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We all have a common home. 我们拥有一个共同的家 She provides us with enough food, enough water andenough living room. 她向我们提供足够的粮食,足够的水和足够的空间。 We get everything from nature to live better, 为了生活得更好,我们向自然界索取, but we don't do anything to protect her. 但我们却从不保护她 Now the air is polluted,the earth is poisoned, 现在空气被污染了,土地盐碱化了, water is unsafe to drink and rubbish is burying the civili- zation that man owns 人们不能安全饮水,垃圾埋葬了现代文明。 Our environment is being polluted 我们的环境正在被污染 faster than nature and man's efforts can prevent. 污染速度远远比自然界和人类现在尽力制止污染的速度快。 Time is bringing us more people,and more people will bring us more industry. 随着时间的推移,人口的增加,人们会发展更多的工业。 So many trees will be cut down,and more large cities will be set up.

于是大片森林被砍伐,更多的大型城市开始建立。 Lots of waste material,in turn,is produced and harms the environment. 这一切导致的结果是:产生大量的垃圾。环境也被破坏了。 So some experts declare that the balance of nature is being upset, 于是专家们宣称自然界正在失去平衡。 so that the very survival of man is in danger. 人们的生存环境正处在危险中。 What can solve this growing problem? 如何来解决这个正在扩大化的问题呢? The answer is that we must control population growth, 答案是我们必须控制人口增长的速度, forbid people to cut down trees and pour waste water into rivers and so on. 禁止滥伐和向河里排污 If we do this,the environment will become clean, 如果我们能够做到这些环境将会得到净化, and our lives will be full of happiness 我们的生活间充满幸福。

Once Mark Twain and two friends were sitting in arestaurant 有一次,马克.土温和两个朋友在饭馆里坐着。

One friend has just returned from a trip to Vermont. 一个朋友刚从佛蒙特旅行回来。 The friend said that the air in the mountains ofVermont was very clear. 这位朋友说佛蒙特的大山里空气非常清新。 In many places 在许多地方, the echo of a voice came back five times stronger than the original voice. 一个声音的回音要比原来的声音强五倍。 The second friend said that was nothing. 第二个朋友说那没有什么。 In Colorado,where he lived,in many places 在他居住的科罗拉多的许多地方, the echo of a voice spoken in the morning came back in the afternoon. 一个早上说话的声音要到下午才能返回。 Mark Twain laughed, Then he said, 马克.土温大笑起来,然后他说: Listen!The echoes which you have told me about are very unusual. 你们说的那些回音非常不同寻常。 But in a small church in Missouri, where I was born,

但是在我出生的密苏里的一个小教堂里, there is an echo more unusual than those. 有一个回音比你们说的那些更不同寻常。 "What is so strange about the echo there?"asked one of them. "那里的那个回音有什么不同寻常的?"一个人问。 "Well,I will tell you,"said Mark Twain "好吧,我来告诉你们,"马克.土温说。 "The echo in that church is so unusual that if one asks in a loud voice: "那个教堂里的回音真的非常不同寻常,如果一个人大声问: Good Morning!How are you?The echo repeats very clearly after a moment: 早上好!你好吗?过一会儿,回音会清楚地回答: Very well,thank you. And how are you? 非常好,谢谢。你好吗?

Al Smith was governor of New York States. He was afamous man. 阿尔.史密斯是纽约的州长。他是个名人。 He was born very poor on the East Side of New YorkCity. 他出生在纽约市东部的一个穷苦家庭。 He had little education.He worked very hard and wongreat success. 他读书不多,但是他工作勤奋,终于获得了很大的成就。

One day,as governor, he was visiting the state prison at Sing Sing. 有一天,作为州长,他访问星星州的监狱。 Sing Sing is one of the largest prisons in the United States 星星监狱是全国最大的监狱之一。 The head of the prison 监狱长 asked Mr.Smith to say something to the prisoners. 请史密斯对囚犯们说几句话。 Mr.Smith had never spoken to this kind of audience before. 史密斯先生从来没有对这一类听众讲过话。 He did not know how to begin. 他不知道该怎样开口。 Finally,he said,"My fellow citizens..." 最后,他说:"我亲爱的公民们......" Then he remembered that when a man goes to prison he is no longer a citizen. 接着他想起一个人蹲进监狱就不再是公民了。 He began again."My fellow prisoners..." That did not sound right,so he said, 他重新开始:"我亲爱的囚犯们......"那听起来也不对劲儿,于是他说: "Well,anyway,I'm glad to see so many of you here today."


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