,自信


So in my opinion, while we are confident in

ourselves, we should recognize strengths in others and show respect for them. 因此,我认为,只要我们有自信,我们就应该承认别人的长处 并尊敬他们。

3.disadvantage n. 缺点;不利因素,障碍
[高考佳句] Technology has put classical music at a disadvantage. (2014· 安徽高考任务型读写) 科技已经把古典音乐置于不利的地位。

[感悟· 考什么]

完成句子/介词填空 ①Yet, in a sense it’s human nature to do precisely that — we
assess the advantages and disadvantages time.(2014· 江苏高考阅读 B) 然而,在某种意义上,做事精确是人的本性——我们总是评定 决定的利与弊。 of decisions all the

②He took advantage of the good weather to go for a walk. 他趁着天气好,出去散散步。

over others. ③A man who can think will always have an advantage ____

[点拨· 学什么]

(1)at a disadvantage
advantages and disadvantages (2)advantage n. take advantage of have an advantage over

利与弊 优势;有利条件



However, I think

shopping on the Internet has its

disadvantages as well. 可是,我认为网购也有它的缺点。

4.accuse vt.控诉,控告;指责;谴责
[教材原句] He was accused of piracy by the music industry.


[感悟· 考什么]

介词填空 ①Though this young man was accused __ as a thief, he was very calm.
尽管这位年轻人被指控为小偷,但他非常镇静。 ②Man often accuses nature for his own misfortune. 人常因自己的不幸而责怪老天。 ③She was upset, for the teacher accused her of carelessness. (2014· 江西高考书面表达) 她很心烦,因为老师指责她粗心大意。

[点拨· 学什么]
accuse ... of ... accuse ...for ... accuse ... as ...

指责/谴责?? 因??而责怪?? 指控??为??


accuse, charge, blame

指责或指控某人的过错或罪行,可用于一般意义上的指 accuse 责或责怪或用于法律意义上的指控或控告。常用结构: accuse sb. of (doing) sth. 语气比accuse强,多指较严重的错误或罪行,而且往往 charge 向法庭提出正式起诉。常用结构:charge sb. with sth. 指由于错误、过失而指责别人,侧重指对产生的不良后 blame 果负有责任。

④A reporter who was accused of spreading the rumor finally was charged with guilt and it was requested that he should be to blame for the wrong report.

5.function vi.起作用,充当,正常运转(工作),活动 n.作用,功能; 职能
[教材原句] Also, we need to buy new keyboards, mouses and

monitors, because many of the keyboards have letters missing and some mouses and monitors are not functioning properly. 我们也需要买新的键盘、鼠标和显示器,因为许多键盘上的字母 键丢失了,而且一些鼠标和显示器也不能正常运转了。

[记清· 一词多义]
写出句中 function 的含义
①The new functions will win my magic water bottle enormous love and popularity.(2014· 湖南高考书面表达)


②The brain performs a very important function; it controls the nervous system of the body.


③Research suggests that night owls feel most alert and function best in the evenings and at night.(2014· 四川高考阅读 D)


④You know I can’t function without a coffee in the morning.


[记牢· 常用短语]
function as ...


function well (properly)/normally/efficiently

⑤It’s reported that flights in and out of Taipei are functioning

normally/well/properly _____________________.
⑥During the war, when London was bombed, many underground stations functioned as bomb shelters.

6.escape vi.逃跑,逃离,逃脱 vt.避开,避免;被遗忘,被忽视 n.逃离,逃脱
[高考佳句] That particular day, my brother and I sat through

both movies twice, trying to escape the heat. (2014· 山东高考阅读 B) 那个特别的日子,我和我哥哥为躲避炎热把两部电影看完,而且 看了两次。

[感悟· 考什么]
①Compared with the escaped (escape) driver, I am proud of what I did.(2014· 湖北高考短文写作) 和逃逸的司机相比,我为我所做的事情而自豪。 ②It is said that he narrowly escaped being killed (kill) in the traffic accident on the other day. 据说前些天他在那场交通事故里死里逃生。

③The residents were trying to escape from the fire but were overcome by smoke. 居民们正设法逃出大火,却被烟熏倒了。 ④Last year he had a narrow escape in a big fire, and he doesn’ t want to risk his life a second time. 去年他在一次大火中死里逃生,因此他不想再去冒生命危险了。

[点拨· 学什么]
escape from
escape doing sth. have a narrow escape


逃脱做某事 侥幸逃脱,九死一生



⑤Gas is escaping from the pipe.


⑥It was an actor whose name escapes me for the moment.


1.secure adj.安全的;有把握的;稳固的,坚固的 vt.获得;使安全

feel secure about ...


be secure against/from ...


secure sth. for sb.(=secure sb.sth.)


secure sth. against ...


You cannot secure yourself against all risks and dangers. 天有不测风云,人有旦夕祸福。

2.fade v.逐渐消失,(使)变淡;走下坡路,衰落
fade away 逐渐消失;凋谢,衰弱,憔悴

fade out


fade into


fade down 安静下来 In the United States, friends can be close, constant, intense,
generous, and real, yet fade away in a short time if circumstances change.(2010· 上海高考阅读表达) 在美国,朋友可能是亲密的、稳定的、热情的、慷慨的和真实的, 可是如果环境改变了,这些很快就会变淡。

3.pack vt.收拾(行李),装箱;包装 n.纸袋,纸盒;大背包;一 群,一捆,一包 pack up


pack away = put away


pack in a pack of

塞进;吸引;停止 一包;一堆;一捆

Pack away your books, children. It’s time for break. 孩子们,收起你们的书,到了我们休息的时间了。

间考词汇· 验收过关(介、副词填空)
1.The sound of the motorboat faded away in the distance. 2.Let’s pack up and spend a week in the countryside. 3.I don’t know why she no longer feels secure about _____ her future.


What amazed me (使我吃惊的) is how long she managed to 1._________________
hide it from us. 2.The more often you seize opportunities to talk to the foreigners,

the more confident you will be ( 你越自信 )when speaking a ____________________________
foreign language.

is now fully taken advantage of (现在被充 3.Water in that area _____________________________
分利用起来) to make electricity.

4.The singer was accused of taking drugs (被指控吸毒), which shocked his fans all over the world. 5.The iPhone functions well (功能不错). I’ll buy it, no matter how much it costs. 6.It is reported that a bus with 60 passengers rolled down into the Changjiang River and only the bus driver narrowly escaped drowning (侥幸没有被淹死). __________

Ⅱ.单项填空 1.(2015· 安徽名校高三联考)This company was ________ of using
misleading advertisements in its promotion of the weightloss pills. A.charged C.blamed B.accused D.approved

解析: 句意:这家公司被指控使用误导性广告宣传减肥药。 charge sb. with sth.“控告某人某事”;accuse sb. of sth.“控告 某人某事”; blame sb. for sth.“把某事归咎于某人”; approve of“赞成”。根据空后的提示词 of 并结合句意可知,应选 B。

2.(2015· 南京一中月考)________ North Korea’s relatively small population, its outstanding performance in the 17th Asian Games was really ________. A.Supposing; amazing C.Considering; amazing B.Comparing; amazed D.Given; amazed

解析:句意:考虑到朝鲜的人口相对较少,它在第 17 届亚运会 上的出色表现真的令人惊讶。considering“考虑到;鉴于”; amazing“令人惊讶的”;amazed “感到惊讶的”。

3.(2015· 泉州高三质检)I am ________ about the new model, and I firmly believe that there will be a good market for it. A.concerned C.confident B.doubtful D.particular

解析: 句意:我对这个新模型有信心,我坚信它会很畅销。be confident about“ 对 ?? 有信心 ” ,符合句意。 be concerned about“担心,挂念”;be doubtful about“对??怀疑”;be particular about“对??挑剔”。

4. (2015· 武汉高三模拟)As a businessman, Mr. Green is a complete failure. Being lazy may well be one of the ________to his success. A.drawbacks C.disadvantages B.shortcomings D.barriers

解析:句意:作为一名商人,格林先生很失败。懒惰也许是他 成 功 的 其 中 一 个 障 碍 。 barrier“ 障 碍 ” , 符 合 句 意 。 drawback“缺点”;shortcoming“缺点”;disadvantage“不 利条件,缺点”。

5.(2015· 苏州附属中学高三模拟)The ________ of the heart is to pump blood through the body. A.function C.duty B.work D.responsibility

解析:句意:心脏的功能是把血液输往全身。function “功能, 作用,机能”;work“工作;劳动;职业”;duty“义务;责任, 职责”;responsibility“责任,职责”。

6. (2015· 黄山一模)— I am wondering whether you could remember her name. — Oh, I’m afraid that ________ me for the moment. A.reminds C.disturbs B.puzzles D.escapes

解析:句意:“不知你是否能记起来她的名字。”“哦,恐怕 我暂时记不起来了。”sth. escape sb.“某人暂时忘记某事”; remind“提醒”;puzzle“使困惑”;disturb“打扰”。

第二板块 短语集释
1.add to 使增强,使增加,使扩大
[教材原句] To add to the virtual world of RealCine, the headsets

even have small openings that give out smells to match the environment. 给 RealCine 虚拟世界锦上添花的是,耳机上甚至还有一些小孔, 可以释放出与环境相匹配的气味。

[感悟· 考什么]

用 add 相关短语完成句子
①Perhaps you think you could easily add to your happiness with more money.(2014· 福建高考阅读 D) 也许你认为能容易地用金钱来增加你的幸福感。

add up all the numbers. ②You will get the final result when you _______
你把所有的数加起来就知道最终结果。 ③Add up the figures to see how much they add up to . 把所有数据都加起来看下总共是多少。

[点拨· 学什么]
add up


add up to


add ... to ...

As is known to all, good friends add happiness


and value to life. 众所周知,好朋友会给生活添加快乐,使生活更有意义。

2.put forward 提出,提议;推荐;将??提前;拨快(时钟指针)


An argument has been put forward that some

users will be disappointed by RealCine because VR is not real. 有人提出了这样的看法:有些用户可能会对 RealCine 感到失 望,因为虚拟现实毕竟不是真的。

[串记· 相关短语]
put away put aside put up with put down put off

put up

把??收拾好,整理;储存 把??放到一边;储存(钱)备用 忍受,容忍 放下,写下;镇压 推迟,延期 搭建;张贴;为??提供住宿

选用以上短语填空 putting away ④Your own personal robot will follow you around, ___________ books and objects that you have left on the floor or bed. (2014· 安徽高考阅读 A) ⑤He glanced at the note, put it aside and went on with the meeting.

3.as to 至于,关于

[ 教材原句 ]

We are not very confident as to whether an

operator will be able to use RealCine easily. 至于使用者能否顺利地使用 RealCine 技术,我们不是特别有 信心。

[感悟· 考什么]

①I am always delighted when I receive an email from you. As to (= With regard to / As

for) the party on July 1st, I shall be

pleased to attend.(2013· 江苏高考单项) 收到你的电子邮件,我总是很开心。至于七月一日的聚会,我很 乐意参加。 ②We ’ d like to hear your proposal on the matter of ( =

concerning / regarding / as to ) packing. ___________

[点拨· 学什么]
as for concerning prep. regarding prep.



with regard to on the matter of

关于,至于 关于,至于


There are different opinions among people as to

sending children to specialized classes in their spare time. 关于在孩子们的空闲时间送他们去上特长班,人们有着不同的 看法。

add to, put forward, as to, last but not least, in terror, be accused of

1.They have not decided yet as to who will be in charge of the project. 2.It’s said that more books have been added to the school library.

3.The manager has put forward a new plan to develop the new product. 4. Last but not least , I’m always here ready to help. 5.He is said to be accused of making noise at night.

6.People fled in terror as fire tore through the building.

1.(2015· 安徽正阳中学高三模拟)I want your advice ________ what I ought to do with Mr. Ernest. A.as usual C.as to B.as follows D.as well

解析:句意:关于怎样和欧内斯特先生打交道,我需要你的高 见。as usual“像往常一样”;as follows“如下”;as to“关 于”;as well“也,还”。

2.(2015· 株洲高三质检)It is reported that Oxford English Dictionary is considering ________ the Chinese word “tuhao” to its next edition. A.adding C.to add B.added D.to be added

解析: 句意: 据报道, 《牛津英语词典》 正在考虑将汉语中的“土 豪”一词添加到它的下一个版本中。 consider 表示“考虑”, 后 接动词的ing 作宾语。

3.(2015· 江南高三联考)— What are the workers talking about? — They are discussing the idea the old worker ________ at the meeting yesterday. A.put forward C.set off B.came up D.brought out

解析: 句意: “工人们在谈论什么?”“他们在讨论那位老工 人昨天在会上提出的想法。”put forward“提出”,符合句 意。come up“被提到”,是不及物动词的词组;set off“出 发,引起”;bring out“推出(新产品)”。



1 . Not only will he or she feel every step of climbing Mount Qomolangma, but the user will also experience the cold, smells, sights and sounds of the surrounding environment ... 使用者不仅能感受到攀登珠穆朗玛峰的每一步的艰辛,还能体 验到周围环境的寒冷、气味、景观和声音??

该结构的具体用法如下: (1)连接两个对称的并列成分,此时 also 可以省略。 ①That family not only restored the important documents to us

that day but also restored our faith and trust in people. (2014· 全国大纲卷阅读 A) 那天,那个家庭不仅仅把这些重要的文件归还给我们,而且还 使我们恢复对人们的信任。

(2)连接两个分句且 not only 位于句首时, 第一个分句要用部分 倒装, 第二个分句不用倒装。 有时 but 和 also 可以省略其一, 或者都省略。

②Not only did it get us close to nature and give us relaxation from heavy schoolwork, it also promoted the friendship among us. (2013· 江西高考书面表达) 它不仅使我们接近大自然,摆脱繁重的功课得以放松,而且还能 促进我们之间的友谊。 ③Not only can travel give people relaxation and pleasure, but it can increase their knowledge. 旅游不仅让人们放松、感到愉快,而且可以增加人们的知识。

(3)连接两个主语时,谓语动词要与其最近的主语保持人称和 数的一致(即:就近原则)。

④Not only the students but also the teacher was against the plan. 不仅学生们,连老师也反对这个计划。

2.In my opinion, it is about time we had new computers. 在我看来,我们应该有新的电脑了。

句中“It’s about time sb. did sth.”句型意为“是该某人做某 事的时候了”,该句型还可以写成“It’s (about/high) time

(that) sb. should do sth.”结构。
①It is high time that we cheered for our favorite football team. 是我们为最喜欢的足球队呐喊加油的时候了。

由 time 构成的其他句型还有: It’s time (for sb.) to do sth. 是该(某人)做某事的时候了 It/This/That is/was the ... time (that) sb. has/had done sth.

②It’s time for us to say no to waste so that our grandchildren’s children will be able to develop well.(2014· 福建高考短文填词) 是我们向浪费说不,以便我们的子孙能更好地发展的时候了。 ③It was the first time that a Canadian had won a gold medal in a Winter Olympics. 那是第一次一个加拿大人在冬奥会上赢得金牌。


“It’s (about/high) time (that) sb. did/should do sth.”


Ⅰ.用所给词的适当形式填空 1.Not only you but also I am (be) fit for the job. 2.It is the first time that I have given (give) you a lesson.

Ⅱ.句型转换(每空一词) 1.They will come to our school to help us with our English. → Not only will they come to our school, but (also) help ____

us with our English. __ 2.It’s about time for you to break away with him — he doesn’t deserve your love. →It’s about time you broke away with him — he doesn’ t deserve your love.