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最近 5 年四六级英语考试作文题目及范文 (2006-2010)

【四级】 四级】
2006 年 6 月 17 日大学英语四级考试作文题目及范文 Writing: 1. 校学生会将组织一次暑期志愿者活动,现招募志愿者。 2.本次志愿者活动的目的,内容、安排等。 3.报名条件及联系方式。 题目:Volunteers Needed ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We’re writing this letter to recruit volunteers on summer vocation. And we do hope more students are willing to join us and enjoy this activity joyfully during the following month. It is necessary for us to show our plans and arrangements to you. Our plan is to set off next weekend, when the summer vacation officially begins. And, our purpose is to service the Olympic Games. The first stop is Nanjing, the world-renowned city for its beauty and mild temperature. We’ll get there by train and stay there for 2 days, and then we’ll head for Shanghai. After a 3-day stay there, we will give the coaches there a handso that the game can be held smoothly. As everybody knows, Shanghai is the busiest city in this game, where we will undertake a lot of work, so the stay there will be about half a week. All together, our trip will last about three weeks. Those interested please contact me either through email (xxx@126.com) or phone call (12345678). We are waiting for you sincerely. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow Students:

The hard and hectic (busy and bustling) semester is drawing to close. The Students’ Union is scheduled to organize a clean-up program to the Zhongshan Lake. The purpose of this program is to enhance the environment awareness of general public. We are now recruiting new members of volunteers for the event. The program procedure goes like this: next Saturday morning at 9:00 volunteers of 50 will go to the Zhongshan lake .Around the lake we will put up signs and posters calling people’s attention to the importance of in environment prot

该文章转载自无忧考网:http://www.51test.net ter is drawing to close. The Students’ Union is scheduled to organize a clean-up program to the Zhongshan Lake. The purpose of this program is to enhance the environment awareness of general public. We are now recruiting new members of volunteers for the event. The program procedure goes like this: next Saturday morning at 9:00 volunteers of 50 will go to the Zhongshan lake .Around the lake we will put up signs and posters calling people’s attention to the importance of in environment protection and pick up the trash by some tourists. This will certainly attract a lot of people since it is a weekend and the park is particularly popular with tourists. Each day there is an estimated number of 2000 people visiting the place, sight-seeing and picnic-going. This must be both exiting and rewarding. We welcome any students who like to take the time and trouble to do something for environment conservation. Interested students can register yourselves with us now. ( or sign up your names at our office.) Our number is 88807777.

The Students Union --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear fellow students,

Attention, please! We are now recruiting volunteers to participate in (take part in / get involved in) a voluntary program held by the student union during the summer break.

The details of our activity are listed as follows. First, this activity is ai

该文章转载自无忧考网:http://www.51test.net med at cultivating (giving a boost to ) your sense of responsibility, broadening your vision and sharpening your edge because, as our economy evolves at an incredible speed, it is becoming increasingly vital for young adults in the Ivory Tower to get in touch with the real world. Second,

our activity begins at July 10th and ends at July 20th. . Plus, the schedule involves blood donation, looking after senior citizens and conducting a survey on the city's traffic system to put forward our suggestions.

Any full-time or part-time students in our college are welcomed to join our team. For further information, please call us at 135****** or send your email to studentunion@asp.edu.cn.

Come on, guys!

[ 结 束 ]

【四级考试】2007 年 12 月大学英语四 四级考试】 级考试作文题目与范文
发布: 2007-12-22 10:06 | 作者: 网络转载 | 来源: 考试吧 | 查看: 479 次 作文:1、各大学开设了各种各样的选 修课 2、学生因为各种原因选择了不同的选修课 3、以你自己为例…… 选修课 这一届我们学校订下了新规则,大约有选择性法院。对于前两个星期内,我们可能会坐在许多班级, 因为我们像以前那样,我们决定对其中的课程选择。我们无不欢呼雀跃。第一个星期,我参加了班四个晚 上就结束,结果发现,大部分的教师,又把它 serioualy 。他们在繁忙的"选票" ,因为害怕,后来就没有 人会参加他们的讲座。 举例来说,老师的现代文学的台湾说, "实际上, flrst 两个小时的时间,我的演讲只是序幕而已,真 正的内容并未涉及, 在风波, 我们将讨论这些著名作家琼瑶, 席慕蓉等, 而这些著名 aetresses 林 fengjiao , 林 qingxia 等等, 我们有很多的影视录音的影片观赏, 这些都是只限于那些合作主要在这个法庭" 。 看到的, 毕竟,最后一句是核心,一切的,他说。 老师的赞赏和评论家的现代歌剧说, "我们有各种各样的内容和教学方法是多变的。举例来说, 5 月 1 选择一法,从一出戏,让你履行它在课堂上,如果你做的好,你可以提上发挥在校戏剧节上,同时,我 们会安排你看目前的发挥。学校,是主管交通和门票的,当然只有那些协调重大,这当然有资格。 "你看,

最重要的事情是在去年通过曲折的。 范文: Selective Courses This term our school laid down a new rule about selective court. For the first two weeks, we may sit in as many classes as we like before we decide on which courses to choose. We jumped for joy. The first week I attended classes for four evenings on end and found out that most of the teachers took it serioualy. They were busy in "winning votes" for fear, that later on no one would attend their lectures. For example, the teacher of Modern Literature of Taiwan said, "Actually the flrst two hours of my lecture were only a prelude. The real contents have not been involved. In the furore, we shall discuss such famous writers as Qiong Yao, Xi Murong, etc, and such famous aetresses as Lin Fengjiao, Lin Qingxia etc. We have lots of vedio-taped films to watch. These are confined only to those who co-major in this court." See, after all, the last sentence is the core of everything he said. The teacher of Appreciation and Critics of Modern Opera said, "We have a variety of contents and the teaching method is changable. For instance, l may choose one act from a play and let you perform it in class. If you do a good job, you can put on the play at the school theater festival. Also, we shall arrange for you to watch current plays. The school is in charge of the traffic and tickets, Of course, only those who co-major this course are eligible." You see, the most important thing comes at last through twists and turns.

历届四级作文题 33—2008 年 6 月作文题目[1] 该文章转载自无忧考网:http://www.51test.net 【上海疯狂英语 - 大学英语四六级考试(CET)四级】 作文题目 Recreational activities

提纲 1、娱乐活动多种多样 2、娱乐活动可能使人们受益,也可能有危害性 3、作为大学生我的看法


Recreational activities and study do not contradict each other, in fact, they complement each onter. As the saying goes, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." A life burdened with study and work leads you nowhere, for you would get tired and bored with your daily routine work. On the other hand, proper recreation will relieve the tension and discomfort of our monotonous life because it offers you various ways to let out your pent-up emotion.

What I usually do to relax after school is jogging and seeing movies. Uaually I don’t spare time for exercise ,but I value the physical education class at school. Jogging several rounds in field certainly relieves the days pressure. On weekends,. I’ll catch the morning movie for my visual enjoyment. I feel a vived and energetic for another week’s work-load.

To sum up, I strongly voice all the evidence justifies an unshakable view that our trans-century college students should choose recreational activities appropriately. Therefore, in a sense , only when we pay close attention to it can we see a meaningful extraordinary and harmonious future sooner or later.


Recreational activity

In people’ daily life, there are various recreational activities apart from studying or working s ranging from Karaoke or dancing to computer games or sports games. Such activities are beneficial as well as harmful to us if undertaken inappropriately. On one hand, recreational activities can help us to not only build our body and mind but also improve our communication and understanding with friends because most of these activities are done with others. On the other hand, if we spend too much time on singing, dancing or other games, we might fail to concentrate on our duties such as studying our working, which in turn may lead to further consequences.

As far as I’m concerned, recreational activities should be done within a certain limit so that we can keep a proper balance between recreation and studying or working life.


2008 年 6 月 21 日英语四级作文范文

Recreational Activities

In the era of information and technology, there are all kinds of recreational activities. Some people think those recreational activities are great and necessary, because they can help people relax from the hard work and study. Some of the activities, such as hiking, jogging, can help people relax physically; while some of them, such as surfing the Internet, can help people relax mentally.

However, some people think that so many kinds of recreational activities may have a bad effect on our lives. Some people may not resist some temptations from those activities, and indulge them selves in those activities. At last they are lured away from their study or their work.

In my opinion, we should pay more attention to the advantages of various recreational activities and make the most of them. Meanwhile, we should learn how to use those activities positively, and make them a helpful tool for our development.

来源:江涛英语第一时间解析 2008 年 6 月 21 日四级写作

分析:此次写作题目与昨天我们预测的写作题目之一 The Internet 重合度非常高,都属于正 反论证类,需要考生论述正反两方的观点,并最终表明自己的观点。写作中可用的句型和表 达也与 The Internet 的范文达到高达 70%的重合度。具体参加下面的预测范文。

Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic The Internet. You should write at least 120 words according to the outline given below in Chinese:

1. 有人认为网络可以让学习、工作更有效率

2. 还有人认为网络让青少年沉迷,进而影响学习

3. 你对于网络的看法

The Internet

In the era of information and technology, the Internet has played an improtant role in our society. With the Internet, it's easy to get the information we need, improving the efficiency of our study and work. We can't deny that it is impossible for lots of people to achieve great success in the modern society without the Internet.

However, some people think that the Internet has a bad effect on the growth of the teenagers. The teenagers are too young to resist some temptations from the Internet. Some of them indulge themselves in the Internet and at last are lured away from the study.

In my opinion

, we should pay more attention to the advantages of the Internet and make the most of it. Meanwhile, we should teach the teenagers how to use the Internet positively, and make the Internet a tool for their healthy development.


Recreational Activities

21st century has brought with it an unprecedented variety of recreational activities ranging from traditional outdoor activities such as playing ball games to all kinds of online ones, the latter of

which is a great appeal to the young generation. So I’d like to narrow my topic down to online recreational activities.

It goes without saying that various activities brought by modern technology have greatly broadened our horizon and brought much excitement to us. With access to the Internet, you can get to know people from any country in the world and you can talk with them, play games with them --- a temptation very hard to resist, and even see them via web cam. The disadvantage, however, is that anyone who lacks self-control would very easily get lost and become addicted to the online world, which in turn might seriously affect their life, work and interpersonal relationships.

As a college student, I think what really matters is to make better choice and exert more discipline. We’d better take advantage of good online recreational activities to enrich our lives and broaden the scope of knowledge. When it comes to those addi

ctive, time-consuming and less meaningful activities, I think to stay away from them is a wise decision.

Recreational Activities

With the development of living standard, people spend more time on various forms of recreational activities. People can do sports, singing karaoke, go dancing, go to the movies, play video games or online games, or surf the Internet.

Recreational activities are good to people’s health, both physically and mentally. Sports and dancing can keep people fit. Singing karaoke, playing video games or online games can satisfy people’s imagination. Surfing the Internet can bring people a lot of information and knowledge.

However, recreational activities might be harmful if people are addicted. Spending too much time on recreational activities will seriously influence people’s normal lives, especially work and study. Therefore, people will benefit from recreational activities only if they take part in them properly.

此次作文难度适中,沿袭了往年的常考题型—argumentation 型,讨论某一主题的利弊。本次 题目 recreational activities 涵盖面宽,因此考生需要注意把话题缩小到某一个范围,对于大 学生而言, 对于网络上的娱乐活动可能更有话可说, 所以可以把这个很泛的话题限制在网络 娱乐活动。而对于网上活动的利弊想必同学们都可以说出一二,好处比如能够开阔眼界、增 长知识,弊端就是很容易上瘾,影响学习生活;而个人的看法就是用其精华弃其糟粕,即利 用其好处,对不好的地方避而远之。这是个比较容易套用模板的题目,如果同学们在考前熟 悉了这种体裁的写作,拿到相对理想的分数应该不是难事。


3.Argumentation 型

1) some, others, I 型 P> (1)模版一

There is no consensus among the people as to the view of _________ (主题). Some people hold the idea that _______________________ ( 观 点 A). A case in point is that _____________________________ (支持观点 A 的例子).

On the other hand, others may have a quite different view. According to them, ______________ (观点 B). The most typical example is that __________ (支持观点 B 的例子).

Weighing the pros and cons of these arguments, I am inclined to agree with the latter. Admittedly, the former point of view seems reasonable in saying to some extent, but the latter is more convincing.


___________ (主题) is a common occurrence in our lives. The attitudes toward this issue vary from person to person. Some people tend to ______________ when they are asked _________________ (观点 A) because _______________________ (支持观点 A 的原因). The most typical example is that ____________________________ (支持观点 A 的例子).

However, others argue that ________________________ ( 观 点 B). They point out that _______________________ (重申观点 B) for the reason that _______________ (支持观点 B 的 原因).

As far as I am concerned, I will choose to __________________ (你的观点) because this choice fits my personality and my life-long belief.

2) My View 型


When asked about ______________ ( 主 题 ), some people hold the idea that _________________________ (观点 A). As far as they are concerned, ___________________

______ (展开观点 A). But I could not agree with them in several points. In my opinion, ______________________________ (观点 B). The reasons for my choice are listed as follows.

In the first place, ___________________________ (支持观点 B 的理由 1). In the second place, ______________________________ ( 支 持 观 点 B 的 理 由 2). In the third place, _______________________________ (支持观点 B 的理由 3).

For the reasons mentioned above, I firmly believe ____________ (重申观点 B).


Some people believe that __________________________ (观点 A). For instance, they hold the idea that ______________________________ (支持观点 A 的例子). And it may bring them _____________________________ (A 带给他们的好处).

In my opinion, I never think this reason can be the point. For one thing, _____________________________ ( 我 不 同 意 的 理 由 1). For another, _____________________________ (我不同意的理由 2).

As a matter of fact, there are some other reasons to explain my choice. For me, I agree to the thought that ______________________________ (重申自己的观点).



Nowadays many people prefer __________ (主题) because it plays a significant role in our daily life. Generally, its advantages can be seen as follows. On the one hand, ________________ (主题 的优点 1). On the other hand, ___________________ (主题的优点 2).

But everything can be divided into two. The negative aspects are also apparent. One of the important disadvantages is that __________________

_ (主题的缺点 1). To make matters worse, __________________________ (主题的缺点 2).

Through the above analysis, I believe that the positive aspects far outweigh its negative aspects. Whatever effects it has, one thing is certain, ________ (主题) itself is neither good nor bad. It is the uses to which it is put that determine its value to our society.


With the development of science and human civilization, many formerly unimaginable things come into reality. Some of them have positive effects on our life, but some are distasteful. The phenomenon of ___________ (主题现象) is an example of the former / latter one.

There are many factors that may account for it, and the following are the most conspicuous aspects. To start with, __________________ (原因 1). Furthermore, ______________________ (原因 2). Eventually, ________________________________ (原因 3).

Good as ____________ (主题现象) is, it has, unfortunately, its disadvantages. The apparent example is that ______________ (缺点例子 1). In addition, _____________________ (缺点例子 2).

On the whole, the phenomenon is one of the results of the progress of the modern society. There is still a long way for us to improve / eliminate __________ (主题现象) and make our life more comfortable.


Among various recipes one enjoys in his or her college life, recreational activities can by no means be ignored. It is numerous activit ies, such as spoken English competitions, sports events, and clubs and societies of different interests, that help to make campus life colorful and diversified.

Facing so many interesting extracurricular activities, we college students have trouble to choose the proper ones. As freshmen, we are confused by all kinds of posters for students’ clubs to recruit new members. There are two opposite views about recreational activities. One says they exert positive influence on a student’s physical and mental development, for they can explore a student’s talent, develop a student's ability in communication, and teach them to be more independent. While, opposite voices can also be heard by asserting that recreational activities waste too much time, and therefore may hinder student from focusing on his or her study.

As for me, I hold a belief that recreational activities do more good than harm, because I have always been of the impression that as a college student, he or she, besides the academic information, should pick up more practical skills to be better prepared for the career development. Recreational activities do give us a good chance. And, so long as one can arrange the time by reason, activities besides study will definitely provide more benefit for us.


[ 结 束 ]

2009 年 6 月 20 日英语四级写作试题及范文
来源:考试大 2009/6/20 【考试大:中国教育考试第一门户】 模拟考场 视频课程 字号:T T

作文题目 1、越来越多的博物馆对公众免费开放 2、有人认为是会造成不利影响, 3、我的看法是 仅供参考 范文 1: It is well known that a museum is a building to display a collection of artistic,historical,cultural or military objects. ndoubtedly museums can have a variety of purposes in the city; I think two roles the museums play can illustrate they areworth visiting. Now we talk about how to fund a museum. A museum can never be considered as a financial burden to society. I suggest that the Government should invest a small amount of money on advertisements for the museums in the city. For example, ads of the museums should be forwarded on the travel brochures or maps of the city. Consequently tourists come and admission tickets are collected. Both reputation and funds are earned. Conclusion (23 words) In brief, museums should play a role as an instructive means of the city and incomes from admission can keep them running properly. 范文 2 I think this view is not entirely right. In fact, the heart is, and I am disgusted with the poor quality of the people who go in, for example, make much noise and so on, but they can not be refused entry to the grounds. The scavenging or migrant workers or college students are able to enjoy the museum or the public service of ordinary citizens, we have no reason to prevent their entry or disgust. If the public needs to be improved quality, can we hope that museums and libraries as much as possible to facilitate such a body, the less expensive services for the public to enhance public scientific and human qualities, even if the beginning of the drawbacks of free will bring about a certain, but the long-term to stress is beneficial to the public. In addition, the museum free of charge is another meaning, we are beginning to realize the public service should be for the public, and not become a source of profit. In addition to museums, libraries, parks and even public health services, public university education should be as much as possible so that more people have the opportunity to enjoy, instead of being the high cost of tickets, or to stop at the door.



Due Attention Should Be Given to Spelling 1.如今不少学生在英语学习中不重视拼写 2.出现这种情况的原因 3.这种现象导致的结果 It is becoming increasingly common that lots of students do not think spelling is the major point of mastering good English. Throughout talking with them, I aware of the fact that common thinking leaded to this phenomenon is that, the students only want to get good scores from their tests, which Grammar skills are required more than spelling. Do not mention that some of the students only want to improve their spoken English to communicate, for a simple reason that this can make them sound cool. Different words stands for different meanings. As we are going to use English in our daily life, to understand different signs and ads, even when we are reading news papers, good spelling skills ensure us to get the correct information’s and prevents misunderstandings from happening. The most important point that students might not see is that spelling skill can make them pronounce well, because different pronunciation comes from different spellings. Therefore, I suggest all students to pay attention to all the parts of English; this is the only way to make our English perfect. 1.建设绿色校园十分重要 2.绿色校园不仅指绿色环境 3.为了建设绿色校园我们应该…… Recently, more and more colleges have realized the great importance of creating green campus, and it has become a new trend throughout the whole country. Then, what does it mean when we refer to green campus? On one hand, the environmental protection is essential and undeniable, which is the premise to this concept. On the other hand, it is far from enough to meet the overall goals of green campus to simply maintain green environment. Instead, it also requires the construction of active cultural atmosphere among all the staff and students by our mutual efforts. Therefore, in order to create green campus, first, it is necessary that everyone consider themselves as the host of our campus and be aware of the inspirations green house has brought to us. More importantly, actions need to be taken to achieve the aims. Last but not least, we can spread the spirit to a wider area to call upon more people to join this promising project. 1)大学生出去旅行经常会选择“自助游”2)分析大学生选择“自助游”的原因 3)你的看法

Self-help Traveling of College Students So called self-help traveling refers that travelers themselves arrange travel route, travel time, and all the other matters during travel, without any guide and team leader. Nowadays this kind of traveling model is gaining more and more popularity among college students. According to the survey, over 80% of college students prefer self-help traveling to following a tour group. Why are college students so fond of self-help traveling? Above all, self-help traveling gives travelers more freedom and space. College students don’t like being restricted. They want to arrange their travel as they wish. Moreover, self-help traveling provides college students a good chance to improve their adaptability and

viability. Besides, the expenses in self-help traveling are controlled by travelers themselves. It is a good choice for those college students who have not much money for their disposal. As a college student, I enjoy self-help traveling very much, and I have benefited a lot from it. For one thing, I have appreciated many amazing scenery that those travelers who follow tour groups can not. For another, self-help travel helps me learn how to deal with people better. 留学 1、目前很多中国学生出国留学,2、出国留学的好处,3、我的看法。 Nowadays, going abroad for studies is enjoying a striking popularity among adolescents. Importance should be attached to studying abroad. There are a great many advantages of studying overseas. First and foremost, living and studying abroad offers students a different perspective of the world. On a university campus, international students are likely to encounter their counterparts from various countries and areas and are exposed to diverse ideas and values. What is more, overseas experience is the best opportunity for the real-life use of foreign languages. There is no better opportunity to improve second-language skills than living in the country in which it is spoken. Generally peaking, it is my view that although going abroad is expensive and perhaps painful, the payoff is worthwhile. In the first place, in addition to knowledge, overseas students can gain precious experiences that those who stay at home will never have. Furthermore, overseas experience, frustrating and painful as it may be, is conducive to the growth of adolescents. 2、就业 、 Directions: For this part you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic Jobs for Graduates. You should write at least 120 words and base your composition on the outline below 1、大学生难找工作,2、原因很多,3、解决的办法。 Job hunting has always been a headache for college students. Though many graduates are employed right after graduation, some are not. Most serious of all, some still have no idea where to go working even a long time after graduation. The reasons for this phenomenon are various. On the one hand, a few years ago colleges and universities enrolled so many students in popular majors, such as economy, finance and so on that the number of graduates was greater than the need in the market. On the other hand, most graduates would rather stay in large cities without suitable job to do than go to the country. I reckon this problem can be solved if both colleges and students take measures. First, they should research the market and develop special skills to suit its need. Second, students’ attitude towards employment should be changed. They should go to small cities and country. There they can also give full play to their professional knowledge. In a word, if we pay much attention, the situation can be improved. 网络 1、互联网使用的现状 2 人们的看法不同,3、我的看法。

In recent years, people are developing an inseparable relationship with Internet. As is known to all, it is convenient for us to click the mouse when surfing on line, either to entertain ourselves or to meet the work’s needs. On the one hand, no one denies that Internet is currently one of the most useful media in our daily life. As a college student, I get on line every day to exchange information through e-mails with my net friends. But on the other hand, a good many people admit that they are too much addicted to Internet to maintain a regular and wholesome lifestyle. Thus, it is necessary for us to use Internet in a reasonable way and restrain from overindulgence. After all,Internet is invented to enrich our life, and to improve the efficiency of our work rather than shackle us with a chain. 4、考试 、 1、大学都用考试来衡量学生的成 2 考生可能带来的副作用 3 我对考试的看法。 In most colleges and universities the examination is used as a chief means of deciding whether a student succeeds or fails in mastering a particular subject. Although it does the job quite efficiently, its side effects are also enormous. To begin with, examinations lower the standards of teaching. Since teachers are often judged by examination results, they are reduced to training their students in exam techniques. No subjects can be taught successfully merely through being approached with intent to take examinations. In addition, the most undesirable effect is that examinations encourage bad study habits. As the examination score is the only criterion for his academic performance, a student is driven to memorize mechanically rather than to think creatively. In fact, few of us admit that examinations can contribute anything really important to the students’ academic development. If that is the case, why cannot we make a change and devise something more efficient and reliable than examinations?
目前购买二手货的人越来越多 2 分析产生这一现象的原因 3)二手货交易可能带来的问题

In recent years, second-hand transactions have become quite common. Nowadays there are more and more secondhand goods in the market, such as secondhand books, furniture, appliances, cars, and so on. Why do so many people like to buy secondhand goods?The following reasons can account for this phenomenon. Above all, secondhand goods are cheaper than new ones. This enables those people who have poor financial abilities to buy the things they want. Moreover, secondhand goods transactions make it possible for people to make good use of the goods which may be useless in their hands. Besides, Internet provides a more convenient and quicker transaction platform for secondhand goods. However, there are also some problems in secondhand goods transactions. For one thing, the quality of secondhand goods can not be promised and you can not enjoy the good after-sale service. For another, secondhand goods market lacks enough supervision and management, and there exist many dishonest business activities. In a word, I think secondhand goods transaction is a good trading way, but it needs further perfection of the rules.


2006 年 12 月 23 日英语六级考试作文题目及范文
六级作文题目: 国内有不少人喜欢过西方节日,谈谈这种现象的原因和可能带来的影响 Western Festival 1 段: In these years, more and more people like the Western Festival. And they think it's the popular way for them to live, just like Chirstmas, Lover's day and so on. But I don't think it's the right way for us Chinese people to pay more attention on it, my reason is just as follows:来源: www.examda.com 2 段: First, the Festival whatever is belongs to Western or China, it's just a sort of tradition and a culture.So we should keep the tradition. Second, more and more festival comes, it cost so much money in it.And maybe we could use that to do much more meaningful things, like to help the Hope Plan or something else. Third, in the modern society, people live in the busy life, in some ways they couldn't remember all the days which useful for them, so if they miss one, maybe their relatives will hate them. That's the trouble, isn't it? 3 段: So in my view, I don't think it's the good reason for us to pay more attention on the Western Festival, and I suggest we should use it in the normal way, just like business meeting, business trade and so on. Because it's the tool for us to communication.

2007 年 12 月 22 日英语六级考试作文题目及范文 新东方版) [1] (新东方版)

【新东方 - 大学英语四六级考试(CET)试题】 作者:北京新东方学校 李艳华 The digital age 1. 如今,数字化产品越来越多,如… 2. 使用数字化产品对于人们学习工作和生活的影响。 Living in the digital age, we are unavoidably exposed to all kinds of digital products, such as digital camera, digital computer, digital television, and so on, which seem to grow in an increasing categories and quantities. Believe it or not, look around yourself and you can, I bet, easily find one

or two of these stuffs. Here is a question what kind of influence the digital products play on people’s life. Frankly speaking, these modern digital products offer us a more convenient life than that of before. For example, the digital camera makes it never an impossible thing to delete or correct the “unsuccessful” photo of ours, which was highly unlikely with the traditional camera. While, unfortunately, these fashionable digital things are unnoticeably pregnant with a generation more isolated from the real life. It is hard to imagine a man so accustomed to the digital mobile on-line chatting can also have a good ability in the practical communication with others. Finally, too much dependent on the digital things, we human seem to be more indifferent to the real world, which we have to accept though reluctant to admit. Thus, as the generation assailed by all kinds of digital miracles, we might as well initiatively avoid some of them despite efficient and comfort they can supply. Well, please don’t forget those old days when you were going to visit an oold school friend though there would be a long train journey, which, in today’s digital era, has been thoroughly replaced by the digital on-line chatting.

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2008 年 6 月六级考试作文题目及范文

Will E-books Replace Traditional Books?


2. 有人认为电子图书会取代传统图书,理由是……

3. 我的看法

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Will e-books replace traditional books?

A new era has come. With the mass production of electronic devices and application of new technologies, mankind has entered an “e” age. Nowadays, we have e-mails, e-tick ets, e-tests, and e-books, and consequently, paper-based materials gradually vanish. Nowada ys, e-books become extremely popular among youngsters, while traditional ones seem suffe r a great loss of their readers.

For some people, electronic and internet based books are convenient and accessible. E nvironmentalists even advocate the benefit of e-books on the ground of forest protection. E-books lovers even assert that traditional books will disappear in the near future. I have been a book worm for a long time. For me, reading experience is unique and rewarding. Nothing can be more thought-provoking than thumbing through a book bought years ago under a table lamp in a dark night. As to note-taking, scanning and skimming, and portab ility, traditional books have advantages. Just as the invention of camera didn't put an end to the history of painting, traditional books are, and will still be, an intimate friend of rea ders.

范文二: 范文二:

With the development of the information technology, electric books (e-books) have attracted the attention from all our society. Wherever we go, we can see them, such as in the libraries, in the classroom as well as on the Internet. Just some experts predicted in a rectent TV interview, e-books would possibly dominate the reading the next few decade s. Some people claim that the e-books will substitude the traditional ones. For one thing,

the e-books can not only bring them great amount of convenience, but also free them fro m going to the bookstores to selecting traditional books. For another, e-books save them l ots of space as well as money. They can just put them in computers and take them while traveling. However, traditional books are too heavy and bulk for us to carry. From my p erspective, I firmly believe the e-books can not take the traditional books' place totally. T hey will unquestionably co-exist for a long period.

Although the e-books offer us lots of favorable consequences, the traditional books ca n provide us opportunities to take note on them and to be easy for collection. Therefore, the e-books and the traditional books are preferable to different people, and both of them can bring us benefits.

The Importance of Name Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic The Importance of Name. You should write at least 150 words, and base your composition on the outline (given in Chinese) below: 1. 有人认为名字很重要 2. 有人认为名字不重要 3. 你的看法 例文: The Importance of Name There are individuals who believe that names are of vital importance for them. They argue that some names bring good luck, while others bring bad luck. For instance, in China the name Wangcai is thought to be lucky. Turning our attention to the West, we find that the Bill Gates is considered important, but some names are avoided like the plague. In spite of all these claims, most people would agree that there is little evidence that names have any influence on our lives. In fact, they say, the reverse seems to be the case. For one thing, we might expect all Chinese are called Wangcai and the like when they are born, and for another, although one may be named Wangcai we know that he is not a billionaire. Weighing the pros and cons of these arguments, I am inclined to agree with the latter point of

view. It is obvious that there is no scientific basis for the belief that there is a connection between luck and names. All in all, it seems to me to be superstition.

2010 年 6 月英语六级考试作文题目
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Due Attitude Should Be Given to the Study of Chinese 1、 近年来在学生中出现了忽视中文的现象 2、 出现这种现象的原因和后果 3、 为了改变这种状况,我认为…… 范文: In recent years, the ignorance of Chinese has been prevailing among the students. In contrast, more and more students attach great importance to foreign languages since the economic globalization. In this essay, I will discuss the factors and consequences of this phenomenon and offer my own view on it. There are a number of factors which can be attributed to this situation. One of the most common factors is that the majority of people hold a view that English is the dominant language in the world and we should give priority to it. Moreover, although Chinese is a compulsory course in higher education, most professors and students haven’t given due attitude to it as fewer courses and credits are distributed to Chinese and fewer students attend the class or choose it as their major. And the fundamental factor is that most students take it for granted that Chinese is their mother tongue and they’ve already mastered it. As far as I’m concerned, this ignorance may be the very first step to furthermore overlook Chinese cultures and in order to avoid this consequence-- to the students, they should read more Chinese articles not only to gain knowledge but also to broaden their scope; to the schools and colleges, they should alter the traditional teaching approaches to interest more students to study Chinese

such as speeches and dramas. To live, to learn, our Chinese still need to be promoted.