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1.(2011· 湖北高考)The goverment has taken measures to ________ the high prices of daily goods to keep the market stable. A.take down C.hand down B.bring down D.tear down

[解析] 考查动词短语辨析。 句意: 政府已经采取措施降低日用品价格以保持市场稳定。 take down 写下,拆掉;bring down 降低,减少;hand down 把??传下来;tear down 拆除, 拆毁。 [答案] B 2.(2011· 陕西高考)Some insects ________ the colour of their surroundings to protect themselves. A.take in C.take on B.take off D.take out

[解析] 考查动词短语。句意:有些昆虫为了自我保护会随着周围环境改变自身颜色。 take on...colour 呈现??颜色。take in 吸收;欺骗,take off 脱衣;起飞,成功和 take out 掏 出,取出均不合题意。 [答案] C 3.(2011· 武昌区调研测试)I don’t believe what he told us about meeting Yi Zhongtian. I think he was ________ the story. A.making up C.keeping up B.taking up D.bringing up

[解析] 考查动词短语辨析。句意:我不相信他告诉我们的与易中天相见之事,我认为 他在编故事。 make up 在此处表示“编造; 虚构”。 后三项分别表示“拿起; 从事; 占据”“保 持;继续;跟上”“养育;呕吐”,都与句意不符。 [答案] A 4.(2011· 合肥三模)—Will $ 100 ________? —I’m afraid not. We need at least another 20 dollars. A.count C.fit B.satisfy D.do

[解析] 考查动词辨析。句意:——100 美元够吗?——恐怕不够,我们至少还需要 20 美元。由语意可知,应选 do,表示”合适,足够”。 [答案] D 5.(2011· 浙江五校联考)A wellwritten composition ________ good choice of words and clear organization among other things. A.calls on C.calls for B.calls up D.calls off

[解析] 考查动词短语的辨析。call on 号召;call up 打电话给;使想起;call for 要求, 需要;call off 取消。根据题意可知选 C 项。 [答案] C

6.(2011· 福建质检)The couple ________ some money every month for their future use even though their income can only make ends meet. A.put off C.set down B.put up D.set aside

[解析] 考查动词短语辨析。句意:这对夫妻每个月都存一些钱以备将来使用,尽管他 们的收入只能使他们勉强维持生计。set aside 表示“省出,留出(钱或时间)”,故 D 项符合 句意。 [答案] D 7.(2011· 郑州二检)—When will you come home for dinner? I’ll prepare it for you. —Don’t ________ it. I’ll eat out with my friends. A.care about C.bother about [解析] C 项。 [答案] C 8.(2011· 云南一检)Legend ________ it that the lake was formed by the tears of a goddess. A.makes C.has 用法,表示”传说”。 [答案] C 9.(2011· 石家庄一模)After hours of repeating, her patience finally ________. A.gave out C.gave up B.gave off D.gave back B.puts D.goes B.worry about D.talk about

考查动词词组辨析。答语意为:别费事了,我和朋友在外面吃饭。 care about

关心;worry about 担忧;talk about 讨论;bother about 花费时间精力(做某事)。结合语意选

[解析] 考查动词辨析。句意:传说湖泊是一位女神的眼泪形成的。legend has it 为固定

[解析] 考查动词短语辨析。经过几个小时的重复,她终于失去了耐心。此处 give out 表示“用尽,耗尽”。后三项分别表示“发出”“放弃”“归还”,都不符合语意。 [答案] A 10.(2011· 南京一模)—Jack can’t concentrate on his lessons recently. —Yes, that might ________ why he did so badly in the last test. A.answer for C.account for B.apply for D.call for

[解析] 考查动词短语辨析。句意:那有可能是他上次考试如此糟糕的原因。account for 说明??的原因,符合语意。answer for 对??负责;apply for 向??申请;call for 需要。 [答案] C 11 . (2011· 济南一模 )Our car broke down suddenly and the heavy rain ________ our helplessness. A.made out C.turned out B.led to D.added to

[解析] 考查动词短语辨析。句意:我们的车突然出了故障,而且大雨又增加了我们的 无助。add to 表示“增加;增添”。前三项分别表示“理解”“导致”“结果是”,都与语 意不符。 [答案] D 12.(2011· 皖南八校第二次联考)The boy was so careless that the glass fell from his hand and it ________ on the floor. A.broke in C.broke up B.broke down D.broke out

[解析] 考查动词辨析。abandon 中止,放弃;control 控制;dismiss 解雇,开除;adjust 调整,适应。句意:医生在工作时不应系领带,因为它们可能会传播细菌。 [答案] A 13.(2011· 安徽高考)As the story ________, the truth about the strange figure is slowly discovered. A.begins C.ends B.happens D.develops

[解析] 考查动诃辨析。句意:随着故事的发展,关于这个神秘人物的真实情况慢慢地 被揭开了。develop 表示“发展”,符合语意。 [答案] D 14.(2011· 保定一调)She was tired and wanted to find a bench to sit on for a while, but they were all ________. A.given away C.taken up B.kept away D.used up

[解析] 考查动词词组辨析。根据语意“位臵都被占满了”,应用 take up 占据(空间)。 give away 赠送,keep away 防范;(使)不靠近,use up 用完;用光,都不符合语意。据此选 C 项。 [答案] C 15.(2011· 济南二模)My brother is not in very good shape, so he has ________ tennis to get fit. A.made up C.taken up B.built up D.help up

[解析] 考查动词短语辨析。句意:我哥哥身体不是很好,因此他学起打网球来锻炼身 体。take up 学着做;开始做,故 C 项正确。 [答案] C 16. (2011· 皖南八校第三次联考)I’d ________ that house for the time being; honse prices are rising sharply at the moment. A.hold on to C.give in to hold on to 意为“守住”,符合语意。 B.come up to D.look up to

[解析] 考查动词短语辨析。句意:我目前要守住这套房子,这段时间房价涨得很快。

[答案] A 17.(2011· 安徽高考)If you ________ faults but you still want the bicycle, ask the shop assistant to reduce the price. A.come across C.look for B.care about D.focus upon

[解析] 考查动词短语辨析。句意:如果你偶然发现了缺陷,但是你仍然想买那辆自行 车的话,你可以让商店售货员减价。come across 表示”偶然发现”。后三项分别表示“关 心”“寻找”“集中(注意力)于”,都不符合语意。 [答案] A 18.(2011· 新课标全国高考)I can ________ the house being untidy, but I hate it if it’s not clean. A.come up with C.turn to B.put up with D.stick to

[解析] 考查动词词组辨析。句意:我可以容忍房间里不整齐,但是我讨厌房间里脏。 put up with 容忍,忍受,符合语意。come up with 想出(办法),turn to 转向,求助于,stick to 坚持,都不符合语意。 [答案] B 19.(2011· 苏北四市三调)The great damage which the destructive earthquake in Japan in March 11, 2011 ________ made a great many people homeless. A.brought in C.brought up B.brought about D.brought out

[解析] 考查动词短语。句意:2011 年 3 月 11 日在日本发生的灾难性地震造成的巨大 破坏使很多人无家可归。bring about 造成;导致,符合语意。bring in 引进;赚得;提出; bring up 养育;抚养;bring out 阐明;生产。 [答案] B 20.(2011· 泸州模考)There is no beer left and the bars are shut, so you’ll have to ________. A.go out C.go without B.go off D.go through

[解析] 考查动词短语。A 项意思是“出去;熄灭”;B 项意思是“离开;爆炸”;C 项意思是“在没有某物的情况下勉强应付”;D 项意思是“经历;通过;检查”。句意:没 有啤酒了,酒吧又全关门了,所以你只能将就着了。根据语意可知选 C。 [答案] C 21.(2011· 厦门质检)The fact that many college graduates get lower salary than some workers has ________ an online debate. A.set out C.set up B.set about D.set off

[解析] 考查动词词组辨析。从语意“已经引起了一场网络争论”可知,选 D 项 set off 引起,引发。set out 出发,set about 开始做,set up 建立,都与语意不符。 [答案] D

22.(2011· 杭州二检)Since it was getting late, we decided to ________ at a small inn for the night. A.put off C.put away B.put out D.put up

[解析] 考查动词短语辨析。句意:由于天色渐晚,我们决定找一家小旅店住一晚。此 处 put up 表示“在某地投宿”。 前三项分别表示“推迟”“熄灭”“将??收起”, 都与句 意不符。 [答案] D 23.(2011· 昆明质量检测)—Everything begins hard. Don’t hesitate to ________ me if you are in difficulty. —Thank you, I will. A.turn out C.turn to B.turn in D.turn on

[解析] 考查动词短语辨析。此处 turn to 表示“向??求助”。turn out 结果是,turn in 上交;呈交,turn on 打开,都不符合语意。 [答案] C 24.(2011· 武汉二月调研)It snowed heavily last night and we had to use thick sticks to ________ the roof of the hut. A.hold on C.hold back B.hold up D.hold out

[解析] 考查动词短语辨析。句意:昨天晚上雪下得太大了,我们不得不用粗棍子支撑 着小屋的屋顶。这里用 hold up 表示“支撑”。A“等一会儿,别挂断;坚持住”,C“阻挡, 抑制”,D“伸出;维持”。均不符合语意。 [答案] B 25.(2011· 嘉兴二测)Fear of making mistakes and then having to ________ them often stops us from making proper decisions. A.go against C.refer to [解析] B.rely on D.pay for


们作出正确的决定。go against 反对;rely on 依靠,依赖;refer to 参考,提及;pay for 为?? 付出代价。故选 D。 [答案] D