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上学期期末测试题听力部分(共 20 分) I. 听单词, 从 A, B, C, D 中找出能填写在句子空白处的选项。 (5 分) 1. A ______ must be strong. 2. Don't ______ to bring your homework. 3. Michael Jordan is a famous ______ player. 4. The ______ athlete broke the record again. 5. Bring the turkey out of the ______, please. It's hot, I think. II. 听句子, 根据其内容在空白处填写一个适当的单词。 (5 分) 1. The ______ woman never helps others. 2. Of all the students, Bill was the most ______. 3. The doctor tells the old man to do more______ exercise. 4. Mrs Smith always eats ______. 5. Betty is ______ than her cousin. III. 听对话, 从所给的四幅插图中找出与其内容相符的选项。 (5 分)

IV. 听对话,根据其内容在每个空白处填上一个适当的词 (词首字母已 给出) 。 (5 分) Note: dream [dri:m] n. 梦 1. Peter is f______ years old. 2. It's a s______ day and they're going to the zoo. 3. Peter is h______ because he likes animals.

4. Peter will go to the zoo for the f______ time. 5. Peter said he s______ his mum in his dream. 笔试部分(共 80 分) I. 词汇。 (10 分) A)根据句意及首字母提示,完成下列句中的单词。 (5 分) 1. The vegetables are good for our h______. 2. Mike is going to Beijing for v______. 3. She is very tired. She can h______ walk. 4. ―How m______ cinnamon do we need? ―A teaspoon. 5. English and Chinese are my favorite s______. B) 用所给单词的适当形式填空。 (5 分) 6. The boy is always ______ (fun). He often makes us laugh. 7. Mrs Lee is a kind and ______ (love) grandmother. 8. This story is ______ (interesting) than that one. 9. How many ______ (foot) does an elephant have? 10. The teachers are always ______ (friend) to us. II. 选择填空。 (10 分) 11. ―______ do you exercise? ―Once a week. A. How many B. How long C. How often D. How far 12. You must ______ yourself and ______.

A. look for; keep healthy B. look after; stay healthier C. look out; stay healthy D. look after; keep healthy 13. ―Kate, could you come to my party on Saturday evening? ―______. A. Yes, I'd love to B. Sorry, I have to do my homework C. I'm sorry I'm late D. A and B 14. We teach ______ English and they teach______ Chinese. A. our friends; us B. our friends'; our C. our friend's; us D. our friends; our 15. The boy is ______ young ______ go to school. A. too, to B. to, too C. so, to D. such, to III. 动词填空。 (10 分) 用所给动词的正确形式填空。 16. They enjoy ______ (read) science books and ______ (write) novels. 17. Thank you for ______(invite) me to your sister's birthday party. 18. Are you good at ______ (swim)? 19. My father ______ (try) ______ (exercise) every day. 20. ______ you ______ (had) a fun camp yesterday? 21. Miss Huang wants ______ (go) for a drive.

22. I ______ (have) an English party next week. 23. Tina ______ (hurt) her left leg just now. 24. Could you ______ (find) your bike? 25. It is very cold outside. You need ______ (wear) some warmer clothes. IV. 句型转换。 (10 分) 26. She is tall and fat. She has long hair. (合并为一句) She is ______ tall and fat girl ______ long hair. 27. You should eat more fruit. (改为否定句) You ______ ______ more fruit. 28. Kate is going fishing on May 2nd. (对划线部分提问) ______ ______ Kate ______ fishing? 29. Mr Wang usually goes to work by bus. (改为同义句) Mr Wang usually ______ a ______ ______work. 30. It takes me half an hour to get to the shop. (对划线部分提问) ______ ______ ______ it take ______ to get to the shop? 31. His bike is new. My bike is newer. (合并为一句) My bike is ______ ______ ______. 32. Peel the bananas and apples. (改为否定句) ______ peel the bananas ______ apples. 33. We have a good time every day. (用 last Sunday 改写句子) We ______ a good time last Sunday.

34. He went to school when he was 7 years old. (对划线部分提问) ______ did he ______ to school? 35. They are going to have an English party this evening. ( 对划线部分提 问) ______ are they going to ______ this evening? V. 英汉互译。(10 分) 36. 多数学生每天晚上在家做作业。 ________________________________ 37. 当你疲劳时,你应该听听音乐。 ________________________________ 38. 盒子里有不同的东西。 ________________________________ 39. 他花了两天的时间看这本书。 ________________________________ 40. 明天我不得不帮母亲打扫房间。 ________________________________ 41. Kate likes to wear the same clothes with me. ________________________________ 42. How many sandwiches did you eat yesterday? ________________________________ 43. I went to the Summer Palace the day before yesterday. ________________________________

44. She started ice skating at the age of five. ________________________________ 45. It's fine today. How about going fishing? ________________________________ VI. 阅读理解。(10 分) When Bill is very young, he loves pictures. His mother often draws some for him on old pieces of paper. She is very bad at drawing, but Bill likes her pictures and always wants more. Then, when he is a little older, Bill's mother gives him some pencils and a drawing book, and he begins drawing pictures himself. But they are never good. When Bill is five years old, his mother gives him a small blackboard and some pieces of chalk(粉笔). He likes those very much. One day he tries to draw a picture of a baby on the blackboard. He draws lines(线条)and rubs(擦) them out, draws more and rubs those out too for ten minutes, but when he looks at his picture he is not happy. "Well", he says at last to his mother, "I'll put a tail (尾巴) on it and make it a monkey." 根据短文内容,回答下列问题。 46. Is Bill's mother good at drawing? ________________________________ 47. What does Bill's mother give him when he is a little older? ________________________________

48. What does he do one day? ________________________________ 49. Does Bill want to draw a monkey at first? ________________________________ 50. Does Bill like drawing? ________________________________ VII. 书面表达。(20 分) 寒假就要到了, 你打算怎样度过你的假期, 下面就写出来告诉我们吧。 词数为 60 词左右。 参考答案 听力部分录音原文与参考答案: I. 1. A. student B. pilot C. programmer D. singer 2. A. admire B. forget C. disagree D. heal 3. A. football B. volleyball C. baseball D. basketball 4. A. outgoing B. stress C. outstanding D. sick 5. A. box B. oven C. dish D. bottle 1-5 BBDCB II. 1. The woman has a lot of money. She never helps others. 2. Of all the students, only Bill had a great success. 3. The doctor tells the old man to do more exercise outside. 4. Mrs Smith always eats much meat. 5. Betty is thirteen, but her cousin is eight.

1. rich 2. successful 3. outdoor 4. meat 5. older III. 1. W: What are you going to be when you grow up? M: I'm going to be a pilot. 2. M: What do you like to watch best? W: I like to watch the goldfish. 3. M: Which is the most expensive of the four? W: Of course, the computer is. 4. W: What's that man? M: He's a pianist. 5. M: Would you like a hamburger? W: No, thank you. But I think it's junk food. 1-5 BAADC IV. It's seven o'clock. But Peter is still in bed. "Get up, son," his mummy comes in and says. "It's a fine day today and we're going to the zoo." Peter is a boy of five. He likes animals, so he's very glad. "There are all kinds of animals in the zoo, mum," the boy says when they have breakfast. "How do you know that?" the woman asks. "You never went there before." "I was in the zoo in my dream."

"Yes? What did you see in your dream?" "Why do you ask me about it? You were in the zoo, too!" 1. five 2. sunny 3. happy 4. first 5. saw 笔试部分 I. 1. health 2. vacation 3. hardly 4. much 5. subjects 6. funny 7. loving 8. more interesting 9. feet 10. friendly II. 11. C. 提问频率用 how often。 12. D. "照顾某人"用"look after sb."; "保持健康"可译为"keep healthy",也可译为"stay healthy",在没有比 较的情况下,应该用原级,故选 D。13. D. 回答别人的邀请,A 是表 示同意,B 是拒绝对方。14. A. teach sb. sth. 意为"教某人某事",当 sb.是代词时,应用人称代词的宾格而不是物主代词。15. A. 由句意判 断,应用"too...to"表示"太......而不能......"。 III. 16. reading, writing 17. inviting 18. swimming 19. tries, to exercise 20. Did, have 21. to go 22. am going to have 23. hurt 24. find 25. (to) wear IV. 26. a, with 27. shouldn't eat 28. When is, going 29. takes, bus to 30. How long does, you 31. newer than his 32. Don't, or 33. had 34. When, go 35. What, do V. 36. Most students do their homework at home every night. 37. When you are tired, you should listen to music. 38. There are different things in the box. 39. It took him two days to read the book. / He spent two days reading the

book. 40. I have to help my mother clean the room tomorrow. 41. 凯特喜欢和我穿一样的衣服。 42. 昨天你吃了多少三明治? 43. 前天我去了颐和园。 44. 她五岁时开始滑冰。 45. 今天天气很好,去钓鱼怎么样? VI. 46. No, she isn't. 47. She gives him some pencils and a drawing book. 48. He tries to draw a picture of a baby. 49. No, he doesn't. 50. Yes, he does. VII. (略)

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