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1. 【2015 安徽 25】A ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not ______ ships are built for. A. what B. whom C. why D. when


14. 15.

2. 【2015 重庆 8】We must find out ____ Karl is coming, so we can book a room for him. A. when B. how C. where D. why

3. 【2015 北京 35】_____we understand things has a lot to do with what we feel. A. Where B. How C. Why D. When


4. 【2015 北京 33】I truly believe ______beauty comes from within. A. that B. where C. what D. why is below the water


5. 【2015 浙江 6】If you swim in a river or lake, be sure to investigate surface. Often there are rocks or branches hidden in the water. A. what B. who C. that D. whoever

18. 19. 20. 21.

6. 【2015 四川 8】The exhibition tells us A. where B. why

we should do something to stop air pollution. C. what D. which Doris Lessing had

7. 【2015 陕西 19】Reading her biography, I was lost in admiration for achieved in literature. A. what B. that C. why D. how


8.【2015 江苏 25】 ________ Li Bai, a great Chinese poet, was born is known to the public, but some won’t accept it. A. That B. Why C. Where D. How 23. 24.

. 【2015 湖南 26】 You have to know ________ you're going if you are to plan the best way of getting there. A. what B. that C. where D. who

10. 【2015 福建 29】 __ —I wonder Mary has kept her figure after all these years. —By working out every day. A. where B. how C. why D. if 11. 【2014 山东 7】 It is difficult for us to imagine______ life was like for slaves in the ancient world. A. where B. what C. which D. why 12. 【2014 北京 30】 The best moment for the football star was ______ he scored the winning goal.


26. 27.

A. where B. when C. how D. why 【2014 北京 33】 Some people believe ______ has happened before or is happening now will repeat itself in the future. A. whatever B. whenever C. wherever D. however 【2014 福建 34】 Pick yourself up. Courage is doing______ you're afraid to do. A. that B. what C. how D. whether 【2014 湖南 24】 As John Lennon once said,life is______ happens to you while you are busy making other plans. A. which B. that C. what D. where 【2014 江苏 26】—What a mess! You are always so lazy!—I'm not to blame, mum. I am______ you have made me. A. how B. what C. that D. who 【2014 全国大纲 24】 Exactly ______ the potato was introduced into Europe is uncertain, but it was probably around 1565. A. whether B. why C. when D. how 【2014 陕西 15】 ______ the delayed flight will take off depends much on the weather. A. Why B. When C. That D. What 【2014 四川 2】 Grandpa pointed to the hospital and said, ―That’s ______ I was born.‖ A. when B. how C. why D. where 【2014 天津 14】 I think ______ impresses me about his painting is the colours he uses. A. what B. that C. which D. who 【2014 浙江 8】 ―Every time you eat a sweet, drink green tea.‖ This is ______ my mother used to tell me. A. what B. how C. that D. whether 【2014 重庆 12】 —Is it true that Mike refused an offer from Yale University yesterday? ---Yeah, but I have no idea ______ he did it; that’s one of his favorite university. A. when B. why C. that D. how 【2013 北京 31】 makes the book so extraordinary is the creative imagination of the writer. A. That B. What C. Who D. Which 【2013 北京 33】 Experts believe people can waste less food by shopping only when it is necessary. A. why B. where C. that D. what 【2013 湖南 28】 Do not let any failure discourage you, for you can never tell ________ close you may be to victory. A. how B. that C. which D. where 【2013 江西 30】 _______ one of you breaks the window will have to pay for it. A. Whoever B. Whatever C. Whichever D. Wherever 【2013 山东 30】 It’s good to know _____ the dogs will be well cared for while we’re away. A. what B. whose C. which D. that


28. 【2013 陕西 20】 It remains to be seen the newly formed committee’s policy can be put into practice. A. that B. which C. what D. whether 29. 【2013 四川 6】______ you said at the meeting describes a bright future for the company. A. When B. How C. What D. That 30. 【2013 天津 15】 I want to tell you is the deep love and respect I have for my parents. A. That B. Which C. Whether D. What 31. 【2013 新课标 I 26】 Police have found appears to be the lost ancient statue. A. which B. where C. how D. what 32. 【2013 浙江 16】The only way to succeed at the highest level is to have total belief ______ you are better than anyone else on the sports field. A. how B. that C. which D. whether 33. 【2013 重庆 28】 struck me most in the movie was the father’s deep love for his son. A. That B. It C. What D. Which 34. 【2013 安徽 21】From space, the earth looks blue. This is about seventy-one percent of its surface is covered by water. A. why B. how C. because D. whether 35. 【2012 安徽 27】 The limits of a person’s intelligence, generally speaking, are fixed at birth, but ________he reaches these limits will depend on his environment. A. where B. whether C. that D. why 36. 【2012 重庆 34】 Evidence has been found through years of study______ children’s early sleeping problems are likely to continue when they grow up. A. why B. how C. whether D. that 37. 【2012 全国 24】 It is by no means clear________the president can do to end the strike. A. how B. which C. that D. what 38. 【2012 北京 24】 Jerry did not regret giving the comment but felt ______ he could have expressed it differently. A. why B. how C. that D. whether 39. 【2012 福建 35】 We promise _____ attends the party a chance to have a photo taken with the movie star. A. who B. whom C. whoever D. whomever 40. 【2012 陕西 20】 As many as five courses are provided, and you are free to choose _____ suits you best. A. whatever B. whichever C. whenever D. wherever 41. 【2012 山东 25】 It doesn’t matter _____ you pay by cash or credit card in this store. A. how B. whether C. what D. why 42. 【2012 湖南 26】Everyone in the village is very friendly. It doesn’t matter ______ you have lived there for a short or a long time. A. why B. how C. whether D. when

43. 【2012 天津 9】 It doesn’t matter ____ you turn right or left at the crossing—both roads lead to the park. A. whether B. how C. if D. when 44. 【2012 江西 25】 It suddenly occurred to him ___ he had left his keys in the office. A. whether B. where C. which D. that 45. 【2012 辽宁 34】 The newcomer went to the library the other day and searched for _____ he could find about Mark Twain. A. wherever B. however C. whatever D. whichever 46. 【2012 四川 17】Scientists study ____ human brains work to make computers. A. when B. how C. that D. whether 47. 【2012 浙江 4】I made a promise to myself ____ this year, my first year in high school, would be different. A. whether B. what C. that D. how 48. 【2012 江苏 27】 The notice came around two in the afternoon _____ the meeting would be postponed. A. when B. that C. whether D. how 49. 【2011北京 22】__________ Barbara Jones offers to her fans is honesty and happiness. A. Which B. What C. That D. Whom 50. 【2011北京 31】The shocking news made me realize ________ terrible problems we would face. A. what B. how C. that D. why 51. 【2011上海 35】There is clear evidence _____ the most difficult feeling of all to interpret is bodily pain. A. what B. if C. how D. that 52. 【2011上海 38】The message you intend to convey through words may be the exact opposite of _____ others actually understand. A. why B. that C. which D. what 53. 【2011山东 26】I am afraid he’s more of a talker than a doer, which is ______ he never finishes anything. A. that B. when C. where D. why 54. 【2011山东 33】We’ve offered her the job, but I don’t know______ she’ll accept it. A. where B. what C. whether D. which 55. 【2011江西 26.】The villagers have already known ______ we’ll do is to rebuild the bridge. A. this B. that C. what D. which 56. 【2011江苏 26】It was never clear _______ the man hadn’t reported the accident sooner. A. that B. how C. when D. why 57. 【2011安徽 33】His writing is so confusing that it’s difficult to make out _____it is he is trying to express. A. that B. how C. who D. what 58. 【2011四川 10】 Our teachers always tell us to believe in ________ we do and who we are if we want to succeed.


59. 60. 61.

62. 63.


65. 66.


68. 69. 70.




A. why B. how C. what D. which 【2011辽宁 23】Twenty students want to attend the class that aims to teach ______ to read fast. A. what B. who C. how D. why 【2011辽宁 32】When the news came _____ the war broke out, he decided, to serve in the army. A. since B. which C. that D. because 【2011天津 13】Modern science has given clear evidence ______ smoking can lead to many diseases. A. what B. which C. that D. where 【2011陕西 15】I’d like to start my own business–that’s ____ I’d do if I had the money. A. why B. when C. which D. what 【2011重庆 22】It is still under discussion __________the old bus station should be replaced with a modern hotel or not. A. whether B. when C. which D. where 【2011重庆 34】It is not always easy for the public to see _______ use a new invention can be of to human life. A. whose B. what C. which D. that 【2011湖南 31】Before a problem can be solved, it must be obvious ______the problem itself is. A. what B. that C. which D. why 【10福建】We should respect food and think about the people who don’t have _________we have here and treat food nicely. A. that B. which C. what D. whether 【10 湖南】Cindy shut the door heavily and burst into tears. No one in the office knew_______ she was so angry. A. where B. whether C. that D. why 【10 天津】As a new graduate, he doesn’t know________it takes to start a business here. A. how B. what C. When D. which 【10北京】________some people regard as a drawback is seen as a plus by many others. A. Whether B. What C. That D. How 【10 浙江】—How about camping this weekend, just for a change? —OK, ________you want. A. whichever B. however C. whatever D. whoever 【10 浙江】 It is uncertain________side effect the medicine will bring about, although about two thousand patients have taken it. A. that B. what C. how D. whether 【10 上海】One reason for her preference for city life is _______she can have easy access to places like shops and restaurants. A. that B. how C. what D. why 【10 山东】Before the sales start, I make a list of ______ my kids will need for the coming season. A. why B. what C. how D. which

74. 【 10 上海】 When changing lanes, a driver should use his turning signal to let other drivers know________. . A. he is entering which lane B. which lane he is entering C. is he entering which lane D. which lane is he entering 75. 【10 四川】How much one enjoys himself travelling depends largely on _______he goes with, whether his friends or relatives. A. what B. who C. how D. why 76. 【10 全国Ⅰ】We haven’t discussed yet ______ we are going to place our new furniture. A. that B. which C. what D. where 77. 【10湖北】I want to be liked and loved for _______ I am inside. A. who B. where C. what D. how 78. 【10 全国Ⅱ】—Have you finished the book? ---No,I’ve read up to_________the children discover the secret cave. A.which B.what C.that D.where 79. 【10 江苏】—I prefer shutting myself in and listening to music all day on Sundays. —That’s_______I don’t agree. You should have a more active life. A.where B.how C.when D.what 80. 【10北京】Part of the reason Charles Dickens loved his own novel, David Copperfield, was _______ it was rather closely modeled on his own life. A. what B. that C. why D. whether 81. 【09湖南】She is very dear to us. We have been prepared to do_______it takes to save her life. A. whichever B. however C. whatever D. whoever 82. 【09 江西】The fact has worried many scientists ______the earth is becoming warmer and warmer these years. A. what B. which C. that D. though 83. 【09 北京】At first he hated the new job but decided to give himself a few months to see_____it got any better. A. when B. how C. why D. if 84. 【09 全国 I】Could I speak to _______is in charge of International Sales please? A. who B. what C. whoever D. whatever 85. 【09 海南】One of the most important questions they had to consider was _______of public health A. what B. this C. that D. which 86. 【09 陕西】The how to book can be of help to ______wants to do the job. A. who B. whomever C. no matter who D. whoever 87. 【09 上海】As a new diplomat, he often thinks of _______he can react more appropriately on such occasions. A. what B. which C. that D. how 88. 【09 四川】News came from the school office ________Wang Lin had been admitted to Beijing University.


A. which B. what C. that D. where 89. 【09 天津】It is obvious to the students ______ they should get well prepared for their future. A. as B. which C. whether D. that 90. 【09 浙江】-Is there any possibility ______ you could pick me up at the airport? -No problem. A.When B. that C. whether D. what 91. 【09 重庆】We should consider the students’ request _______ the school library provide more books on popular science. A. that B. when C. which D. where

92. 【09 江苏】Many young people in the West are expected to leave_______ could be life’s most important decision—marriage—almost entirely up to luck. A. as B. that C. which D. what

93. 【09 陕西】The how-to book can be of help to ________ wants to do the job. A who B whomever C no matter who D whoever 94. 【09 山东】The little girl who got lost decided to remain _________she was and wait for her mother. A. where B. what C. how D. who 95. 【08 北京】The companies are working together to create________they hope will be the best means of transport in the 21st century. A. which B. that C. what D. who 96. 【08 天津】The last time we had great fun was _____ we were visiting the Water Park. A. where B. how C. when D. why 97. 【08 安徽】Students are always interested in finding out______they can go with a new teacher. A. how far B. how soon C. how often D. how long 98. 【08 湖南】When asked______they needed most, the kids said they wanted to feel important and loved. A.what B.why C.whom D.which 99. 【08 陕西】 Tomorrow is Tom’s birthday. Have you got any idea_______the party is to be held? A. what B. which C. that D. where 100. 【08 重庆】People in Chongqing are proud of_______they have achieved in the past ten years. A.that B.which C.what D.how


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