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高考英语一轮复习 阅读理解提升选练(四)2

安徽望江县 2017 高考英语一轮阅读理解提升选练(四)
阅读理解。阅读下列短文, 从给的四个选项 (A、B、C 和 D) 中, 选出最佳选项。 It is probably the strangest sport anyone has ever invented. And at first sight, it looks like the easiest. Competitors have to do two things. The first is to stand still. The second is to place their hands anywhere on the body of a car, and keep it there. This is where things start getting difficult. Lots of people are doing the same thing. And the winner of the“handathon”contest is the person who can carry on doing it for the longest time. That person gets to own the car. It still seems to be an easy thing to do. At the beginning it is. Anyone can stand still. But when the contest has been going for four or five days, standing still seems like the most difficult job in the world. And keeping the hand in place over this time becomes an act of serious attention. After a few days, the hand seems to belong to someone else—someone who wants to go home and get some sleep. Competitors are allowed to take a five-minute break every hour to eat, drink or do whatever else is necessary. No one is allowed to lean on the car for support. Winners need to be able to show great powers of attention. They also need to be able to develop special skills. Maybe the popularity of the handathon is due to the fact that it is not necessary to be a trained athlete to enter. Entrants in the Longview handathon certainly don’t seem to do much preparation. Most say they will prepare by“getting lots of sleep”. Others say they will“eat healthy food”or“pray for success”. The whole event gives ordinary people the chance to do something interesting and win something in the end. Handathons are competitions, but there is little rivalry( 敌 对 )between competitors. They help each other out and keep each other’s spirits up. People who drop out early return with food, drink and encouragement.


【文章大意】 双手放在车身任何部位, 静立不动, 你能坚持多久? 本文介绍了一项看似简单, 实则类似于马拉松的运动形式“handathon”。 1. The reason why the sport is called“handathon”is that competitors A. cover a long distance B. keep hands in place for long C. wave hands as long as possible D. do the same thing as in a marathon 【解析】选 D。推理判断题。由第二段可知, 这种运动在形式上和马拉松是一样的。 2. What ability is likely to be needed most in a handathon? A. Standing without any support. B. Not leaning on the car. C. Eating and drinking in five minutes. D. Having strong powers of attention. 【解析】 选 D。 推理判断题。 根据第四段的倒数第二句 Winners need to be able to show great powers of attention. 可以得到答案。 3. Why is handathon popular? A. Someone can win with special training. B. It doesn’t need to make any preparation. C. Anyone who is interested can join in it. D. People get along well with each other in it. 【解析】选 C。细节理解题。由第五段中的 Maybe the popularity of the handathon is due to the fact that it is not necessary to be a trained athlete to enter. 一句可知, 它流行的原因是不需要进行专门的训练, 换句话说, 只要有兴趣就可以参加。 4. Which of the following about handathon is NOT right? A. The person who takes part in it should stand still. B. The person who takes part in it has to place his hands anywhere on the body of a car, and keep it there. C. The person who takes part in it can have a break during the course of the competition. D. Handathons are competitions, so competitors don’t encourage each other.


【解析】选 D。细节理解题。根据最后一段可知 D 项错误。

【广东省 2012 届高三考前冲刺卷(四)】C Marie Curie was a Polish physicist and chemist who lived between 1867—1934.Together with her husband,Pierre,she discovered two new elements (radium and polonium, two radioactive elements that they extracted chemically from pitch?blended ore) and studied the x?rays they emitted.She found that the harmful properties of x?rays were able to kill tumors.By the end of World War Ⅰ,Marie Curie was probably the most famous woman in the world.She had made a conscious decision,however,not to patent methods of processing radium or its medical applications. Marie Curie was born on November 7,1867 in Poland and died on July 4,1934.Her co?discovery with her husband Pierre Curie of the radioactive elements radium and polonium represents one of the best?known stories in modern science for which they were recognized in 1901 with the Nobel Prize in Physics.In 1911,Marie Curie was honored with a second Nobel Prize , this time in Chemistry , to honor her for successfully isolating pure radium and determining radium’s atomic weight. As a child,Marie Curie amazed people with her great memory.She learned to read when she was only four years old.Her father was a professor of science and the instruments that he kept in a glass case fascinated Marie.She dreamed of becoming a scientist, but that would not be easy.Her family became very poor,and at the age of 18,Marie became a governess.She helped pay for her sister to study in Paris.Later,her sister helped Marie with her education.In 1891,Marie attended the Sorbonne University in Paris where she met and married Pierre Curie,a well?known physicist. Marie Curie contributed greatly to our understanding of radioactivity and the effects of x?rays.She received two Nobel Prizes for her brilliant work,but died of leukaemia,caused by her repeated exposure to radioactive materials. 36.What is the main idea of the passage? A.To give us a general introduction to Madame Curie.

B.To show us how Madame Curie discovered radium. C.To tell us how Madame Curie developed as a scientist. D.To tell us how Madame Curie received two Nobel Prizes. 37.Madame Curie was given the Nobel Prize in Chemistry because ________. A.she discovered radium B.she separated pure radium and calculated its atomic weight C.she discovered polonium D.she didn’t patent methods of processing radium 38.Which of the following statements about Madame Curie is NOT true? A.Madame Curie made great contributions to medical science. B.Madame Curie was very smart and ambitious when she was a child. C.Madame Curie received two Nobel Prizes in Physics. D.Madame Curie’s husband helped her a lot in her research. 39.We can infer from the third paragraph that ______. ①Madame Curie got married when she was at college. ②Madame Curie had a great ambition when she was young. ③Madame Curie loved teaching more than anything else. ④Madame Curie must have met a lot of difficulties to get high education. ⑤Her father had a great influence on Madame Curie’s future career. ⑥Madame Curie was very smart when she was a child. A.①②④⑤⑥ C.②③④⑤⑥ B.②④⑤⑥ D.①②③④⑤

40.Which is the right order about Madame Curie according to the passage? a.married Pierre b.attended university c.discovered radium d.determined radium’s atomic weight e.won the Nobel Prize in Physics A.b,c,a,d,e C.b,a,c,e,d B.b,a,c,d,e D.b,c,a,e,d

36.A [主旨大意题。通读全文可知。] 37.B [细节理解题。根据文中第二段最后一句话可知答案。] 38.C [根据第二段内容可知居里夫人两次获得诺贝尔奖,第二次是诺贝尔化学奖。] 39.B [推理判断题。根据第一、二句话可知居里夫人非常聪明;第三句可知居里夫人的父 亲对她有很大影响;第四句可知她有很大的抱负;根据第五句话可知她所遇到的困难。她当 家庭教师只是由于家庭贫穷; 根据最后一句话可知她在上大学期间遇到了其丈夫, 但结婚不 一定是在求学期间。] 40.C [细节理解题。根据全文可知答案为 C 项。]

【2014 高考英语四川省绵阳市二模试题】E I am a strong believer that if a child is raised with approval (准允), he learns to love himself and will be successful in his own way. Several weeks ago, I was doing homework with my son in the third grade and he kept standing up from his chair to go over the math lines. I kept asking him to sit down, telling him that he would concentrate better. He sat but seconds later, as if he didn’t even notice he was doing it, he got up again. I was getting frustrated (受挫), but then it hit me. I started noticing his answers were much quicker and accurate when he stood up. Could he be more absorbed while standing up? This made me start questioning myself and what I had been raised to believe. I was raised to believe that a quiet, calm child was a sure way to success. This child would have the willpower to study hard, get good grades and become someone important in life. Now those same people perhaps come to realize that their kids are born with their own sets of DNA and personality qualities, and all you can do is loving and accepting them. As parents, throughout their growing years and beyond that, we need to be our kids’ best cheerleaders, guiding them and helping them find their way. I have stopped asking my son to sit down and concentrate. Obviously, he is concentrating just in his own way and not mine. We need to learn to accept our kids’ ways of doing things. Some way may have worked for me but doesn’t mean we need to

carry it through generations. There is nothing sweeter than being personal and unique (独特的). It makes us free and happy and that’s just the way I want my kids to live their own life. 47. Time and again the author got his son seated in order to make him ______. A. work fast attentive 48. The underlined “it” (in the first paragraph) probably refers to ______. A. his son’s doing better while standing up B. his failure in keeping his son under control C. his own experience as a school boy D. his disappointment with his active child 49. By this passage, the author attempts to tell other parents to ______. A. correct their kids’ manners from the early ages B. respect and trust their kids’ ways of behaviors C. develop a good relationship with their children D. guarantee their children’s freedom at home 50. Which of the following would be the best title of the passage? A. Parental help with teens’ study B. Adult influence on teen growth C. Kids’ success in their own styles D. Friendship between generations 【参考答案】47—50、DABC B. go polite C. stay relaxed D. keep

【广东省 2012 届高三考前冲刺卷(四)】D Living in the wild can be hard.Finding food and staying safe aren’t easy.Each day, animals struggle to survive in their habitats.Not all animals get by on their own.Some animals form a close partnership with other kinds of animals.These pairings are called symbiotic (共生的) relationships.


In a symbiotic relationship,the animals depend on each other.One animal helps the other meet its needs.Sounds good,right? Not always.Some animals are not very kind to their partners.In some cases, one animal meets its needs but hurts its partner.Take ticks , for example.These insects suck blood to live.To get blood , they attach themselves to other kinds of animals.Ticks can pass germs that cause disease instead of helping their hosts. In other relationships,animals don’t treat their partners so poorly.Both animals benefit from living with the other animals. Small animals called cleaner shrimps have found a way of helping fish at coral reefs.As their name suggests , the shrimps clean the fish.They hang out at what scientists call a cleaning station.A fish stops by.Then a shrimp climbs onto the fish and even steps into the fish’s mouth.The shrimp uses its tiny claws to pick stuff off the fish’s body.That can include dead skin,tiny pieces of food,and wee creatures that can hurt the fish.The fish gets a nice cleaning.The shrimp enjoys a tasty meal of fish trash. Small birds called plovers are also in the cleaning business.They have big customers —crocodiles.Crocs have long snouts (鼻子) filled with sharp teeth.Cleaning them is tricky.When a croc opens its mouth,the plover hops right in.The croc does not snap its snout shut.Instead,it lets the plover eat small,harmful animals attached to the crocodile’s teeth.The plover gets an easy meal while the croc gets clean teeth. 41.The text is mainly about ________. A.the hard life in the wild B.some dangerous animals C.animals living together D.animals in a symbiotic relationship 42.According to the text,in a symbiotic relationship,______. A.animals depend on each other B.birds depend on animals for food C.both sides can get help

D.not all animals treat their partners well 43.Why do the cleaner shrimps clean the fish? A.To get fish trash for food. B.To eat wee creatures. C.To help fish go out of coral reefs. D.To get food for fish. 44.When plovers hop into crocodiles’ mouths,they ________. A.are really to clean crocodiles’ teeth B.are to make crocodiles happy C.aren’t afraid of being eaten D.aren’t happy to clean the crocodiles’ teeth 45.According to the text,it can be inferred that ______. A.living in the wild can be hard B.different animals have different living ways C.crocodiles mainly live on plovers D.ticks are useful to some animals 41.D [主旨大意题。本文主要是介绍了生物界的一种共生现象,也就是说生物之间相互依 存,相互帮助。故答案选 D 项。选项 C 表达语意不准确,表达范围太广。] 42.D [深层理解题。由文章第二、三、四段可知,有共生现象的动物中,有的是相互得到 帮助,而有的是单方面的。故答案为 D 项。] 43.A [细节理解题。由文章第四段可知,cleaner shrimps 之所以要帮助鱼清理垃圾,主 要是因为想得到它们想吃的食物——fish trash。故答案为 A 项。] 44.C [细节理解题。由文章最后一段可知,plovers 是不担心被鳄鱼咬伤的,因为鳄鱼是 希望 plovers 这样做的,而对于 plovers 而言,其真正的目的是为了得到自己的食物。故答 案为 C 项。] 45.B [推理判断题。文章第一段就提到有些动物是靠自己去捕捉食物,而文章又举例讲了 一些动物是靠共生来获取食物的,也就是说不同的动物有不同的方式来生存,所以答案为 B 项。选项 A 是文章直接叙述的;选项 C 表达与原文不一致;选项 D 是无法推断出的。]


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