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高考英语一轮复习 完形和阅理选练41

江西丰城市 2017 高考英语一轮完形和阅理选练
完形填空。 Evelyn Glennie was the first lady of solo percussion(打击乐器)in Scotland.In an interview,she recalled how she became a percussion soloist in spite of her disability. “Early on I decided not to allow the __1__of others to stop me from becoming a musician.I grew up on a farm in northeast Scotland and began __2__piano lessons when I was eight.The older I got, the more my passion for music grew.But I also began to gradually lose my __3__.Doctors concluded that the nerve damage was the __4__and by age twelve,I was completely deaf.But my love for music never __5__me.” “My __6__was to become a percussion soloist,even though there were none at that time.To perform, I __7__ to‘hear’music differently from others.I play in my stocking feet and can __8__the pitch of a note(音调高低)by the vibrations(振动)I feel through my body and through my __9__.My entire sound world exists by making use of almost every __10__that I have.” “I was __11__to be assessed as a musician,not as a deaf musician,and I applied to the famous Royal Academy of Music in London.No other deaf student had __12__this before and some teachers __13__my admission.Based on my performance,I was __14__admitted and went on to __15__with the academy's highest honours.” “After that,I established myself as the first full?time solo percussionist.I __16__and arranged a lot of musical compositions since __17__had been written specially for solo percussionists.” “I have been a soloist for over ten years.__18__the doctor though I was totally deaf,it didn't __19__that my passion couldn't be realized.I would encourage people not to allow themselves to be __20__by others.Follow your passion;follow your heart.They will lead you to the place you want to go.” 1.A.conditions C.actions 答案:B B.opinions D.recommendations

Evelyn Glennie 不允许他人的“观点”妨碍自己成为一名音乐家。 B.choosing D.giving

2.A.enjoying C.taking

答案:C 当我 8 岁的时候就开始上钢琴课,take lessons 表示“上课”,为固定搭配,故选 C 项。 3.A.sight C.touch B.hearing D.taste

答案:B 由下文的“I was completely deaf.”可以确定选 B 项。 4.A.evidence C.excuse B.result D.cause

答案:D 根据上下文可知,医生断定神经的损伤是导致我听力下降的“原因”,故选 D 项。

5.A.left C.accompanied

B.excited D.disappointed

答案:A 尽管我 12 岁时就完全失聪了,但是我对音乐的挚爱却从没有放弃。leave“离开;遗弃”,符合题 意。 6.A.purpose C.promise B.decision D.goal

答案:D 我的“目标”就是要成为一个打击乐器独奏演员。 7.A.turned C.used B.learned D.ought

答案:B 要表演,就要“学习”。没有 turn to do 结构;used to do“过去常常做某事”;ought to do“应 该做某事”,均不合语境。 8.A.tell C.hear B.see D.smell

答案:A 通过振动的感觉和我的想象就可以“说出”音调的高低。 9.A.carefulness C.imagination 答案:C 通过作者的“想象”,故选 C 项。 10.A.sense C.feeling B.effort D.idea B.movement D.experience

答案:A 我整个的声音世界的存在几乎利用了我所有的“感觉”。 11.A.dissatisfied C.determined B.astonished D.discouraged

答案:C 我“决定”被评定为一个音乐家。be determined to do sth.“决心做某事”,符合题意。 12.A.done C.advised B.accepted D.admitted

答案:A 在英国皇家音乐学院,我这样的人还是先例,没人“做过”。 13.A.supported C.required B.followed D.opposed

答案:D 从下文基于我的表现和最终被录取,可知本来一些老师“反对”我进入皇家音乐学院。 14.A.usually C.possibly 答案:B 由于我的出色表现,“最终”被录取。 15.A.study C.graduate 答案:C 以该院的最高荣誉“毕业”。 B.research D.progress B.finally D.hopefully


16.A.wrote C.copied 答案:A 我“写”了许多音乐方面的乐曲。 17.A.enough C.many

B.translated D.read

B.some D.few

答案:D 几乎“没有”专门为打击乐器独奏演员所写的文章。 18.A.However C.When B.Although D.Since

答案:B “尽管”医生认定我完全失聪。however 需单独使用,用逗号隔开,故选 B 项。 19.A.mean C.conclude 答案:A 但是并不“意味”着我的激情不能被激发。 20.A.directed C.taught B.guided D.limited B.seem D.say

答案:D 我将鼓励人们不要为他人的观点所限制。be limited by“为……所限制”。

2016 高考英语----阅读理解训练。 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C、D)中,选出最佳选项。 My three-year-old granddaughter, Tegan, went with her parents to a family gathering at the home of her other grandparents. Everyone was having a wonderful time visiting and catching up on all the latest family news. Like most children, Tegan was having a good time playing with all the toys that were different from her own and that were kept for children to play with at her grandparents’ house. In particular, Tegan had found a little tea set and had begun pretending that she was having a tea party. She set up all the place settings and arranged her table with the great care and elegance that only a three-year-old can create. Meanwhile, her Daddy was engrossed in conversation, and as he continued to chat with his family, Tegan would hand him a cup of "tea". Her Daddy, who always tries to participate in her games, would pause for a few seconds from his conversation, and say all the proper words and gestures for her tea party which would thrill Tegan. He would request two lumps of sugar. He would tell her how wonderful her tea tasted, and then he would continue his adult conversation with his family. After going through this routine several times, her Daddy suddenly awoke to reality as he had a flash of concern in his mind: "She is only three years old, where is she getting this ‘tea’ that I've been dutifully drinking?" He quietly followed her, without her knowing, and his fears were growing

stronger as he saw her turn and go through the bathroom door. Sure enough, there she was stretching up on her tippy toes reaching up to get her ‘tea’ water -- out of the container of water that grandpa used to soak his false teeth! 1.At the family gathering, the adults __________. A.watched their favorite TV programs B.talked about what happened at home C.drank tea while chatting D.arranged tables for children’s games 2.Which of the following phrases can replace the underlined phrase “was engrossed in” in Paragraph 2 ? A.got tired of C.was absorbed in B.got annoyed by D.was puzzled at

3.What can be learned from the text ? A.Tegan was unhappy to be left alone at the gathering. B.Tegan’s father often played with her in games. C.Tegan refused to apologize for what she had done. D.Tegan’s father cared nothing about what she was doing. 4.Tegan’s Dad followed her secretly to find out __________. A.whether there was any tea left B.how she made tea so wonderful C.where she got the sugar for tea D.what kind of tea he had drunk 参考答案 1--4 BCBD

阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C、D)中,选出最佳选项。 【2014 一模】 LONDON (Reuters) Ecotourism is causing a lot of damage to wildlife and may be endangering the

survival of the very animals people are flocking to see, according to researchers. Biologists and conservationists are worried because polar bears, dolphins, penguins and other creatures are getting stressed and losing weight and some are dying. "Evidence is growing that many animals do not react well to tourists in their backyard,” New Scientist magazine said. The immediate effects "researchers have noticed are changes in behavior, heart rates. or stress hormone levels but they fear it could get much worse and over the long term “ could endanger


the survival of the very wildlife they want to see. ” Although money produced through ecotourism, which has been growing at about 10-30 percent a year, has major benefits for poor countries and people living in rural areas, the Swiss-based World Conservation Union (IUCN) and some governments fear not all projects are audited(审计) and based on environmentally friendly policies,according to the magazine. Transmission of disease to wildlife,or small changes to wildlife health through disturbance of daily life or increased stress levels, while not obvious to the casual observer, may translate to lower survival and breeding,” said Philip Seddon , of the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand. Scientists have noticed that bottleneck dolphins along the northeastern coast of New Zealand become nervously excited when tourist boats arrive. Similar changes in behavior have been observed in polar bears and yellow-eyed penguins in areas visited by colorists are producing smaller babies. Conservationists are now calling for more research into the effect of ecotourism on animals and say the industry must be developed carefully. They also want studies done before new ecotourism projects are started. “The animals’ welfare should be very important because without them there will be no ecotourism,” said Rochelle Constantine of the University of Auckland in New Zealand 【小题 1】 Which is not discovered to have changed in animals disturbed by tourists? B. birth rate C. hormone levels D. heart rates

A. behavior

【小题 2】We may learn from the text that _____. A. ecotourism must be developed properly B. polar bears are losing weight without enough food C. all the poor countries have stopped ecotourism D. money produced through ecotourism should be spent on wildlife 【小题 3】Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the text? A. Many animals do not react well in their backyard B. Studies should be done before new ecotourism projects are started C. Ecotourism has been growing at about 10—30 percent a year. D. polar bears in areas visited by ecotourists are producing smaller babies. 【小题 4】What Rochelle Constantine said in the last paragraph implies that _____. A. if people want to get high income, they must develop ecotourism B. animals have rights to live their own life C. animals are people's good friends D. people should take good care of wildlife 【答案】


【小题 1】B 【小题 2】A 【小题 3】D 【小题 4】D 【解析】


阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C、D)中,选出最佳选项。 【2014 高考英语仿真模拟试题】 The pound new Library of Birmingham(LoB)will be the most visible sign of the way the city is accepting the digitalization(数字化)of everyday life. Set to open in 2013, the ?188m LoB is already beginning to tale shape next to the Birmingham Repertory Theatre, with which it will share some equipment. As digital media(媒介)is important to its idea. the project is already providing chances for some of the many small new local companies working at the new technologies.

Brian Gambles, the LoB project director, says it is about giving people the right tools for learning,“The aim is to mix the physical with the digital. Providing 24-hour services which can be used through, many different ways. It is important to enable us to reach more people, more effectively.” The digital library will, he says, be as important as the physical one, allowing the distant use of the services, making sure that it is never closed to the public. Even before the LoB is complete, the public has been able to go online to visit the Virtual (虚拟的)LoB, designed by Baden, the Birmingham virtual worlds specialists. Not only have the public been able to learn about LoB, but the virtual one has also enabled those working on the LoB to understand the building and how it will work before it even opens. Two other small Birmingham-based digital companies are working on the LoB projects. Substrat, a digital design company, is developing what it calls an example of an “enlarged reality” project. It is about the use of an exciting smart phone, an important part of the which is the early stages of development is an online library of figures of the city being built up by a content

company in Cahoots, in which users with the encouraged to add to and comment on the material. Gambles says: “Technology will enable us to make the library’s and services open to citizens as sever before.” 39.The underline part “its idea” in Paragraph 3 refers to the idea of____ A. the equipment C. the digital media B. the project D. the physical library

40.While visiting the Virtual LoB, the public can_____ A. get a general idea of the Lo B. meet more world-famous experts C. learn how to put up a library building D. understand how the specialists work on the project 41.Which of the following is true of the LoB when it opens? a. It offers better learning tools b. It reaches users in different ways c. It provides users with smart phone d. It allows users to enrich its material


e. It gives non-stop physical and digital services A. a, b, d B. a, c ,e C. b, c, d . D. b, d, e

42. This text is most probably taken from A. a computer book C. a project handbook 【参考答案】39--40、BA B. a library guide D. newspaper report 41-42、AD


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