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5S : 整理(SEIRI)、整頓(SEITON)、清掃(SEISO)、清潔(SEIKETSU)及身美(SHITSUKE) 五種行為 ABC : 作業製成本制度 (Activity-Based Costing) ABB : 實施作業制預算制度 (Activity-Based Budgeting) ABM : 作業製成本管理 (Activity-Base Management) APS : 先進規畫與排程系統 (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) ASP : 應用程式服務供應商(Application Service Provider) ATP : 可承諾量 (Available To Promise) AVL : 認可的供應商清單(Approved Vendor List) BOM : 物料清單 (Bill Of Material) BPR : 企業流程再造 (Business Process Reengineering) BSC : 平衡記分卡 (Balanced ScoreCard) BTF : 計畫生產 (Build To Forecast) BTO : 訂單生產 (Build To Order) CPM : 要徑法 (Critical Path Method) CPM : 每一百萬個使用者會有幾次抱怨(Complaint per Million) CRM : 客戶關係管理 (Customer Relationship Management) CRP : 產能需求規劃 (Capacity Requirements Planning) CTO : 客制化生產 (Configuration To Order) DBR : 限制驅導式排程法 (Drum-Buffer-Rope) DMT : 成熟度驗證(Design Maturing Testing) DVT : 設計驗證(Design Verification Testing) DRP : 運銷資源計畫 (Distribution Resource Planning) DSS : 決策支援系統 (Decision Support System) EC : 設計變更/工程變更 (Engineer Change) EC : 電子商務 (Electronic Commerce) ECRN : 原件規格更改通知(Engineer Change Request Notice) EDI : 電子資料交換 (Electronic Data Interchange) EIS : 主管決策系統 (Executive Information System) EMC : 電磁相容(Electric Magnetic Capability) EOQ : 基本經濟訂購量 (Economic Order Quantity) ERP : 企業資源規劃 (Enterprise Resource Planning) FAE : 應用工程師(Field Application Engineer) FCST : 預估(Forecast) FMS : 彈性製造系統 (Flexible Manufacture System) FQC : 成品品質管制 (Finish or Final Quality Control) IPQC : 制程品質管制 (In-Process Quality Control) IQC : 進料品質管制 (Incoming Quality Control)

ISO : 國際標準組織 (International Organization for Standardization) ISAR : 首批樣品認可(Initial Sample Approval Request) JIT : 即時管理 (Just In Time) KM : 知識管理 (Knowledge Management) L4L : 逐批訂購法 (Lot-for-Lot) LTC : 最小總成本法 (Least Total Cost) LUC : 最小單位成本 (Least Unit Cost) MES : 製造執行系統 (Manufacturing Execution System) MO : 制令(Manufacture Order) MPS : 主生產排程 (Master Production Schedule) MRO : 請修(購)單(Maintenance Repair Operation) MRP : 物料需求規劃 (Material Requirement Planning) MRPII : 製造資源計畫 (Manufacturing Resource Planning) NFCF : 更改預估量的通知 Notice for Changing Forecast OEM : 委託代工 (Original Equipment Manufacture) ODM : 委託設計與製造 (Original Design & Manufacture) OLAP : 線上分析處理 (On-Line Analytical Processing) OLTP : 線上交易處理 (On-Line Transaction Processing) OPT : 最佳生產技術 (Optimized Production Technology) OQC : 出貨品質管制 (Out-going Quality Control) PDCA : PDCA 管理迴圈 (Plan-Do-Check-Action) PDM : 產品資料管理系統 (Product Data Management) PERT : 計畫評核術 (Program Evaluation and Review Technique) PO : 訂單(Purchase Order) POH : 預估在手量 (Product on Hand) PR : 採購申請 Purchase Request QA : 品質保證(Quality Assurance) QC : 品質管制(Quality Control) QCC : 品管圈 (Quality Control Circle) QE : 品質工程(Quality Engineering) RCCP : 粗略產能規劃 (Rough Cut Capacity Planning) RMA : 退貨驗收 Returned Material Approval ROP : 再訂購點 (Re-Order Point) SCM : 供應鏈管理 (Supply Chain Management) SFC : 現場控制 (Shop Floor Control) SIS : 策略資訊系統 (Strategic Information System) SO : 訂單(Sales Order) SOR : 特殊訂單需求(Special Order Request)

SPC : 統計制程管制 (Statistic Process Control) TOC : 限制理論 (Theory of Constraints) TPM : 全面生產管理 Total Production Management TQC : 全面品質管制 (Total Quality Control) TQM : 全面品質管理 (Total Quality Management) WIP : 在製品 (Work In Process) ABC Absolute Best Cost (is a procurement strategy to secure the best costs for a part) AFR Annual Failure Return ETD Estimated time of departure 估計出發時間 ETA Estimated time of arrive AMO After Market Options WWAN (Wireless Wide Area Network) 是指傳輸範圍可跨越國家或不同城市之間的無線網 路 AN The product line code for MCD COMMERCIAL regions APJ Asia Pacific and Japan APL Approved Partner List FPC PCB" 柔性電路板(柔性 RMAPCB): 簡稱"軟板", 又稱"柔性線路板", 也稱"軟性線路板、 撓性線路板"或"軟性電路板、撓性電路板","FPCB, Flexible and Rigid-Flex". APO Advanced Planning Optimization ASN Advance Shipment Notice ASP Average Selling Price ATP Acknowledge to Production (order acknowledgement methodology) AUP Average Unit Price (sometimes used interchangeably with ASP) AV Refers to the Marketing Feature level of the BOM (2nd level). Is unique by family/platform/business model AVL Approved Vendor List AVLC Available Vendor List Candidate BCPL Blind Corporate Price List - When a product becomes "orderable" for the customer BDD Business Desktop Division - Is now defunct - the HP legacy busines desktop group BOM Bill of Material BPN Business Products North America (Pre-Merger HP term for North America region…sometimes referred to as PPMD) BRD Business Requirements Document BRP Business Revenue Plan BT Build Trigger

BTCO Build to Customer Order BTO Build to Order BTS Build-to-stock (situation where you ask factory to build units and stock FGI at their site before orders arrive) CDS Compal Direct Ship CFZ Code Freeze CIR Consumer IR (OEIC) 光電子集成電路 CM Contract Manufacturers CNY Chinese New Year CO Customer Order (a term used in ICON - it is how daily demand is input into ICON) OR Change Order COA Certificate of Authenticity - most commonly refers to the Microsoft licensing label that is used on our PCs CRT 阴极射线管(Cathode Ray Tube)的显示器 COGS Cost of Goods Sold (usually represented as a percentage of revenue) COS Cost of Sales CPB Company Performance Bonus CPC Consumer PC Division - refers to the consumer desktop division based in Cupertino, California CPL Corporate Price List CPMO Region: China (refers to both their operations region and their regional manufacturing site) CPP Commodity Purchase Plan CPU Central Processing Unit CT Commodity Tracking CTO Configure to Order CWSP Confirmed Weekly Shipment Plan DB Design Build DC Distribution Center DIB Drop in Box DO Design Objective (Project or PLC Milestone - Establish Objectives of a project or new part) DoD Department of Defense DOS Days of Supply DR Delivery Request (An order placed by the region on the ODM for delivery) DRCD Driver CD DSM Demand Supply Matching

DSP Depot-Specific Supply Chain - ICON term to describe where/how a product is distributed in the MRP tool FW Firm ware ECO Enterprise Core Objects ECO Engineering Change Order ECR Engineering Change Record EMEA Europe, Middle-East and Africa (is the Europe region) EOL End of Life EPC Electronic Product Code (RFID technology provider) ESG Enteriprise Systems Group EDID Extended Display Identification DATA,即扩展显示 识别数据 EURP End-User Replaceable Parts FCS First Customer Ship FCT Factory Cycle Time (measures the time it takes the factory to produce and ship the product once they have the order...usually measured in days) FDD Floppy Disk Drive FLC Factory Learning Curve FPU Factory Produce Unit (IPG term) FTO Flexible Time-off (HP term for vacation time) GBU General Base Unit (Pre-merger HP) OR…General Business Unit (new HP) GFI Go For Intro (PLC and project milestone - indicates this project is ready to start implementation) GPS Global Procurement Services HDD Hard Disk Drive HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) HOI HP-Owned Inventory HPD HP Direct HPS HP Services I/L Investigation to Lab (PLC milestone - freezes product definition) IDC Inventory Driven Costs IDP Individual Development Plan IDS International Direct Ship OOC Out of character IES Inventec China IPO International Procurement Organization - now called GPS in some entities IQDC Integrated Quality Data Collection IUR IXXXX Unit Request

PP SAMPLE SP : 指產品的打樣制作;Sample Phase PP :指產品小批量試做;Production Phase MP :指產品進入大量生產 Mass Phase IWT Inter Warehouse Transfer (a term used in ICON that gives the value of the demand plan per sku) KMAT Configurable Material (SAP term) KV The product line code for MCD RETAIL regions KWL Keyboard Warning Label LADO Region: Latin America (Latin America Distribution Organization) LCD Liquid Crystyal Display LCPL Live Customer Product List - product number and pricing visible Li-ION Lithion-Ion: Battery technology LT Lead Time LTB Last Time Buy - is used when a component/product is going to become EOL MADP Most Accurate Demand Plan MAP Material Availability Plan OR Mobile Attainment Plan (used by Marketing Ops to outline the volumes we want to ship from a revenue standpoint) MAS Material Availbility Split - HP internal term to refer to our tool/process to support material availability visibility to the regions MCD Mobile Computing Division (pre-merger HP Mobile Computing Division) MDL Module - is a MCD feature naming convention for Floppy Disk Drive or Optical Disk Drive MF Marketing Forecast MIR Mail In Rebate MIT Multimedia Integration Test MOH Manufacturing Overhead MP Mass Production MR Manufacturing Release (PLC milestone - beginning of volume production) MRD Marketing Requirements Document MRP Materials Requirement Planning MSP Master Shipment Plan MTD Month to Date MV Manufacturing Validation NA Another name for North America COMMERCIAL NACC North America Consumer Computing - refers to the NA consumer region NAM North America Region NB Notebook NiMH Nickel-Metal Hydride: Battery technology (boy…this is old!)

NPI New Product Introduction NRP Net Requirement Plan OCT Order Cycle Time ODD Optical Disk Drive ODM Original Design Manufacturer OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer OH On-Hand (usually refers to inventory) OP Order Processing OPEC Oem Product data management External Collaboration for PSG OS Operating System OSS Outsourced service OT Overtime OTS Observation Tracking System PCB Printed Circuit Board PCBA Printed Ciruit Board Assembly PDD Program Definition Documents PDG Product Data Generation PDM BOM Data Warehouse System (Product Data Management) 產品資料管理系統 PL Product Line PLC Product Life Cycle PMC Pre-Merger Compaq PMH Pre-Merger Hewlett-Packard PMP Process Management Plan PNOP Part number on Part PO Purchase order订单 pxe 網絡啟動模式 POD Print On Demand TPM Total Productive Management 全面生產管理 POR Plan of Record (a general "roadmap" of a product that indicates estimated product forecast, features, etc.) PPMD Region: North America (Personal Information Products Manufacturing & Distribution) or BPN (see above) PRISM Preinstall Reengineering Initiative of Software Manufacturing PSDA Region: Asia Pacific PSDE Region: Europe PSG Personal Systems Group PTR PTT Post, Telegraph and Telephone Authority

PV Product Validation PWSP Preliminary Weekly Shipping Plan QBR Quarterly Business Review R10 SCITS Material Availability report (is at subassembly level) R11 SCITS Open Orders at the ODM R12 SCITS Shipments from the factory R16 SCITS Factory BOM R5 SCITS Inventory report RACD RACD Region Applicatioin CD RAD Reseller Arrival Dates RAM Random Access Memory RAR Regional Allocation Rules RAS RCD Recovery Compact Disc (Includes Windows, etc.) RCTO Regional Configure to Order - describes the SC postponement model where regionally-managed factories configure notebook units RDP Regional Demand Plan RFS Required for Setup RICAR Regional Inventory Cost Allocation Rules (used for allocating inventory costs back to the regions) RMN Regulatory Model Number RMA Return(ed) Material Authorization ROW Rest of World RQM Release Qual Matrix RSBT Radically Simple Better Together (Marketing Value Proposition for HP products) RSL Recommended Spares List RSN Regional Supply Netting (solution until SNP) RT MCD code name for the US retail region RTF Read This First RTP Release to Production - describes an order management methodology where orders are released only to available supply SA Subassembly (is the 3rd level of the BOM) and is the level at which regional DSM occurs SCBO Supply Chain Business Operations (formerly PSDE, Europe region) SCITS Supply Chain Information Transfer Standard - the standard we use to transfer data between ODM, regions and GBU

SCM Support Configuration Matrix SI System Integration SKU Stock-Keeping Unit (HP classic uses sku to refer to a model number) SKU Store Keeping Unit SLA Service Level Agreement SMB Small-Medium Business SMBC Small-Medium Business and Consumer SMI Supplier Managed Inventory SMT Surface Mounted Technology (used in motherboard preparation) SNP APO Module: Supply Network Planning SOI Supplier-Owned Inventory SR Ship Release (What the delivery engineers must do before a sku can be ordered by the regions) SRP SKU Reengineering Process ST Sell-Through SVTP System Validation Test Plan SWMR Software Manufacturing Release (?) TAC Transfer at Cost - often refers to units we sell internally (for new employee equipemnt setup, etc) TAT Turn Around Time TCE Total Customer Experience UAT User Acceptance Test UCUDF Unit Configuration User Defined Format, pre-Compeq UI User Interface VAR Value-Added Reseller VCM Variable Contribution Margin VMI Vendor Managed Inventory WDP Weekly Demand Plan (the same as Weekly Shipping Plan) WIF "What-if" demand - used primarily by NACC to describe their uncommitted demand scenario WOS Weeks of Supply WPTR Worldwide Product Tracking Record, pre-HP WSP Weekly Shipping Plan WWF Worldwide Fulfillment WWP Worldwide Planning WWSNRS World Wide Serial Number Repository

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